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How Romantic are YOU?

Write down your answers to the following questions,

answering A for agree or D for disagree

Question 1
1. The answers to lifes most puzzling questions can

be found through discussions with a simple person who lives in the country close to naturenot with a sophisticated, well-educated person from the city.

Question 2
2. The answer to lifes most puzzling questions can

be found through a connection with nature.

Question 3
3. The use of ones imagination is more important

than rational thought.

Question 4
4. Subjectivity is more important than objectivity.

(subjective: based on or influenced by personal

feelings, tastes, or opinions objective: not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts)

Question 5
5. Knowledge is gained through gut reactions

and subjective hunches rather than level-headed, objective, deductive thought.

Question 6
6. Nature is more important than art.

Question 7
7. Experimental trial and error is a better process

than the conventional scientific method.

Question 8
8. Poetry should be spontaneous and full of emotion,

not planned and straightforward.

Question 9
9. Sensitivity, feelings, and spontaneity are more

important than intellectualism.

Question 10
10. Dare to be is a better battle-cry than dare to


Count up your answers to find out how Romantic

you are:
3 or fewer As = "not Romantic" 4 or 5 As = "sort of Romantic" 6 or 7 As = "highly Romantic" 8-10 As = "extremely Romantic"