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Paper towels
2 Oil pans
2 Milk jugs
1 Gallon ziplock bag

8 Quarts Castrol 20w-50

Oil filter STP #S1 or Wix #51452
Copper oil drain plug washer

12" Crescent
10mm Nutdriver
Filter wrench

1. Park car on level or with front end pointed uphill.

2. Pop hood.
3. Remove oil fill cap.
4. From under the driver's side door, slide under car w/ oil pan on newspapers, paper towels &
crescent. Remove plug and drain oil.
5. From under the front, use 10mm nutdriver to remove plastic belly pan. Pull down the back edge
of the bumper to free the leading edge of the belly pan. Slide toward front of car to remove.
6. From under the front, use second oil pan on newspapers, paper towels & filter wrench to remove
oil filter.
7. Return to the driver's side and replace drain plug with new washer.
8. Pour new oil into new oil filter until about 1/2 full.
9. Return under the front and install new oil filter.
10. Pour the remains of the open quart of oil plus 5 and 1/2 more (6 1/2 total) into engine.1
11. Replace oil filler cap.
12. Start car and idle while checking for leaks. Shut down car and verify oil level.
13. Replace belly pan, sliding it into 2 rear mounts first, then pushing leading edge up under bumper.
14. Put used filter in gallon ziplock.
15. Record mileage and date.
16. Put spare oil in car.

For smooth pouring, grasp the short sides of the oil container and pour out of one of the flat sides.
Upend used oil containers directly into milk jug.

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