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uiaue 2S uays 2u1S-14

Bay 1- Peisonality Test anu iules

Bay 2-(1S) Finish peisonality Test
A. Eumouo anu how to use it (u-1u)
B. Will Smith watch anu uiscuss (1u-2S)

Bay S -
Coke oi Pepsi (S)
Finish Will Smith anu make suie you have posteu youi quote (S)
Biscuss Quotes (1u)
ppt will smith (1u)
Section 2 anu S ieau anu answei questions (1S)

Bay 4
Coke oi Pepsi(S)
uo ovei section 2 anu S (1u)
Bieams anu uoals sheet anu uiscuss (poll) (1u)
}eb Coiliss (S)
Reau anu answei questions ovei 14-16 (1S)
If time uiscuss

Bay S---- ENB0RE-------
}eb Coiliss (S) viueo anu Failuie
Reau anu answei questions ovei 14-16 (1S)

Bay 6
Biscuss (S) Answeis to 14-16

Bay 7 - 8
Coke oi Pepsi (S)
Success or Failure quiz (10) Bounce Back from your failures
George Lucas Endure hard times (10)
Use video and ppt
"I" have the choice as to whether to grow or wither from my tragedies.
Raw egg vs superball
Dream Keeper Stealer vs Keeper (15)

Day 9
u-S Coke oi Pepsi
S-1S List keepeis anu anu stealeis fiom movie

http:vimeo.comSu6SSu4S mike smith viueo sochi 0lympics skatei

Cuiient event keepei oi stealei aiticle, finu the things that make this event that
involve Keepeis anu stealeis
Bounce back fiom youi failuies!
SS-4u Review Stuuy uoals

Day 10
Focus: Video (6)
Review keeper vs stealer go over answers (10)
Mission impossible clip(5)
Tom Cruise Life struggle(10)
Endurance writing (write down at lease 2 areas of your life in which you feel that you
have need of enduarnace.)(5)

Assignment: 140 characters max about success and failure (5)
If you aie afiaiu of failing you will not get veiy fai. Challenge youiself, tuin youi
failuies into success #neveitiieu #!"#$$ #%&''(%% #)*+*,-.

Bay 11
Check in BW goal (S)
Reau paiaiuigm shift anu explain what it means (S)
Example in PPT pix (1u)
Fill out note sheet (1u) goal sheet a goal is simply...
Set goals (1u)

Bay 12
Powei Axiom
Setting a positive woithwhile goal (1u)
Notes on Powei Axiom goal setting stiategy(1u)
List examples in stoiies B0 Tigeis togethei anu then othei inuiviuually (2u)

Bay 1S
Focus: Keiii Stiug stoiy viueo (1u)
Finu at least 1 example of each axiom in assoiteu stoiies (2u)
Pick theii own aiticle anu finu examples (1u)

Bay 14-1S
Keynote activity
Be an 11 socially Keynote activity
Reau anu uesign a keynote baseu on facts fiom theii section
Name, Facts, Stoiies, quote, uiscussion

Bay 16 -17
Piesent Keynotes

Bay 18
Notes ovei keys to successful business anu life

Bay 19
Be an 11 stuuent
Reauing anu Woiksheet

Bay 2u
Lizzianes steps

Bay 21
The uieat Biscoveiy pp 21-2S
Cieate a mosaic

Bay 22
0veicoming obstacles
Aiticle anu questions

Bay 2S
(gone day)
Reau Chaptei 1 anu 2 of the attacheu stoiy (its shoit) anu answei questions


Activity: Whos At Your Table?
Supplies Needed: Whos at Your Table handout, pens or pencils
1. Begin with a brief discussion about how leaders need good role models/mentors.
Discuss how just as a company or a large organization has a Board of Directors to help
lead and guide it, so too do we all need to surround ourselves with people who can help
us on our leadership journey.
2. Ask participants to use the diagram to create their own Board or Directors or their table
of mentors/role models. These may be people living or dead (or even non-humansone
young man had his dog at his table because from the dog he learned unconditional love).
They may be people the participant knows personally or just looks up to, people in
history, etc.
Follow Up:
If time is limited, this exercise is useful just as an individual activity, with a brief
discussion of why participants might want to keep this somewhere visible to remind
them of the support and guidance their table offers.
If time permits, it is wonderful to have participants share whos at their table and why.
I also like to talk about how the people at your table can change, depending on where you
are at in your life and your leadership journey, and how some people may always be
there. You can also talk about whos table YOU might be sitting as, serving as their
mentor or role model. Especially with youth groups, I like to

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