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TE 408 Lesson Plan Template I.

Enduring Understanding: Expressing the voices/attitudes of the people through music (specifically controversy/protest to war) Essential Questions:


What was it like to get a draft card? How did people deal with or react to the Vietnam War? What were popular viewpoints regarding the Vietnam War at the time and after? How does music reflect the opinions of everyday people?

III. Objectives: Students will . . .analyze songs for meaning, tone, relevance today, etc. Students will . . .develop an understanding of the controversial nature of the Vietnam War Students will . . . identify common social themes and reflections of society views in popular music of the time Students will . . .understand and reflect upon the experience of receiving a draft card. Student will . . . reflect upon what they can learn about events, history, people, and themselves from music.

IV. Rationale: The Vietnam War is often discussed as an event in history, using chronology and lists of battles to describe the time period. Too often glossed over is the environment of controversy and protest during this era, and the fear, confusion, and disillusionment many young people felt toward the war effort. One engaging and powerful way students can see many popular opinions and emotions of people during this time is through music. Examining these songs written during or about Vietnam shows students the multiple viewpoints that exist during any large event like a war, and how people sought to have their voices heard and to express their dissent.



Songs & clips (youtube, itunes, computer) clip: Computers/smartphones for students to research VI. Procedure: Outline the following components of your lesson. You do not need four activities, but you should have more than one. Activity Element & Time (in minutes) Introduction: Procedures and management Step-by step procedures including guiding questions, directions and main points. Hook: Play clip from Bruce Springsteen concert which features him explaining his experience getting his draft card, failing the physical, and his father approving of him not going to war amidst a difficult relationship between the two. Clip: gg3DleXrT-o Activity 1 Journal writing: What did you take Students journal their responses to away from the video? What struck the questions/thoughts on the you most about it? Did you relate to video/audio clip the relationship between Bruce and his father? Did you relate to Bruce? How did Bruce and his friends handle their draft notices? What did you expect his dads reaction to be to Bruce failing the physical? Why would he not want him to go to war? Students Describe what the students will be doing as a result of your instructions. Students watch/listen to video clip


Discussion of clip sharing of Students share journals/thoughts journals. Discuss how this mirrors regarding the video clip. a popular view of the war and draft at the time (people not even knowing where it was, being not the same after coming back, feeling apathetic or rebellious about joining) Discuss how popular music of the time period is an excellent reflection of what the average person walking the streets of the USA during this time was feeling. Transition to introduction of group activity.

Activity 2

Introduce group activity. Students Group Work: Students work to will work in groups to dissect the complete worksheet regarding their meaning of songs written about the song. They may use Vietnam War. They will fill out any phones/computers to look up information they can gather during information about the songs/listen class on the provided worksheet, to them. Copies of lyrics will be and complete the rest of the provided. activity after class if necessary. Each group member must participate in the presentation. Groups will present tomorrow. I will provide copies of lyrics and play each song for the class. Group Activity: Divide class into 5 groups and assign each group that displays opinion regarding Vietnam. (songs can be alternated/switched out) Group 1: Born in the USA Bruce Springsteen Group 2: Whats Going On Marvin Gaye Group 3: Fortunate Son Creedence Clearwater Revival Group 4: Gimme Shelter Rolling Stones Group 5: Imagine (or Give Peace a Chance) John Lennon Circulate around room and help students who have questions, need guidance, etc. Check in with groups to monitor progress/see if more time is needed. The rest of this class period is devoted to group work (day two could be used as well, if they need more time, pushing presentations back to day 3).


Activity 3

Group Presentations. Grade presentations and help facilitate.


Activity 4


Groups present their findings to class going over items from the worksheet, specific lyrics, meaning of the song, whether they think this song reflects views of people during the Vietnam era, and whether or not the song is relevant today in some way. Students not presenting listen intently to song and presentation, reading along with lyrics. Fill students in on any information Students listen, and ask any the groups might have missed questions they still have regarding regarding the songs. Transition to each song, era, etc. introduction of homework assignment. Final Assignment: Ask students to Students read assignment prompt, write a 1-2 page reflection on this ask questions for clarity, and bring activity. They should write about in reflection paper the following the song their group presented on day. and one other song presented by another group. Conclude by discussing the social Students share thoughts on environment of protest during the assignment and activities, ask Vietnam era, and how popular questions, and listen to teacher as music of the time reflects popular well as one another. opinion of citizens. Emphasize the importance critically viewing everything in the world, including music. Additionally emphasize the importance of personal experience and interpretation with a song, and that ones inferences regarding meaning are always valid.

VII. Assessment: The assessment will be based largely on the group presentations as well as the self-reflections. The presentations will display knowledge of the content/meaning of the songs and the larger implications for society. The selfreflections will reveal how the students felt about the process, what they learned individually during their song analysis, as well as what they learned about another song that was presented on. Assessment will also be done regarding the initial journal prompt and the discussion during class.

(song workseet below students fill in as guide to presentation)

Song Meaning Worksheet

Song: Writer/Singer: Relevant Biographical Information:

Date Recorded: Popularity During Time Period:

Tone/Emotions Being Conveyed:

Lyrics to Support This:

Main Message:

Lyrics to Support This:

Personal Opinions and Relevance Today: