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CULA - Liquidity Program - #UAE

CULA - Liquidity Program - #UAE


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Published by Gill Wallace Hope
Bringing happiness to 200,000 companies and employees by injecting cash at street level to restore liquidity,
Bringing happiness to 200,000 companies and employees by injecting cash at street level to restore liquidity,

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Published by: Gill Wallace Hope on Mar 31, 2014
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Gill Wallace Hope leads world first CULA Liquidity Program to inject cash at street level

Abu Dhabi - 28th March 2014 Gill Wallace Hope is implementing the UN Innovation in Financing Policy signed by 198 World Leaders to inject cash at street level to

release economies from gridlock. Read it on She invented CULA - Liquidity Program to release the burden on the bottom 3 levels of the economy who are least able to cope. "The SME's, employees and domestic workers have carried the biggest burden from the global crisis" she said. Hope states "We are injecting $5.4 billion (aed 19.71 bln) to pay off debts including Court Orders, Unpaid invoices and salaries regardless of who the debtor is, nationality, or faith".

UAE has no bankruptcy system so citizens and residents get stuck between the systems. CULA - Liquidity Program is a one-time cash injection to release the people from suffering and get the cash flowing again. Companies and employees can bring their papers to apply for CULA and

be given a Full and Final Settlement offer. If they accept, the payments will be made directly to the suppliers, employees and domestic staff ensuring that everyone has cash to pay their bills.

Gill Wallace Hope has navigated horizontally across the 132 Government Ministries and Depts in UAE, with the FSB, G20, Treasuries and UN to develop a model that is cheaper and faster than the QE implemented in USA and Austerity programs adopted by some governments. France, Poland, Cyprus etc can all apply the CULA Program to cut through the hardship and refocus their economies on growth.

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