Brief word s, long mus e





Everyone imaginable are equal. Debunk or accept, No one is gullible. You are the seeds of germination Needless to breath out lust and infuriation. You grow bereft of others of your same type You only grow with God’s Providence. If a bird could be gleeful, why not you? If a tortoise could live yet being slothful and pacified, why not you? If a child whose mind will always be pure, why not you?

Your mind is full of scorpions, Your hand is full of blood, Your body is full of purgatory, Your leg is full of Selfishness.

Your mind is full of creativeness and intuition, Your hand is full of unparalleled wisdom, Your body is ethereal, Your leg is mighty but not brutish.

But why only you?

But why only you?

So you are enclosed. So you are in muse. You have not thought about God In the surplus of your reading, In the surplus of your eating, In the surplus of your slumber. Should you wake? Should you?

If you feel sad Kill it. If you feel phlegmatic, kill it. If you feel indolent, Kill it. All negativity being killed With a prayer. With a single prayer.

No one is incompetent. Thus no one can be in ego, Thus no one will never understand how to communicate With God.

Change your life now
And be with God And be with yourself Let not evil overarch To your ladder to perfection.

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