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People v. Brian Dugan

Victim Impact Statement Chris Nicarico

On July 7. 1972, in San Francisco, Kathy and I became the 2 proud, big sisters of Jeanine,

Jeanine was the one in our family who always had a way of bringing a smile to any situation

whether at the dinner table, riding bikes around the neighborhood, riding the waves on her raft,

climbing trees, cleaning up the dinner dishes, playing neighborhood games of kick the can,

waking us up by wiggling her way into one of our beds. She even enjoyed it when our dad heeled

the sailboat way over as the rest of us nervously held On waiting for the boat to level off.

Jeanine's smile and contagious giggle seemed to come through in every situation. Her smile is

unforgettable and forever in our minds. However, not all of our family members and friends,

today, will ever get to experience this joy.

But February 25, 1983, while Kathy and I were coming home from school all excited for

the weekend! our baby sister had been ripped from our home, all alone in the cold and killed in

the most devastating ways we could ever imagine. Suddenly, in blink of an eye, our lives were

changed drastically forever. Life would never be the same for our family, relatives and friends.

This event has continued to haunt us and bring fear to our lives that we didn't even know existed

over the years.

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Suddenly, -we were no longer a family of 5 who actually enjoyed fitting into a restaurant booth, or as 3 sisters squeezing into one double-size bed on vacations, or negotiating who would sit in the middle in the backseat of the car. Growing up without Jeanine, our family holidays never were the same due to one less Easter basket in the morning, one less option on how to carve the pumpkin on Halloween, and the one less Christmas stocking on Christmas morning. There was a vacancy in our Ii ..... es that none of us had ever expected to encounter.

Kathy and I never experienced Jeanine coming to us for advice on dating. We missed her excitement when getting her driver' 5 license, or choosing which college to

attend or getting engaged. We did not get to see her walk down the wedding aisle or plan a surprise bridal or baby shower for each other. Kathy and I missed the times when she was stressed out at work or just wanted to go shop for a new outfit. We missed out on watching her fumble around a kitchen to learn to cook. Most importantly, we missed out on seeing Jeanine with her nieces and nephews, and or especially, her own children .

. Kathy, Jeanine and I never had the opportunity to debate or figure out who would be whose maid of honor in each others weddings. Instead, after each of our weddings we drove along the peaceful streets of downtown Naperville from the church to the cemetery with our bridal parties and stood around Jeanine's grave to bring Jeanine's her well-deserved, bridesmaid bouquet, as she would always be our maid of honor for eternity,

Kathy and I have had several benchmarks in our lives shadowed by Jeanine's death. We experienced trials/court proceedings during our high school and college years, while making wedding plans, throughout our pregnancies and now into lives of our own children. All of which should have been part of the good times shared with our little sister, Jeanine. Jeanine's own

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.. -brorhers-in-laws, nieces and nephews have only known her-from photos and-stories and not me sister-in-law or Aunt they would have adored.

Kathy and I See aspects of Jeanine in each of our children whether it be a dimpled smile, the big round eyes, the active lifestyle, the passion for Hfe, the empathy towards others, the love for animals or the contagious giggle that makes you join right in. But the most evident, is the way each of our children smother our parents, their grandparents, with so much love and admiration like Jeanine gave to our mom and dad. These aspects of Jeanine live through our children and give us the laughter, joy, worries and much love each and everyday!

As a family, we continue to share me Stories of happy days & memories of Jeanine [Q mask the tragic and horrific way Jeanine lost her life so unfairly. I know we will always have our little sister, Jeanine, within our hearts and souls every day of our lives, because this is something no one can ever take away from us.

Due to this criminal's heinous actions, Kathy and I didn't get the chance to say goodbye or give that last hug or kiss to our little sister, Jeanine, Instead, we now have to pray to our little angel, Jeanine, to give us strength and courage to move on without that beautiful smile in our daily lives. She will be forever a part of all of us.

Chris Nicarico

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Victim Impact Statement

Tom Nicarico

The initial impact of thjs horrific crime upon me was a. combination of grief, emptiness. fear and the painful empathy for what Jeanine endured. It seemed very unnatural for the youngest member of our family to be suddenly gone. Jeanine was just beginning to blossom into life. The horrible circumstances surrounding her death ... her being taken from our locked

home, the ravaging of her small body, even that she was missing for days before she was found

... resulted in feelings of helplessness and dread which, for me. developed a life of their own.

However as time has passed, while these are no longer 24-hour-a-day feelings or

thoughts, their depth has not been diluted. They do not wait to be prompted by court

proceedings or media releases in order to spring into my mind, uninvited and on their own.

Events as simple as a passing. giggling little brown-haired girl can suddenly open the gates of

intense feelings ranging from nostalgia to absolute dread.

This crime has affected me, my family, the families of our friends, and many others

both within and outside our community. No longer is it safe to leave doors unlocked .. ' as was

the custom of many at the time of this crime. No longer is it safe to leave even responsible

children alone and unprotected. No longer is the boogey man a fairy tale. He is for real! He

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came to, the Nicarico house in February 1983, Indeed, nightmares are not just for the Nicarico family, they exist for many others too .., even to this day, This knowledge alone". of the fear and anxiety generated by the crimes against Jeentne ... is a source of deep personal anguish,

The single most troubling aspect of [his crime for me, the one that I personally have the most difficulty coping with, is what happened to her on that Friday ... Jeanine's violent kidnapping and horrific assault, culminating in a brutal bludgeoning. It was not a single blow to the head. She was struck a second, a third, a fourth and a fifth time! These images, especially those of her sexual assault, tear open my heart, Wasn't she safe within the sanctuary of our home? That wooden door was no protection. Where was her father when she needed him? Where was the family's provider and protector? I was unable to help her; I did not keep her safe. Could I now even assure the safety of her surviving sisters, Chris and Kathy?

When thinking about the effects of this crime on Jeanine, my wife, my children, family and friends, I have experienced feelings ranging from profound sadness to anger, to helpness, and even to fear _, , fear for my other loved ones.

Notwithstanding the foregoing and a flourishing personal cynicism, I remain resolved not to allow this tragedy to destroy or further erode my family's sense of wellbeing, trust and general concern for others. Despite the pain and anguish from this tragedy, our family recognizes [he boundless compassion and support that we have received from family, friends, community, and even strangers. Because of this understanding, our family has been able to pursue generally normal lives, We have built bridges over the chasms in our hearts even though those chasms are sometimes overflowing with tears, We're determined not to allow the evil done to Jeanine to also rape and bury us,

Tom Nicarico

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People v. Brian Dugan 05 CF 3491

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Victim Impact Statement

Pat Nicarico

My worst nightmare came true on February 25,1983. when my 10 year old

daughter, Jeanine dragged out our home: viciously molested and bludgeoned to death.

She was just an innocent little girl, and it's hard for me to believe that now Jeanine would

be almost the age I was on that day and about the same age as my daughter, Kathy, is


Jeanine was a delight! She was a cheerful, happy go lucky, loving and sensitive

little girl. She was truly a joy in OUf lives. Jeanine loved people, she loved animals,

especially her dog, Ruffles, who was always by her side. She had a true Jove for horses

and horseback riding. She enjoyed competing in horse shows and she dreamed of one

day winning a blue ribbon at a horse show competition. That dream never came true.

She was robbed of that dream, as we were robbed of the many dreams we had for her.

We never saw her graduate from junior high, high school or college, have a career, marry

or be a mother. Our beautiful1ittle girl never had the chance to grow up. I often wonder

what she would be like if she was with us today. That is something I will never know.

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There is a tremendous void in our lives. Someone is missing. Jeanine, or J as we often called her, is gone. She is no longer with us at holidays, birthdays, our daughter's weddings, or to one day be an aunt to her sisters' children,

In spite of this terrible emptiness. we have tried to move on with our lives and not let these feelings consume us. Jeanine would want us to be the family we were before. However, there are many feelings that continue to haunt me. I remember how scared my daughters, Chris and Kathy were to come home to an empty house after this happened. They were in junior high and high school, but would still call to be sure someone was a.t home before they returned.

To this day I am still troubled when I see a child get injured. I remember when I worked at the school seeing a little girl who had fallen on the playground and hit her head. She came into the office and. was bleeding profusely. I normally would have been able to take care of her until she got into the nurse's office. But this day I just went to pieces. I had such a flashback to what Jeanine must have felt-hearing the girl cry and then seeing the cut on her head, just made me tremble all over.

I still have many nights when I cry myself to sleep thinking of what Jeanine, my baby, went through on that day. If only I had not left her home alone. Jeanine trusted me to keep her safe. She was in our home, behind locked doors and I was not very far away. She wanted to stay home alone and assured me she was not afraid to be by herself. I had checked on her by corning home that morning and again at lunch time. I still

remember what a wonderful time we had at lunch, and as I left to return to work, she handed me roy coat and said, "Here, mommy. See don't worry, I will be okay." She gave me a big hug and a kiss and squeezed me real, real tight. I really didn't want to go. I

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never thought that would be the lasthug and kiss I would get from my sweet little girl.

The last time I would ever speak to Jeanine and hear her tell me she was fine was when

she phoned me at one o'clock that day. When I hung up I was expecting to be back

home with her in a couple of hours, I will never forget the fear I felt as I rushed horne

after I received the call from my neighbor telling me that Jeanine was not in the house. I

still anguish over why, why did I leave her home? Why didn't I just stay with her. If

only I hadn't left her, She trusted me. I left her in a safe place, our home, I told her not

to open the door for anybody. She did what I told her to do, she did not open the door.

Your home should be your safe place, your sanctuary, but for Jeanine, on that day, it was


I am still haunted by the fear and horror Jeanine felt when she heard the sound of

. .

the front door being kicked open. Did she scream and cry out for me, for help? Did she

run and hide and try to get away from this person? I think of how terribly scared and

terrified she must have been. r ask myself, what happened it that house? Our dog,

Ruffles, was lying in the laundry room shaking and too petrified to move. It took weeks

before she was a normal dog again. Something terrified that animal. I can't begin to

imagine what kind of struggle she put up inside our house. I know she was trying so hard

to hang on and not be dragged OUt of the house. The thought of what must have gone on

just tears at my heart. How frightened she must have been when he blindfolded her and

when he viciously tore her apart, and when he savagely beat her to death and when he

dumped her in the woods like a piece of garbage. This was my baby: a sweet, gentle and

loving little girl who would harm no one, who had such a zest for life and was so cruelly

and viciously taken from us.

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As a parent, you try to protect your children. You ask that they trust you will protect them. That trust was destroyed by this man who kicked in the locked door of our horne, dragged Jeanine out and tortured and murdered her.

r believe it is too late for sympathy or remorse. The damage has been done, the horror still exists. Nothing can bring Jeanine back to us, that is something we will live with for the rest of our lives. There is no apology that can take away the pain and fear that our little Jeanine endured. This man made a decision, a very bad decision, one that only he could have changed, but he chose not to,

Pat Nicarico

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