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South Hamilton Middle and High School Monthly Guidance Calendar of Duties

August Get schedules corrected and printed; Print class lists for teachers Students have the first 3 days of semester to change schedules Set up E2020 classes for students in credit recovery Update guidance website, continue on a monthly basis Orientation of new students Check senior credits Finalize postsecondary classes/ registration forms (ICCC & DMACC) o Hand out College Course Policy Forms (Students and Parents must sign and return) FOR ALL COLLEGE COURSES, IN HOUSE, ONLINE, AND AT DMACC Update transcript records for new students Set dates for ordering of senior commencement items (Tim Robson - Jostens) Contact colleges for updated resources September Begin updating scholarships on guidance website Coordinate with Lori Ratske Order PLAN tests School pays for ALL sophomores to take the test Call Bethesda Lutheran Church to reserve dates for PLAN and PSAT test to be taken at the church Consult with early graduates Register PSAT students. October Test Date Register PLAN students a week later October (late)Test Date Write Article for school Newsletter Coordinate visits by college representatives Begin consulting with seniors about postsecondary plans 1. Make Packets for each student ** order printed materials from ICAN October Organize National Honor Society Ballots and begin prep for induction 1. All faculty complete ballots 2. Tally Ballots 3. Organize NHS Faculty Committee to select new members 4. Once members have been selected, coordinate with teachers to write letters of induction for each new member (to be read at the induction ceremony) Meet with all seniors through Government Classes to discuss Senior Year dates, prep for college, senioritis, etc. Coordinate visits by college representatives Order National Honor Society materials for Induction Ceremony 1. Certificates 2. Membership cards/pins Review semester 2 schedules and meet with students for changes Organize Junior College Planning Night 1. Send Letter to Parents

2. Put up Posters in school Administer PLAN test to sophomores Administer PSAT/NMSQT to juniors Write Article for school Newsletter Coordinate small conferences with principal/parent/student/counselor to discuss failing courses

November Attend ISCA Conference in Des Moines Attend PLTW conference ** MANDATORY National Honor Society Induction 1. Print programs/certificates 2. Order cake/beverages with Terri Cook 3. Current members due bulk of ceremony Seniors vote on class motto, flower, song Have a group of seniors get together to choose options for each area. Each senior votes on choices. Organize HOIAC Leadership Day with Principal Finalize 2nd Semester Student Schedules Write Article for school Newsletter

December Organize Senior/Parent Financial Aid Night Attend HOIAC Leadership Day with students Update Scholarship lists Write Article for school Newsletter January Set up parent/principal/counselor/student meetings with students who failed 1st semester courses Check with Tech Director to insure order of Next Years Infinite Campus (not my duty) Revise student schedules to include support time for students who failed courses Order Medals/Department Awards for graduation Begin preparation for class registration for next year Registration meeting with 8th graders and parents Update NCAA course list online Write Article for school Newsletter February Organize FAFSA Day o Send letter home/email parents to sign up ASVAB test for juniors Reserve date at Bethesda Lutheran Church Registration meeting with each grade level for next years classes

Work with students on course planning for next year Pennies for Patients Campaign Write Article for school Newsletter Coordinate small conferences with principal/parent/student/counselor to discuss failing courses

March Start preparation for Iowa Assessment in April MAKE SURE LABELS HAVE BEEN ORDERED 1. Apply Labels to answer folders 2. Update Schedule/class lists 3. Sort testing materials for each grade/class Meet with students about schedule conflicts for next year Attend ACT Regional Conference in Ames Order AP tests Work with seniors on applications, financial aid, and college-materials/issues Write Article for school Newsletter Organize Senior Baccalaureate and Commencement Planning Committees 1. Order program covers for graduation 2. Order paper for senior dinner invites/award certificates April Administration of Iowa Assessments 1. Administer Make-Up tests Order ASVAB testing for next year Continue Graduation/Senior Awards Dinner planning 1. Senior class sponsors/principal meet to plan dinner Coordinate spring visits by college representatives Organize local scholarship information for selection 1. Organize and release list and applications to students 2. Contact local scholarship committee to set up selection date and time 3. Contact teachers for departmental awards Contact Scholarship donors where necessary Review student credits Contact early graduates Meet with senior class sponsors Mail Senior Awards Dinner Invitations to parents/board members last week of April Put them in teacher mailboxes Meet with principal to discuss HOIAC, Presidential, Academic Awards Have students/staff vote on commencement speakers Have teachers vote on American Citizenship Award recipient Contact Life Touch to set date for graduation pictures/same day as graduation practice Write Article for school Newsletter


Organize and assist South Hamilton Scholarship Committee Meeting Complete Commencement / Senior Awards Dinner planning 1. Print certificates for each student/scholarship 2. Print programs 3. Coordinate outside scholarship presenters Work on awards lists and scholarships Administer Advanced Placement Tests (AB Calculus & AP English) Linda Krause Commencement and Senior Awards Dinner Prepare awards and commencement programs/awards Commencement planning and practice Senior Checkout/Newsletter Fill out Order for Payment forms for each student/scholarship to designate where scholarship money needs to be sent Give to Sue Headley and new superintendent secretary

Early June Senior Transcripts: Complete and mail to colleges Set up E2020 summer school classes for students Scheduling work for fall Prepare postsecondary course planning for fall Order PSAT tests for next fall Order PLAN tests for next fall Get records in order for the end of the year Recurring Duties Student scheduling Student counseling Coordination of postsecondary classes o Collect progress reports midterm and semester o Mail letters home to students who have not yet begun or who are failing National Honor Society Advising Continue updating scholarships on websites (Lori helps) Coordinate visits by colleges Transcripts, recommendations, and records requests Keep materials in the guidance office up-to-date Distribute relative materials to students and staff Teaching 7th & 8th Grade Career/Life Skills Classes/ Be an 11 Conferencing with students, parents, and teachers Staff meetings and In-service Student services and activities Career and college advising Newsletters and the guidance web site