Single Loop Controllers.Electronic Controllers. Graphic User Interface.Evolution of DCS •Pneumatic Control System . Less Accurate. User Friendly . Cumbersome Maintenance. More Hardware. Single/multi Loop. More Hardware •DCS . Availability of Reports & Diagnostics. Interface With Other Devices.Introduced in the ‘80s. Microprocessor Based. •SLPC .

I/O Block Diagram Field (Hazardous Area) Control Room (Non-Hazardous Area) JB Marshalling DCS Rack Transmitters C/Vs etc. .

•Cables. •Power Supply Modules •I/O Cards & Processor •Communication Modules •System Communication Bus / Network •Graphic Display Station – CRT •Operator Interface – Keyboard/ Touchscreen / Mouse etc. Control Valves etc. •Barriers.Components HARDWARE •Transmitter.Process Control . . Converters etc. Junction Box.

Control Configuration Etc.DCS •System Configuration – Database Builder.SOFTWARE . •Graphic Builder •History Builder & Report Writer •Diagnostic Tools •Logic Editor •Control Language – User Programmable Software .

I/F Field I/Os Marshalling Rack I/O.DCS ARCHITECTURE Supervisory Computer INFORMATION NETWORK MIS Computer ENGG. Station Operator Consoles DCS COMMUNICATION BUS COMMN. I/F PLC / Other SYSTEMS . Processor Rack COMMN.

Honeywell DCS .

Foxboro DCS .

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