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Professional School Counselor Portfolio (PSCP) Brief Reflection Form

Standard 9 Classroom Management Competencies Addressed: _Apply Effective classroom management strategies as demonstrated in classroom guidance and large group guidance lessons. Date Created: _2013-14 School Year Student Name: _Doug Hatch__Reviewers Initials: _____________

1. Describe the context in which these artifacts were collected and identify the standard and competency(s) the artifact represents. I included several artifacts for standard 9 that have wide array of things they can represent in standard 9 competencies 1 and 2. At the top of the page is my videos of large and small group counseling. The 3rd artifact on the page is my Monthly guidance schedule that shows everything in effective classroom management and working with parents and teachers for competency 2. The next item is my evaluation after year one as a counselor, this could cover any standard and all competencies. The next two items is my outline for guidance classes for 7th and 8th grade classes. The last item showing competency 1 is my seating chart, this is a typical arrangement for me and I will explain more below.

2. What do they demonstrate to you about your learning and mastery of the competencies that fall under this standard?

The videos I included show very well how I manage my classes. I like to have a class that is very open to discussion, and on the small group video you can see my seating arrangement is very conducive to this. I show this in my final document. The U shape or horseshoe arrangement is a must for me. This has helped me to maintain a managed classroom, but at the same time it is very open to discussion and every student is in the front row, so they are all very close to me, and they can all see each other and react to each other more easily. The monthly calendar shows just about every aspect of counseling I do. If you look closely you can see consultation with parents and teachers are already built into my schedule. I have meetings scheduled in during the year with parents, teachers, and principals. Large group lessons are also scheduled in throughout the year. The next document is my evaluation from year one. This evaluation covers every standard and competency. A 3 rating means that I consistently demonstrate good implementation and a score of 4 is the highest level of implementation. Under number 6 the category is demonstrated competence in classroom management. I received a 4, or a perfect score for creating a learning community that encourages positive social interaction, active engagement, and self-regulation for every student. I also received the highest score possible for Establishes, communicates, models, and maintains standards of responsible student behavior, and creates a safe and purposeful learning environment, and using instructional time wisely.

3. What do these items of evidence tell you about your overall progress toward your personal goals and your growth as a professional school counselor? I am very excited by the artifacts I have for standard 9. I think it shows that this is strength of mine and that I can still learn a trick or two. It shows that I am demonstrating and teaching leadership and character and social skills to the students and also I believe to the staff. I am a big believer in a well-organized lesson plan, teaching bell-to-bell, and never a wasted moment, these artifacts back that up.

4. What are your plans for additional growth or improvement in this area? I am always reading professional articles on teaching strategies and classroom management. I will continue to monitor my classroom results and apply new ideas from conferences and seminars throughout my classwork. I am constantly working on building relationships with students and staff. I have already voluntarily presented at two staff inservices. I presented Edmodo, a tool that I believe helps a lot with classroom management. I have also used the color test with the students and staff to have them better realize how to manage students and staff of different personalities and needs.