Read the essay below & answer the questions that follow. Money is one of the greatest inventions made by man. Money came into use in response to the need for a better system of transacting goods other than barter. The earliest forms of money consisted of commodities, gold and silver coins and paper notes. With the emergence of a modern banking system, paper money came to be accepted as true money as well as bank drafts or checks. Any form of money should meet the following characteristics if it is to become generally acceptable: portability, homogeneity, durability, recognizability, divisibility, malleability, elasticity of supply and stability of value. There are many reasons why money is important to all of us. rom its main function as a medium of e!change and a standard of value, money is now a standard of deferred payments and a store of value. A. What are the five forms of money" #. $. %. '. (. ). commodities gold and silver coins paper notes & money bank drafts checks

What are the uses of money" #. $. %. '. (. system of transacting goods other than barter medium of e!change standard of value standard of deferred payments store of value


What are the characteristics of money" #. $. %. '. (. +. ,. -. portability homogeneity durability recognizability divisibility malleability elasticity of supply stability of value

LOCATING THE TOPIC SENTENCE. Read each paragraph as fast as you can. Locate the main idea. Write down the topic sentence in your own words if it is not directly stated.

. you are perfectly in good health. /t does not re4uire any medical assistance either. 0eople are in good shape when they cover three miles in forty6five miles.-( -.oybean production can be a very profitable industry in the 0hilippines. 5ou are furious. 0rogressive walking is a great e!ercise which can get you into shape. middle.R %-/. it is e!cellent for enriching the soil. We must always have a heart to forgive one erring brother and sister. . it is an essential raw materials for the manufacture of oil for paints and cooking oil. Adolescence is the most trying stage in a person2s life '. %"E. whichever suits you better.( %"E -($%R& %. beat your pillow to death and tear up the newspaper. $E(%E( E$ #. . Adolescence is the most trying stage in a person2s life. . /n industry. plastic celluloid and rubber substitute. "e may illustrate religious sentiments effecti!ely through the medium of music. $. /t is easy to do. When used as a green manure. /f the anger has not simmered down after that. last or implied. there is no reason why we must not have e!ercise the virtue of forgiveness. Topic Sentence: Man communicates with his Creator in varied wa s.ob you have been postponing. "e may perform rituals. Make a conscious effort not to do anything involving the person you are angry with until you can handle the situation rationally. 1e bore all sorts of insults and humiliations and ended up forgiving all those who brought sorrows upon 1im. flour and green vegetables. "e may fall on his #nees and lift his heart and mind to hea!en through prayer and supplication. soy sauce.oybean is a very good source of protein in the form of milk. /f you feel too angry to do something constructive. 5our first reaction is likely to 8kill9. :o not thwart this for you will feel better faster if you follow your instinct. (. then work physically and mentally. %. 5ou can start at your own pace. 1owever. /f you can achieve this 7 well. /ndeed at this stage one is too old to sit in father2s lap.oybean production can be a very profitable industry in the 0hilippines. 3ne is in 4uandary whether to act like a kid or like an adult. $%&'E(%$ M)* +)R* . *hrist taught the world the essence of forgiveness and boundless compassion for mankind.(Note: Review the students on the different positions of topic sentences: first. gradually increasing the time and distance. /t is the time when one is no longer a child but is not yet a man or a woman. in which case the topic sentence must be formulated) Example: Man communicates with his reator in !aried ways. *hrist taught the world the essence of forgiveness and boundless compassion for mankind. /f we are to live a truly *hristian life. keep it constructive and use your energy in doing a . but too young to be in love. 0rogressive walking is a great e!ercise which can get you into shape.

/ndeed. /t has a high economic yield per hectare. the poppy is a reliable cash crop with almost unfailing demand. The residue from the crushing makes good cattle fodder %. What is an ideal crop for underdeveloped countries" 3pium poppy The economic benefits derived from opium poppy are: #. at least until science finds acceptable medical substitutes for opium6derived substances. it is doubtful that opium traffic can be completely eliminated. :ealers iii. :espite massive national. . The residue from the crushing makes good cattle fodder. #. or small farmers. ?ead 8The )ully @pisode9 =an e!cerpt from ) /recocious )utobiography by 5evgeny 5evtushenko Atranslated by Andrew McAndrewB> and do your own sentence outline of the short story. OUTLINING/ORGANIZING IDEAS.cience has not found acceptable medical substitutes for opim6derived substances ii. A. these people will continue to ply their trade. :emand *. The war on drugs is staged on three fronts.mugglers ii. trafficking and demand. Why is there no will to completely eliminate the poppy fields" i. there is no will to eliminate the poppy fields completely. 0roducers& armers =implied> %. /n #C'' / was living in an empty apartment in a small 4uiet Moscow street. the smugglers and the dealers will continue to ply their trade. 0elow are some paragraphs for you to read. The plant straw is suitable for wearing < light basket work. . . . *hetvertaya Meschanskaya. 0ased on each paragraph1 answer the questions that follow. ). The seeds are eaten and crushed for oil $. There are enormous profits to be made from trafficking. '. The seeds are eaten and crushed for oil. Trafficking iii. The opium poppy is an ideal crop for underdeveloped countries. namely: i. ). bilateral and international programs to stem the drug tide. 0roduction ii. The straw of the plant is suitable for wearing and light basket work.o long as there are enormous profits from drug trafficking. /t is a reliable cash crop with almost unfailing demand $. A.Make a conscious effort not to do anything involving the person you are angry with until you can handle the situation rationally. i. The war on drugs is simultaneously waged on three fronts 7 production.o long as there are enormous profits to be made from trafficking in narcotics. .

and to keep my fists up. spit elegantly through my teeth. )y the ne!t day the whole street knew the piece by heart and relished it with triumphant hatred. The street taught me to swear. his forelock tumbled down in a fiery cascade. and out of his round pockmarked face. was afraid.o. smoke. sparkled with scorn for everything and everyone crossing his path. 8. / wrote a poem about him. My mother was at the front. always worn back to front. / knew he carried heavy brass knuckles in his pocket. and if he resisted they gave him a real beating. Two or three lieutenants.o you write verses. / wanted to con4uer my fear of ?ed. The street taught me not to be afraid of anything or anyone666this is another habit / have kept. /. *hetvertaya Meschanskaya. :o they rhyme"9 .My parents were divorced. 8Ah. too. 1is lieutenants would turn out the boy2s pockets. 3ne morning on my way to school / suddenly came upon ?ed and his lieutenants. / seldom received letters from him. like a cat2s. in peaked caps back to front like ?ed2s trotted at his heels.ournalism in verse. like a seaman on the deck of his ship. My father was somewhere in Dazakhstan with his new wife and their two children. / realized that what mattered in the struggle for e!istence was to overcome my fear for those who were stronger. smiling crookedly. ?ed walked masterfully up and down our street. . 1is eyes seemed to bore through me. rom under his peaked cap. the poet. @veryone was afraid of ?ed. This was my first piece of . ?ed could stop any boy and say impressively the one word 8money9. always ready for a fight666a habit which / have kept to this day. his legs wide apart and with a slightly rolling gait. My education was left to the street. . ?ed2s shoulders were incredibly broad for a boy of his age. green eyes.9 he drawled.he had given up her work as a geologist to become a singer and was giving concerts for the troops. was a boy of about #+ who was nicknamed ?ed. The ruler of the street.

abbing movement. inally. as / had read in the book. There is s special . / fell down streaming with blood and lost consciousness. 85ou looking for more"9 he asked menacingly. and ?ed.?ed2s hands darted into his pocket and came out armed with its brass knucklesE it flashed like lightning and struck my head. / struggled with instinctive fear but lost and took to my heels.u. rolled on the ground.itsu for every strong man. That day ?ed ceased to rule our street. ear was till in me and it ordered me to turn back. and after every session / would feel my muscles. he got up and came at me. )ut / made a 4uick . . This was my first payment as a poet. / went into training with parallel bars and weights. Then / remembered something / had read in a book about a miraculous Fapanese method of wrestling which gave an advantage to the weak over a strong. his hands dived into his pocket for the brass knuckles. rom that day on / knew for certain that there is no need to fear the strong. All one needs is to know the method of overcoming them. 1is lieutenants discreetly withdrew. biting my pillow and pounding it with my fists in shame and impotent fury at my cowardice. ?ed fell down again. and went out. but slowly. 1e was sobbing and smearing the tears over his pockmarked face with his grimy fists. When / went out. / caught his wrist and s4ueezed slowly.u. Gursing his hand. )ut then / made up my mind to van4uish it at whatever cost. howling with pain. / sacrificed a week2s ration card for a te!tbook on . / felt / was ready ?ed was sitting on the lawn in our yard.itsu. ?ed looked up. / spent several days in bed. 1e was absorbed in the game. They were getting harder. surprised at my impudence after my recent flight. )ut / went up to the players and kicked the cards aside with my foot. / ran all the way home. playing Twenty6one with his lieutenants. or three weeks / hardly left home666/ trained with two other boys. )ewildered. As before. until the brass knuckles dropped from his limp fingers. 1e got up slowly. swinging his head furiously from side to side like a bull. There / rolled on my bed. with my head still bandaged. / again saw ?ed.

2reprinted from English + for "igh $chools1 'adufal3a and 0autista1 eds.allorina and 'e +era 4 DO A FULL OUTLINE (INCLUSIVE OF A THESIS/TOPIC STATEMENT) OF THE SELECTION YOU JUST READ. 56667 ommunciation +alues1 'adufal3a1 'ela Rosa1 . / must not only write poems but also know how to stand up for what / have written. if / wish to be a poet.What / also learned that day was that. .

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