President Obama, Pope Francis and Gill Wallace Hope invest in the poor

Rome - 27th March 2014 The historic meeting between President Obama and Pope Francis focused on Poverty Alleviation and Income Inequality. The commitment by both leaders to invest and mobilize the 1 billion poor who live on $1 a day or less (BOP market). deo_n_5041824.html Gill Wallace Hope has dedicated her life to investing in the poor through mass collaboration. Her Queen of Green - Social Development Portfolio valued at $150bn is empowering 200 million across 70 countries to live 'green and sustainable' lives.

Hope's green communities, technologies and micro-enterprises transfer the knowledge, technology and capital. She has addressed scale and speed to refocus investment to human assets. "Mass Collaboration is about seeing the skills, talent, value and energy in all stakeholders and combining this in innovative ways to provide new opportunities" says Hope. Gill Wallace Hope has applied the UN Innovation in Financing model to attract funds from every continent.

Read it on The Financial Stability Board reported there is over $67 trillion of 'parked cash' that is seeking a profit. Read it on Sovereign Wealth Funds, G20, Equator Banks, Family Funds and enlightened citizens have sponsored the development phase through Crowd Funding or invested in the implementation. For TV interviews call +971 552 396 818

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