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Date: Filled by: Party Details: Event: Venue: Time: Theme: Package to be Chosen: Bronze Package (50 pcs. Round Stamps) Silver Package (100 pcs. Round Stamps) Gold Package (50 pcs. Character handle Stamps) Platinum Package (50 pcs. Special Character Handle Stamps) For Bronze and Silver packages: Handle Color Preferred: Mix Colors Red Blue Orange Purple Yellow Grey Note: For Specific colors- 2 colors can be chosen. Lead time: 1 month

For Gold and Platinum Packages Character Handle Stamp to be chosen: _____________________________ Note: Lead time: 1 Month. Not always available Stamp Ink Options: Stamp Character to be chosen: Red Boys: ____________________________ Green Girls: ____________________________ Blue Violet Black Sticker Label: (e.g.) Bryce First Birthday - March 10,2013 Message to be written:

Other Request: