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Professional School Counselor Portfolio (PSCP) Brief Reflection Form Standard 10 Curriculum Competencies Addressed: 1,2,3,4,5 Date Created:

2013-14 School year Student Name: Doug Hatch_ Reviewers Initials: _____________

1. Describe the context in which these artifacts were collected and identify the standard and competency(s) the artifact represents. The first artifact was created in a Buena Vista class GEDU 527 Developmental Assessment & School Counseling Core Curriculum. This covers competency numbers 15. The second and 3rd artifact on the page were created during the 2013-14 school year for use in my small groups for 7th and 8th grade, this covers competency numbers 1,2,3,4,5. The next artifact, the Iowa State video, was created by an 8th grade student in my careers class. It covers competencies 2,3,4. The next artifact was created by a 7th grade student in my be an 11 small group, it also covers 2,3,4.

2. What do they demonstrate to you about your learning and mastery of the competencies that fall under this standard? The first artifact is a well thought out lesson plan that I believe covers all 5 competencies. Each lesson leads to the next and many different learning styles are covered. There are always many different opportunities for each student to demonstrate their learning in many different ways. Artifact number two and three demonstrate 1,2,3,4

and 5 by showing everything we are doing in the class as well as many different activities which involve technology, art, and higher order thinking. Artifact number 4 was created by an 8th grade student to prove she had followed a career path and found and understood a college she could attend that would allow her to follow her career path. It is one of the many ways I use to evaluate students, is age appropriate and is a great developmentally appropriate learning experience. The final artifact is one of many I have that is the final project of a student showing what they learned from out Character education small group, it shows objectives being met and a unique way to evaluate.

3. What do these items of evidence tell you about your overall progress toward your personal goals and your growth as a professional school counselor?

I think these items show that I have learned many things from my twenty plus years of classroom experience, and that with the addition of technology I am willing to change and improve my lesson and keep my curriculum up-to-date. These artifacts show that as a counselor I can play to my strengths of a classroom teacher and incorporate that into my guidance activities. They also show my willingness to be creative and find a different way each student can be evaluated that will be the mist beneficial to them.

4. What are your plans for additional growth or improvement in this area? I am always searching for improvements to my curriculum. I am searching for new ideas to add to my curriculum, and small groups. Edmodo has some great community web pages in which teacher/counselors can share lesson plan ideas. I also

plan on continuing to work with staff to use their ideas in my class that work well. Finally I also survey my students and get their ideas of what worked and things they did not find useful. I also plan to communicate with my local counselors and my cohort to build upon and borrow their ideas.