Photo Release March 28, 2014

VITALITY OF COOPERATION -- Speaker Feliciano Belmonte, Jr. and Mr. Lee Byung-Bae, Senior Secretary to the Speaker for Policy, Office of the Speaker, Korean National Assembly, exchange vital, amazing and sometimes amusing incidents that continue to deepen the long and growing relations between the governments and peoples of the Philippines and South Korea during the latter’s recent courtesy call on Speaker Belmonte who also extended the Filipino people’s gratitude to South Korea for the invaluable assistance to the victims of super-typhoon Yolanda. Mr. Lee Byung-Bae was accompanied by Mr. Cho YunSoo, Principal Secretary to the Speaker for Foreign Affairs. Also present to welcome the Korean guests were Rep. Ma. Theresa B. Bonoan of the 4th District of Manila and House Secretariat officials: Deputy Secretary General (Legal Affairs), Atty. Leonardo Palicte III; Director General (Acting), Congressional Policy and Budget Research Department, Dr. Romulo Miral, Jr.; and Deputy Secretary General (Office of the Speaker), Atty. Grace N. Andres. (30) Photo by Tobias Engay, Media Relations Service-PRIB

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