Name of the Researcher SANTOSH KUMAR MATADIN GUPTA (Bachelor of Management Stu !es" Aca em!c #ear $ %&'&(%&''

Un er the Gu! ance of MS) SUSHMITA MUK*R+I



Universit !" M#$%&i’s A'(es) Dines) M!* Instit#te F!r Fin&n+i&' &n* M&n&,e$ent St#*ies


I, Professor MS- SUSHMITA MUKERJI here-. cert!f. that Mr) /Ms) SANTOSH KUMAR MATADIN GUPTA. T#BMS Stu ent of Al0esh D!nesh Mo . Inst!tute for 1!nanc!al an Management Stu !es, has com2lete a 2ro3ect t!tle 4CADBURY COMPANY /ITH RESPECT TO ITS MARKETING STRATEGY5, !n the aca em!c .ear %&'&) The 6or0 of the stu ent !s or!g!nal an the !nformat!on !nclu e !n the 2ro3ect !s true to the -est of m. Kno6le ge)

S!gnature of Gu! e 6!th Date7(



I, Mr) /Ms) SANTOSH KUMAR MATADIN GUPTA. T#BMS Stu ent of Al0esh D!nesh Mo . Inst!tute for 1!nanc!al an Management Stu !es, here-. eclare that I ha8e com2lete the 2ro3ect t!tle 4CADBURY COMPANY /ITH RESPECT TO ITS MARKETING STRATEGY0 ur!ng the aca em!c .ear %&'&) The re2ort 6or0 !s or!g!nal an the !nformat!on/ ata !nclu e !n the re2ort !s true to the -est of m. Kno6le ge) Due cre !t !s e9ten e on the 6or0 of :!terature/Secon ar. Sur8e. -. en ors!ng !t !n the B!-l!ogra2h. as 2er 2rescr!-e format)

S!gnature of the Stu ent 6!th Date

Name of Stu ent


e$ent St#*ies Name of Stu ent7 SANTOSH KUMAR MATADIN GUPTA Roll Num-er7 %< T!tle of the Pro3ect7 =ADBUR# =OMPAN# >ITH R*SP*=T TO ITS MARK*TING STRAT*G# S!gnature of Stu ent 6!th ate7 ? .Universit !" M#$%&i’s A'(es) Dines) M!* Instit#te F!r Fin&n+i&' &n* M&n&.

a South Amer!can 2lant e9tract 0no6n to nat!8e In !ans for centur!es. In !a.ounger. the!r 2ro ucts ( 6h!ch !nclu e -ran s such as =a -ur.ears. !s 2lann!ng to launch BOOST GUARANA !n the 8!-rant S!nga2ore chocolate mar0et) E . com2an. mar0et an !str!-ute -ran e chocolates. an st!ll a mar0et lea er to a.mous 6!th chocolate s!nce 'A%?C the most famous -e!ng =a -ur. !s the lea er !n the UK chocolate mar0et.non. to a. Sch6e22es em2lo. Sna22le. Dent. currentl. Halls. Sch6e22es 2lc) =a -ur. Sch6e22es. Sch6e22es 2lc) =a -ur. S6!tBerlan ) An !n 'A%? +ohn =a -ur. an !s the confect!oner. !8!s!on of =a -ur. st!mulat!on 2ro2ert!es) =onta!n!ng Guarana. Bu--l!c!ous an Bassett ( are en3o. ma0es aroun one th!r of !ts total As!a Pac!f!c sales from Gemerg!ng mar0etsG. Tr! ent. 6h!ch 6!th 2ro8en energ. the 2ro uct 6as launche to meet the consumer nee of st!mulat!ng the m!n an com2lement a -us.le) =a -ur.Sch6e22es 2erfecte h!s 2rocess for manufactur!ng car-onate m!neral 6ater !n Gene8a. launche Boost Guarana !n %&&' !n U)K.&&& 2eo2le 6orl 6! e) The her!tage starte -ac0 !n '<A. has -een s. 6hen +aco. o2ene a sho2 !n B!rm!ngham sell!ng cocoa an chocolate) =a -ur. Dr Pe22er. Da!r. M!l0C f!rst launche !n 'D&E. a ne6 chocolate -ar. an aroun the 6orl ) =a -ur.. S!nga2ore etc) =a -ur. Sch6e22es !s the 6orl @s largest confect!oner. Tre-or.) These t6o great househol names merge !n 'DFD to form =a -ur.e !n e8er. fast(gro6!ng mar0ets are -ecom!ng more !m2ortant for the grou2) =a -ur.1.s!a.s o8er <&. countr. an -e8erages that -r!ng sm!les to m!ll!ons of consumers across 'A& countr!es) >!th or!g!ns stretch!ng -ac0 o8er %&& .Gs As!a(Pac!f!c sales are smaller com2are to *uro2e an US) As!a Pac!f!c sales accounte for onl. l!fest. Mala.) The. confect!oner.ne. of countr!es l!0e =h!na.E2e+#tive S#$$&r 34 =a -ur. 'A 2er cent of the grou2Gs re8enue of H<?%< m!ll!on ollars !n %&&F) The mature +a2an an Austral!a mar0ets ha8e generate most of the f!rmGs sales !n the reg!on -ut . manufacture.


an soft r!n0 mar0et Intec UK an -ecom!ng a ma3or force !n the !nternat!onal mar0et) =a -ur. one of the most eff!c!ent !n the 6orl ) The merge !n 'DFD 6!th Sch6e22es an the su-seIuent e8elo2ment of the -us!ness ha8e le to =a -ur. the confect!onar.ou l!0e) =a -ur. =a -ur. has -een a-le to r!8e !ts -ottom( l!ne gro6th) The reason for the success !s the =or2orate Go8ernance 2ract!ce !n the organ!Bat!on) >e u2 ate !ts gro6th.ou 6!ll remem-er as the stor. confect!onar. 6here 1M=G com2an!es are the f!rst ones to -e h!t u2on) Re uct!on !n the real !ncome of the consumer has ma e !ts !rect !m2act on the to2 $l!ne gro6th of the com2an. -us!ness. an as0 some of .our o6n !f . -us!ness that gre6 !n one of the -!ggest. Sch6e22es ta0!ng the le !n -oth. most lo8e chocolate -ran !n the 6orl ) A stor. manufactures 2ro uct !n F& countr!es an a tra e !n stagger!ng '%&) The =a -ur. mar0et) Th!s ma0es !t !fferent J more successful !n com2ar!son 6!th the 2eer com2an!es) No6 !s the 2er!o of slo6 o6n !n the econom. of 4The taste of l!fe5) < . 2rogress. !s a fasc!nat!ng stor. stor. In !a can -e terme as one of the -est 2erform!ng 1M=G com2an!es to a. !s a com2an. an current 8aluat!on !n th!s re2ort) The =a -ur.. to offer us a -roa er 8!e6 of chocolate categor. 6h!ch !s more of com2lete foo com2an!es. has gro6n from strength to strength 6!th ne6 technolog!es -e!ng !ntro uce to ma0e the =a -ur.) =hec0 out 6hat 6e are o!ng aroun the 6orl an search for 6here to -u. !s a 8er. Sch6e22es to a.) St!ll. In !a@s no)' =hocolate !s a-le to share 6!th the!r mar0et !ns!ghts -ase u2on un2arallele -reath of chocolate e92er!ence) =a -ur. n!che 2la. of a fam!l. our 2ro ucts) 1!n out 6hat our most common Iuer!es are. 6!th a long h!stor.er 6!th a om!nant 2os!t!on !n In !an =hocolate =onfect!oner.) Unl!0e !ts 2eer grou2. =a -ur. !n Austral!a an a 2ass!onate comm!tment to ma0!ng e8er.) The =a -ur.one feel ha22.INTRODUCTION =a -ur. that .@s Inc has ta0en the o22ortun!t.

launche a Get Act!8e 2rogram !n %&&. got marr!e ) *ach marr!e 6oman 6as g!8en a -!-le an a carnat!on as 6e !ng g!fts) . ch!l ren 3o!ne =a -ur. so he e8elo2e a com2an.@s =oco cu. from the!r ch!l ren. ! n@t 6ant to ta0e mothers a6a. 6as the f!rst com2an.F) F" =a -ur. uc0..INTERSTING FACTS OF CADBURY '" =a -ur. to !nclu e 2!ctures !nstea of 2r!nte te9t on chocolate -o9es) %" George =a -ur. -ecame one of the f!rst f!rms to ha8e !n!ng rooms 6!th 0!tchens an foo for sale) ?" A m!n!ature metal an!mal (ele2hant.ear) <" =a -ur.=lu.Gs to0ens.ear. 0ettles an sauce2ans) E" So man. coul -e re eeme for lam2s.?) In the same . ra--!t or turtle" 6as g!8en a6a. es!gne cocoa t!ns !n 'D.&&. 6elcom!ng ?&&. fo9.@s >orl K!s!tor =enter o2ene !n 'DD&. 2engu!n. hel2!ng '&.&&& 8!s!tors !n !ts f!rst .&&& teachers get !n sha2e) A . =a -ur." In 'AAF =a -ur. 6!th s2ec!all. rule that 6omen ha to lea8e 6or0 6hen the. sIu!rrel.&&& mem-ers !n 'D. o6l.that !t ha . 6h!ch came 6!th 2ac0s of cocoa.

an area -ecame 0no6n as Bourne8!lle) >!th =a -ur.. 2ure an therefore -est." as manufacturers of chocolate an cocoa to Lueen K!ctor!a !n 'AE?) S!9 .) Master confect!oner 1re er!c K!nchella 6as a22o!nte to share h!s rec!2e an 2ro uct!on secrets 6!th =a -ur. a8el!nes an more) D . o2ene u2 a sho2 !n B!rm!ngham) +ohn sol coffee.al >arrant (one of man. -rothers o2ene an off!ce !n :on on an rece!8e a Ro. left the -us!ness to +ohnGs sons George an R!char ) +ohn e8ote the rest of h!s l!fe to soc!al 6or0 an l!ne. -egan !n 'A%? 6hen a . an the!r 2ac!f!st -el!efs 0e2t them from 3o!n!ng the m!l!tar. Lua0ers 6ere 2roh!-!te from atten !ng un!8ers!t. 6ere 2ull!ng a 2rof!t) =a -ur. 2ro uc!ng chocolate co8ere nougats. 'A?% +ohn 6as sell!ng '' 0!n s of cocoa an 'F 0!n s of r!n0!ng chocolate) Soon +ohn@s -rother Ben3am!n 3o!ne the com2an. !ngre !ents) =ocoa *ssence 6as the -eg!nn!ng of chocolate as 6e 0no6 !t to a.) >!th fe6 o22ortun!t!es a8a!la-le.oung Lua0er name +ohn =a -ur. +ohn ho2e h!s 2ro ucts m!ght ser8e as an alternat!8e) He also sol ho2s an mustar ) :!0e man. the. -on-ons el!ces. stan ar s for all of h!s 2ro ucts) At that t!me !n *nglan .. George an R!char sto22e sell!ng tea !n 'A<. Brothers of B!rm!ngham) The =a -ur. four m!les south of B!rm!ngham) The factor. an !e !n 'AAD) George an R!char cont!nue to e92an the 2ro uct -. Lua0ers often 6ent !nto -us!ness(relate f!el s an /or e8ote the!r t!me to m!ss!ons of soc!al reform) B. 2!stache.) The -rothers soon mo8e the!r manufactur!ng o2erat!ons to a larger fac!l!t.@s =ocoa *ssence. r!n0!ng chocolate an cocoa at h!s sho2) Bel!e8!ng that alcohol 6as a ma!n cause of 2o8ert. the glo-al lea er !n the chocolate confect!oner. caramels.ears later the -rothers !ssol8e the!r 2artnersh!2 -ecause of +ohn@s fa!l!ng health an the eath of h!s 6!fe) The. 'AF?.Hist!r !" C&*%#r =a -ur. to form =a -ur. s!nce !t 6as aff!l!ate 6!th the esta-l!she church. 6or0ers) Th!s resulte !n =a -ur. tea.M 6as an all(natural 2ro uct ma e 6!th 2ure cocoa -utter an no starch.@s cont!nue success !n chocolate. 6h!ch 6as a 8ert!se as Ma-solutel. mar0et.. Lua0ers +ohn ha h!gh Iual!t.

St) +ohn@s Am-ulance un!t hel2e 2eo2le ur!ng a!r ra! s) =hocolate 6as cons! ere essent!al for the Arme 1orces an c!8!l!ans) Rat!on!ng f!nall. com2an. =a -ur. en e !n 'D?D) In 'DFD =a -ur.=a -ur.ears later the =a -ur. Tasman!a) The ne9t . 6ere a-le to return to 6or0. -ran s 6as l!cense to Hershe.ees 3o!ne the Arme 1orces) =a -ur. more than %.) To a. an the manufacture of =a -ur. su22lemente e2en ants of the!r 6or0ers) >hen the 6or0ers returne . !n the 6orl . an the =a -ur. near Ho-art.. T. Sch6e22es announce Sch6e22es 6!ll cont!nue to 2ros2er !n the com!ng eca es) that !t !nten s to se2arate !ts confect!oner.&&& of =a -ur. Sch6e22es) Sch6e22es 6as a 6ell(0no6n Br!t!sh -ran that manufacture car-onate m!neral 6ater an soft r!n0s) The merge com2an!es 6oul go on to acIu!re Sun0!st. confect!oner.ees 6ere loo0e after !n con8alescent homes) Dur!ng th!s 2er!o tra e o8erseas !ncrease . o2ene !ts f!rst o8erseas factor.!ng more than <&. '& .e %. ta0e e ucat!onal courses. a 2ast mar0et lea er !n chocolate) =a -ur.) !ts f!rst m!l0 chocolate !n 'AD<) T6o . merge 6!th Sch6e22es to form =a -ur.ears !n the -us!ness.ees) In %&&F the com2an.F&& 2eo2le an Dur!ng >orl >ar I. con8ert!ng 2arts of !ts factor. ha o8er H'E -!ll!on !n o8erall sales) In March of %&&<. Sch6e22es !s the largest confect!oner. merge 6!th +S 1r. the. 6as !ncor2orate as a l!m!te Bourne8!lle factor. an =a -ur. =a -ur. su22orte the 6ar effort. em2lo. !nto 6or0rooms to manufacture eIu!2ment l!0e m!ll!ng mach!nes for r!fle factor!es an 2arts l!0e 2!lot seats for Def!ant f!ghter 2lanes) >or0ers 2lo6e foot-all f!el s to gro6 cro2s.&&& em2lo. -oo0s an the go8ernment allo6ances to the chocolate to the sol !ers) =a -ur. an !n3ure or !ll em2lo. em2lo. =ana a Dr. manufacture com2an. su22orte the 6ar effort ur!ng >orl >ar II -.ear =a -ur. J Sons.2hoo Tea an more) Sch6e22es Be8erages 6as create . =a -ur. an -e8erage -us!nesses) >!th almost %&& . sen !ng 6arm cloth!ng.@s male em2lo.

'? 'E 'F '< 'A 'D %& #*ARS 'AFE 'A<E 'AD< 'D&E 'D&A 'D'E 'D%& 'D%. =ocoa *ssence =a -ur. 'DAE 'DA< 'DD% 'DDF %&&' PRODU=TS =a -ur. Brunch -ar.PRODUCTS OF CADBURY /HEN THEY LAUNCHED IN MARKET C&*%#r Pr!*#+t Ti$e'ine S*RIA:)NO ' % . Boost =a -ur. =rNme *ggs =a -ur. P!cn!c =a -ur. Dream J Sno6fla0e =a -ur. =url. Bourne8!lle =hocolate =a -ur. Da!r. M!l0 =a -ur. =a -ur. Roses =a -ur. M!l0 Tra. =runch!e =a -ur. 1la0e =a -ur. T!meout =a -ur. >!s2a =a -ur. T6!rl =a -ur. *aster *ggs =a -ur. M!l0 =hocolate =a -ur. =a -ur. Buttons =a -ur.A 'D?A 'DFA 'DF& 'D<& 'DA. 'D%D 'D. Sch6e22es %' %&&< '' . 1u ge =a -ur. 1use =a -ur. ? E F < A D '& '' '% '. >url.

. %' 6ho after E !ff!cult . therefore -est@) 'A<D $ Bus!ness 2ros2ere from th!s t!me an =a -ur. +ohn =a -ur. +ohn =a -ur. R!char .) A larger factor. no6 one of the 6orl @s largest 2ro ucer of chocolate) 'A. !n a gar en also heral e a ne6 era !n !n ustr!al relat!ons an em2lo.oung Lua0er. ha -ecome a manufacturer of r!n0!ng chocolate an cocoa) Th!s 6as the start of =a -ur.ears almost shut o6n the -us!ness to ta0e u2 other 8ocat!on) 1ortunatel. res!gne h!s -us!ness an han e o8er to h!s sons. Brother outgre6 the Br! ge Street factor. 6!th the !ntro uct!on of a 2rocess for 2ress!ng the cocoa -utter from the coca -eans) Th!s not onl.ear the -us!ness ha change from a grocer. %E an George. manufactur!ng -us!ness as !t !s 0no6n to a. factor. !n Bull street B!rm!ngham 6as to -e the foun at!on of =a -ur. the 2!oneer!ng =a -ur..E6PANSION AND GRO/TH OF CADBURY THE LEGEND CALLED CADBURY 'A%? $ A -us!ness 6as o2ene !n 'A%? -.ee 6elfare 6!th 3o!nt consultat!on -e!ng 3ust one of the !ntro uce -. th!s .' $ B. !n Br! ge Street B!rm!ngham 6as rente !n 'A?<. Brother of B!rm!ngham) 'AF' $ +ohn =a -ur. of coca -utter rema!n!ng 6as also use to ma0e ne6 0!n of eat!ng chocolate) The essence 6as a 8ert!se as OA-solutel. :!m!te . Brothers) '% . a . 6as 3o!ne -. sho2 an +ohn =a -ur. the. ! n@t) 'AFF $ Sa6 a turn!ng 2o!nt for the com2an. mo8!ng !n 'A<D to a OGreenf!el @ s!te some m!les from the center of B!rm!ngham 6h!ch came to call Bourne8!lle) The o2en!ng of the =a -ur. for generat!on of chocolate lo8ers. ena-le =a -ur. 2ure. h!s -rother B!rm!ngham an the -us!ness -ecame =a -ur. Brothers to 2ro uce 2ure coca essence. -ut the 2lent!ful su22l.

@s chocolate) '. s2ec!al taste. an management !nformat!on an control techn!Iues) The com2an.'ADD $ In th!s .ear the -us!ness 2r!8ate l!m!te 6!th!n the f!nanc!al reach of e8er. M!l0 chocolate launche !n 'D&E.one) com2an. . has man. to a. Sch6e22es 2lc 6h!ch !s ma3or force !n the confect!onar.) =hocolate has mo8e -e!ng a 4lu9ur. famous -ran s 6!th one of ma3or success stor. !s the mar0et lea er !n the U)K chocolate confect!onar. Brothers :!m!te 2rogress s!nce the start of the centur. -eg!nn!ng as generat!ons ha8e 6or0e to 2ro uce chocolate 6!th that 8er. -e!ng =a -ur. has -een the focus of the =a -ur. !8!s!on of =a -ur. to a. $ =a -ur. so character!st!cs of =a -ur. em2lo. !s the confect!onar.5 !tem to 6ell 'D&E $ =a -ur.!ng the most a 8ance 2rocess!ng technolog. mar0et. !s one of the 2re $ em!nent names !n confect!onar. -us!ness from the 8er.@s Da!r. an soft r!n0s !nternat!onal mar0et) >orl ( 6! e =a -ur. Br!ta!n@s fa8or!te mo ule chocolate -ar) =a -ur. 6!th !m2ress!8e range of famous -ran s) Lual!t. smoothness an sna2.

Bu--le gums.ear) Th!s !s a huge o8erall turno8er 6h!ch !s eIual to that of esta-l!she mar0ets) Most the confect!onar. !n ustr. !n In !a !s !n !ts gro6th stage) Th!s mar0et!ng Research ata from the !n ustr. segment !n the In !an mar0et has -een ecl!n!ng 6!th a total ecl!ne of a-out 'D 2ercent recor e !n %&&< (:aura.. sho6s that the !n ustr.E&& tones of confect!onar. =he6!ng gums. :oll!2o2s. !s !8! e !nto the flo6!ng s2ec!f!c !n ustr!al sectors7 =hocolate. 6h!le gums an m!nts an loBenges are at 2ar account!ng for '. !t means that there !s a h!gh 2otent!al !n the rural mar0et (=a -ur.) The confect!onar. are consume !n the ur-an areas) The ur-an mar0et const!tutes a-out <. Har (-o!le can !es. Pcla!rs an toffees. %&&A") '? . an M!nts an loBenges (:aura. mar0et !s 8alue at a-out ?' -!ll!on In !an Ru2ees) It has a total turno8er of a-out %%. 2ro uce e8er.OVER ALL TURN OVER The confect!onar. %&&A")On the 2ro uct share of the mar0et. accounts for a-out 'AQ of the mar0et. har -o!le can . has -een ma0!ng !m2ress!8e gro6th !n the In !an econom. !n ustr. Pcla!rs an Toffees has a-out 'AQ of the mar0et share. . %&&A") The total confect!onar. 2ercent gro6th rate) Th!s !s a h!gher gro6th rate com2are to other mar0ets !n the 6orl ) Ho6e8er the o8erall sugar confect!onar. 2ercent of the mar0et share each) Ho6e8er chocolate has recor e the h!ghest mar0et gro6th rate recor !ng a-out %. 2ercent of the total mar0et) Th!s !s a s0e6e mar0et share com2are to the rural mar0et 6h!ch accounts for a-out %<Q of the total mar0et) Th!s mar0et ata sho6s that the rural mar0et has not -een 6ell ta22e !nto) >!th more than E& 2ercent of the In !ans l!8!ng !n the rural areas.

Mr) Po2s an Halls !s the lea !ng 2la. Gems. Pcla!rs segment.. !s also the lea !ng 2la. 6!th a num-er of 2ro ucts !nclu !ng Da!l.&&& tones an has -een gro6!ng at a rate of '&)' 2ercent) Here =a -ur. E Star.. B. Bourn8!tta E Star Mag!c (=a -ur. an (=a -ur. Per0. !s the ma!n 2la. Da!r.tes.er 6!th =a -ur.. %&&A") the M!nts Segment =a -ur. Bourn8!tta an =a -ur.er !n the chocolate segment. Pcla!rs =runch. M!l0 Pcla!rs. =ele-rat!on. :oll!2o2s.er !n the m!l0 -e8erage segment 6h!ch !s 8alue at 'F)' -!ll!on Ru2ees) Th!s segment has an annual turno8er of a-out F.=a -ur. M!l0. %&&A") 'E .

e-ro6 :anguageG =a -ur. !n 6h!ch t6o 0! s 6!th craB. challenges commuters 6!th G*.e-ro6sM TK s2ot.e-ro6sM cam2a!gn 6!th a =ana !an 2r!nt an OOH cam2a!gn calle M*. features O-ro6s !n !fferent sha2es that rea ers can translate !nto letters an 6or s) De2en !ng on the me !um. are focuse on Toronto an Kancou8er. han le -.s a 6ee0 for four 6ee0s.e-ro6 :anguageM creat!8e. the message e!ther offers the rea er a chance to 6!n a 2r!Be or. an !nclu e a!l. the cam2a!gnGs creat!8e !s -ase on the M*. a -!ll-oar at #onge( Dun as SIuare !n Toronto. for the =ana !an mar0et. to a s! e6al0 at =ollege Par0 !n Toronto. the commuter(2a2er a s are runn!ng three a. chang!ng each t!me. e. the eco e ne6s2a2er a !n8!te rea ers.ell MchocolateM to 6!n a 2r!Be) The me !a -u. !n the 2r!nt a s.e-ro6s 2ose for a 2hoto) The M*.. =ossette 6!th creat!8e -. 6here the. cla2 an .. ma e e9clus!8el.ounger en of the a ult emogra2h!c. !s ca2!tal!B!ng on the success of !ts glo-al M*. trans!t a s !n -oth c!t!es an an onl!ne -anner -u. as are the OOH a s) 'F .e-ro6 :anguage)M Target!ng the .) :aunche last 6ee0. to 2art!c!2ate !n a stunt e9ecute at a s2ec!f!c t!me an locat!on) On Mon a. commuter ne6s2a2ers. The H!8e.CHALLENGES OF CADBURY =a -ur. 6ere to t6!rl. hun re s of 6hom sho6e u2.

) The s!te also !nclu es e9tra 2hrases to eco e an a r!ngtone of the song from the a to o6nloa ) K!s!tors can also 6atch the or!g!nal M*. 6ante to ma0e sure th!s ha h!gh !m2act 6!th the consumer.e-ro6sM a that f!rst a!re !n =ana a Se2t) '?) eco !ng the messages.Gre reall. comm!tte ) ItGs reall. 6h!ch o2ens to a secret e. once R2eo2leS ha8e comm!tte to the 2romot!on an engagement)M The cam2a!gn has also ta0en o8er the Da!r. =a -ur. -ran manager.ou go through the elements.e-ro6 :anguage eco er o8erla. as . all a-out h!gh '< .e-ro6 message an *. M!l0 6e-s!te. Da!r. M!l0.M N!na Pure6al. engag!ng 2romot!on an .ou can see as . tells MiC) MTh!s !s a 8er.M>e reall. the.

The Netherlan s an German. Sch6e22es !s to 0ee2 control of !ts soft r!n0s -ran s !n most of *uro2e !nstea of sell!ng them to =oca(=ola. +ul. S6!tBerlan . ch!ef e9ecut!8e +ohn Sun erlan sa! -oth com2an!es ha researche 2otent!al regulator. onl. to re3ect the 2lan later th!s 6ee0) The com2an!es st!ll ho2e to rece!8e a22ro8al for the sale !n the UK an Irelan an DA other countr!es 6orl 6! e) =a -ur.ear) Instea . g!8en the!r a22ro8al or 6here regulator.ear. announce !n Decem-er last . Sch6e22es face o22os!t!on to the eal !n se8eral countr!es) =a -ur.Gs r!n0 -ran s e9ce2t those !n the US. fearful that such a mo8e 6oul -e -loc0e -. clearance !s not reIu!re ) 'A .M) The ela. Sch6e22es 6!ll no6 reta!n control !nclu e Belg!um. has no6 a-an one 2lans to sell the -ran s !n another %& *uro2ean mar0ets. the m! le of th!s . result !n unacce2ta-le ela. com2et!t!on 6atch ogs) The countr!es 6here =a -ur. rea . S2a!n. an com2le9 regulator. all of =a -ur.. Nor6a. the. the. no6 face length. follo6!ng concerns a-out ela. 6h!ch 6as re2orte l.s !n 6!nn!ng a22ro8al from *uro2ean regulators) Un er the or!g!nal T')'?-n eal. hur les !n %& countr!es -efore announc!ng the!r 2lans !n Decem-er) Ho6e8er.'&n* &n* !t)er E#r!5e&ns C!#ntries- =a -ur. no6 e92ect the eal to -e f!nal!se -.C&*%#r in t)e En.s ha8e also force the com2an!es to re8!se the!r a!m of ha8!ng the ent!re sale com2lete -. res!stance aga!nst the eal !n some *uro2ean countr!es 6h!ch 6oul M2ro-a-l. !n a-out half the countr!es 6h!ch ha8e alrea . 1rance an South Afr!ca) =a -ur. =oca(=ola 6as to -u.

=a -ur. an Gum categor. -ran s are =a -ur.(o6ne manufactur!ng fac!l!t!es at Thane. !t to a. -egan !ts o2erat!ons !n 'D?A -. -us!ness. Da!r. has ma!nta!ne !ts un !s2ute lea ersh!2 o8er the . In !a o2erates !n four categor!es 8!B) =hocolate =onfect!oner.@s Da!r. =a -ur. -ran share !n the 6orl U Our flagsh!2 -ran =a -ur.) In the =hocolate =onfect!oner. Per0.ears later) =a -ur. Pcla!rs an =ele-rat!ons) =a -ur. M!l0 !s cons! ere the Mgol stan ar M for chocolates !n In !a) =a -ur. are INDIA J PAKISATAN CADBURY INDIA In In !a. !t@s ou-tful) To th!s a. =an . M!l0@ alone has a . O=a -ur. In ur! (Pune" an Malan2ur (G6al!or". 3o. Mum-a!.ears) =a -ur. =a -ur. In !an@s moment of ha22!ness.@s has -een the num-er one mar0et lea er !n chocolate sales for . M!l0.CADBURY ASIA Its contents of t6o countr!es the. Bangalore an Ba ! (H!machal Pra esh" an ? sales off!ces (Ne6 Delh!.&Q 8alue share !n the In !an chocolate mar0et) 'D . M!l0 starte !n Bourne8!lle !n the UK !n 'D&E.s a 8alue mar0et share of o8er <&Q ( the h!ghest =a -ur.ears) Some of the 0e.. E Star.@s has cla!me that !t has -een the source of e8er.ears of e9!stence. an cele-rat!on $ 6hether th!s !s true. Da!r. !m2ort!ng chocolates) After F& . en3o. 6!th true chocohol!cs starte !n In !a ?. Da!r. Kol0ata an =henna!") The cor2orate off!ce !s !n Mum-a! =urrentl. M!l0 1oo Dr!n0s. -ut the 3ourne.. has f!8e com2an. .

M!l0 soon -ecame the ! eal e92ress!on of 4@s2ontane!t.ou choose. Sch6e22es !s the No)' confect!oner. In !a -egan !ts o2erat!ons as a tra !ng concern !n 'D?<) The f!rst taste of chocolate 6as ef!ne -. !n the In !an su.our career as a general!st or s2ec!al!st) >h!che8er 2ath . 6as foun e -. to a. !n the 6orl ) >e manufacture.ou es!re to 6or0 6!th the 6orl @s num-er ' confect!oner. f!rst moment the. D&@s. (OThe Real Taste of :!fe@" re( ef!n!ng the outloo0 from 43ust for 0! s5 to the 40! s !n all of us5) Th!s ne6 cam2a!gn -rought out the forgotten ch!l !n e8er.ou) #ou 6!ll t. +aco. . start . =a -ur. com2an. flush!ng -ac0 memor!es of the 8er. %&&& 2eo2le across In !a) >e 6or0 together to create -ran s 2eo2le lo8e) >e -el!e8e 6holehearte l. -us!nesses) #ou 6!ll then -e a-le to choose 6hether to e8elo2 . re6ar e for goo -eha8!our. an -e8erages that -r!ng sm!les to m!ll!ons of consumers across 'A& countr!es =a -ur. taste chocolate) =a -ur. or 2erha2s e8en for a -r!-e) Ho6e8er.Sch6e22es !n '<A.cont!nent) It has -een more than E& . a ult.ears of call!ng chocolates 4=a -ur. ream ( onl. to create -ran s 2eo2le lo8e !s through our 2eo2le) If . Da!r. an th!r largest soft r!n0s com2an. seen as a ch!l @s hea8enl.s nearl. 6e@8e got great o22ortun!t!es !n store for .2!call. that the 6a. mar0et an !str!-ute -ran e chocolates.5 !n In !a) The com2an. em2lo.our career 6!th us !n a funct!on !n one of our man. !n ulgent chocolates 6ere onl.ou 6!ll -e encourage e92er!ence of !fferent -us!nesses. confect!oner. Sch6e22es !s hea Iuartere !n :on on) =a -ur. -ran s an 2eo2le) to ga!n %& .@5 an 4@share goo feels@5) The com2an. !n the m! D&@s a ne6 cam2a!gn 6as release .In the earl.) =a -ur.

=lamato. sugar(coate gum. com2an. 6orl 6! e) The com2an.. M!l0. 6h!ch are mar0ete un er =a -ur. =lorets. =h!clets. Ma. Sna22le. =a -ur.@s -e8erage 2ro ucts !nclu e car-onate r!n0 un er Dr)Pe22er. Halls.ne. an =om2an. non(car-onate names) Its confect!onar. ro2. St!morol. Iu!n!ne(-ase car-onate soft r!n0. Sch6e22es. Dent. Tr! ent. a22le 3u!ce. -ottlers. < U2. an -reath freshener. an other %' . an !n e2en ent com2an!es) Sour Patch K! s -ran names) =a -ur. sugar confect!oner. Bassett@s. Da!r.Pr!*#+t &n* Servi+es3 =a -ur. Sch6e22es Pu-l!c :!m!te 6ater.nar s. o2erates as a -e8erage an r!n0. che6!ng gum. Bu--l!c!ous. an tomato(-ase Ha6a!!an Punch. car-onate soft r!n0. Sch6e22es Ton!c >ater -ran 2ro ucts com2r!se cocoa 2o6 er. Sch6e22es sells !ts 2ro ucts through !rect sales force. !n e2en ent !str!-utors. MottGs. m!l0 confect!onar. cough chocolate -ar. .. th!r 2art.

6!th an em2has!s on 2ro8! !ng some useful !nformat!on a-out the structure.@s soc!o(econom!c !n !cators) Des2!te Pa0!stan@s confect!oner.ers !n the com2et!t!8e lan sca2e of th!s sector) The -ran e confect!oner. an chocolate mar0et !s h!ghl. as a 6hole can -e organ!Be sector (-ran e segment" an !8! e -et6een t6o -roa er sectors namel.ers !n the !n ustr. an chocolate mar0et of Pa0!stan) The art!cle re8eals close est!mates of sales turn o8er of ma3or act!8e 2la. of Pa0!stan !n %&&D !s an anal. norms. has en3o.) It also e9am!nes contem2orar. an =hocolate !n ustr.et !ts s!Be an gro6th 2attern has -een far !nconseIuent!al com2are to other countr!es of As!a(2ac!f!c reg!on) The !n ustr. challenges an com2et!t!8e lan sca2e of the !n ustr.s!s of -ran e ( omest!call. tren s !n the local confect!oner. has gro6n 6!th an a8erage annual rate of F)E to <)E Q ur!ng %&&%(%&&A) Domest!c -ran s om!nate the mar0et account!ng for more than AEQ of total 8alue sales of the !n ustr. 2r!ce elast!c an gro6!ng 6!th the -ul0 of sales concentrate !n m! (2r!ce range 2ro ucts) Ur-an mar0ets account for the ma3or share an also for a h!gher 2enetrat!on rate) %% .) The !n ustr. !t 6oul not -e un6!se to ha8e a loo0 at the sna2shot of countr.e an emerg!ng an gro6!ng tren !n the recent 2ast . an chocolate mar0et. act!8e 2la.) Before 2rocee !ng to our core to2!c. an chocolate !n ustr.CADBURY PAKISTAN =onfect!oner. 2ro uce " confect!oner. sectors (gener!c segment") The un(organ!Be -ran e segment !s more of mono2ol!st!c !n nature 6here there are n!ne 2rom!nent.

o a l!m!te co8erage !n reta!l sector) S!nce these com2an!es themsel8es o not em2has!Be on reta!l 2enetrat!on so the!r !str!-utors also ta0e an esca2e route an a o2t the 6a. str&te. !n ustr. the act!8e 2la. =an . has face 4co!n(-arr!er5 !ssue !n sugar confect!oner. re uce the no) of un!ts 2er 2ac0.s -een 2ro8e to -e a 4-!tter 2!ll5 for the !n ustr. as !t -rought !mmense res!stance from consumers an tra e) In some of the cases ecl!ne !n sales as a react!on of 2r!ce !ncrease 6as so huge that !t force to lea !ng -ran s to ta0e the!r ec!s!on -ac0 . an 2ac0ag!ng ( !n an en ea8our to re uce cost" =om2rom!s!ng !n 2ro uct Iual!t. than E& 2a!sa to Rs) ' $ !n m! D&@s an lastl. 6!thout re uc!ng or 6!th sl!ghtl. a o2t three 0!n s of strateg!es.lan . agree to !ncrease the!r 2ro ucts@ 2r!ce ue to escalat!ng 2r!ces of ra6 mater!als (f!rst from %E 2a!sa to E& 2a!sa( !n m! A&@s.!el suff!c!ent re8enues to ma0e reta!l !str!-ut!on 8!a-le for the!r !str!-ut!on 2artners so the. un!t s!Be. 3 A-out (<&(A&" Q sugar confect!oner. M!tchell@s an %. o not ha8e 2rem!um 2r!ce !tems that coul .. an /or Iual!t. these t6o com2an!es !s the. on electron!c me !a to create -ran 2ull for the!r -ran s an su-seIuentl. !t force reta!lers to -u. 2ro ucts at least three t!mes ur!ng last three eca es 6hen all 0e. much on 6holesale channel to generate -ul0 chun0 of the!r total sales) To su22ort the!r sales through th!s channel the. out) It 6oul -e !nterest!ng for the rea ers to learn that such mo8es ho6e8er ha8e al6a.et the.The !n ustr. th!ng -ut '&&Q -ecause ne9t 3um2 to co!n / 2r!ce enom!nat!on 6as such that the. re uc!ng It. 6ere not a-le to retr!e8e the!r or!g!nal 8olumes aga!n) M!tchell@s M!l0 Toffees an K! co ?e8er are class!c e9am2les) To a8o! an efer th!s s!tuat!on (u2 to last e9ten " 2ro(act!8e com2an!es !n Pa0!stan! confect!oner. at chea2er 2r!ce as a re2lacement of e92ens!8e ra6 mater!als) Distri%#ti!n &n* Se''in. re uc!ng tra e marg!ns) Namel. of e92ens!8e ra6 mater!al -.ers of the !n ustr. 2la. of eas. sell!ng through >S) Ho6e8er there are com2an!es l!0e =a -ur. from Rs)' to Rs)%(!n late %&&A" 6here-. ha no 6a. H!lal an B)P rel. -. us!ng close su-st!tute that !s a8a!la-le relat!8el. . 6ere com2elle to ra!se the!r 2r!ces not less than an. these -ran s from 6hole sale) The un erl.!ng reason -eh!n l!m!te co8erage !n reta!l sector -. an chocolate sales generate through 6holesale channel e2en !ng u2on the nature of 2ro uct an strateg!es of manufactur!ng com2an!es) Almost all -ut 2rec!sel. a 8ert!se hea8!l.ers unan!mousl.

Ma.fa!r that are full. a6are of the !m2ortance of reta!l 2enetrat!on )Hence these com2an!es 2a. ue !m2ortance an attent!on to reta!l co8erage an su-seIuentl. allocate resources for reta!l sector) As state earl!er the em2has!s of H!lal an B)P has al6a.s -een on -u!l !ng consumer 2ull through mass me !a a 8ert!s!ng (mostl. through tele8!s!on" an 2ush!ng the!r -ran s through 6! e(s2rea net6or0 of !str!-utors an 6holesalers throughout the nat!on)

Th!s com-!nat!on of 4Push J Pull 4 has 2ro8e to -e a successful tool !n the!r cases -ecause the nature of the!r -ran s also su22ort th!s strateg. as the. 2ro uce 2ro ucts of mass mar0et 6!th as lo6 2r!ce as Rs)' , % an -e.on ) Because of th!s 2r!c!ng strateg. the!r 2ro ucts are eIuall. 2o2ular !n rural an ur-an to6ns among m! le an lo6er m! le class) B)P an H!lal ha8!ng th!s a 8antage en3o. the -enef!ts of a 6! e(s2rea !str!-ut!on net6or0 !n ;&&V to6ns an o8er ;E& !str!-utors nat!on 6! e (as the. ha8e more than one !str!-utors !n some to6ns") The. al6a.s tr. to a o2t cost lea ersh!2 strateg. an generate re8enues through h!gh 8olumes of sales) 1reIuent launches, re(launches, re(!ntro uct!on of ol -ran s 6!th sl!ght mo !f!cat!ons, 6!th ra6als, a 3ustments !n 2ac0ag!ng, 2ro uct es!gn!ng an e8en rec!2e change are a common 2henomenon !n the -ran s of these t6o ma3or com2an!es) =ontrar. to th!s =a -ur.@s , =an .lan an M!tchell@s -el!e8e on esta-l!sh!ng -ran s an -ran eIu!t. an therefore 2rotract!on of Iual!t. u2 to last 2oss!-le e9ten rema!ns the!r to2 2r!or!t.) Unt!l m! A&@s chocolates 6as su22ose to -e the 2ro uct of u22er an u22er m! le class segment) In 'DA; M!tchell@s +u-!lee 6as launche f!rst t!me !n Pa0!stan! mar0et at Rs);)E& 2er -ar) Due to !ts attract!8e 2ac0ag!ng, Iual!t., affor a-le 2r!ce an an !ntact me !a su22ort the -ran rece!8e un(matche rece2t!on an -ecame a success stor. !n Pa0!stan! !n ustr.) The -ran !s st!ll 8er. 2o2ular among masses an a8a!la-le !n three !fferent 2r!ce 2o!nts at Rs)%, Rs)E an Rs)'&) In earl. %&&& =a -ur.@s !ntro uce Iual!t. 2ro ucts 6!th affor a-le 2r!ce) The launch of Da!r. M!l0 (Rs)E/(", E Star (Rs)E/(", Kel8et (Rs)E/(" an Per0 (Rs);" 6!th attract!8e !s2ens!ng(ch!llers 6as the turn!ng an re8olut!onar. 2o!nt for ma0!ng chocolates the cho!ce for e8er. one) The role of =a -ur.@s for e92ans!on of chocolate mar0et !n Pa0!stan 6!ll al6a.s -e 6r!tten !n gol en 6or s)


The most common challenges to th!s !n ustr. are soar!ng 2r!ces of ra6 mater!al, h!gh e9c!se an !m2ort ut!es on ra6 mater!al, h!gh entr. -arr!er -ecause of strong mono2ol!st!c com2et!t!on an !nflu9 of chea2 !m2orte -ran through gra.(=hannels)

C&*%#r A*vertisin, Ti$e'ine t)eir 5r!*#+ts34
189: =a -ur. =ocoa *ssence -egan a 8ert!s!ng) The. h!ghl!ghte the 2ur!t. of the 2ro uct 6!th the slogan OA-solutel. 2ure, therefore -est@) 1;<< =a -ur. ga!ne the hel2 of a 2o2ular art!st =ec!l Al !n to create a ser!es of 2osters an 2ress a 8erts to a 8ert!se the!r 2ro ucts) 1;=<s4><s =a -ur. 2romote the!r 2ro ucts through the 6ar -. creat!ng the O=hocolate M.ster. Man@ character) He ga8e out free g!fts, -ut onl. !f he coul -e foun ) 1;=8 =a -ur. Da!r. M!l0 2oster cam2a!gns -egan us!ng the !con!c Oglass an half@ slogan an !mage to stress !ts h!gh m!l0 content) 1;><s =a -ur.@s status as the nat!on@s fa8or!te -ran -ecomes the most !m2ortant feature of the com2an.@s a 8ert!s!ng) 1;>8 'E&,&&& 2eo2le 6ent on the factor. tour e8er. .ear) It -egan !n 'D&% to l!n0 2eo2le more closel. 6!th =a -ur.)


1;>; Dur!ng the %n >orl >ar =a -ur. Da!r. M!l0 !sa22eare ) =ocoa an chocolate 6as un er go8ernment restr!ct!on an onl. rat!one chocolate 6as sol ) 1;71 OThe Bourn8!lle Stor.@, a f!lm 2romot!ng =a -ur., 6as ma e an sho6n c!nemas aroun the countr.) 1;77 =a -ur. Dr!n0!ng =hocolate 6as one of the 8er. f!rst a s on commerc!al tele8!s!on !n th!s .ear) 1;7: =a -ur. comm!ss!one th!rteen one(m!nute f!lms sho6n as TK a 8erts) These a s escr!-e the har8est!ng of the =a -ur. chocolate !ngre !ent) 1;7;?9< 1la0e TK a 8ert!s!ng -eganC !t use the !con!c theme of a 6oman sensuall. en3o.!ng a -ar of chocolate on her o6n) 1;:<41;:@ Memora-le tele8!s!on a s ra!se the sales of =a -ur. 1ru!t J Nut an >hole Nuts -. <;Q ) 1;8> The >!s2a Bar launche !nclu !ng tele8!se a cam2a!gns featur!ng come !ans an com!c actors tal0!ng a-out the ne6 -ar) 1;;< =a -ur. >orl o2ene a T'& m!ll!on re2lacement for factor. tours) ;E&,&&& 2eo2le 8!s!te !n the f!rst .ear) 1;;9 =a -ur. -egan a T'& m!ll!on annual s2onsorsh!2 of =oronat!on Street, reach!ng an au !ence of e!ghteen m!ll!on 2eo2le)


s of the AmaB!n@ Ra!s!n -ar) >ho can forget the coc0ne.=<<: The =a -ur. an a la8!sh TK a f!lme at a real ABtec tem2le !n Me9!co) Alas. 0nees(u2 of a TK 3!ngle7 OIt@s amaB!n@ 6hat ra!s!ns can o/1ull of goo ness an !t@s all for .s !nclu !ng a l!fe(s!Be car -oar ABtec 6arr!or !n '&&.ear) =<<8 =a -ur. 2o2ular 6hen !t h!t the sho2s !n 'DF<. -ecom!ng one of the most 2o2ular a 8erts !n recent .&&& sho2s. l!0e !ts namesa0e. a.ou@) Tr. s2l!tt!ng !ts confect!oner. o8er for T'&)%-n) r!n0s -us!ness) PRODUCTS OF CADBURY P&st 5r!*#+t !" C&*%#r 1A A$&Bin’ R&isin34 M!l0 an 2la!n chocolate co8ere nougat!ne an caramel -ar 6!th ra!s!ns'D<'('D<A 6ere the glor. Kraft ma e a sur2r!se 2ro2osal to ta0e =a -ur. 6!th !s2la. ment!on!ng !t to ra!s!n fans of a certa!n age an see them come o8er all 6!stful) =A ABte+34 M!l0 an chocolate nougat!ne an caramel $ a feast of a -ar) Hugel.@re goo for . an =<<. ma0!ng 3ust a -r!ef rea22earance !n %&&& $ 6!ll !ts l!0e e8er -e seen aga!nW %< . th!s m!ght. -ar 6as conIuere !n the earl.ou/It@s got t6o 0!n s of chocolate an caramel too/An !t@s got ra!s!ns an the. !mme !atel. OGor!lla@ a 2rem!ere . an Sch6e22es emerge . ABtec ma e a -!g !m2act. <&s.

ear(ol la calle :!n sa. !mag!ne a -ar l!0e that -ut 6!th f!8e !fferent fla8ore f!ll!ngs7 ras2-err. !n 'DD%) 1use Ra!s!ns. as 6ell as a Boost Glucose for e9tra energ. 6!th !ts f!8e 2!ctures of a f!8e(.) K!c Ree8es an Bo. Poulton sho6!ng emot!ons from Des2erat!on (no chocolate". the m!ght.@s 1!8e =enters. 2eanuts. l!me.. so h!s father (the 2hotogra2her" t!e a cloth soa0e !n nast. 6h!ch launche !n 'D.or -elt !n the s0.@s =hocolate") A22arentl. at the 2hoto sess!on. smell!ng ammon!a roun h!s nec0 to ach!e8e the ODes2erat!on@ faceU The -ar 6as ret!re !n 'D<F) 7A Fr ’s Five Centers 1!8e assorte fru!t fla8ore crNmes) If .@s =hocolate =rNme. e8en sa6 a Boost featur!ng the caffe!ne(r!ch Guarana -err.s M!l0 =hocolate) @A Mi'( +)!+!'&te %&r34 :aunche !n 'D&% !t 6as once the most famous chocolate -ar !n the 6orl . cr!s2.ou@8e tr!e 1r. 8an!lla.>A B!!st C!+!n#tC B!!st Pe&n#t34 M!l0 chocolate co8ere -ar 6!th a toaste coconut an caramel centre) ('DAE( 'DD?")=aramel an 2eanut -ar co8ere !n m!l0 chocolate) ('DAD('DD?" :aunche !n 'DAE. Boost e8ol8e o8er t!me 6!th 8ar!ous 8ers!ons on sale !nclu !ng =oconut Boost an Peanut Boost) %&&. r!22le 6!th a flat un ers! e@" 6as a class!c of !ts t!me) 1!8e Bo. a22ear!ng on the shel8es. 6asn@t loo0!ng m!sera-le enough for the f!rst 2hoto. :!n sa. to Real!Bat!on (f!n !ng out he@s got 1r. coffee an orange) #ou@re !mag!ng 1r. m!l0 chocolate) %A .? -ut 6ent to the great con8e. cereal an fu ge 2!eces fuse !n el!c!ous =a -ur.Mort!mer@s much(lo8e :one Ranger a (com2lete 6!th surreal stra2 l!ne O!t@s sl!ghtl.

6h!te an ar0 chocolate) Ins2!rat!ons launche !n 'DAD. =hocolates) No6 !mag!ne 2!c0!ng e!ght of the most 2o2ular chocolates $ 0ee2!ng the!r !st!nct!8e sha2es $ an 2utt!ng them !n a -arU The M!l0 Tra. successful.ears later an 1use f!BBle off the shel8es. an 6!th!n e!ght 6ee0s !t 6as the UK@s fa8or!te@s confect!oner. !ngre !ents 6ere sus2en e r!ght the 6a. h!ghl. hence the name) The -ran 6as ret!re !n 'DFA) 8A Mi'( Tr& B&r34 *!ght M!l0 Tra. Num-ers each ha an !n !8! ual num-er on the 6ra22er.@ %?th Se2tem-er 'DDF) It 6as a chocolate -ar 6!th a !fference $ !nstea of ha8!ng a chocolate coat!ng on the outs! eC the . !t 6as ret!re !n 'DDA) :A L#+( N#$%ers34 In 'DEA =a -ur. s6eets.) 9A Ins5ir&ti!ns34 Te9ture fru!t fla8ore centers co8ere !n m!l0. launche !n 'D?< an 6as a fa8or!te through to 'DA') .) Alas. !n a carton 6!th sl! !ng ra6ers) In!t!all.) It 6as or!g!nall.A S(i55 34 M!l0 chocolate 6!th caramel an 6afer centre launche !n 'DF&) %D . !n a -ar) Imag!ne a -o9 of M!l0 Tra.1use e92lo e !nto the UK mar0et2lace on OTues a.umm. remem-ere to th!s a. -ut !t@s fon l. ten . Bar ha a cult follo6!ng -ac0 !n the 'D<&s an 2eo2le st!ll rem!n!sce a-out !t to th!s a. launche a ne6 assortment of che6. =hocolates. some co8ere !n chocolate an some not) These :uc0. through !t) ?& m!ll!on -ars 6ere sol !n the f!rst 6ee0.

m!l0 chocolate) The. coffee -ar to 2!c0 u2 the!r S0!22.t!me n!--le to cheer . s2ec!al occas!on) =A C&*%#r H!t C)!+ C)#n(s34 =a -ur. the. ra!s!ns tum-le !n scrum2t!ous =a -ur.umm. o loo0 o . treatU =a -ur. =lusters are ! ealU :aunche a8a!la-le across the UK) . Buttons Part.our cele-rat!ons reall. Hot =hoc =hun0s !s no6 1a!r(tra e cert!f!e ) >A C&*%#r C'#sters34 =a -ur. treats of crunch. a a. Da!r. a l!ttle -!t of e8en!ng !n ulgence or a -ag to share 6!th fr!en s $=a -ur.ou u2.ou fanc. sho6s a S6!ng!ng :on on cou2le gett!ng off the!r scooter an go!ng !nto a tren . =a0es are 2erfect for an. s2ec!al 6!th a el!c!ous chocolates treat) 1rom the !n ulgent 1la0e =ele-rat!on =a0e to the =a -ur.& .Gre 6on erfull.) TODAYS PRODUCTS OF CADBURY 1A C&*%#r Ce'e%r&ti!n C&(e Dit) B#tt!ns34 Ma0e . =lusters are tast. fla0es an 3u!c.Gs ranges of Part.Gre no6 >hether .OIt@s got a crunch !n the -!scu!t an a munch !n the m! le@) A class!c 'DF&s TK a for S0!22. M!l0 un8e!ls a . taste 6on erfulU !n %&&D. =a0e) =a -ur. !n8ent!on 6h!ch heral s a ne6 a6n for hot chocolate lo8ers7 Hot =hoc =hun0sU) The chun0s of real chocolate melt !nto m!l0 to ma0e a smooth el!c!ous cream.

Gems has al6a. one of the most memora-le cam2a!gns for the -ran 6as one 6h!ch feature a camel calle =al8!n 6h!ch 6as s!ng!ng a song a-out the Gche6G of the -ar) In Austral!a !tGs mar0ete as -e!ng G el!c!ousl. of ch!l ren for more than ? eca es no6) Su22orte -. Da!r. an =a -ur. caramel co8ere !n 2eanuts. 6!th chocolate lo8ers !n In !a -egan !n 'D?A)The 2ure taste of =a -ur.s ha . Gems !s un!Iuel. Da!r. M!l0 has e9c!t!ng 2ro ucts on offer ( =a -ur. ugl. Da!r. th!n0 of =a -ur. Da!r. =a -ur.GU Ho6 ru eU E" D&ir $i'(34 The stor. 2o2ular amongst teens J a ults) Recentl. ra!s!ns an =a -ur. U)K). Da!r. M!l0 starte 6a. -ut the 3ourne. of =a -ur. M!l0 >o6!e. 2os!t!one -ecause of !ts chocolate taste. Gems has ca2ture the fanc. colorful -uttons an mult!2l!c!t. M!l0 % !n '.' . 6afer an che6. M!l0) The 8ar!ants 1ru!t J Nut.) 9A Ge$s34 :aunche !n 'DFA.ouGll st!ll f!n !ts no-l. Da!r.. Da!r. of shar!ng !t 6!th fr!en s has also ma e the -ran a source of nostalg!a for ol er consumers) S!m2l.) The taste an fun assoc!ate 6!th eat!ng =a -ur. M!l0 Desserts 6as launche . m!l0 chocolate) P!cn!cGs -een go!ng s!nce 'DEA an . goo ness !n a sho2 near . Gems an the 3o. fun an m!sch!ef to a 0! Gs 6orl ) >h!ch !s 6h. Da!r. 2ut. =a -ur. -ac0 !n 'D&E at Bourne8!lle. =a -ur. characters em-osse !n !t. M!l0 !s the taste most In !ans cra8e for 6hen the. chocolate 6!th D!sne. com-!ne the class!c taste of =a -ur.ou) Pro-a-l.. s2ec!f!call. M!l0 6!th a 8ar!et.@A C&*%#r Pi+ni+34 =r!s2. =rac0le an Roast Almon . to cater to the urge for Gsometh!ng s6eetG after meals) =a -ur. a el!ghtful com-!nat!on of m!l0 chocolate an 6h!te chocolate) G!8!ng consumers an e9c!t!ng reason to 0ee2 com!ng -ac0 !nto the fun f!lle 6orl of =a -ur. eat!ng Gems -r!ngs ha22!ness. of !ngre !ents an are 8er. a num-er of 2o2ular TK=s s!nce the *!ght!es.

'D?A as a 2r!8ate l!m!te com2an. *nglan !n the 'DF&s) The f!rm then -ecame 2art of =a -ur. 2ac0 !nno8at!ons an consumer 2romot!ons) In Decem-er %&&&. Da!r. are also a8a!la-le !n a Re) ' 2ouch) A gem has cont!nuousl. 'Dth. 2ac0ag!ng. M!l0 chocolate !ns! e calle =a -ur.ears. (In !a") =a -ur. un er the name of =a -ur. M!l0 Pcla!rs launche crunch. l!neage an r!ch -ran her!tage has hel2e the -ran ma!nta!n !ts lea ersh!2 2os!t!on an !mage o8er the last E& . the Tu-e Pac0 has cont!nue to e9c!te 0! s 6!th !fferent -all games on !ts fl!2(to2) <" BOURNIVITA34 =a -ur. Da!r. the Gems Tu-e Pac0 6!th a fl!2(to2 6as launche . contem2orar. M!l0 Pcla!r !s trul. un!Iue -ecause of !ts cream. =a -ur. Bourn8!ta 6as launche ur!ng the same . 2ac0ag!ng gra2h!cs.1un an Mast! as the 2ro2os!t!on !n all !ts commun!cat!on) Gems. Pcla!rs the secon largest -ran !n the com2an. 6as !ncor2orate !n In !a on +ul. Da!r.ears) 8A CADBURY ECLAIRS34 Pcla!rs 6as f!rst !sco8ere -.ear) It !s among the ol est -ran s !n& the Malt Base 1oo / Malt 1oo categor. f!rm !n :on on. caramel e9ter!or an r!ch =a -ur. -een rele8ant an e9c!t!ng for consumers 6!th sal!ent messag!ng. a8a!la-le !n a Pouch an a =arton. re(!n8ente !tself !n terms of 2ro uct. Pcla!rs 6!th a har caramel outs! e an =runch) el!c!ous =a -ur. Da!r.(1r. !n 'D<'ma0!ng =a -ur. M!l0 chocolate at the center) In %&&F =a -ur.s -een 0no6n to 2ro8! e the -est nutr!t!on to a! gro6th an all roun e8elo2ment) Throughout !ts h!stor..% . 2romot!on J !str!-ut!on) The =a -ur. a local confect!oner. M!l0 Pcla!rs . Da!r. 6h!ch -ecame an !nstant h!t 6!th 0! s) In succee !ng . 6!th a r!ch her!tage an has al6a.) The e92er!ence of eat!ng a =a -ur. Bourn8!ta has cont!nuousl.

!fferent -ac0groun s) Some of them are master chocolates. of these ! eas 6!ll ne8er go further than someone@s es0C -ut the most el!c!ous 6!ll en u2 on the shel8es of . an com!ng u2 6!th all sorts of 6e!r an 6on erful ! eas) A great man.!ng 6!th chocolate. the 8er.our local sho2) Our ne6 2ro uct teams come from man. not -e staffe -. an that -or ers on o-sess!on) others are sc!ent!sts) But the. ne6 2ro uct e2artment ma. .@8e all got someth!ng !n commonC a lo8e an un erstan !ng of chocolate .CADBURY TOMMORRO/ The =a -ur..ster!ous el8es or 2eo2le 6ho 6a8e mag!c 6an s -ut !t@s e8er. m. -!t as mag!cal) >e em2lo. e92er!ment!ng an 2la. -est ne6 2ro uct 2eo2le !n the -us!ness an the. some come from a 2rofess!onal cater!ng -ac0groun . s2en all the!r 6or0!ng hours !n8ent!ng.

an MTh!s !s our stanceM) T 5es !" M&r(etin. an M>hen 6e 6!ll get thereM. or 2u-l!cs) It sa.34 X X    The mar0et!ng strateg. 34 . !s the means of ach!e8!ng the cor2orate o-3ect!8es) It g!8es messages to the sta0ehol ers.s7 MTh!s !s 6here 6e are go!ngM. Str&te.MARKETING STRATEGIES Me&nin.? .

segments !ts mar0ets an offers mo !f!e 2ro ucts to !fferent segments) The mar0et!ng m!9 elements 6!ll also -e mo !f!e to su!t the reIu!rements of the chosen segments) C!n+entr&te* M&r(etin..X X    One of the most fun amental !ssues 6h!ch a com2an. • Here the total mar0et!ng effort !s a!me at one mar0et segment) .E . 2ro uct!on" -ut 6!ll encounter 6astage !n 2romot!onal act!8!t. unchange 2ro uct an a stan ar . unchange mar0et!ng effort) Th!s strateg. can follo67 Un !fferent!ate mar0et!ng D!fferent!ate mar0et!ng =oncentrate mar0et!ng) mar0et!ng strateg.3 • Here there !s a stan ar . 6!ll a o2t) Un*i""erenti&te* M&r(etin. or a22roach. must ec! e on !s the t. • • Here the com2an. an 2oss!-l. com2an. can re uce costs (e)g) mar0et!ng. that the.2e of There are three -as!c mar0et!ng strateg!es 6h!ch an. !n !str!-ut!on) • Di""erenti&te* M&r(etin.

6hereas cor2orate o-3ect!8es are the s2ec!f!c targets reIu!re to ach!e8e the a!ms) The common a!m an o-3ect!8es of the cor2orat!on such as =a -ur.ies !" C&*%#r s In or er to !ncrease sales =a -ur.• Th!s strateg. those com2an!es 6ho ha8e h!ghl. another name)  It !s common for organ!sat!ons 6!th a !8erse 2ro uct range to use a +!$%in&ti!n !" &'' t)ree str&te. o-3ect!8es !n 2ract!ces most f!rms ha8e h!erarch. of o-3ect!8es 6hen a f!rms sur8!8al !s threaten !t ma. to !ts mar0et!ng 6!ll -e !ts -as!c o-3ect!8es -ecause all -us!ness must ha8e o-3ect!8es !t allo6s them to !ncrease sales an ma0e 2rof!t) =or2orate a!ms are the long term !ntent!ons of a -us!ness. to encourage the 2urchase of !ts 2ro uct) >hen ! ent!f.ies for !fferent 2arts of the!r 2ro uct m!9 M&r(etin. f!rms *9!sts an to -e the 2r!mar.F . s2ec!al!se 2ro ucts) It !s Mn!che mar0et!ngM -.!ng the -as!c 2r!nc!2als 6h!ch =a -ur.) Gro6th( 6h!ch !nclu es =a -ur. Str&te. sell!ng ne6 2ro ucts or e92an !ng O8erseas) . Prof!t ma9!m!Be !n or er to restore !ts f!nanc!al health) . !nclu es the follo6!ng7 ') Sur8!8al %) Prof!t ma9!m!Bat!on( 6h!ch !s often ta0en to -e the reason 6h.s must a22l. !s reall.s nee s to un erta0e range of mar0et!ng act!8!t!es -efore ec! !ng u2on the -est 6a. a!me at the e92lo!tat!on of a l!m!te mar0et area an ten s to -e use -.

=a -ur. 1use) These 6ere7 ') To gro6 the mar0et for chocolate confect!oner. re uc!ng e2en ence on one 2ro uct) E) Sales ma9!m!Bat!on( 6h!ch !s the !ncreas!ng of sales F Im2ro8!ng the 2ro uct !mage(6h!ch !nclu es creat!ng a ne6 logo or launch!ng a ne6 -ran of 2ro uct an creat!ng more attract!8e 2ac0ag!ng) 1or e9am2le. tests them to ensure that consumers are 6!ll!ng to -u. creat!ng a un!Iue sell!ng 2ro2os!t!on (USP" !)e) a 2ro uct 6!th un!Iue a22eal 6h!ch !s not share -. them) =a -ur. set out t6o o-3ect!8es for the e8elo2ment of the!r chocolate. lost a lot of mone. test!ng out the com-!nat!on of 8ar!ous !ngre !ents an more than %E&6ere com-!ne -efore the rec!2e of the chocolate 6as f!nal!Be ) As the 2ro ucts are e8elo2e . 6h!ch !s 6here a 2ro uct !s a 8ert!se tele8!s!on. =a -ur. =a -ur. of !ts com2et!tors) Referr!ng -ac0 to the e9am2le of 1use.s such as the use of a-o8e the l!ne 2romot!on. ne6 2ro uct !n the sna0!ng sector must esta-l!sh 2o!nt@s of !fference.Gs share of the snac0!ng sector >hen launch!ng a 2ro uct the com2an. magaB!nes. then 2romotes !ts 2ro ucts !n 8ar!ous 6a. =a -ur. an.< . %) To !ncrease =a -ur. ne6s2a2ers an ra !o) through consumer me !a such as .?) D!8ers!f!cat!on( 6h!ch !s the s2rea !ng of -us!ness r!s0s -.@s ha to ma0e sure that an.

ou can remem-er 6hen 6e ha8e f!rst a. 6e -r!ng some s6eets to our home) St!ll most of fam!l.A . In !a uses emot!onal a22eals !n a 8ert!s!ng) The a 8ert!sements focuse on the relat!onsh!2 -et6een the 2arents an the!r ch!l ren.ete* t)is &re& n!D % its !Dn +re&tive $&r(etin. 2la. str&te. of salar. g!ft!ng the ch!l a Da!r. st 'e--- . 6here 2arents e92resse the!r lo8e -. follo6s th!s tra !t!on soC C&*%#r )&s t&r.CADBURY INDIA TARGETS THE ADULT SEGMENT /ITH CADBURYS DAIRY MILK34 =a -ur. M!l0) CADBURY INDIA /ANTS TO GET IN ROOT OF OUR TRADITION34 If .e !n our ra !o stat!on an TK channels 4M!tha ha! 0hana aa3 Pehl! Tar!0h Ha!5) Means C&*%#r $&r(etin.ou can recall a 8ert!se 6h!ch !s no6 -e!ng freIuentl. in In*i& 6ants to get !n root of our tra !t!on) *arl!er !f .

6antsW =a -ur.@s has e9ten e !ts mar0et!ng strateg. an man. 8alent!ne a.eM means 6hen .ou -r!ng on D!6al!W Aga!n common ans6er MM!tha!M.D .e G@ =a -ur. 7") In =ollege cam2us !t !s ee2 route no6)) Peo2le use to -et for a!r. other a..Ms6eets5. father@s a. has also entere !nto a strateg!c all!ance 6!th 1ace -oo0 an Or0ut to further 2romote the core message of the -ran ) =a -ur.ou oW (>e 6!ll ha8e common ans6er M2a! e 0h!laoM. g!8e s6eets to all to e92ress ha22!ness" )) Remem-er the a 8ert!se MPAPPU PASS HO GA#AM N!D C&*%#r D&nts !#r tr&*iti!n&' sDeets t! its EC&*%#r C)!+!'&tesE Another one e9am2le of C&*%#r $&r(etin.@s has create a 1ace-oo0 a22l!cat!on that urges all 1ace -oo0 mem-ers to sen !n8!tat!on to the!r near J ear ones for 6hat the.. cele-rat!on chocolatesM) The!r slogan !s M0uch m!tha ho +a. 6ant us to re2lace th!s Mm!tha!M 6!th M=a -ur. mother@s a. m!l0s. l!sten to the ra !o s2ots from =a -ur. has l!n0e !ts -ran 6!th 1r!en sh!2 a.>hen . to the !nternet s2ace an has launche an !nno8at!8e J !nteract!8e 6e-s!te DDD-$eet)&$!$ents-+!$ 6here!n one can e92er!ence the meetha thought 8!a sen !ng of 2ersonal!Be e(greet!ngs to the!r fr!en s J fam!l. 6!sh to ha8e th!s D!6al!) Th!s !nno8at!8e mar0et!ng tool re8ol8es aroun the central theme of the D!6al! =ele-rat!ons A =am2a!gn.. str&te.) It also allo6s 8!s!tors to 8!e6 the latest commerc!als. E(stars) =a -ur. >hat =a -ur.ou get 2ass 6hat .ou 6ant to eat s6eets go for =a -ur. an also f!n a l!n0 onto other !nternet a22l!cat!ons) . FIss DiD&'i A&5 Kise K)#s) K&ren.ou -r!ng on Ra0sha-an hanW >hat .s) =a -ur. ))) >hat .

2ac0s@) Kar!ous measures are un erta0en !n all areas of o2erat!on to create 8alue for the future) Ne6 channel of mar0et!ng such as g!ft!ng an ch!l connect!8!t. of !ncreas!ng the share of chocolate !n the -ran e !m2ulse among the costl. Da!r.@s *ff!c!ent sourc!ng of 0e.@s share !n the !m2ulse segment !s ?)AQ factor l!0e chang!ng att!tu e. the share of chocolate !n F)FQ an =a -ur.outh 2o2ulat!on. ra6 mater!al !)e) coca through for6ar 2urchase of !m2orts. a large .F#t#re Str&te. to 2la. the recent success of !ts lo6 2r!ce O8alue for man. the secon Sch6e22es !n the 6orl ) -est manufactur!ng locat!on of =a -ur. alternat!8e !n the -ran e !m2ulse mar0et) It a22ears that com2an. In the -ran e !m2ulse mar0et. !s to a. M!l0" an Pcla!rs) The com2an. an lo6 en 8alue for mone. 2ro uct for e92an !ng the consumer -ase ha8e -een ! ent!f!e ) In terms of manufactur!ng management focus !s on o2t!m!B!ng manufactur!ng eff!c!enc!es an creat!ng a 6orl class manufactur!ng locat!on for =DM (=a -ur. the 8alue game to e92an the mar0et encourage -. h!gher ?& . !s l!0el. an lo6 2enetrat!on of chocolate (%%Q of ur-an 2o2ulat!on" 2o!nt to6ar s a -!g o22ortun!t. h!gher !s2osa-le !ncome.

) At the same t!me the management !s also a6are of e9ternal changes ta0!ng 2lace !n the com2et!t!8e en8!ronment an !s ta0!ng ste2s to rema!n com2et!t!8e !n the future en8!ronment of free !m2orts. !2 ue to the fact that the heat effects 2ro uct Iual!t. has -een a-le to !ncrease the 6! th of !ts consumer -ase through launch of lo6 2r!ce 2ro ucts) X Im2ro8!ng !str!-ut!on Iual!t. lo6er -arr!er to tra e an the a 8ent of all glo-al 2la. consum2t!on) X The a-o8e are some ste2s -e!ng ta0en !nternall.ear an ho6 has consumer -ase of F& m!ll!on although the gro6th !n a-solute num-ers !s lo6er than targete . 2r!ces start mo8!ng u2) X Use of !t to !m2ro8e log!st!c an !str!-ut!on com2et!t!8eness) X Ut!l!B!ng mass me !a to create an ma!nta!n -ran s) X *92an the consumer -ase) The com2an. a ress!ng !ssues of 2ro uct sta-!l!t. loo0s at the tree !m2ortant as an o22ortun!t. 6here !t ?' .local consum2t!on -.ers !n to the countr. has a e A m!ll!on ne6 consumer !n the current . the com2an. enter!ng long term contract 6!th farmer an un erta0!ng efforts !n e92an !ng local coca area e8elo2ment) The !n!t!at!8es !n the terms of e8elo2ment a long term omest!c coca a sourc!ng -ase 6oul f!el ma9!mum ga!ns 6hen commo !t.) The management !s not un ul. concerne a-out the huge eluge of !m2orte chocolate -ran s !n the mar0et 2lace) It !s of the 8!e6 that s!Be of th!s !m2orte 2rem!um mar0et !s small to threaten !ts o6n 8olumes or sales !n fact. the com2an.. -. 6hen sales usuall. !nstallat!on of 8!s!t coolers at se8eral outlets) Th!s 6oul -e reall. to !m2ro8e future o2erat!on an 2rof!ta-!l!t. an there-. effect!8e !n ma!nta!n!ng consum2t!on !n summer. -.

mar0et (:aura. 2ro ucts) S/OTS ANALAYSIS OF CADBURY 1A Stren. for !ts 2ro ucts) It !s on th!s goo re2utat!on ?% . mar0et) In l!ne 6!th !ts 8!s!on. has -een str!8!ng to Bethe 6orl lea er !n the confect!onar.t)s34 X The com2an. large esta-l!she -us!ness !n the In !an mar0et) S!nce'A%?. the com2an. concerns that the com2an. 6oul -e a-le to not onl. to launch 8alue for mone.) Through !nno8at!on an strateg!c mar0et!ng. use the glo-al =a -ur. 2ro8! e greater 8ar!et. has esta-l!she !tself as a 6orl lea er !n the confect!onar. has goo mar0et re2utat!on) >!th strong -ran s !n the mar0et. !s 6ell 2os!t!one !n the mar0et) In the In !an mar0et =a -ur. Sch6e22es 2ortfol!o) The com2an. has acIu!re a-out '&Q of the 6orl confect!onar. mar0et) It has o2erate !n In !a s!nce 'D?A) In In !a !t has a-out <&Q of the confect!onar. the com2an. the com2an.coul o2t!mall. 6h!ch l!m!t the o22ortun!t. !n ustr. -ut !t 6oul also -e more cost effect!8e to test mar0et ne6 2ro uct as 6ell as !m2ro8e s2ee of res2onse to change !n consumer 2reference through !m2orts) The onl. %&&A") X The com2an.. has an alrea .s has str!8e to -u!l a goo mar0et re2utat!on) Th!s has 6or0e 2os!t!8el. has !n th!s regar !s the current h!gh le8el of ut!es. the com2an.

. out o the ca2ac!t. has not esta-l!she ue to !nfrastructural a !str!-ut!on net6or0 to the !nter!or e8elo2ment !ssues (=a -ur. the eman s of the mar0et) It !s st!ll not clearl. %&&A") eman s of the mar0et) In th!s case the com2an. e92an !ng (=a -ur.. >A O55!rt#nities34 ?. -. In !a 6as ran0e the Eth most res2ecte In !an com2an. ha8e negat!8e effects on the !ntro uct!on of the ne6 -ran !n the mar0et s!nce the 2ro ucts 6!ll -e target!ng !fferent mar0ets (=a -ur. %&&A") X The target mar0et !s also Iu!te large) >!th the female 2o2ulat!on mar0et!ng more than EF 2ercent of the In !an 2o2ulat!on. %&&A") X The com2an. Bus!ness 6orl magaB!ne !n %&&< (:aura.. of the com2an. there !s a 6! e target mar0et for the 2ro uct) The In !an chocolate mar0et has -een recor !ng gro6th !n the recent 2ast an there are future 2ros2ects of gro6th) Therefore the target mar0et !s slo6l. esta-l!she the rate of gro6th of the 2ro uct !n the mar0et -ut there are e92ectat!on that the 2ro uct 6!ll recor a h!gh gro6th rate) Th!s means that the com2an.. !n or er to match the rate of gro6th of the mar0et (:aura. to sat!sf. %&&A") =A /e&(ness34 X The target 2o2ulat!on !s Iu!et large an there are fears the eman for the 2ro uct ma.that the mar0et can em-ar0 on !ntro uc!ng the ne6 -ran !n the mar0et) =a -ur. has not -een a-le to esta-l!sh a !str!-ut!on net6or0 !n the countr. that matches the %&&A") X Ban0!ng on the success of the other -ran s !n the mar0et ma. 6!ll nee to !ncrease !ts 2ro uct!on ca2ac!t.

to !ntro uce the same 2ro ucts !n the mar0et once there !s success of the !n!t!al 2ro uct (=a -ur. of other 2ro ucts !n the mar0et) In th!s case there are threats of entr. act!8!t!es l!0e g!rl ch!l e ucat!on to hel2 the target mar0et ! ent!f. ?? . of ne6 2ro ucts !n the mar0et 6h!ch 6!ll !ncrease the le8el of com2et!t!on !n the mar0et) There are other com2an!es 6h!ch are l!0el. a 8ert!s!ng strateg!es for the com2an. can host -eaut. can !ntro uce the 2ro uct !n the mar0et !n un!Iue 6a. com2et!t!on !n or er to hel2 the target mar0et ! ent!f. for the com2an.) >!th the gro6!ng !m2ortance of -eaut. sho6s.) A more com2et!t!8e mar0et -ecomes !ff!cult to !ntro uce a ne6 -ran -ecause there are alrea .. the com2an. an (=a -ur. to !m2act negat!8el.. of o22ortun!t!es for the gro6th of the mar0et) There are man. to alter the nature of the mar0et) 1or e9am2le change !n the ta9!ng reg!me. %&&A") other factors 6h!ch are l!0el. to -r!ng !n com2et!t!on (=a -ur. %&&A") X There !s a threat of change of the current e9ternal en8!ronment 6h!ch !s l!0el. 6!th the 2ro uct) Th!s 6!ll !ntro uce the 2ro uct !n the mar0et !n un!Iue 6a..) The com2an. on the !n ustr. %&&A") @A T)re&ts X There !s threat of entr.X There com2an. 6!th the 2ro uct more (:aura. !s !ntro uc!ng the -ran !n a less com2et!t!8e mar0et) Th!s !s un!Iue o22ortun!t. !n the In !an mar0et (=a -ur. %&&A") X The com2an. can use a 6! e range of mar0et!ng strateg!es 6h!ch 6!ll lea to the o8erall gro6th of the 2ro uct !n the mar0et) The In !an a 8ert!s!ng mar0et has -een gro6!ng at a ra2! rate 6h!ch means there 6!ll -e an arra. can also host other e8ents l!0e s2orts or engage !n cor2orate soc!al res2ons!-!l!t... other com2an!es@ 6h!ch are l!0el. Go8ernment la6s regulat!ng the !n ustr. %&&A") X The com2an.

7 P’S O" C&*%#r ' ( PRODUCT The a8erage com2an. !nclu e7 I) =hocolate J =onfect!onar. constantl. e9cee !ng h!s e92ectat!on. '" Da!r. M!l0 %" 1ru!t J Nut .) But the 6!nner 6!ll sur2ass them -. 2ro ucts offere -. el!8er!ng to h!s oor ste2 a !t!onal -enef!ts 6h!ch he 6oul ne8er ha8e !mag!ne ) =a -ur. conform!ng to h!s e92ectat!on cons!stentl. 6!ll com2ete for customer -.@s offer such 2ro uct) The 6! e 8ar!et. the com2an." E Star ?" Brea0 E" Per0 ?E .

lo6er!ng 2r!ces an rel. =a -ur.@s !s for match!ng the 8alue that customer 2a. the 2ro uct 6!th the e92ectat!on the.F" Gems <" Pcla!rs A" Nutt!es D" Tem2tat!on '&" M!l0 Treat II) Bever&. customer segment has !fferent 2r!ce e92ectat!on from the 2ro uct) Therefore ma9!m!B!ng the returns !n8ol8es ! ent!f." =ocoa % $ Pri+in.!ng r!ght 2r!ce le8el for each segment. use -.!ng on th!s strateg. mo8!ng through them) Da!r. Ma0e no m!sta0e) Secon P of mar0et!ng !s not another name for -l!n l. alone to !ncrease sales ramat!call.) The strateg. M!l0 Rs) 'E Per0 Rs) '& ?F . ha8e a-out 6hat the 2ro uct!on !s 6orth to them) =a -ur.es III) F!!* Drin(s '" Bourn 8!ta %" Dr!n0!ng chocolate .s to -u. an then 2rogress!8el.@s has launche 8ar!ous 2ro ucts 6h!ch cater to all customer segments) So e8er.

-ut the en of !t all. s2rea cross . an the mar0eter 6ho can get to the to the consumer ahea of com2et!t!on 6!ll g!8e a har $ to $ o8erta0e lea ) But gett!ng the!r means manag!ng 6!l l. -ut once -u!lt.!ng for !str!-ut!on eIu!t.E' ur-an mar0ets an EE%<%E 8!llages.stem.) Once the stoc0 2ro uct reaches reta!lers. an mar0et shares) In !a $ ' -!ll!on 2eo2le.E Star Rs) '& 1ru!t an Nut Rs) %% Gems Rs) '& Brea0 Rs) E Nutt!es Rs) 'A Bourn8!ta (E&& gm" Rs) '&? Dr!n0!ng chocolate Rs) E&) . 4 P) si+&' Distri%#ti!n H IP'&+e0 D!str!-ut!on *Iu!t. !s har to ero e) The fun amental a9!om of In !an consumer mar0et !s th!s7 #ou can set u2 a state(of $the(art manufactur!ng fac!l!t. 8alue s.our -ran eIu!t. !sn@t go!ng to hel2 6hen !t comes to tac0l!ng these !ssues) O6n !str!-ut!on net6or0 cons!st of clear!ng an for6ar !ng (=J1" agents J !str!-ut!on stoc0!est) Th!s net6or0 of !str!-ut!on can e!ther contact 6holesalers an 6h!ch !n turn reta!lers or the !str!-utors can contact to the reta!lers !rectl.our 2ro ucts) The car !nal tas0 -efore the In !an mar0et !n manag!ng !s to shoe(horn !ts 2ro uct on reta!l shel8es) Bu. the 2ros2ect!8e customers can ha8e access to the ?< . s6am2 2r!me tele8!s!on 6!th -est A s.ers are 2a. 2r!me an 2o2ulat!on for consum2t!on. . l!fe st. !str!-ut!on eIu!t. language.)%A m!ll!on sI) 0m) tele8!s!on has alrea .7 It ta0es much more t!me an effort to -u!l . h!re the hottest strateg!es on the -loc0. 'EE m!ll!on househol has o8er ? m!ll!on reta!l outlets !n E.. trans2ort an commun!cat!on net6or0) An . not -ran eIu!t. !fferent terra!ns(cl!mate.ou shoul 0no6 ho6 to sell .le.

!s much h!gher than NestlY@s '%Q or e8en 2ure sugar confect!oner. meant for ch!l ren) The strateg!c res2onse a resses the emot!onal a22eal of the -an to the ch!l 6!th!n the a ult) Naturall. hector!ng or lou l. !t has !nstalle 8!s!t colors at se8eral outlets) Th!s hel2s !n ma!nta!n!ng consum2t!on !n summer 6hen sales usuall. le8el) At =a -ur. =a -ur.. the.h!s attent!on e8o0e h!s com2rehens!on.h!s acce2tance an then e9tract retent!on com2et!ng 6!th thousan s of other un!ts of commun!cat!on tr.@s !str!-ut!on net6or0 has e92an e from 'DD& !str!-utors last ..@s mar0et!ng costs. re uct!on !n channel costs) =a -ur. gra.) To a ress the !ssue of 2ro uct sta-!l!t. !s loo0!ng to re uce th!s 2ar!t. a successful cam2a!gn has a stronger element of the une92ecte a Iual!t.of the a 8ert!s!ng to commun!cate customer the 6on erful feel!ng that he coul e92er!ence -. ma3or Parr. re( !scours!ng the careful.@s ''Q) The com2an. ro2s ue to the fact that the heat affects 2ro uct Iual!t..2ro uct) =a -ur. 2leasure $ see0!ng ch!l 6!th!n h!m $ an graft these feel!ng onto the A cam2a!gn l!0e 4Khane >alon Ko Khane Ka Bahana =hah!. at 'AQ of total costs. !s !t l!0e sell!ng soft r!n0s) ? ( Pr!$!ti!n *ffect!8e a 8ert!s!ng !s rarel.!ng to o the same) 1!n !ng sho6e that the a ults felt too consc!ous to -e seen consum!ng a 2ro uct actuall. commun!cat!on must f!rst ensure e92osure. off ta0es) :oo0!ng at the lo6 2enetrat!on of the chocolate.e5 for =MD an 4Tho ! S! Pet Poo3a $ Ka-h! Bh! Kah!n Bh!5 for Per0 ha8e -een sure shot 6!nner 6!th the au !ence) ?A . that 2ro uce 3ust the 8alue 8acuum that =a -ur. that goo a 8ert!s!ng shares 6!th much 6orth6h!le l!terature) To 2enetrate !nto the !nner recesses of customer memor. unself!sh consc!ous. -el!e8e that sell!ng confect!oner. an there-.. !s also attem2t!ng to !m2ro8e the !str!-ut!on Iual!t.@s !str!-utes the 2ro uct !n the manner state a-o8e) =a -ur.&&& reta!lers) Bes! e use of TI to !m2ro8e log!st!cs.ear to %'&& !str!-utors an ?.E&. e92l!c!tZ) It often -oth attracts an generates arm feel!ngs) More often than not. 6as loo0!ng to f!ll) Thereafter !t 6as the 3o. gra. a !str!-ut!on e92ans!on 6oul !tself -e!ng !ncremental 8olume) The other reason !s arch r!8al Nestle reaches more than a m!ll!on reta!lers) Th!s !ncrease !n !str!-ut!on !s go!ng to -e accom2an!e -.

6oul -e !ncom2lete 6!thout ment!on Oe@ 6or . 6e-s!te (!)e)666)ca -ur. contract has create commun!cat!on for c!nemas an e8en ATM mach!nes for the -ran ) All I=I=I@s ATM a message flashes on the screen as soon as customer !nserts h!s ATM car ) It tells the customer that th!s 6oul -e goo t!me to get out of h!s tem2tat!on s!nce he/she !s -oun to -e alone) Someth!ng fam!l!ar !s 2lanne for 2hone(-oo0 as 6ell) In c!nemas. hostels..one else to ha8e a -!te) As 6ell as out oor an ra !o a s. s2ec!all.>h!rl 6!th the ne6 launche tem2tat!ons 6!th the slogan 4Too To Share5 the commun!cat!on resol8es aroun the reluctance of a 2erson 6ho@s got the!r han on a -ar of tem2tat!on to let an. . research!ng an !m2ro8!ng the ne6er 2ro ucts that ha8en@t ta0en off. th!s le8el !n the current .& catter!es !n Mum-a! ha8e -een selecte ) The ne9t roun of act!8!t. -ran . -ecause of the 2eanut !t conta!ns) M!l0 treat has also -een launche !n a mo ule -ar form. 6h!ch has face 2ro-lems 6!th !ts taste. etcZ) It@s a com-!nat!on of st!ff!ng u2 !ts 0e. an u2 mar0et reta!l outlet offer to guest an customers) A s2en !n %&&& 6as a-out '?Q of sales an the management sa! that 2lans to ma!nta!n as s2en A at s!nce an.g!ft)com" that the com2an. 6666)-our8!ta)com. has launche . a agenc. !n a small s6eets that a!rl!nes. su22orte 6!th h!gh a $ s2en s that =a -ur. 666)ca -ur. !t ha also entere !nto 8ar!ous mar0et!ng relat!onsh!2 6!th other 2ortals. has a message on(screen 3ust -efore the l!ghts are !mme to g!8e them a chance to get the!r tem2tat!ons) There 6!ll also -e after !nner sam2l!ng !n restaurants $ to -eg!n 6!th. ho2es 6!ll see !t ?D . =a -ur. targete ur!ng fest!8als an e8ents such as Kalent!nes Da.ear also) !scuss!on to a.!n !a)com. the management 2lans to ta2 th!s ne6 channel of mar0et!ng) Bes! e three com2an. 3ust !n t!me of D!6al! g!ft!ng mar0et) Pcla!rs has got 2otent!al for much 6! e !str!-ut!on. 6!ll !nclu e the 6afer(chocolate Per0 an the P!cn!c -ar.

emerges stronger after the current slo6 o6n. to a. customer uses com2l!cate ec!s!on ma0!ng 2rocess to assess the alternat!8e -efore ma0!ng a 2urchase) S!nce =a -ur. In the 'D<&s consumers 6ere rea . to 2a. an lu9ur. !n the m!n of the consumer) It !s more eff!c!ent to mar0et one successful conce2t to one large grou2 of 2eo2le than E& 2ro uct or ser8!ce ! eas to E& se2arate grou2Z re2os!t!on!ng !s a must 6hen customer att!tu e ha8e change consumer@s long stan !ng an 2ro uct ha8e stra.@s consumer eman !ng 4more for less5. consumers -egan to eman 4more for same5.@s most successful com2an!es recogn!Be those customers are more e ucate an a-le to recogn!Be true customer 8alueZ Pos!t!on!ng !s s!m2l. 4more for more5.e 2erce2t!on of a6a. the Iu!c0er -ecomes her search 2rocess) E& . concentrat!ng on an ! ea $ or $ e8en a 6or ef!nes that com2an. an the 6!nner 6!ll -e that su2er 8alue mar0etersZ) Some of to a. from the themZ =a -ur. of com2et!t!8e cla!ms assa!ls her senses. goo s flour!she ) In the 'DA&s. 2ro ucts) As a 8ar!et. an the !scount!ng era gre6 strong) To a.@s !s an anchor !n sea of confect!onar. assoc!ate 6!th a 2art!cular set of attr!-utes !n terms of -enef!ts an 2r!ces. as 6ell as e92an the mar0et) E $ P!siti!nin.@s !s more clearl.

=a -ur.P!siti!nin. E stars 6as or!g!nall.) In fact. goo !tems) It has goo ness of m!l0.m-ol!Bes fun.) Targete at ch!l ren less than '% . for E stars to ma0e !t a source of energ. the com2an. chocolate to a s2ar0 to l!fe) ur!ng the E' . targete at teenagers) In +une 'DD?. re6or0e the strateg. taste an a22et!te a22eal) %" 7 st&r3 although 2os!t!one !nternat!onall.ears 6!th OGems Bon @ a 8ert!s!ng) =a -ur. Smart@ cam2a!gn) But no6.ment. !" in*ivi*#&' 5r!*#+t3 '" CMD3 !s an al6a. -efore the launch of Per0.m-ol!B!ng togetherness. -ar. en3o. ! n@t 2ro8e to -e feas!-le 2ro2os!t!on for =a -ur. !s retarget!ng ch!l ren 6!th !ts an!mate commerc!al) 4Gems are the -est -ran to s2ea0 to ch!l ren) =olorful chocolate -uttons a22eal most to ch!l ren an that !s 6h.@s chocolate to ha8e crunch !n !t) It 6as targete as a fun0." J+'&irs3 com2et!ng !n the che6a-le toffees segment) Pcla!rs 6as re(launche m! (n!net!es 6!th a ne6 name. as an energ. ec! e to sell !t to teenagers 6!th the OSmart Ker. -ar 2os!t!on!ng ma e !t a snac0!ng chocolate) . M!l0 Pcla!rs) ?" Ge$s7 -roa cast!ng Gems. the com2an. the com2an. for a 8ert!s!ng th!s 2ro uct l!fe) OReal taste of :!fe@. !s re( target!ng ch!l ren)5 E" Cr&+('e3 !t 6as the f!rst =a -ur. though.s rema!n flagsh!2 -ran ) The 2unch -. E stars 6ere 2os!t!one on an emot!onal 2latform !n In !a ur!ng the late 'DA&s) S. E star@s energ. !tself ef!nes the 2os!t!on!ng of the 2ro uct) The chocolate !s meant for all age grou2s) It s. Da!r.

rush!ng a ne6 -ran . Per0 !nto the mar0et) Pos!t!one much further on the funct!onal scale of E stars. 'DDE. Bourn8!ta com-!ne the nutr!t!ous 8alue taste) E% .u!ng the f!rst 2angs of hunger) <" B!#rnvit&7 2os!t!one as tast. 2reem2te the launch of NestlY@s K!t(Kat -. health r!n0) >h!le !ts com2et!tors concentrate onl.F" Per(3 !n Se2tem-er. on health 6!th as2ect. =a -ur. Per0 6as meant to -e l!ght snac0(2ro uct for su.

so that there m!n rema!ns focuse on the -ran name an !mage of the 2ro uct) Thus the a 8ert!sement of the same 2ro uct can -e seen s!multaneousl. . th!s t!me the form of a 8ert!sement !)e) s!Be of a 8ert!sement !s small. ra !o a 8ert!s!ng an of course a 8ert!sement on Internet) O8er the last se8eral . the 2ro uct name an !n or er E. -anner a 8ert!s!ng. an to susta!n the !nterest of regular customers !n the 2ro uct. at man.Gs a 8ert!sement can -e seen ur!ng the late e8en!ng hours 6hen !fferent soa2 o2era are -roa caste ) Then on s6!tch!ng on the la2to2 to chec0 the ema!ls rece!8e ur!ng the a. an !t !s one on a regular -as!s through the me !um of a 8ert!s!ng) The 2ur2ose of runn!ng an a 8ert!s!ng cam2a!gn !s to generate the !nterest of ne6 customers !nto the 2ro uct. !fferent 2laces) =a -ur. can -e seen h!ghl!ghte !n -!g 2osters an -anners.ADVERTISING THERIR PRODUCTS IN DIFFERENT /AYS The sales of 2ro uct !n the mar0et e2en u2on a 8ert!s!ng 6h!ch !s one of the factors that -oosts the sales of the 2ro uct !n the mar0et) A 8ert!s!ng can -e !n the form of 2r!nt a 8ert!s!ng.s to ca2ture the thought 2rocess.ears !nternet has emerge as a strong an successful 2latform for a 8ert!s!ng a 2ro uct -. a 8ert!s!ng on Tele8!s!on. -ut of course..s an metho s to attract the attent!on of the customers) There are 8ar!ous 6a. here !nternet 2la. can -e seen aga!n.!ng an !m2ortant role) At 6ee0en 6h!le go!ng through the sho22!ng mall the same a 8ert!sement of =a -ur. g!8!ng more 2rom!nence to -ran name. 6h!ch runs !n the m!n s of the customers. the a 8ert!sement of =a -ur. !t loo0s l!0e a teaser an the me !um !s !fferent. us!ng !fferent 6a.

launche . customers. the!r o2!n!on an 8!e6s. one stall 6as that of Sun feast -!scu!ts an there 6ere s!Ba-le num-er of customers..-ercafe an o-8!ousl.s a ma3or role. also comes across the a 8ert!sements) So there are !fferent 6a. t!mes 2rom!nent 6e-s!tes l!0e MSN. !ntro uc!ng the 2ro uct !n the mar0et for the customers on a regular -as!s) So a 8ert!s!ng here also 2la. 6here there 6ere num-er of !fferent stalls an at the en 6hen the customers are a-out to lea8e the e9h!-!t!on there are !fferent foo stalls an refreshment stalls) Amongst the 8ar!ous !fferent stalls !n the e9h!-!t!on. 6ho 8!s!t the =. l!0e for !nstance there 6as a stall of Sun feast -!scu!t at an e9h!-!t!on 6h!ch 6as -een hel on a groun .s to grathe attent!on of these customers) Man. there 6as an aggress!8e a 8ert!sement cam2a!gn that 6as -een one for the Sun feast -!scu!ts -. for an. 6here ma9!mum num-er of customers come regularl. -anners an the t!me of !n!t!al launch of the 2ro uct) >h!le a 8ert!s!ng on the !nternet there are man. an then slo6l.to attract the customerGs attent!on. !fferent 2ro ucts an !fferent 6a. 2utt!ng stalls at !fferent 2laces. theme of the a 8ert!sement also -een a 2art of the 2oster. -ran name !t !s !m2ortant to gauge an 0no6 the customerGs react!on. 6h!ch also gets h!ghl!ghte ) D!fferent -ran 2ro uct) 1or *9am2le7( >hen Sun feast -!scu!ts 6ere !n!t!all. #ahoo an angles must -e attract!8e at names. the. 6ho 6ere 0een an eager to 0no6 more a-out Sun feast -!scu!ts an some 6ere e8en 2urchas!ng the -!scu!ts) A fe6 a.s of 2romot!ng the E? .s later the same stall 6as seen at a sho22!ng mall an no6 the num-er of customers 6ere more than -efore) The reason -e!ng a 8ert!sements of Sun feast -!scu!ts -een sho6n on TK) :ater on Shah Ru0h 6as ro2e !n for the a 8ert!sement of Sun feast -!scu!ts an no6 Sun feast !s a 0no6n to a large num-er of customers) Thus !n!t!all.

) Th!s !s 6here a 8ert!s!ng an 2romot!ng a 2ro uct !n the mar0et 2la. TK. M!croMa9 has one th!s contest ur!ng cr!c0et matches) Thus customers are al6a.= an D an then SMS the r!ght ans6er on the g!8en mo-!le num-er) There are mo-!le com2a!nes 6ho ha8e con ucte these 0!n of contests.s at the en of the a. target mar0et(. 6h!ch are con ucte 6here the customer has to select the r!ght ans6er -.s a om!nant role) Me !a A 8ert!s!ng( Use of a8a!la-le me !a channels. cl!c0!ng on one of the four !fferent o2t!ons 2ro8! e to h!m !)e) A. a t!mes ur!ng mo8!es an ur!ng cr!c0et matches there are onl!ne contests.s an !m2ortant factor !n the 2rocess of 2urchas!ng the 2ro uct) Th!s ha22ens at the t!me 6hen the customer ma0es a f!nal ec!s!on) Man.oung 2eo2le of age 'F( . -ut 6hen !t comes to ec!s!on ma0!ng -. t!mes a 8ert!s!ng 2la. attent!on to the 2ro uct eta!ls) :!0e for !nstance there !s a =ontest 6h!ch !s -een con ucte 6here!n the customer 6!ll ha8e to f!ll !n the small form 6h!ch reIu!res h!s 1ull Name. each !n !8! ual customer has h!s o6n 2urchas!ng ca2ac!t.other -!g names relate to 6e-s!tes are ro2e !n an then there !s a !fferent format 6h!ch !s use to ma0e sure that the customers ma0e a note of the a 8ert!sement an 2a. mo-!le num-er. A ress an ema!l ID) Once these eta!ls are f!lle !n the customer has to ma0e sure that he has g!8en the correct ans6er to the Iuest!on an then su-m!t the form) Th!s !s 6here =. shoul focus on the me !a through 6h!ch !t reaches !ts 2r!mar. 2ress an the !nternet) In other 6or s the =a -ur. B.-ercafe customers are concerne ) Man. he -u. -ran names re(launch the!r 2ro ucts !n the mar0et e2en !ng u2on the 2re8!ous react!on rece!8e an u2on the fact that 6hat 6ere the a !t!onal features that 6ere reIu!re !n the 2ro uct -ecause of 6h!ch sales ro22e ) It !s !m2ortant that the customer 0no6s a-out !fferent -ran names !rres2ect!8e of the fact. recentl. shoul not a ress the contro8ers. mean!ng c!nema..C ho6e8er !t shoul ma0e !t clear that EE .s there. ra !o.E) Dur!ng the 2re launch cam2a!gn =a -ur. the customer 6!th res2ect to -ran names man. 6h!ch 2ro uct.

there are three a22roaches to mar0et!ng) In the un !fferent!ate strateg.etin. th!s !s the case onl. the com2et!t!on 6!ll 0ee2 the!r mouth shut an the!r 6!ll -e no 2ost launch negat!8!sm !n S!nga2ore) Th!s 6!ll -e one a month -efore the launch) Se. 6h!le others are much more concerne a-out room!ness an safet." !m2lement our segmentat!on -. some consumers eman s2ee an 2erformance.!ng to ser8e an . Segmentat!on. all consumers are treate as the same. offer h!gh EF . 6or0 6hen the 2ro uct !s a stan ar one 6here one com2et!tor reall.the 2ro uct !s not su!ta-le for age -elo6 'E an not a 8!sa-le for 2regnant 6omen) Th!s 6a. 6!th f!rms not ma0!ng an..5 an e92er!ence has emonstrate that f!rms that s2ec!al!Be !n meet!ng the nee s of one grou2 of consumers o8er another ten to -e more 2rof!ta-le) Gener!call.) In general. f!nall. for commo !t!es) In the concentrate strateg. 2art!cular grou2s) Th!s ma. &n* P!siti!nin.. South6est A!rl!nes focuses on 2r!ce sens!t!8e consumers 6ho 6!ll forego meals an ass!gne seat!ng for lo6 2r!ces) In contrast. o2t!m!B!ng our 2ro ucts/ser8!ces for that segment an commun!cat!ng that 6e ha8e ma e the cho!ce to !st!ngu!sh oursel8es that 6a. T&r.. most a!rl!nes follo6 the !fferent!ate strateg.$ent&ti!n34 It !n8ol8es f!n !ng out 6hat 0!n s of consumers 6!th !fferent nee s e9!st) In the auto mar0et.. (. !t hol s true that 4#ou can@t -e all th!ngs to all 2eo2le.. target!ng. can@t offer much that another one can@t) Usuall. an 2os!t!on!ng together com2r!se a three stage 2rocess) >e f!rst ('" eterm!ne 6h!ch 0!n s of customers e9!st. for e9am2le. then (%" select 6h!ch ones 6e are -est off tr.7 The.$ent&ti!n. one f!rm chooses to focus on one of se8eral segments that e9!st 6h!le lea8!ng other segments to com2et!tors) 1or e9am2le. s2ec!f!c efforts to sat!sf.) Se..

fam!l. cannot tell !n a 8ance 6hen the.m for mar0et!ng strateg..) Ho6e8er. ra2! l. -e!ng ser8e 6ell) Secon l. to one grou2 of consumersW 1!rms ma. !nt!matel. !t 6oul -e !ff!cult to con8!nce consumers that McDonal @s no6 offers gourmet foo ) Thus.. McD@s 6oul 2ro-a-l.34 In the ne9t ste2. not as the strateg. fr!en l. gro6!ng segment !s that !t ten s to attract com2et!t!on") Th!r l. clean restaurants) P!siti!nin. h!gh fares -ut can onl. o8er a Satur a. foo .) T&r. foo !n n!ce. alrea .34 The term 42os!t!on!ng5 !s 6! el.non. an shoul -e. an !ts mean!ng has e92an e -e.et one or more segments) Our cho!ce shoul generall. ha8e an esta-l!she re2utat!on) >h!le McDonal @s has a great re2utat!on for fast. !tself) The term 42os!t!on!ng5 !s. connecte to the conce2t of 4target mar0et)5 That !s.2r!ce t!c0ets to those 6ho are !nfle9!-le !n that the. !t m!ght 2os!t!on !tself aga!nst all mo es of trans2ortat!on -et6een t6o E< .. the terms 42os!t!on!ng5 an !nterchangea-l. e2en on se8eral factors) 1!rst. -us!ness tra8elers[2a.) Rather. an f!n !t !m2ract!cal to sta. ho6 large !s the segment. o 6e ha8e strengths as a com2an. an a!rl!ne m!ght 2os!t!on !tself aga!nst other a!rl!nes. 6e ec! e to t&r. 6ell ser8e than to one 6hose nee s are not currentl... cons!stent Iual!t. a -ran @s 2os!t!on!ng ef!nes the target au !ence) 1or e9am2le. 6h!ch ef!nes the target au !ence as a!rl!ne tra8elers) Or.s as a -roa s. other manufacturersW It 6!ll -e more !ff!cult to a22eal to a segment that !s alrea .5 shoul not -e use -e thought of as an element of strateg.etin. ho6 6ell are e9!st!ng segments ser8e -. 2os!t!on!ng shoul 4mar0et!ng strateg. use 6!th!n the mar0et!ng an a 8ert!s!ng commun!t!es to a.on the narro6 ef!n!t!ons of Trout an R!es) Pos!t!on!ng !s often use no6a a.) These tra8elers[usuall. nee to fl. -e -etter off target!ng fam!l!es !n search of cons!stent Iual!t. f!ll the 2lanes u2 2art!all. that 6!ll hel2 us a22eal 2art!cularl. an ho6 can 6e e92ect !t to gro6W (Note that a o6ns! e to a large. a com2onent of strateg..

starts 6!th 4Once u2on a t!me !n 'D?AZ5 6hen =a -ur. 6h!ch l!es !n the m!n s of the general 2u-l!c as the. 6h!ch settle !nto the hearts of e8er. !t tr!e to cater to the s6eet tooth of the ch!l ren) Those a. change -. salar. 'DD&s.@s ne6 a 8ert!sement cam2a!gn !s o!ng the roun s o8er the tele8!s!on) 4Meetha ha! 0hana.$ent&ti!n !" C&*%#r 3 R!ght no6 =a -ur. !ntegral 2art of the In !an culture) It ma e sure that the fest!8e an 3u-!lant moo s of the soc!et. 6a!t for the f!rst ate of each month on the calen ar) The monthl.one cra8es for the taste of chocolate) =a -ur. that ha 2a8e the 6a. s2en !ng !t on =a -ur.aa3 2ehl! taree0 ha!5 !s the tagl!ne that the chocolate(g!ant has come out 6!th) It tr!es to -r!ng forth the e9c!tement.@s Da!r. 6h!ch then ef!nes the target au !ence as all tra8elers -et6een those t6o mar0ets) The secon 2os!t!on!ng reaches out to a much larger target au !ence) Se. the strateg. Bourn8!lle (also the name of !ts recentl.e5) The hole(!n(one for the com2an. !n In !a has -een an e8entful one) In the earl. steere the mar0et an too0 control o8er the com2an. no6 ma e 6a. strateg!es 6ent through a cons! era-le change) It no6 catere from ch!l ren to a ults an from chocolate to m!tha!) As the tagl!ne goes 4Khane 6alon 0o 0ahne 0a -ahana chah!.est!nat!ons.@s ma3or mar0et share) Ho6e8er. stashe !n the!r han s ena-les them to cele-rate an re3o!ce -. entere the In !an mar0et) It or!g!nate from a to6n !n the Un!te K!ng om. M!l0) =a -ur.@s) EA . !ts 3ourne. 6as 6hen !t ! ent!f!e s6eets to -e a 8er.one has a ch!l !ns! e 4 an thus e8er. lett!ng out the secret that 4e8er. for a large num-er of =a -ur.one) The stor. launche h!gh(en chocolate" !n 'D&E) As the =a -ur.@s Da!r.s the.@s off!c!al 6e. for 0!los an 0!los of m!tha!.s!te suggests. M!l0 has come out 6!th such memora-le a (cam2a!gns.

M state =a -ur. M!l0 Shots((2ea(s!Be chocolates.Meetha ! to =a -ur.=rac0le. 6h!ch has -een !n In !a for more than F& .Bourn8!ta(health r!n0"Deserts. affor a-le to th!s mass!8e unta22e segment 6!th 2ro ucts such as =a -ur. from the c!t!es an to sell RsmallS 2!ece 2ro ucts at lo6 2r!ce 2o!nts.) T&r.a5 ac0no6le ge the mar0et 2otent!al for college(go!ng .@s to a. 6h!ch ha an The a 8ert!sement cam2a!gn of Am!ta-h Bachchan. sh!ft!ng !ts strateg.Per0(6afer !ngre !ent" an Ycla!rs(toffee segment") =a -ur.etin. to focus on lo6(!ncome consumers) The Br!t!sh can . -rought out the laughs an struc0 a chor 6!th the same segment of 2eo2le) :ater came the cam2a!gns of 4Pa22u 2aas ho ga. !s ma0!ng can .@s 6hat than a ha unta22e an astoun !ng 2otent!al) one for =oco(=ola) Both hel2e them cra6l the!r 6a.@s 6as no6 a esert cra8!ng as 6ell as a 2o2ular g!ft(!tem for fest!8als such as Ra0sha Ban han an D!6al!) =a -ur. or a-out four U)S) cents) These chocolates are encase !n a sugar shell to 2rotect them from the heat) M>e see0 to reach out to all of those consumers that are a6a. ch!ef e9ecut!8e To St!tBer) Z ED .. hol s . contests for cattle. !s loo0!ng to attract m!ll!ons of ne6 customers -.s through !nto hearts of the rural 2o2ulat!on of the countr.outh) The treats for 2ass!ng e9ams 6ere no6 a =a -ur. 6e 0ne6 =a -ur. sol t6o to a 2ac0age. characters for 0! s". ma0er. !nstea of a m!tha!)>!th Kuch Meetha Ho +a. resse u2 as a 8!llager. !" C&*%#r =a -ur.& 2er cent mar0ets share !n the confect!onar!es !n ustr. 2rou l. announc!ng that h!s 4 aughter(f!gure5 6on -eaut. for t6o ru2ees.ears an om!nates the chocolate mar0et. M!l0".@s also !8ers!f!e !ts range of 2ro ucts 6!th >o6!e(6!th D!sne.e. 1ru!t an Nut(8ar!at!ons of the Da!r. Da!r. an sells aroun ' m!ll!on -ars a a.

for a 2ro uct. !" C&*%#r =a -ur. mar0eters must esta-l!sh a un!Iue an !st!nct!8e !mage of that 2ro uct !n the m!n of the consumer) Th!s 6!ll !fferent!ate a com2an.) It !s strongl. In !a has un8e!le a ne6 cam2a!gn that cont!nues 6!th the -ran Gs GKucch Meetha Ho +a. Da. J Mather.. 6h!ch !s assoc!ate 6!th ha22!ness -. most 2eo2le) Bran 2os!t!on!ng !s the as2ect of the -ran act!8el.G. Og!l8. s2ec!f!call. relate to the 2erce2t!on an !mage of the 2ro uct) >hen e8!s!ng a 2os!t!on!ng strateg. 8alues an !mager. commun!cate to the target au !ence.P!siti!nin.@s 2ro uct from !ts com2et!tors) F& . !ts com2et!t!8e a 8antage. the cam2a!gn re8ol8es aroun the theme of GPa.eG 2os!t!on!ng) =reate -.

Da!r. Da!r. he 6!ll 2la. In !a :t has announce that mega star Am!ta-h Bachchan 6!ll -e the com2an.g (Rs E" !s ou-le 6ra22e for ma9!mum 2rotect!on) The chocolate !s 6ra22e !n alum!num fo!l an enclose !n a 2ol.ears) As -ran am-assa or.(coate alum!n!um fo!l. seale G 2ac0ag!ng for =a -ur. a 2r!st!ne -ar of chocolate each t!me. M!l0) The ne6 2ac0ag!ng for '. role !n -ran an 2ro uct commun!cat!on on tele8!s!on.th!ng !t can to ensure that e8er. In !a :t ) M=a -ur.s comes full of goo ness an r!ch taste)M F' . on storage con !t!ons to the e9tent 2oss!-le. ne6 G2ur!t. has launche a strengthene . !n 2r!nt an out oor me !a) =a -ur. 6e ec! e to ta0e ste2s to re uce e2en enc. manag!ng !rector. comm!tte to ensur!ng that our consumers en3o.M sa! Bharat Pur!. =a -ur. -ar of chocolate that a consumer -u.Gs ne6 -ran am-assa or) He 6!ll en orse an 2romote =a -ur. a 0e. M!l0 2ac0s 6!ll come !n 2ol. 6!ll o e8er.A$it&%) B&+)+)&n is C&*%#r %r&n* &$%&ss&*!r =a -ur. flo6 2ac0. seale on all s! es) In the secon 2hase. the larger =a -ur. 6h!ch 6!ll -e heat(seale an then 6ra22e !n the -ran e outer 2ac0age) Both these ste2s are a Gf!rst e8erG !n chocolate 2ac0ag!ng !n In !a) MO8er the last fe6 months. chocolates for a 2er!o of t6o . 6h!ch !s com2letel. 6e ha8e ha some cases of !nfestat!on ue to !m2ro2er storage con !t!ons) As a com2an.

chocolates. =rac0le. not 0no6 th!s. Mr Bachchan has a un!8ersal a22eal that e9ten s to e8er. Da!r. 3ust as our chocolates o) >e -el!e8e h!s en orsement of =a -ur. =aramello.one from F to F&. -oth share 6!th the 2eo2le across In !a. MThere !s a 2erfect f!t -et6een Am!ta-h Bachchan an =a -ur. M!l0 6!ll go a long 6a. chocolates ( the!r t!melessness. s2rea !ng ha22!ness an 3o. an Dou-le Dec0 6!ll -e com2lete !n s!9 6ee0s) F% . 1ru!t J Nut. !n Maharashtra an the nat!onal rollout 6!ll ta0e 2lace o8er the ne9t three 6ee0s) Ne6 2ac0ag!ng for the larger -ars of =a -ur. M!l0. Bourn8!lle. -ut I ha8e -een a -ran am-assa or for =a -ur. 6or0!ng to6ar s)M The ne6 '. Pur! sa! . Da!r. to6ar s our o-3ect!8e of !ncreas!ng chocolate consum2t!on among all ages of consumers)M Am!ta-h Bachchan sa! . Da!r. amongst m!ll!ons of 2eo2le !n In !a !s 6hat =a -ur. MMost of . a8a!la-le onl.ou ma. no6 !t !s off!c!al) Br!ng!ng sm!les..=omment!ng on Am!ta-h Bachchan as -ran am-assa or for =a -ur. an the lo8e an trust the. ma0es th!s an ! eal 2artnersh!2) Moreo8er. an I shall -e cont!nuousl. M!l0 2ac0ag!ng !s currentl.g (Rs E" =a -ur. for the last EE .ears) Onl.

accor !ng to to2 reta!lers) As a result. !n eman -ut also offer -!gger marg!ns as com2are 6!th the locall. com2et!tors !n the confect!onar. !n ustr.C&*%#r ’s. Nest'e '!se $&r(et s)&re t! i$5!rte* +)!+!'&tes COMPETITORS OF CADBURY There are no man.Gs an NestleGs locall. ha8e out2ace those of =a -ur. !s =om2et!ng 6!th) =a -ur. at loggerhea s 6!th the 1uture Grou2. these com2an!es 6!ll lose the!r 2r!c!ng clout) Im2orte chocolates are not onl. !s a mar0et lea er !n the !n ustr.) The other com2et!torsare small com2are to =a -ur. such as Mars an Sn!c0ers. the countr. . that =a -ur. =a -ur.Gs largest reta!ler. ma e chocolate !n mo ern reta!l outlets. an therefore the le8el of com2et!t!on !s e92ecte to-e a -!t lo6) Sales of !m2orte chocolate -ran s. !s alrea . on the eals an marg!ns !t offers) See!ng the !ncrease !n com2et!t!on. ma e -ran s to reta!lers) =a -ur. In !a !s also loo0!ng at !ntro uc!ng more so2h!st!cate forms of chocolates from !ts glo-al 2ortfol!o to -oost consum2t!on an reta!n mar0et share) F.

so 6e 6oul loo0 at 2os!t!on!ng them for e8er. =*O. manag!ng !rector.M sa! Sa ash!8 Na!0. =a -ur.) In s2!te of th!s. consum2t!on from -e!ng consume onl.& 2er cent)M Anan Kr!2alu. MSales of !m2orte chocolates has -ecome eIual !n 8alue to that of the omest!c -ran s 2ut together) >hereas the !m2orte chocolates sales are gro6!ng at '&& 2er cent. In !a. a. -as!s. 1uture Grou2) *cho!ng th!s 8!e6. 6e ha8e -een a-le to hol on to our <& 2lus 2er cent mar0et share) >e 6oul loo0 at !ntro uc!ng ne6er 2ro ucts to -oost the consum2t!on of chocolate !n In !a) =hocolates are not consume on a!l. 8!ce(2res! ent (mar0et!ng" of S2encerGs Reta!l Samar S!ngh She!0ha6at sa! . ma e(!n(In !a -ran s are gro6!ng at aroun %E to . sa! . 1oo BaBaar.In our stores. result!ng !n the!r h!gher eman . MThe com2et!t!on !n the chocolate mar0et has !ncrease s!gn!f!cantl. the sales of !m2orte chocolates are ou-le the sales of omest!c -ran s) The!r sales are gro6!ng at tr!2le !g!ts) Im2orte -ran s offer ne6er chocolate formats to consumers. on select occas!ons)M F? .

ment an lo8e as 6ell as for the 4*l er 2erson5 also 2rofess!onals) Th!s has -een ma e 2oss!-le not 3ust -.ears) X Ach!e8e the goal of -est manufactur!ng locat!on !n =a -ur. a com2letere 2os!t!on!ng strateg. =hocolates -ran has mo8e from -e!ng 2erce!8e as a =hoclates for 4.@s !n !t@s !n orse !ts strong 2otent!al to cont!nue to o 6ell) RECOMMENDATIONS34 X Ma!nta!n om!nance !n chocolate. 2ro3ect has emonstrate 4=ADBUR#@S =OMPAN# AND R*SP*=T TO ITS MARK*TING STRAT*G#5 that has 2ro8e to -e e9tens!8e through an of great -enef!t to the com2an. Sch6e22es 6orl for Da!r. confect!oner.ear) FE . en3o. M!l0 an Pcla!rs) X One ne6 ma3or 2ro uct launch e8er.C!n+'#si!n34 O8er the last . the =a -ur. gro6th r!8es) X Gro6 8olume of sales at least %&Q 2)a) o8er the ne9t . ne6 2ac0ag!ng -ut -. an mar0et lea ersh!2 !n -ro6n r!n0s) X Ne6 channels such as g!ft!ng. 6h!ch change the !mage of the -ran an the 2erce2t!on of 6ho can an shoul en3o. ch!l connect!8!t.ounger 2erson5 to cho!ce the!r =hoclates for fun. an 8alue for mone. !n further!ng !ts com2et!t!8e a 8antages) In th!s 2ro3ect !t 2oss!-le to see the success of =a -ur. .ear. !t) Th!s com2an. offer!ng to -e the 0e.

Bi%'i!.r&5) 34 1A DDD-s'i*es)&re-+!$=A DDD-+&*%#r D!r'*-+!$>A DDD-*!+st!+-+!$- FF .