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uiaue uuiuance 2S uays
Bay 1- Rules, S othei lives, eumouo, Nysteiy people, pick a quote B0 now #1
(5) Do Now
(5) Mystery people 1,2
(5) Oprahs website find a quote and be ready to explain it.

Bay 2 The Big Iuea- Why it is impoitant to set goals anu Bow can I uo it effectively.
Shaie Quotes, uoal Setting, Setting uoal Notes
Specific, Neasuiable, Timeu
uo thiu an Athlete as an example as a gioup
Ipou, FBvB, Pass- go thiu with a paitnei anu shaie
Enu in minu stoiy anu woiksheet pg 12
Stuuy uoal sheet

Bay S
When I neeu to make a uecision, Bow can I make the best one available to me.
Focus: B0 now: What was the biggest uecision you have evei maue.
!"#$%& ()*+,
!""#$%&'(%) +#,%- )#&$ ,.+#'/ +0#(+.1 203% )#& 435. &" ,# )#& +3' 035. )#&$ 6($,%
+0#(+. 78(,,./ #""#$%&'(%)9
:#',.;&.'+.- $.,&<%1 #&%+#8.
=$#- 3 "<&,1 3' 3$4&8.'% (' 635#$ #6 /#('4 ,#8.%0('4
:#'- 3 8('&,1 3' 3$4&8.'% 343(',% /#('4 ,#8.%0('4

!-.# /) )0%1 )22)1345637 *)83
Example: Pizza vs Bambuigei eating out in Ames. uo thiu as a class.
Come up with 1 sitution wheie the uecision is impoitant anu 1 wheie it is not
Foi impoitant uecisions we can use the S C's (Challenge- name the pioblem, what
uecision uo you have to make, 2- Choices List all possible choices, S) Consequence-
pios anu cons of each choice.
!9"# /) :0%1 ; *<8
Becision making stiategy CCC (see notes above)
If You Bave a big uecision what uo you uo.
Bo the S C example p. S8 u8_0nit2_setting goals (late foi class)
Apply the S c's to late foi class
Apply the S C's to Late foi woik oi school, aigue with mom anu slammeu the uooi in
hei face, skipping class, faileu a Nath test. In paiis
fill out sheet:
Wiap 0p: Pios anu cons uiu it help, What kinu of uecisions will the S C's woik best
foi. (picking classes)
if neeueu: Bo Now #2

Bay 4
What 9
giaue classes will help me ieach my long teim euucational anu caieei
(S) Review S C's
(S) New vocab (pg. 16 BS vocab) Pieiequisite, electives, iequiiements, AP, Cieuit
Pieliminaiy list foi 9th giaue
(Su)Woik on 9
giaue classes anu Challenge anu choice sheet anu counseloi
question sheet.

Bay S
Bow can taking a caieei inteiest inventoiy help me uiscovei new jobs that I might
Inteiest Inventoiy
(1u) Cieate IBAPI account. 0seiname: Fiist.last passwoiu Iowau1u1 Iowa anu
(2u) Inteiest Piofilei
(1u) Bo now woiksheet pg. S, Inteiest Inventoiy Extension (best woist)
Select caieei #1 I will help with #2

Bay 6
What aie the }ob iesponsibilities foi my selecteu caieeis.
(1u) uo ovei sample AB caiu Niuule school teachei anu piouucei
(Su) Reseaich youi 2 jobs using IBAPI

Bay 7
Finish AB caius

Bay 8
Euucation aftei Bigh School: Postseconuaiy options
(S)Bo now "how many" on Eumouo poll
(S) New vocab
what uo you uo aftei BS to make suie you will have a iewaiuing caieei.
CC, TechTiaue Appienticeships 4 yeai
uo 0vei new vocab: Postseconuaiy, CC, TechTiaue, Appienticeships,
Financial Aiu, uiau stuuent.
(2u) Caieei Caius
(1S) Notes on options fill in note pages.
Which costs most . poll if time

Bay 9
What can a one- oi Two-yeai school offei me, anu how shoulu I choose one.
(1u) Bo Now- List caieeis you can get with a uegiee of 2 yeais oi less.
List 2 ieasons why someone woulu want a 1 oi 2 yeai uegiee.
Biscuss anu point out pios anu cons of a 1 anu 2 yi school
(S) Look at list of jobs foi people without a 4 yeai uegiee
Bo any suipiise you.
(Su) Pick out a 2 yeai school (wpaitnei) anu ieseaich a majoi.
0se woiksheet on eumouo

Bay 1u
What can a 4 yeai college offei me, anu how shoulu I choose.
(1u) Piesent 2 yeai schools
(1u)Ny choices woiksheet p. 61
(S) Public anu piivate schools (fill out post seconuaiy euucation notes)
(2u) Colleges foi me
College Planning, exploie schools, school finuei, school type, majoi (follow

Bay 11
Leaining fiom college websites
(S) Finish IBAPI school finuei
(1u) Fill out school finuei iesults pg 22,
(S) New vocab p S81 0nueigiau..Financial aiu
(Su) Begin woik on pintiest oi .. postei makei
Neet pie-ueteimineu categoiies anu will piesent to class
Bow many stuuents attenu the college.
Bow many stuuents aie typically in a class.
What aie the aumission iequiiements (uPA, ACT, SAT)
Bow much uoes it cost to attenu this school foi one yeai (INCL0BINu T0ITI0N,
What spoits anu musictheatei activities aie available
What aie some club anu stuuent oiganizations this school has to offei
List classes associateu with youi majoi at this college
List some piogiams that this college is known foi
What weekenu activities aie available.
Research 4 year school website on edmodo

Bay 12
Woik on College piesentation
Fill out uo Now Euucation aftei BS 4 Reseaich skills p. S86 (eumouo)

Bay 1S
Comment on otheis piesentations

Bay 14
Log onto
Woik on youi 8
giaue guiueways anu 4 yeai plan.
Remembei you will not have Social Stuuies as a fieshman.
Bay 1S
Continue woiking on 8
giaue guiueway
Finalize 4 yeai plan with paients signatuie

Bay 16 -17
Biive of youi life
uo thiough uiive of youi life (uiiveofyouilife.oig)
Take scieen shots of the iesults of youi questions, aftei all aie completeu. Also take
scieen shots (shift-commanu anu 4) of youi license, both fiont anu back at teh veiy
enu. Also a scieenshot of youi cai aftei upgiaues. I have encloseu a few examples.
Some key instiuctions.
- You must select at least S caieeis to exploie
- You must save at least S caieeis befoie you can complete the Biive of youi life.
- You can also use youi Biive of Youi Life cash to unlock new accessoiies foi youi
cai. 0nce you ieach $2,Suu in cash, the Accessoiies Stoie will open. Click on the
neon sign to entei the stoie.

Bay 18

You Bon't say caieei game

Students will identify careers based on the tasks performed by people in those
Students will describe how their interests relate to careers.
Introduce the You Dont Say career game. Divide your students into groups of six (or
more). Within each group, divide the students into two teams. Then distribute one copy of
the Game Rules to each team and review them together. You might want to ask one
group to play a sample round as a demonstration. (5-10 minutes)

Play You Dont Say. Distribute the Game Cards to each group and let the fun begin!
See how students do at guessing the various careers. If there are careers they have
difficulty guessing or have never heard of before you might want to start a list for
future career exploration. Remind students how they can learn more about careers. For
instance, they can search for career information at Career Ship at: (15-20 minutes)

Discuss career interests. Ask students if they learned anything new about a career while
playing the game. What did they learn? How can they learn more? Remind them that they
can check the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics What Do You Like web site at for more information. (5-10 minutes)

Day 19
Build a career family tree
Present to class

Day 20
Budget day
Work through a budget

Day 21
Lost activity

Day 22
Work on activity

Day 23
Present activity

Nonuay Bay 1 0ct 21

Coke oi Pepsi
(u-2u) S othei lives
(2u-2S) get on eumouo
Tips anu tiicks on eumouo
(2S-Su) Bo now #1 BW on eumouo
(Su-42)Nysteiy People
- Stuuents will seaich thiough quotes
-Aftei finuing the quote:
-take a scieen shot (shift-commanu 4)
- uo to eumouo anu click on assignment anu past in quote anu ex|plain what the
quote means to you

Tuesuay Bay 2 0ct 22
0bjective: uoal setting- Why is goal setting so impoitant anu how can I uo it
Nake suie uo now is uone anu hanueu in
(u-S)Coke oi pepsi
(S-1S) Shaie anu explain quote with class fiom Nonuay
(1S-2u) Notes (IBAPI, setting goals unit 2 8th giaue)
S chaiacteiistics of a successful goal
1- be specific
2- Neasuiable
S- Timeu (ueauline)
(2S-SS) uoal sheet examples
Shaie (SS-4u)
(4u-4S) Stuuy Babit sheet fill out anu hanu in Show Less

Bay S
Coke oi Pepsi (S)
S-1u Review S chaiacteiistics of a successful goal
1- be specific, 2- Neasuiable, S- Timeu (ueauline)
1u-2u woik on IP0B, vaisity, Pass, .
Shaie (2u-Su)
Su-SS begin with enu in minu
(SS-4u ) Stuuy Babit sheet fill out anu hanu in
-(4u-4S)New vocab
0ppoitunity cost: youi seconu choice, what you gave up so you can have youi fiist
Consequence: iesult, outcome
Pio: a plus, an aigument in favoi of uoing something
Con: a minus, an aigument against uoing something

If Time: Becision making stiategy CCC
If You Bave a big uecision what uo you uo.
Bo the S C example p. S8 u8_0nit2_setting goals (late foi class)
Scenaiios walk thiu the SC's
fill out sheet:
if neeueu: Bo Now #2

Nysteiy people Bay 1
Mystery Person #1:
Graduated from high school at age 15
Served as president of senior class while studying to be a minister
Led a bus boycott that lasted for 382 days when it was over, blacks and
whites could ride on the bus as equals
From 1957-1968, traveled more than 6 million miles and spoke 2,500 times
against social injustice
Got 250,000 people to march to Washington, D.C. and told them I have a
dream (Martin Luther King, Jr.)
Mystery Person #2:
Started in radio and TV news while still a teenager
Has own TV talk show
Has own TV production company
Gives financial support to organizations that support women, children, and
In January 2007, opens a school for girls in South Africa
Founded a magazine famous for solid self-help advice
(:21+= >65?1%7