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Social Studies Structured Observation Guide

As you observe social studies being taught in the elementary classroom, reflect on the following aspects of the lesson. In your write-up of the observation please address each of these areas. Lesson Introduction The lesson was introduced after the students completed work from the previous days social studies class. The teacher introduced the lesson with a short Focus and Review discussion about the chapter they had just finished. The students review was a discussion of the revolutionary war and the parts that different founding fathers, women, and native americans played during the war. The teacher then introduced the constitution. He explained that the constitution was our second form of government. He then asked students what the first form of government was. After students answered the articles of confederation, he asked if students had any remaining questions on the articles of confederation and answered questions. After finishing questions he had assigned students a section of a chapter of their book to read while filling in a note taking sheet. Purpose of Lesson The purpose of the lesson was for students to understand the Articles of Confederation and The Constitutional Congress. Students were aware of the intent of the lesson. However, they did not know why the lesson was relevant to them. This was discussed during the lesson taught later that week. Instructional Delivery The discussion during focus and review briefly touched on the information to be taught. However, the main form of delivery of information was from the students textbook. By giving the students a certain amount of information in a limited time to learn via the textbook and worksheet, I feel that instruction was limited. Closure The lesson was not closed on the day that it was introduced. The lesson was closed 2 days later using a discussion. By this time it appeared that students had forgotten information that they had received in the lesson. However, through the discussion the students seemed to relearn the information. It was an open discussion in which students asked the teacher any remaining questions they had and he answered ten to the best of his abilities. Lesson Outcomes I feel as though the goals and objectives of the lesson were met. The students received the information that was intended. When their note sheets were reviewed they had answered what they were asked to answer. The students were successful in completing the assignment given to them. The worksheets were completed fully and accurately with the extended time that was given to them. Classroom Management I truly found the classroom management style interesting in this class. The students were in charge of regulating each other. This held them accountable for their own actions. However, when it got to loud in the classroom, the misbehaving students would be sent into the hall and asked to walk up and down the hall until they felt they were calm enough to re-enter the classroom. Lesson Reactions The strength i the lesson was the discussions that the teacher seemed to favor. His open discussions allowed the students to understand more of the topic than they would of if they had not had the discussion. However, I did not like the use of the textbook in teaching this lesson. In the students free time they watched the show Liberty Kids and showed interest in the show. I think if they were presented with a Liberty Kids about the Continental Congress they would have been more interested in the lesson.

Personal Reflections- In my future social studies teaching I will use discussions. They seemed to really get the children excited and debating. However, I will try to present information in a way that doesn't seem as dull as a textbook.