ALL THE BEST ! 1ST BOOK 1ST CHAPTER AND POPULATION 1. What is population d nsit!" #1$ % 1 & 1$' (. What is th )o*+ula )o* ,*ud -i*th *at " .. What is +i/*ation" 0. What do + an -! th o*i1in/" 2. D )in Hu+an -! 3 o/*aph! -! Rat1 l. 4. What is possi-ilis+" 5. What do + an -! d +o/*aphi, ,!,l " 6. What a* th dis,iplin s in,lud d in E,ono+i, 3 o/*aph!" 7. What is a,tual /*o8th o) population" 1$. 9 ntion an! t8o nations that ta: l ss than (1 ! a*s to in,* as in dou-lin/ population. 11. Stud! /i; n th +ap and ans8 * th )ollo8in/<

11.1 Na+ th nations ha;in/ hi/h d nsit! o) population in Asia. 11.( Na+ th nations ha;in/ l ss than on p *son o) population d nsit!. 11.. 3i; app*op*iat * asons )o* th a-o; t8o =u stions.



1(. Stud! th a-o; +ap and ans8 * th )ollo8in/< #.' 1(.1 Whi,h a* nations ta: a ; *! lon/ ti+ to dou-l th i* population" Wh!" 1(.( Whi,h a* th nations ta:in/ a-out .1 to 0$ ! a*s to dou-l th i* population" What +a! th * ason )o* th +" 1.. Dis,uss th th* +aAo* s,hools o) thou/ht o) Hu+an 3 o/*aph!. 10. E%plain natu*ali1ation o) hu+ans. 12. 9 ntion an! th* app*oa,h s o) Hu+an 3 o/*aph!. 14. Wh! do p opl p* ) * to li; in , *tain * /ions B not in oth *s" E%plain 8ith %a+pl . 15. Distin/uish - t8 n push B pull )a,to*s. 16. D s,*i- th th* sta/ s o) d +o/*aphi, t*ansition. 17. E%plain th )a,to*s a)) ,tin/ population d nsit! 8ith * sp ,ti; ($. What a* th -asi, ,on, pts o) population / o/*aph!" (1. On th /i; n outlin +ap o) 8o*ld +a*: B na+ th )ollo8in/ 1ST BOOK ? POPULATION AND PRI9AR@ ECONO9IC ACTICITIES 1. What is s % *atio" What a* th * asons )o* lo8 s % *atio" (. D )in A/ in/ population" Ho8 do s it a)) ,t th /*o8th o) population" .. D )in Hu+an D ; lop+ nt" Co+pa* attain+ nts 8ith sho*t)all 8hil + asu*in/ hu+an d ; lop+ nt ind %. 0. List out th a* as asso,iat d 8ith pasto*al no+adis+" 2. W*it a not on Citi,ultu* > T*u,: Da*+in/> Ho*ti,ultu* 8ith suita-l %a+pl s. 4. What a* th )a,to*s a)) ,tin/ +inin/ a,ti;iti s" %a+pl s. #.' #.' #.' #.' #.' #.' #2' #2' #2'


5. What a* th ,ha*a,t *isti, ) atu* s o) Plantation A/*i,ultu* " 6. Distin/uish - t8 n P*i+iti; Su-sist n, a/*i,ultu* and Int nsi; Su-sist n, A/*i,ultu* . 7. What a* th +aAo* app*oa,h s to Hu+an D ; lop+ nt" 1$. D s,*i- in d tail E%t nsi; Co++ *,ial 3*ain Da*+in/ and 9i% d Da*+in/. 11. E%plain th Dai*! Da*+in/ and Coll ,ti; Da*+in/. 9ANUDACTURIN3 INDUSTRIES I W*it th ans8 * in 1 o* ( lin s. #1$ % 1 & 1$' 1. What is +anu)a,tu*in/" (. D )in 9 ,hani1ation" .. What a* th p*odu,ts o) Ani+al Bas d indust*!" 0. D )in Hi/h T ,hnolo/! Indust*!" 2. 3i; )i; %a+pl s o) ,otton t %til indust*i s. 4. 3i; %a+pl s )o* a* as 8ith hi/h ,on, nt*ation indust*i s indu, d -! hi/hl! d ; lop d t*anspo*t s!st +. 5. Wh! EN 8 Ruh*F is ,all d so" 6. Whi,h t!p o) a* a ,an - +a*: d as Hi/h T ,h indust*ial lands,ap " 7. Whi,h indust*i s us natu*al +in *als as *a8 +at *ials" 1$. Na+ th indust*i s und * )o* st -as d indust*i s" II. Ans8 * -*i )l! th )ollo8in/< #2 % ( & 1$' 11. What a* A/*o?)a,to*i s" 1(. What a* Doot?Loos indust*i s" 1.. Ho8 to * ,o/ni1 t*aditional la*/ s,al indust*ial * /ion" 10. 9 ntion th ,ha*a,t *isti,s o) +od *n +anu)a,tu*in/" 12. Ho8 is i*on %t*a,t d )*o+ i*on o* " TERTIARY ACTIVITIES AND TRADE TRANSPORT I. W*it th ans8 * in 1 o* ( lin s. #1$ % 1& 1$' 1. What a* t*adin/ , nt *s" 3i; %a+pl (. What is + ant -! non?)o*+al s ,to* o) s *;i, " 3i; t8o %a+pl s. .. What is )* t*ad " 0. Na+ th +aAo* * /ional t*ad -lo,s 8ith )ull )o*+ o) th i* * sp ,ti; na+ s. 2. What is ;olu+ o) t*ad " 4. What is W.T.O." 5. Ho8 is int *national t*ad * sponsi-l )o* n;i*on+ ntal d t *io*ation" 6. W*it a -*i ) not on )a,to*s a)) ,tin/ tou*is+. 7. What a* =uina*! a,ti;iti s" 3i; %a+pl . 1$. Distin/uish - t8 n outsou*,in/ and ho+ sho*in/. II. Ans8 * -*i )l! th )ollo8in/< #2 % ( & 1$' 11. W*it a not on t*anspo*t distan, . 1(. E%plain -*i )l! on nt* p* n u*. 3i; %a+pl . 1.. What is an inland po*t" 3i; %a+pl . 10. Ho8 population a)) ,ts th int *national t*ad " 12. 9 ntion th t!p s o) t*ad SOME HOTS QUESTIONS AND NOTES FOLLOW:


ts d . .ti. #.ts )o* th lat st ! a*.a* )ull! B ans8 * th )ollo8in/. n data .t8 n 9an/alo* B D lhi. ii.tu* d /oods and p t*ol u+ p*odu. Dind th p*opo*tionat *atio )o*th* +anu)a.lo8 < i.h ai* po*t has th +a%i+u+ ai* t*a))i.* asin/" iii. Na+ th sho*t st *out . A)t * attainin/ a p a: 1777?($$$> 8h! has th %po*t o) +anu)a.ultu*al B alli d p*odu. iii. th int *national ai*po*ts o) India. Wh! is th %po*t o)a/*i.linin/ . D*o+ th /i.' RUPA DAS> DPS ? RKP> 3EO3RAPH@.' (.ontinuousl! a)t * 1775?76" ii. #. 1. D*o+ th a-o.tu*in/ /oods sta*t d ds . +ap> )ind i.Th )ollo8in/ =u stions a* -as d on th * sp . Whi. 8ith )o* i/n nations. +aps and data in th ta-l G stud! th +ap o* ta-l .

K.ts 1.S.* o) +illion . (.* o) +illion . .$6 0.ount*i s sho8 an in.i What do s th ta-l * p* s nt" .6.a A)*i.ultu* B alli d p*odu.$ 47 .in/ th l ast nu+.(7 Oth * .. B l/iu+ 0.6 (. Co7nt"i+s 2((('($ 2((-'() 1 U. +o* d .ontin nt has th +a%i+u+ nu+. .( 14 6 .i.E..8 )&.5 0 3 *+an! .$1 $.i33ion Citi+s Contin+nt Eu*op Asia No*th B C nt*al A+ *i.ii What )o* should 8 .70 1.51 52.(5 1.5 (..2 (.0 4.4 15 6 ( $82 ...27 (.2 $%&(s .( 1. Stud! th /i..iti s" RUPA DAS> DPS ? RKP> 3EO3RAPH@..iti s in ($$$" 0.. ..a South A+ *i. $%%%'2((( 2((('($ A/*i. ( .(( 1.$ Whi.2.4( 9anu)a.0 11 9ala!sia 1.h a* . 55.22 O* B 9in *als .5 tota3 )..A.ontin nt ha.5 4 S8it1 *land .( Do s th .6 .7 1.tu* d 3oods 2((( 26 ($4 57 0.*ud p*odu. 1.iti s.0 What do !ou in) * -! th in.7. )..ts 16. No.$ 1$..ulat th Ha/ o) sha* o) total t*ad " . Wh! Aust*alia is ha.A.ount*i s sho8 a d ..6 .40 2((-'() 11.4 ..6 6 U.iii Whi.74 2. $%<( (. 0.7 P t*ol u+ B .a/o" T"adin0 Pa"tn+"s 1a0+ s2a"+ tota3 t"ad+ 4E!po"t5Impo"t6 S3. 2 U. 5 Hon/ Kon/ .2 . 2.* asin/ sha* in th lat st ! a*" Wh!" 0.7 .al..5 .) .0 1$ Sin/apo* (.a Aust*alia Wo*ld Total Ea"3. n ta-l and ans8 * th )ollo8in/< India s . lop d o* d .( 7 China (.* asin/ sha* in lat st ! a*" Wh!" .7. 6$..2 2 Iapan .h a* th . Composition of India s E!po"t# $%%&'2(() ' Ha/ o) sha* in %po*ts *ommoditi+s $%%&'%.5 .h .. 12.& . lopin/ nation" 0..$.Contin+nt'9is+ Dist"i:7tion of ...o++oditi s 1. 04 4 )-.* o) +illion . Whi.* as in th nu+.

ha. lop d .ount*i s.$ 14..A.6 14.A.h .o8 Bu nos Ai* s Dha:a Rio d Ian *io B Ain/ London T h*an Istan-ul La/os Sh n1h n Count*! Iapan 9 %i. Iapan Indon sia India E/!pt Philippin s Pa:istan Russia A*/ ntina Ban/lad sh B*a1il China 3* at B*itain I*an Tu*: ! Ni/ *ia China Population #in +illions' .iti s" 2.iti s" RUPA DAS> DPS ? RKP> 3EO3RAPH@. Sl.1 1$...4 12..hi 9os.anta/ s o) + /a .0 What a* th ad. No.ono+i.+0a Citi+s of t2+ =o"3d Na+ o) th .ti.6 1. D . 2.* o) + /a .$ 11.ount*i s ha.7 ($.iti s than d . 0 2 4 5 6 7 1$ 11 1( 1.7 17. (1.5 12. . 10 12 14 15 16 17 ($ (1 (( (. 1 ( . 1(. 1.2.4 Wh! p*o-l +s * lat d to so.( 17.iti s" 2. (0 (2 .S.( 16.( ((.2 1.5 16. * asons.$ 10.iti s" Ho8 +an!" Wh!" 9 ntion th population o) th s .7 11.$ Whi.o .iou* a* . B*a1il India India China U.o South Ko* a U.1 1(.2 11..o++on in + /a .( What a* th +aAo* .5 <. d -! th p opl o) + /a . lopin/ . an! . a.. +o* + /a .iti s.( 1(. *! .it! To:!o 9 %i.6 ((.iti s" Wh!"! S oul N 8 !o*: Sao Paulo 9u+-ai D lhi Shan/hai Los An/ l s Osa:a Ia:a*ta Kol:ota Cai*o 9anila Ka*a.ount*! has +a%i+u+ nu+.iti s o) + /a .ial .4 12. What is th * ason" 3i. 2.2 What a* di)) * nt :inds o) p*o-l +s )a.0.

onn . KLAND TRANSPORT< 9ost o) th +o.t8 n Sto. s.l s to . Th ! a* .onst*u.ou. LIn C2ina# 2i029a.. s and )o* doo*?to? doo* s *. *!. LT2+ T"ans'Contin+nta3 St7a"t Hi029a. lin:s Can.ODES OA TRANSPORTATION Th p* and +aint nan.ts Ca*anasi 8ith Kan!a:u+a*i> is th lon/ st in th .ia T nnant C* : and Ali. lop d and d . *ail8a! lin 8as op n d I 16(2 .ilitat unint **upt d t*a))i.onn .o+ un+oto*a-l . hi.ipal +od s o) t*anspo*tation a* land> 8at *> ai* B pip lin . hi. ? s *.i.ts Da*8in and 9 l-ou*n .t d in an uno-st*u.os*o9'V3adiFostoG Hi029a. and s *. KTh * . s.ount*i s . CT2+ 2i02+st "oad d+nsit. C. No. LIn R7ssia# .a**! p opl B /oods> B th o*/ani1ation to +aintain a*t *i s> B to handl loadin/> unloadin/ B d li.. s th * /ions to th ast. C?nm+ta33+d RoadB si+pl in . Th si/ni)! in N 8)oundland and th Alas:an Hi/h8a! lin:s Ed+onton #Canada' to An.s M. ROADSB It is th .l s a* * /ist * d in W st *n Eu*op . JT*anspo*tation is an o*/ani1 d s *.tion> a* not )) . HIGH=AYS< Th ! a* + tall d *oads .* at d to satis)! th -asi. .* o) . RUPA DAS> DPS ? RKP> 3EO3RAPH@.A.+ta33+d RoadB th ! a* =ualit! *oads suita-l in all s asons.> Canada.ilit! )o* th .?NICATION @T*anspo*t is a s *. + nt. Th )i*st pu-li. TRANSPORT AND CO.ula* +o.olution in t*anspo*t .aila-l .onst*u.t d .S. a-l )o* all s *. n. n ds o) so.i.& M . hi.h ap * B )ast * o.a**ia/ o) p *sons B /oods )*o+ on pla.ts th South A+ *i. to th oth * usin/ hu+an> ani+als B di)) * nt :inds o) C hi. s. * in B*itish Colo+-ia to St. Th ! +ainl! d p nd on d .i t!.! %p nditu* . *s and dual .ount*!. Th ! a* 6$+ 8id 8ith s pa*at t*a))i. indust*! . IohnFs .ti. o* )a. D In No"t2 Am+"i*a# ' t2+ T"ans'Canadian Hi029a.a**ia/ 8a!s to )a. s to t*anspo*t d> .i.i. + nt o) /oods and s *.l s.a> C nt*al A+ *i. o) a +od d p nds on th t!p o) /oods and s *. LT2+ Nationa3 Hi029a. * =ui* h a. . E .t.osts o) t*anspo*t and th +od a. A n 8 hi/h8a! lin:s Ch n/du 8ith Lhasa in Ti. Du*in/ *ain! s ason th s .lud s t*anspo*t a*t *i s> ..aus o) *oad . Sp*in/s in Aust*alia. It in. lan s> -*id/ s> )l!o.i.>OOK I CHAPTER . )lo8. M .tin/ distant pla. * land. s ta: s pla.onn .onn . o.ho*a/ #Alas:a' L T2+ Pan Am+"i*an Hi029a.a+ a-out a)t * 16th . B th hi/h st nu+.:ton and Da*lin/ton in th No*th *n En/land. * sho*t distan.i.onn .ts Tsun/tso> Shan/hai> 3uan/1hou and B Ain/.a B U.onst*u. lopin/ .

*! popula* in U.oastG iii.a**! +illions o) pass n/ *s dail! to B )*o in th .ount*!Fs t*anspo*t M d ns n t8o*: 8 st o) U*als.> Iapan> B d at a h i/ht o) .  Af"i*a ?0$>$$$:+ o) *ail8a!s M Th i+po*tant *out s a* < i. Th Blu T*ain )*o+ Cap to8n to P* to*ia in th R pu-li. o) South A)*i. is und *8a! to . s. T"ans'Si:+"ian Rai39a.onn .  E7"op+ ha th d ns *ail n t8o*: M 0> 0$>$$$:+. su.A. Th * a* a-out 1.: d stat s i.o++ut * t*ains a* i+po*tant. Aoins Al/i *s in th no*th to Cona:*! in 3uin a B )*o+ Cai*o to Cap To8n.ts London to Pa*is.A. Th i+po*tant *ail h ads a* London> Pa*is> B*uss ls> 9ilan> B *lin B Wa*sa8.S.  So7t2 Am+"i*a M d ns )*o+ Pa+pas o) A*/ ntina B .  R7ssia E 7$ H o) th .o)) * /ion o) B*a1il M t*ans?.illa/ s and +ilita*! . Tan1ania Rail8a! )*o+ th Na+-ian Copp * B lt to Da*? s? Salaa+ on th . Hi/hl! indust*iali1 d B u*-ani1 d * /ion o) East C nt*al U.> U.ontin ntal *ail8a!s . th B n/u la Rail8a! th*ou/h An/ola to Katan/a? Na+-ia Copp * B ltG ii.  Comm7t+" t"ains a* . Chann l tunn l -! Eu*o Tunn l 3*oup .t th )ou* + t*opolitan . >ORDER ROADSB Roads laid alon/ int *national -ounda*i s a* .a+ps. RAIL=AYSB Th ! a* +od land t*anspo*t )o* lon/ -ul:! /oods and pass n/ *s o. Th 8 st? ast Aust*alian National Rail8a! lin *uns )*o+ P *th to S!dn !.K.S.all d -o*d * *oads. Pass n/ * t*anspo*t is +o* than )* i/ht. B politi. Rail8a! th*ou/h Bots8ana B Ni+-a-8 lin:in/ th land lo.ono+i.>7$$+.h *oads to t*anspo*t /oods to -o*d * . D* i/ht in.hin *! than pass n/ *s.oal tonna/ .  Canada M t*ans.osto: # ast'.*oss th And s 9ountains th*ou/h th Uspallatta Pass lo.o8 is th *ail h ad M und */*ound *ail8a!s B . 9os.  Asia M d ns in China> Iapan B India. .  No"t2 Am+"i*a M 0$H o) th 8o*ldFs total.:+ o) *ail8a!s op n th*ou/hout th 8o*!. * lon/ distan.ount*i s ha. Th ! 8 * .P t *s-u*/ #8 st' to Cladi.a. All .iti s M N 8 D lhi> 9u+-ai> Ban/alo* > Ch nnai> Kol:ota B H!d *a-ad. B Canada. Th ! . E+aAo* *ail *out o) Russia *uns )*o+ St.ontin ntal *ail *out lin:in/ Bu nos Ai* s 8ith Calpa*aiso a.t d )o* . TRANS'CONTINENTAL RAIL=AYB *un a.a**! th -ul: o) 8h at B . LIn Af"i*a Hi029a.onn .lud o* s> /*ains> ti+.  A7st"a3ia M 0$>$$$:+ o) *ail8a!s> ?(2H in N 8 South Wal s.. It pass s th*ou/h 9os.*oss th .osi-i*s:> I*:uts:> Chita B RUPA DAS> DPS ? RKP> * asons.o8> U)a> No.* B +a.LT2+ Go3d+n H7ad"i3at+"a3 o" S7p+" E!p"+ss9a.ontin nt B lin: its t8o nds.onst*u.

ou. A7st"a3ian T"ans'Contin+nta3 Rai39a.i)i. It is th lon/ st dou-l t*a.oast passin/ th*ou/h Cl .: d B l . Coast to San D*an. land> Chi.o on th Pa. #Const*u.t d in 1664' T2+ ?nion I Pa*ifi* Rai39a.ts N 8 @o*: on th . E *uns 8 st? ast a. RUPA DAS> DPS ? RKP> 3EO3RAPH@.Kha-a*o.(:+s.' .ans> O/d n B Sa.ontin ntal Rail8a! in th 8o*ld 8ith 7..*oss th south *n pa*t M )*o+ P *th #8 st' to S!dn ! # ast' th*ou/h Kal/oo*li > B*o: n Hill B Po*t Au/usta.t*i)i d T*ans?. T"ans'Canadian Rai39a.s:.s'&(<(:+ lon/ )*o+ Hali)a% to Can.onn . .*a+ nto. * passin/ th*ou/h 9ont*Oal> Otta8a> Winnip /> Cal/a*!.a/o> O+aha> E.

i/ation aids.A.ts W st *n Eu*op B No*th A+ *i.on. d .*s )o* p *isha-l /oods> tan: *s B sp .att * d Pa. Th d . . O.> U. 3old> dia+ond> .onn .o)) B )*uits.a*/o ships a* =uipp d 8ith *ada*> 8i* l ss B oth * na.a*/o t*anspo*t. lop+ nt o) * )*i/ *at d .o B Los An/ l s on th A+ *i. T2+ No"t2+"n At3anti* S+a Ro7t+' lin:s No*th ast *n U. 9uni.*oss th Atlanti.h> Ci nna> Budap st B B l/*ad .oastlin s> /.oast o) No*th A+ *i.ono+i s o) Aust*alia B N 8 N aland. sto.ial a/* .> Eu*op an * /ion 8ith W st A)*i. T2+ No"t2 Am+"i*an S+a Ro7t+B lin:s th 8 st .on> oats> 8in > )*uits> B +a.T2+ O"i+nt E!p"+ss E *uns )*o+ Pa*is to Istan-ul th*ou/h St*as-ou*/. Th . 9od *n pass n/ * lin *s 7ships' B .> China B India RUPA DAS> DPS ? RKP> sid B @o:aha+a> Ko.all d th Bi/ T*un: Rout .Wn. ni nt +od o) t*anspo*tation 8ith lon/ . Eu*op .ount*i s 8ith B*a1il> A*/ ntina and U*u/ua! in South A+ *i.h s > -a.ts th hi/hl! indust*iali1 d Wn.iali1 d ships has also i+p*o.a 8ith Asia.a> South A)*i. T2+ So7t2 Pa*ifi* Ro7t+B .opp *> tin> /*oundnut> oil pal+> .ha+.o++ *. Coasta3 S2ippin0B is a . T2+ Cap+ of Good Hop+ S+a Ro7t+ E a.> Shan/hai> Hon/ Kon/> 9anila B Sin/apo* on th Asian Sid . *sa-l in all di* .ts W st Eu*op an B W st A)*i.i)i.+dit+""an+an'Indian O*+an Ro7t+ E . *> S attl > Po*tland> San D*an.A.hi ) %po*ts on this *ail *out a* .S.onn .is.> and N. =ATER TRANSPORT O*+an Ro7t+sB th o.osts. Po*t Said> Ad n> 9u+-ai> Colo+-o B Sin/apo* a* th i+po*tant po*ts. .ultu* B li.ia th Pana+a Canal.hin *!.S.tions 8ith no +aint nan.ou. ans o)) * a s+ooth hi/h8a! t*a. Can. islands .onn .a> South? ast Asia B . .: .a 8ith Aust*alia> N 8 N aland B th s.a. an .

A *ail8a! )ollo8s Su 1> B )*o+ Is+alalia th * is a -*an. . RUPA DAS> DPS ? RKP> 3EO3RAPH@.t8 n Po*t Said in th No*th and Po*t Su 1 in th South lin:in/ th 9 dit **an an S a and th * d S a. l .:s a-out 14$:+ B 11 to 12+ d p. It is a s a l .h lin to Cai*o.t d in 1647 in E/!pt .onst*u.S2ippin0 Cana3s B  T2+ S7+J Cana3# 8as .anal 8ithout lo.

i/a-l )o*5$$:+ )*o+ Rott *da+> at its +outh in th N th *lands to Bas l in S8it1 *land.hann l> .i)i.ts Atlanti. ss ls . INLAND =ATER=AYSB Th d .: s!st + B ships . > B l/iu+ B th N th *lands 8ith th No*th Atlanti. an in th 8 st.)o* nt *in/ th 3ul) o) Pana+a. ls th*ou/h th s lo. O.*oss th di)) * nt l . It . O. Duss ldu*) is th Rhin po*t . an in th ast to th Pa. RUPA DAS> DPS ? RKP> 3EO3RAPH@.hnolo/! in us . T2+ R2in+ =at+"9a. *n+ nt 8hi.h up to Colo/n .onn .*oss th Pana+a Isth+us . Const*u.S.B is * a. .t8 n Pana+a Cit! B Colon B! th U.onn .h pu*.has d 6 :+ o) a* a . S a Rout . O.i/a-ilit! 8idth Bd pth o) th . It has 4 lo.ontinuit! in th 8at * )lo8> B t*anspo*t t .t d a. T2+ Panama Cana3B . an /oin/ .:s . lop+ nt o) inland 8at *8a!s is d p nd nt on th na.ts th indust*ial a* as o) S8it1 *land> 3 *+an!> D*an. It is 5(:+ lon/ B 1(:+ d p. /o.

tu*in/ o) ai* .+o.onn .. *! .A.a/o a* th nodal points 8h * ai* *out s . La9"+n*+ S+a9a.onn . T2+ Vo30a =at+"9a.B $$#2((Gm B d*ains into th Caspian S a. *> alon/ 8ith 3* at La: s> )o*+s a uni=u .: Do* st B )lo8s ast8a*ds th*ou/h +an! . Th stua*! o) St.  Toda! +o* than (2$ .h ina.n .t d  Th +anu)a.hin *!.< Th 3* at La: s o) No*th A+ *i.ial ai*lin s o)) * * /ula* ai* s *. AIR TRANSPORTB  th )ast st + ans o) t*anspo*tation> -ut .o8 .ount*i s.B *is s in th Bla.ontin nts.ississippi =at+" .onn .ostl!. 8ith 3ul) o) 9 %i.i/a-l up to Tau*na S .tu* li: han/a*s> landin/> )u lin/ B +aint nan.  To * a.o++ *. It is na.ts it 8ith th 9os. ssi-l a* as. Th Col/a? /o th*ou/h up to 9inn apolis.on.a*/o . Ri. l  Calua-l .o++ *.a Sup *io*> Hu*on> E*i BOnta*io a* .*a)ts B th i* op *ation * =ui* la-o*at in)*ast*u.*> B +a.T2+ Dan7:+ =at+"9a.ial 8at *8a! in th no*th *n No*th A+ *i. t*a. */ o* *adiat to all .: S a.  9ountainous sno8 )i lds o* inhospita-l d s *t t **ains ha.i.o8> Ka*a.La8* n. La*/ st* a+ *s .t d -! Soo Canal B W lland Canal to )o*+ an inland 8at *8a!.  It is p* ) ** d -! pass n/ *s )o* lon/?distan. RUPA DAS> DPS ? RKP> 3EO3RAPH@.S.sB .o> Los An/ l s B Chi.onn . .ts th int *io* pa*t o) U.anal . *in. .hi ) %po*t it +s a* 8h at> +ai1 > ti+. T2+ G"+at LaG+s E St. T2+ .o8 * /ion and Th Col/a?Don Canal 8ith th Bla. s to di)) * nt pa*ts o) th 8o*ld. d. Int+"'Contin+nta3 Ai" Ro7t+sB N 8 @o*:> London> Pa*is> A+st *da+> D*an:)u*t> Ro+ > 9os.hi> N 8 D lhi> 9u+-ai> Ban/:o:> Sin/apo* > To:!o> San D*an.o in th south. Th .a.

t*oni. *i)i. .o+put * n t8o*:s 8ithout ph!si. lopin/*i s.ount*i s> th us o) .A.ti. C.o++uni. is th 8o*ld o) l .ation.8ith li+it d onsit . D )in th t *+s pal:i> doli> and Kaha*s.h as 8at *> p t*ol u+ B natu*al /as )o* an unint **upt d )lo8. In d .?NICATIONSB T2+ t l phon is th . It is n.atin/ o* a.o++uni. ssin/ in)o*+ation o.t*oni.  In ?. *P It is * ) ** d to as th Int *n t R+Fi+9 H7+stionsB 1. di/ital 8o*ld )o* . What is a T*anspo*t N t8o*:. What is T*ad " .ial sat llit s a* su.o+pass d -! th int *n t su. Na+ th p*in. RUPA DAS> DPS ? RKP> 3EO3RAPH@.t*oni.ipal +od s o) t*anspo*tation" 0. ll phon s> +ad possi-l -! sat llit s> is i+po*tant )o* *u*al . #1' #1' #1' #1' . CO." (.onn .t .a**i s p t*ol u+ )*o+ th oil 8 lls o) th 3ul) o) 9 %i.:+" Spa*+ EInt+"n+tB C!.o+put *i1 d!.o*n *s o) th /lo. ss)ull! d plo! d in th a*thFs o*-it to ..o to th No*th? ast *n Stat s. Sat+33it+ Comm7ni*ationsB int+"n+t is th la*/ st l .  In N+9 K+a3and> +il: is suppli d th*ou/h pip lin s )*o+ )a*+s to )a.o++onl! us d +od o) . i.S. It is th l . + nt o) th s nd * and th * .. n th * +ot .onn . l! to t*anspo*t li=uids B /as s su.#888'. . >i0 In*2 is th )a+ous pip lin > . n t8o* +o.PIPELINESB  ?s+d %t nsi..* spa. A*ti)i. * .h as th Wo*ld Wid W .

6> .n und */oin/ a . an *out .' #.: ani+als" 3i. Th No*th *n Atlanti." #1' 7.' #..anta/ s o) Land T*anspo*t" ($.ant /*o8th in th %po*t. #." #1' 1. s> t a> puls s> t.o+position o) . What is an ORIENT EQPRESS" (1. Th 9 dit **an an?India O. 3i. nt d . S a8a!.n * /ist * d in )lo*i. Wh n and 8h * 8as th )i*st pu-li. RUPA DAS> DPS ? RKP> 3EO3RAPH@. C2an0in0 Patt+"n of t2+ Composition of India s E!po"ts • • • • • In th a/*i. 9 ntion an! on sp . What do !ou + an -! hi/h points and lo8 points" #1' 1(. T %til s . #1' 14.. In. (2. %a+pl . What a* Hi/h8a!s..o)) > spi. .h is th lon/ st hi/h8a!" #1' 10.** d . " #1' 15.1(> 10$ +illion 8hi.2. W*it sho*t not on Pana+a Canal 8ith suita-l dia/*a+ (0. E%plain th Su 1 Canal 8ith h lp o) Dia/*a+ (. What a* pa. En/in *in/ /oods ha. *ail8a! op n d" #1' 4.h as . What a* -o*d * *oads" #1' 12.han/ o.. E%plain -*i )l! on th Sat llit Co++uni.ial .in/ th hi/h st *oad d nsit!" Ho8 +u.* as has .ts> th * is a /* at d . * th ! a*s. %a+pl . Whi. (.lin d.ultu*al p*odu.5> 1. S a Rout .ts and su/a*> t.$ +illion in ($$0 M $2. lop+ nts in land t*anspo*tation" #1' 5. Classi)! th *ail8a! /au/ s. Whi.ation. #1' 6. Th Cap o) 3ood Hop S a Rout ((.lin in th %po*ts o) t*aditional it +s su.o++oditi s in IndiaFs int *national t*ad has .. What a* th * .ts> )* sh )*uits> +a*in p*odu.. What a* th ad. What a* pa.h nation is ha.n )it o) *oad8a!.h *os to Rs. What is a .: ani+als" 3i. La8* n.' #2' #2' #2' #2' LPART II CHAPTER $$ INTERNATIONAL TRADE OA INDIA • IndiaFs %t *nal t*ad in 172$?21 8as Rs. %a+pl . W*it sho*t not on < 1.h"#1' 11.' #. Th . si/ni)i. What do !ou + an -! *oad d nsit!" #1' 1$.ultu*al p*odu. 17. What is ODC" #1' 16. W*it sho*t not on Rhin Wat *8a!s> Th 3* at La: s M St.!.

al +a.> China> Sin/apo* and 9ala!sia.tu* s o) + tals and +a.K.ount*! -! th B* +a*: ts to * /ional +a*: ts> * /ional +a*: ts to national +a*: ts B national +a*: ts to int *national +a*: ts.ount*i s th U.o+in/ o) th Eu*op an t*ad *s .A.S.t*oni.hin *!> t*anspo*ts =uip+ nts> +anu)a. o) po*ts as /at 8a!s o) int *national t*ad .ious ston s> /old and sli. • Non? l . RTh %t nsion o) *ail8a!s to8a*ds th int *io* )a. RUPA DAS> DPS ? RKP> 3EO3RAPH@.*aps> non?) **ous> l .lud and s +i p* .E.hin *! and =uip+ nts 8 * i+po*ts. /oods> t.apital /oods.ilitat d th lin:in/ o) th lo.a+ i+po*tant a)t * th . ROth * ..C2an0in0 Patt+"n of t2+ Composition of India s Impo"ts Du*in/ 172$s and174$s )ood /*ain> . .s of Int+"nationa3 T"ad+ MTh + */ n.hin tools 8 * th +ain it +s o) . • S+a Po"ts as Gat+9a. *> + talli) **ous o* s and + tal s.t*i.apital /oods> +a..A is IndiaFs la*/ st t*adin/ pa*tn *. • Oth *s +aAo* it +s o) IndiaFs i+po*ts in. Di"+*tion of T"ad+ Di"+*tion of India s Impo"ts T"ad+ MTh U.oloni1ation o) th .> B l/iu+> 3 *+an!> Iapan> S8it1 *land> Hon/ Kon/> th U.

a Sh . t %til s 3 n *al /oods B .oast 9aha*asht*a 9. pa*ts o) RaAasthan.So+ o) th Indian s a po*ts alon/ 8ith th i* hint *lands a* as )ollo8s< S3. 1. o) Nua*i stua*! I*on o* o) Kud* +u:h Ka*nata:a> 3oa> South *n 9aha*asht*a.a*/o Sp+*ia3 A+at7"+s O))sho* t *+inal at Cadina* ? * du.hh Goods 2and3+d P t*ol u+ B P t*ol u+ p*odu.P. Ia8aha*lal N h*u Nha.otton B s!nth ti. RUPA DAS> DPS ? RKP> 3EO3RAPH@.> 9aha*asht*a> 3uAa*at> U. p* ssu* Natu*al ha*-o* -i// st po*t Contain * po*t M sat llit po*t to * li .ts> . .ts B ) *tili1 * P t*ol u+ B P t*ol u+ p*odu. .a ? 9u+-ai 0 9a*+a/ao At th nt*an.P. Po"ts No. Kandla Lo*ation 3ul) o) Ku.h. p* ssu* Natu*al ha*-o* Hint+"3and 3uAa*at ( 9u+-ai Kon:an .

a*/o?i*on o* .ts> *u-.on.oast o) Andh*a P*ad sh 1$ Cisha:apat na+ I*on o* > p t*ol u+ B / n *al .ut th*ou/h solid *o.P.on/ stion Biha*> at Kol:ata Iha*:hand> po*t Assa+ 7 Pa*ad8 p 9ahanadi D lta 1$$:+s )*o+ Cutta.> I*on o* > +an/an s Ka*nata:a 6 Haldia 1$2 :+s do8nst* a+ )*o+ Kol:ata Su n o) K *ala> Sn. A*a-ian s a Ka*nata:a> M natu*al S.ts D p st ha*-o*? handl la*/ .B.hann l .a*/o 11 Ch nnai South? ast *n Co*o+andal .oal> p t*ol u+ B p t*ol u+ p*odu.2 N 8 9an/alo* Kana*a .ts B ) *tili1 *s> Aut B Aut p*odu.ts> di-l oil> p t*ol u+ p*odu.oast> Ka*nata:a 4 Ko.o)) > t a >8ood pulp> !a*n> /*anit ston > +olass s P t*ol u+ p*odu. > )ish p*odu. *in U.> Si::i+> N.ts> .ts> di-l oil> .a*/o> )ish p*odu. ss ls Land lo.: Co*o+andal .h **! RUPA DAS> DPS ? RKP> 3EO3RAPH@. s Kol:ata> th O*issa> .: d ha*-o*? .En> Stat s> N pal >Bhutan R du. * 5 Kol:ata E%po*ts?i*on?o* i*on? .t d to th s a -! a .otton !a*n t..hi H ad o) C +-anad La: H ad o) Hoo/l! *i.: B sand A*ti)i.ts> i*on B st l> Aut > t a> +an/an s *i.otton B .> Biha*> po*t Iha*:hand> W.ts Bul: .onn .Wn> Ta+il ha*-o* Nadu Ri. nt*at s> ) *tili1 s> p t*ol u+ p*odu.*> spi. .ial ha*-o* -uilt in 1627? shallo8 8at * n a* O*issa> Chhattis/a*h> Iha*:hand Andh*a P*ad sh Ta+il Nadu B Pondi. s> tinn d )ish P t*ol u+ p*odu.oast in Ta+il Nadu 3 n *al .

Tuti.han/in/ patt *n o) th int *national t*ad o) India"#2' 1$.1( Enno* (2:+s no*th o) Ch nnai South *n +ost in th south ast o) Ta+il Nadu 3 n *al . M=at+" Po337tion N Indis.s o) IndiaFs )o* i/n t*ad " #.tion o) t*ad " #1' 5.' 6.' 7.h +i. #.o*in th . .i*on+ ntal pollution * sults )*o+ Eth * l as o) su-stan. th p* ssu* o) Ch nnai po*t Ch nnai Ta+il Nadu R+Fi+9 H7+stionsB 1.. Wh! do s India i+po*t di-l oil B puls s in spit o) .als B p t*ol u+ p*odu.* asin/ population and indust*ial %pansion l ad d /*adation o) th =ualit! o) 8at *.alu o) t*ad " #1' 4. What a* th +ain .' PART II CHAPTER $2 GEOGRAPHICAL PERSPECTIVE ON SELECTED ISS?ES AND PRO>LE.oal salt> )ood /*ains> di-l oils> su/a*> . S a po*ts a* 3at 8a!s o) Int *national T*ad .ultu*all! *i. What is Int *national T*ad " #1' 1.t *isti.lassi)i d into< Rai* pollution> R8at * pollution> Rland pollution and nois pollution.ts o) hu+an a.a*/o> .ha* .h . s and n */! )*o+ 8ast p*odu.iti an a/*i. What is + ant -! di* .ti. What is a ha*-ou*" #1' .oast To * li . What is th . E%plain th .olu+ o) t*ad " #1' 2.ount*!" #.ts 1. T Pollution . RUPA DAS> DPS ? RKP> 3EO3RAPH@. th p* ssu* at Ch nnai po*t To * li . What is a s a po*t" #1' (. Co++ nt. What do + an -! total .*i+inat us o) 8at * -! in.S EnFi"onm+nta3 Po337tion T En.. What is a hint *land" #1' 0.

ondition )oul ai*. T 9aAo* 8at * pollution indust*i s a* l ath *> pulp and pap *> t %til s and .iti s su.o++ *. TD st*o! th -io?s!st + o) th s 8at *.ulato*! s!st +s. is th nois p* s a* us d.T Hu+an . T Th l .*a)t> t*ain and th .ultu* ino*/ani.a*i t! o) old and us d a*ti. and a* dispos d o) )*o+ t8o sou*. indust*ial 8ast s 8at *> poisonous /as s> .l . du+p d at di)) * nt pla. l %p* ss d in t *+s o) d . 8at *s.all d as u*-an s+o/ is .ont nt o) su*)a.iti s.ultu*al and .onst*u.ons =u nt poo* sanita*! . s. N Indust*i s p*odu.< stain d s+all pi .ial sta-lish+ nts.onta+inat s li: dust> )u+ s> /as> )o/> odou*> s+o: o* .aus its int nsit! and natu* d p nd upon su. sta-lish+ nts> and Rindust*ial o* .> ..on/ stion> inad =uat )a.o++onl! .id s and h *-i.aus d -! nois )*o+ di)) * nt sou*. T Co+-ustion o) )ossil )u ls> +inin/ and indust*i s a* th +ain sou*. s o) nois pollution a* .h )a.ontain *s> pol!th n -a/s> ash s> )loppi s> CDs> t. .aus s .h +i. a* dispos d o)) in *unnin/ 8at * o* la: s. T Th ! in)ilt*at th soil to * a. s o) ai* pollution. Nois+ Po337tion T Nois pollution * ) *s to th stat o) un.a*a-l and un. * .h as pil/*i+a/ > * li/ious )ai*s> tou*is+> t. hi.l s> . RUPA DAS> DPS ? RKP> 3EO3RAPH@. TTh dis as s .a*-on dio%id > . * .onta+inat d 8at * a* dia**h a> int stinal 8o*+s> h patitis> t..iliti s to suppo*t th )ast /*o8in/ population and .ti.apou* to th ai*.i.ultu*al a.iat d 8ith .h is . s o) + tals> -*o: n /lass8a* s> plasti..aus d -! at+osph *i. T Th s s+o: > t.*o8din/> . T D *tili1 * indu. .to*i s> + . l o) st ad! nois is + asu* d -! sound l .in/s 8hi.h +i..i*.stos.als> p*o/a*++ s asso.o++unit! a..ti. T Th -i// st nuisan.aus d du to .h th /*ound 8at *. T Ai* pollution .a*d d +at *ials a* also t *+ d as * )us > /a*-a/ and *u--ish> t. T Nois )*o+ si* ns> loudsp a: *s us d in .ti.a*ious )a. T Th +ain sou*.. also . s< Rhous hold o* do+ sti. s. T Cultu*al a.a*ious dis as s * lat d to * spi*ato*!> n *.iti s . s an in. ss s * l as o%id s o) sulphu* and nit*o/ n> h!d* UdBV.iti s. T In +od *n a/*i.iti s in pollut th 8at * th*ou/h indust*ial> a/**s as th o) ai*. ) *tili1 *s> p sti. T Solid 8ast * ) *s to a .hani1 d .R T Nois pollution is ha1a*dous in +an! + t*opolitan and -i/ . pollution.tion and d +olition 8o*:s> auto+o-il s and ai*.a*-on +ono%id > l ad and as.a*-ons> ./.al.* as in th nit*at .*a)ts> t. d -! t*a))i.a*ious ) sti.ous and . ?":an =ast+ Disposa3 T U*-an a* as a* / n *all! +a*: d -! o.o+)o*ta-l to hu+an . T S+o:! )o/ o. TTh s p*o.ondition o) *oad as 8 ll as that o) .aus 8at * pollution. RAi" Po337tion T Ai* pollution is ta: n as addition o) .

oll .h a* p*i+a*il! .oholis+> . lop+ nt . What a* dis as s . T Th s a* as a* o. T Th ! o.ono+!. d patt *n o) d .uln *a-l to d*u/ a-us > al.up! n.aus d -! 8at * pollution.tu**s li: hi/h d +and )o* la-ou* in u*-an a* a> lo8 Ao.ono+i.ial %.idual s .t8 n u*-an and *u*al a* pollut 8at *" #1' 0. d to +i/*at )*o+ th *u*al a* as to th s u*-an .T Solid 8ast . T 9ost o) slu+ population 8o*:s in lo8 paid> hi/h *is: p*on > uno*/ani1 d s . ss s that indu. *. ntilation> la. . What is pollutant" #1' . Ho9 do hu+an .in/ na**o8 st* t patt *n p*on to s *ious ha1a*ds )*o+ )i* .ial a* as 8hi. *t! +a: s th + .ato*s o) d .a. R+Fi+9 H7+stionsB 1.. nt* s in s a*. lihood -ut .t as .!.ultu*al and oth * indi.:! a* as> st p slopin/ land> and /la.. nt o) th solid 8ast is . T Th ! a* th und * nou*ish d> p*on to di)) * nt t!p s o) dis as s B illn ss. T In + t*opolitan .isions )o* indi..oppo*tuniti s in *u*al a* as and un-alan. T Th po.apis+ apath! B so. la*/ l! .hol *a> t.o++on dis as s .: o) -asi.h o) li.i0"ation T Population )lo8 )*o+ *u*al to u*-an a* as is .in s land> d s *ti. %a+pl )o indust*ial 8ast s" #1' 2. 9 ntion th .tu* s li: 8id *oads> st* t li/ht> 8at * and sanitation )a.t *i1 d -! 8 ll d ..*o8d d ha. Land D+0"adationB Th * a* t8o p*o.ha*a.osts o) land. lop d u*-an in)*ast*u.lust *s and .aus d -! ai* pollution " #1' RUPA DAS> DPS ? RKP> 3EO3RAPH@. What is s+o/" #1' 5.ondition> poo* . R7"a3'?":an .n . What is pollution" #1' (. T Th s a* inha-it d -! thos p opl 8ho 8 * )o*.o+pati-l and d /*ad d a* as.> a-out 7$ p * .* ation o) o-no%ious s+ ll> and ha*-ou*in/ o) )li s and *od nts> 8hi.ould not a))o*d p*op * housin/ du to hi/h * nt and hi/h .aus d -! nat7"a3 as 9+33 as 27man fa*to"s. P"o:3+ms of S37ms T U*-an .aliti s . T Th Wslu+sX> Ahu//i?Ahopa*iX .lusion. lop+ nt than an! oth * a* as. T Slu+s a* * sid ntial a* as o) th l ast .iti s li: 9u+-ai> Kol:ata> Ch nnai> Ban/alo* > t.u*it! and *i/ht to p*i.h ha. land d /*adation.i*on+ ntall! in. Gi.*u-> 8hi.>> pa*:s> pla! /*ound and p*o.h a.aus h alth ha1a*d th*ou/h . a+ niti s li: d*in:in/ 8at *> li/ht and toil t )a.hoi. lop d /* n .t d and dispos d.a**i *s o) dis as s li: t!phoid> diphth *ia> dia**h a> +ala*ia and .iliti s> t.oastal sands> -a** n *o.*i+ > . nt *s in India a* +o* di)) * ntiat d in t *+s o) th so. #1' 4. o* . T Th * a* )a*+ hous s and hi/h*s o) th u*-an . > dilapidat d hous s> poo* h!/i . T Th * a* a 8ast lands li: > /ulli dY*a.oloni s o) shant! st*u.aus d -! +an! )a.t d -! salinit! and al:alinit! and land 8ith o* 8ithout s. .o?.o+ /*oup lo.iliti s> la8ns> 8 ll?d .aus d -! natu*al a0+nts T8at *lo// d and +a*sh! a* as> land a)) .andalis+> s.

2( 4 3oda.07 55. S2. *i 1(. Na*+ada 1$.04 4. What a* p*o-l +s o) slu+s" #2' 1. .ation.22 .72 1( 9 /hna 6$2( .. What is WTO" S0. 9 ntion th natu*al and th hu+an )a. .6.h . What a* Suina*! a.77 .46 11 9ahanadi 14.2. 21. What a* dis as s .hh B Sou*asht*a B Luni 11.' 1(. lop th inland 8at *8a!. S7. S.ti. S6.$7 0 Ka..(( 25.. 9 ntion an! ( sou*. S1(. S11.42 17.$2 6.No.70 1.iti s" S(.6 CLASS XII S1. 2 3an/a 15$.(. 5 Indus (4. n ta-l and ans8 * th )ollo8in/< >asin 9is+ G"o7nd 9at+" Pot+ntia3 and ?ti3isation in India 4C7:i*KmOY+a"6 S.. What is solid 8ast " #1' 11. W*it a sho*t not on Ia8aha*lal N h*u Po*t.$.50 RUPA DAS> DPS ? RKP> 3EO3RAPH@.7 7 Ku. 22. Stud! th /i.onn .10 1$ Ch nnai B South Ta+il Nadu 16.. #.aus d -! solid 8ast " #. Na+ th pla. S1$. Na+ o) -asin 3*ound 8at * Total R pl nisha-l L .' SA.ational to8ns. s o) nois pollution.lassi)! th Indian Rail8a!" S1.. )ou* %a+pl s )o* th*s to d .to*s o) land d /*adation. l o) * sou*..PLE H?ESTION PAPER 4SOLVED6 GEOGRAPHY 4T2+o".01 . S4.t d -! NH 1. 3i. s .17 0$...51 6 K*ishna (4. Na+ )ou* la*/ st t*adin/ pa*tn *s o) India.02 ( B*ah+aput*a (4. What is dB" #1' 1$..o*po*ation is * ) ** d to as Indian" S5.a*i 0$. What is nois Pollution" #1' 7. 9 ntion th a* as o) %t nsi.ulti. Na+ th )a. Whi.: . What a* th . (1.*oppin/ s asons o) India" On th -asis o) th 8idth o) th t*a. Cha+-al 5.6.o++ *.5 .ial /*ain . s Utilisation #H' 3*ound8at * 1 B*ah+ani 8ith Baita*ni 0...

tions 8ith * sp .* ation> * ?a**an/ + nt B int *p* tation o) n 8 B %istin/ id asG data int *p* tation B th us B .1. A a* a o) .it!" S(1.ial 3*ain Culti.ation< Eu*asian st pp s> th Canadian B A+ *i. * -asin is th l . " -' In 8hi.o)) p*odu. List out th p*o-l +s )a.hno pol . D .*na* :ha Tapi W st *n 3hat 16. S(.ti. . . What a* th di)) * nt -as s o) Int *national T*ad " Classi)! th +od *n Indian lan/ua/ s. On th / lo8 st lit *a. l o) /*ound 8at * utili1ation is th hi/h st. B th )i*st t .( . d -! th p opl li.ti.! *at . %a+pl s.ts.4 7.6( 6. #1' RUPA DAS> DPS ? RKP> 3EO3RAPH@.hools o) thou/ht in hu+an / o/*aph!. A* as o) E%t nsi. What a* th .60 0.anal .hnolo/i s.7.tin/ th +inin/ a.o+posit P nna* Su. On th /i.1. S(0. " S10..$2 ((.10 12 14 15 16 Total No*th ast .' Whi.onn .ol.' #(' S( . S(4.*i.o++ *. 1. S(2.. %a+pl s E%plain th Tou*ist Att*a.i s in.a> th Aust*alian Do8ns B th Cant *-u*! Plains o) N 8 N aland. n +ap o) India +a*: B na+ th )ollo8in/ a'Th stat ha. What a* th )a. S14. Na+ th a/ n.a*ious t!p s o) u*-an s ttl + nts" 3i.a. * -asin has th hi/h st total * pl nish a-l /*ound 8at * * sou*. sto.iti s a* s *.us on th .. D s.ti. W*it a sho*t not on O*i nt E%p* ss. S17. S16. C s apo*t in No*th A+ *i.: * a*in/. d in th %plo*ation o) +in *als.%1&. .h *i. #1' (.an P*ai*i s> th Pa+pas o) A*/ ntina> th C lds o) South A)*i. D )in th di)) * nt s. S12. ANS=ER KEY in D atu* s na+ d asA> B> C> D.(5 15.66 . * -asin has th lo8 st * pl nish a-l /*ound 8at * * sou*.h **s a)) .aluation o) n 8 t .ial li. 9 ntion th Indust*ial * /ions B dist*i. 3old . #.o+-ination o) an u*-an a//lo+ *ation.on. Co++ *.25 . 9 ntion th* . S($. pts o) Population 3 o/*aph!. s that )o. Suina*! a.h *i.47 0.i.0( 15. -' An oil * )in *! in W st B n/al.olla* p*o) ssions. S((.tin/ t8o s as.75 a' Whi. S15.' Stat l adin/ in . n outlin +ap o) 8o*ld id nti)! th / o/*aphi.tion.

lop inland 8at *8a!<  Na. It . Oth * .S.ontain * po*t in India.*a)ts> t.$$$ 1. Da.10 9 t * 1. Th +ain sou*. Ia8aha*lal N h*u Po*t at Nha.t8 n nations. C*oppin/ S asons o) India< #.' Su. > +ai1 > *a/i> +usta*d> -a*l ! Ao8a*> /*oundnut Naid< Ap*il?Iun C / ta-l s> )*uits> *i.: o) Indian Rail8a!s> th* . Th /o*i s a* < #.onst*u.a 8as d .>1(0 0.otton> -aA*a *i.t?9a*.o.h Wh at> /*a+> Rap s d> *i.A. / ta-l s> )odd * )odd * 1(. 4. a' 3an/a> -' Indus?55. It s ts th *ul s )o* th /lo-al t*adin/ s!st + and * sol.. NH?1 D lhi to A+*itsa* #1' #1' #1' #1'*s to d . Indian Ai*lin s is :no8n as Indian. 2.> is th la*/ st t*adin/ pa*tn *.' 10. Di)) * nt S.454 04>6$5 50.hann l>  Continuit! in th 8at * )lo8>  T*anspo*t t ..' C*oppin/ S asons 9aAo* ...tion and d +olition 8o*:s> auto+o-il s and ai*. th p* ssu* at th 9u+-ai po*t.>(7$ ( d No*th *n stat s South *n stat s Kha*i) < Iun ? S pt Ri.hani1 d . 5.h as t l . lop d as a sat llit po*t to * li .o++uni.> B l/iu+> 3 *+an!> Iapan> S8it1 *land and 9ala!sia.ulti. #1' 0.a Sh .to*i s> + . > . .$( Na**o8 #hill! a* as' $.*na* :ha? 1. On th -asis o) 8idth o) th t*a.tual *i/hts.ation and -an:in/> and oth * issu s li: int ll . *s t*ad in s *.a*ious )a.ational to8ns o) India< Roo*:i> Ca*anasi> Ali/a*h> Pilani> Allaha-ad> t.*ops . #1' 1$. s disput s . #1' 11.41$ . s> su. > +ai1 > *a/i +ai1 > Ao8a*> tu* Ao8a*> /*oundnut Ra-i< O.K. s o) nois pollution a* . Wo*ld T*ad O*/ani1ation is th int *national o*/ani1ation d alin/ 8ith th /lo-al *ul s o) t*ad . It is th la*/ st .i.' Ga70+ Distan*+ in m+t+" tota3 3+n0t2 in Gms p+"*+nta0+ B*oad 1.6( #..ount*i s a* U.51 .i/a-ilit! 8idth and d pth o) th .hools o) Thou/ht< RUPA DAS> DPS ? RKP> 3EO3RAPH@.t8 n its + +. #1' 7.hnolo/! in us . Edu.* nations. > .54( $* $.70 1.

Th ! in. a to8n and its adAoinin/ u*-an out/*o8ths>  ii> t8o o* +o* adAoinin/ to8ns 8ith th i* out/*o8ths>  iii> a .' 14. lop+ nt o) .Saha*anpu*? 9u1a))ana/a*?BiAno* Ind7st"ia3 Dist"i*ts 1.ono+!.on.ation.' $<.ial .in/ o) th p opl .in/ na**o8 st* t patt *n p*on to s *ious ha1a*ds )*o+ )i* . • N. Cont +po*a*! so.apitalis+.' 15. ! o) India.ation B so. Th . • NALCO'National Alu+iniu+ Co+pan! Ltd. > dilapidat d hous s> poo* h!/i ni.on> oats> 8in > )*uits> and +a. A0+n*i+s inFo3F+d in t2+ +!p3o"ation of min+"a3sB In India> s!st +ati. .' $. #. #.ts o) so.A+-ala?A+*itsa* (. *.aus o) po. ?":an a003om+"ation *onsists of t2"++ *om:inationsB *s o) th u*-an .onti/uous sp* ad. ption o) spa.ial 8 ll?.hi ) %po*ts on this *ail *out a* .  Slu+ population 8o*:s in lo8 paid> hi/h *is:?p*on uno*/ani1 d s .  O.tin/ and %plo*ation )o* +in *als is und *ta: n -! • GSI E 3 olo/i.ial p*o-l +s 8 * * lat d to th d . T2+ O"i+nt E!p"+ssB This lin *uns )*o+ Pa*is to Istan-ul passin/ th*ou/h St*as-ou*/> 9uni. =+3fa"+ o" H7manisti* s*2oo3 of t2o702t M .hin *!.Kanpu* (.L'Bha*at 3old 9in s Ltd.Hu/li R /ion .: o) -asi. Ban/alo* ?Ta+ilNadu Su*.hoi.9u+-ai?Pun R /ion (.iliti s> t.  >+2aFio"a3 s*2oo3 of t2o702t M laid +phasis on li. . B also on th p *.' . -!! and on o* +o* adAoinin/ to8ns 8ith th i* out/*o8ths to/ th * )o*+in/ a .A/*a RUPA DAS> DPS ? RKP> 3EO3RAPH@.!> *a. B * li/ion> t. #.onditions> poo* .h s > -a.. Th ti+ ta: n )o* Aou*n ! is 74 hou*s. .h> Ci nna> Budap st and B l/*ad . . ntilation> la. lop+ nt Co*po*ation • I>. • HCL' Hindustan Copp * Ltd. a+ niti s li: d*in:in/ 8at *> li/ht and toil t )a.a/o" Ind7st"ia3 R+0ions 1.' 17.ino" Ind7st"ia3 R+0ions 1. • ONGC'Oil B Natu*al 3as Co++ission • . su*.H!d *a-ad .ECL' 9in *al E%plo*ation Co*po*ation Ltd. !in/> p*osp . P*o-l + o) Slu+s<  Slu+s a* * sid ntial a* as o) l ast .*o8d d ha.DC' National 9in *al D ...ial in =ualit!..lud housin/> h alth B du. #.' Indian Bu* au o) 9in s • >G.. *t!> d p*i. *n d 8ith di)) * nt asp . d %p *i /o*i s -as d on thni.  Radi*a3 s*2oo3 of t2o702t M +plo! d 9a*%ian th o*! to %plain th -asi.

ono+i. n ss. C73t7"+ I E* sit s> B nAo! %plo*in/ .ula* a* a .*s su.' (!< #i'.! p opl li: to sp nd th i* holida!s in an att*a.h has outst*ipp d its lo.h st *> Chi.B G"o9t2 of Pop73ation' Chan/ o) population in pa*ti. RUPA DAS> DPS ? RKP> 3EO3RAPH@.iti s.Kota 1.tions * nd * d> u*-an . ) )a. s a.Du*/?Raipu* 1(.h s.B A l adin/ to8n> 8hi..Bilaspu*?Ko*-a 1. Histo". 3* at * London> 9an.Iaipu*?AA+ * .Ali/a*h 1(. Ho+ sta! has + */ d as a p*o)ita-l -usin ss li: heritage homes in 3oa> 9adi: * B Coo*/ in Ka*nata:a.han/ in population %p* ss d in p *..astl s> pala.i. s %ist in to8ns.tu* s=u to8ns B a*. nta/ .i nt o* pi. La*/ * than to8ns B ha.B*ah+aput*a Call ! 0. /* at * .: 1$.hant )o* %p *i n.Na/pu* 2.38alio* 4.+0a3opo3isB PS7p+" .Cutta. BhoApu*?9un/ * 11. Con7":ationB R sult d )*o+ th + */in/ o) o*i/inall! s pa*at to8ns o* . B lo.Ia-alpu* 12. No*th *n 9ala-a* 5.tin/ 9inin/ +o* than a +illion populations.t tou*ists 8ith a p*s A)) . Boston in th no*th to south o) Washin/ton in U. I A"tB An a* a o) pot ntial att*a. Lands*ap+B .li+at o)) *s hi/h * t +p *atu* s> lon/ hou*s o) sunli/ht B lo8 *ain)all th*ou/hout th p a: holida! s ason.oats B lands.h as th d +and )o* th +in *als> t .hnolo/! and us d> .ial institutions B * /ional ad+inist*ati..Indo* ?D 8as?UAAain o* * /ional *i. #2' (. To7"ist Att"a*tionsB C3imat+B Th 9 dit **an an .Pu*nia 10.a/o B To:!o a* %a+pl s.apital to d .lud th si1 > /*ad and th +od o) o.ta. #2' ((.> is a + /alopolis.+t"opo3itan * /ion %t ndin/ as union o) . s B .S.ha olo/i.tu* and th la-ou* and t*anspo*t .Ba* ill! ($..als.R /ion 0. >asi* Con*+pts of Pop73ation G+o0"ap2.tions li: > +anu)a.ti.tu*in/> * tail B 8hol sal t*ad > B p*o) ssional s *. s.9iddl 9ala-a* 6.t8 n t8o points o) ti+ is :no8n as /*o8th o) population.3uAa*at R /ion 2.Bhopal*. Adila-ad?Ni1a+a-ad 7.Kolla+ MT*i. .: no8 6.Kolhapu*?South Kannada 4.*oss s th on +illion +a*: it is d si/nat d as a +illion . )un. Lu.B Th s att*a. Population . G"o9t2 Rat+ of Pop73ationB Th .aila-l B )un. )un.i)i.A.isit an. P opl .ap s. o) th d posits.Ialpai/u*i 7.u** n.usto+s. nt* s a* d si/nat d as< To9n< Sp .and*u+ R /ion .it!.Chotta Na/pu* R /ion 4.ula* s a . Da. t*anspo*t t *+inals> +aAo* )inan. Th ! ha. lop in)*ast*u. Ph!si. #ii' E. T!p s o) U*-an S ttl + nts< D p ndin/ on th si1 B s *.h o)t n + ans +ountains> la: s> sp .3u*/aon?D lhi M9 *ut R /ion 6.i33ion Citi+s< Citi s ha.tions.ono+i..ti.*s in. o))i. .Allaha-ad?Ca*anasi? 9i*1apu* 1$.onu*-ations.Cisa:apatna+ 3untu* R /ion 5. 3o*a:pu* 11.ti. .i*on+ nt> 8hi.

> Si::i+ A*una.  T"anspo"tB With %pansions o) *ail> o.> Ka*nata:a> K *ala A.* as s . #2' 2<.62H Ti. #2' (0.hal P*ad sh Assa+> Na/aland> 9anipu*> 9i1o*a+> T*ipu*a> 9 /hala!a RUPA DAS> DPS ? RKP> 3EO3RAPH@.ultu*al )a.hin *! B )inish d p*odu.han/ d )o* +anu)a. 9aha*asht*a Outsid India T.ultu*all! i+po*tant .lud s . s a* un*s B si1 population. nl! dist*i-ut d .ount*i s> a/*o p*odu.ts a* %.od+"n Indian Lan07a0+sB Aami3. /*o8th o) population. *sit! o) p opl .. . 9on?Kh+ * 1.olu+ o) /oods t*ad Hi+ala!an No*th Assa+ Assa+? 9!an+a*i Sp++*2 A"+as 9 /hala!a> Ni.B.t th t!p B . #Nishada' Aust*o?Asiati.6H 9unda Aust*o?N sian D*a.> O*issa> 9aha*asht*a Biha*> O*issa> W.h la.> IBK.o-a* Islands W.Nat7"a3 G"o9t2 of Pop73ation B This is th population in. lopin/ .to?9!an+a*i Sia+ s ?Chin s No*th D*a.P.P.P.  Pop73ation fa*to"sB Th si1 > dist*i-ution B di. N+0atiF+ G"o9t2 of Pop73ationB I) th population d .  E!t+nt of fo"+i0n inF+stm+ntB Do* i/n in. lop+ nt o) +inin/> oil d*illin/> h * + ans o) * )*i/ *ation B p* s *.* as d -! di)) * n.. Nat7"a3 G"o9t2B Bi*ths M D aths A*t7a3 G"o9t2 of Pop73ationB This is Bi*ths M D aths Z In 9i/*ation M Out 9i/*ation PositiF+ G"o9t2 of Pop73ationB Wh n th -i*th *at is +o* than th d ath *at .tu* d /oods 8h * as indust*iali1 d nations %po*t +a.ultu* . st+ nt .ount*i s a)) .t8 n t8o points o) ti+ it is :no8n as n /ati.  Sta0+ of +*onomi* d+F+3opm+ntB In a/*i.u*s 8h n th -i*th *at )alls o* p opl +i/*at to oth * .ount*i s 8hi.idian #D*a.: in .tian $.ount*i s.B.idian Ti. .ula* * /ion . 9. an B ai* t*anspo*t> . / olo/!> * li )> soil B . It o.apital * =ui* d )o* th d . 9.ount*i s +i/*at p *+an ntl! to a * / . C3assifi*ation of . S7:'Aami3.> Biha*> O*issa> Assa+> 9.ation> t*ad has %p *i n.idian C nt*al D*a.P.t8 n points o) ti+ o* 8h n p opl )*o+ oth * .ida' ($H South D*a.idian Sino?Ti.*in/ and plantation a/*i.> H.ts B i+po*t )ood /*ains B oth * *a8 +at *ials.t8 n . d spatial %pansion.! n/in *in/> lu+.. Diff+"+nt :as+s of Int+"nationa3 T"ad+B  Diff+"+n*+ in nationa3 "+so7"*+s' Th 8o*ldFs national * sou*.t8 n t8o o) ti+ .al +a: up i.N. s in th i* ph!si. >"an*2OG"o7p Aust*i.aus o) di)) * -oost t*ad in d . .t8 n -i*ths B d aths in a pa*ti. It in.

C? A* a o) +i% d )a*+in/ D? Count*! 8ith hi/h st HD RUPA DAS> DPS ? RKP> 3EO3RAPH@.*oss to O. S4. W*it a sho*t not on Ch nnai Po*t" S7. 9 ntion th* +aAo* Inland 8at *8a!s o) India" S1.ation o) Indian to8ns on -asis o) th i* .> U.!.ti.iti s 8h * +a%i+u+ nu+. S(" S0. W*it a sho*t not on R .hno pol " S6. D )in En. What is du+pin/" S(. Id nti)! th ) atu* s sho8n on th 8o*ld +ap. Samp3+ H7+stion Pap+" ?NSOLVED S1. ans. lop+ nt in th Indi*a 3andhi Canal Co++and a* a. " S2.> Assa+> 3uAa*at> 9aha*asht*a >3oa. )ou* %a+pl s )o* * li/ions and . Classi)! th Indust*i s on th -asis o) *a8 +at *ials 8ith suita-l %a+pl s.ultu*al to8ns" us d to .a*ious .H Indo?A*!an I*anian Da*di. E%plain th . What do !ou + an -! out sou*.> RaAasthan> Ha*!ana> 9..olution S16. S17.* o) ai* *out s . What is sla. S($. What is Op n S:! Poli. What a* Hi/h Wa!s" W*it a sho*t not on an! )ou* hi/h8a!s o) th 8o*ld. %a+pl s" S(1. A? an Ai* po*t B? Canal a. *a/ ..lassi)i. 9 ntion an! th* + asu* s p*opos d to p*o+ot Sustaina-l d . W*it a sho*t not on an! th* Non? Con. B*i )l! %plain th .a*ious .lassi)! th *u*al s ttl + nts.t th t!p o) p*i+a*! a. S((.i*on+ ntal D t *+inis+> Possi-ilis+> and N o D t *+inis+. List out th* sou*. Indo?A*!an Outsid India IBK IBK> PunAa-> H.P. s o) 9i/*ation" S(0.> Biha*> O**isa> W.a*ious app*oa.What a* th . ntional Sou*. t*ad " and so.B.ons =u n. What is t .P.o. s o) 8at * pollution" S14. Na+ th hi/h st Int *national Po*t" S1$. S(.h a)) . S(2. s. S12. What is solid 8ast " S5.ial )a.P.E%plain th .to*s 8hi. What a* th ph!si. What do !ou + an -! . lop+ nt. . S10.l and R us o) 8at *" S1(.!.h s o) Hu+an D .* spa.*it *iaFs .Indo?Eu*op an #A*!an' 5. " #1' #1' #1' #1' #1' #1' #1' #1' #1' #1' S11. E%plain an! th* land us " S15. Id nti)! 0 .iti s in di)) * nt * /ions. 3i.

What a* di)) * nt sta/ s o) d +o/*aphi. What a* )a.ultu* RUPA DAS> DPS ? RKP>!" 5. )o* s *i. What a* di)) * nt st* a+s o) int *nal +i/*ation" 6. i. W*it a not on O*i nt E%p* ss. On th outlin +ap o) India +a*: and na+ th )ollo8in/B4$(!$O2Q<6 iii.o/ni1 th t*aditional indust*ial * /ions 12. nt .t *isti.On th /*s * sponsi-l )o* th d . What a* .ial 3*ain Culti. Ho8 to * .lassi)i. (. What a* * . .onditions )o* . A pla.. Na+ th )a. What a* )a.a*ious ) atu* s o) hous s -as d on th n. Th stat )i*st d . nt* . What is a h alth! .in/ . 4. t*ansistion"4<!<Q2<6 ((.ou*a-l .s o) E%t nsi. lop d th *ain 8at * ha*. B*i )l! d s.. What is po*t and ha*-ou*" 11. lop in India" ($. What a* p*o-l +s o) U*-ani1ation" (1. What a* )a. Na+ th a/ n.tual /*o8th o) population" .ation o) to8ns 8ith %a+pl s.tin/ th s % *atio" 15. What is Citi. lop+ nt )o* inland 8at *8a!s.ha**s in India a)) . and + di. SA9PLE PAPER ANSWER THE DOLLOWIN3< 4$!$(Q$(6 1. Ho8 to )ind th a. What is A/*i?-usin ss" 2. lop+ nt" (4.on th app*oa. 10. What a* st ps outlin d in u*-an st*at /!"# -!$(Q-(6 1(. (0. Co++ *. E%plain th )un. n out lin +ap o) India +a*: and na+ th )ollo8in/. stin/.ation" 14.tional . A? St l plant in O*issa B? H ad=ua*t *s o) No*th East D*onti * C? Copp * p**s a)) . B*i )l! %plain th t!p s o) t*ad . What is s=uatt * s ttl + nt" 1$.al tou*is+" (2.i s * sponsi-l )o* %plo*ation o) +in *als" 16.han/ s +ad to d .h s o) Hu+an D .ultu* " 0. What a* th ..i*on+ ntal adaptations" (. D )in A* al Di)) * ntiation.hotta Na/pu* indust*ial * /ion" 17. What a* outsou*.*i.tin/ *u*al +i/*ation" 7.

po8 * station in RaAasthan. An ai*po*t na+ d a)t * a lad! P*i+ 9inist *.hnolo/! pa*: in Utta* P*ad sh.oal +in in Andh*a P*ad sh A so)t8a* t . A .ii. ..iii. . . .. THANKS TO < KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA # TRIVANDR?.i. RUPA DAS> DPS ? RKP> 3EO3RAPH@.. An ato+i.