Making Butter

One day in the school holidays Joyce went to see her Aunt Indra, who lives in the county. Joyce enjoyed looking at the animals, but what she liked most was to see the butter being made. In a cool, clean room called a diary there were some larger shallow pans holding milk. These had been left there for the cream to rise to the top. It is from the cream that the butter is made. Aunt Indra showed Joyce the churn in which butter is made. It was a kind of wooden barrel resting on a stand. At one end was a handle which turned the churn round and round. When Aunty Indra had skimmed the milk she put it in the churn and started to turn it. After a long time she opened the churn and looked inside. Joyce saw the white cream had changed into yellow butter. She also saw the buttermilk, which is the watery, part of cream. Next, the butter was washed and presses to get the buttermilk out, and Aunty Indra put salt with it to keep it fresh. When she had made it into round pats it was ready. Aunt Indra gave Joyce a pat to take home.

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What did Joyce like the most at her aunt’s home? In which room was the butter made? Why was the milk put into large shallow pans? In what was the butter made? What did Aunt Indra do after putting the cream in the churn? Why did Aunt Indra wash and press the butter? Why did Aunt Indra wash and press the butter? Why was salt added to the butter?

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