“Recover”, the new album by italian hard rock band Armonight, that will embark on a long European Summer


Genre: Rock/Hard Rock Release date: March 20th 2014 Label: Klasse1 Edizioni Digital distrib tion: !"azon# i$ nes

Official website www.armonight.com Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/armonight-official "NIght of Illusions" - (Official Videoclp)

On the !"th of #ecember, $%!&, italian rock band Armonight released their third album, 'Recover'( )rom the record came the single '*ight of +llusions', the video of which is available on ,ou-ube, the brainchild of ).ord, lead guitarist of the band and directed by Riccardo /ittaluga of 0inimal 1ero.
In the last year and a half Armonight played a long series of concerts in the 23 Swit4erland *etherlands, )rance (and of course +taly) feeding an increasingly large group of fans.!rom August $%!5 ("enues yet to #e confirmed) the #and from Vicen$a will #e touring to mar% the release of "Recover"- these dates will see the hard roc% group performing around Europe from August $6 to September $%.&he ten trac%s on "Recover" are a

mi' of roc%-style (rmonight #ut unli%e pre"ious wor% namely the de#ut "Suffering And /assion" in )*+* and the su#se,uent "-ales )rom -he 7eart" dated )*+) the new studio effort has numerous catchy guitar riffs from the first listen. &he #and in doing this intends to de"iate from the melancholy aura that characteri$es the gothic genre which has #een so sterotyped in the past #y critics through the presence of %ey#oards and female "ocals."Recover" recorded and mi'ed at -alo .ound &herapy /ecording .tudio in the pro"ince of Vicen$a is distri#uted #y 3lasse! Edi4ioni and is a"aila#le on all channels of digital music distri#ution (Ama4on i-unes amongst others .. )0 the physical format of the 12 is also a"aila#le for order directly from the "Shop" section of the #and3s official we#site.
Armonight )acebook https 88www(facebook(com8Armonight Armonight -witter https 88twitter(com8Armonight

9uy 'Recover' at these links http://www.armonight.#igcartel.com/ https://itunes.apple.com/us/al#um/reco"er/id4567894+7