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Sunday Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday 2 3 Chicken pot pie Minestrone Soup grilled pork Jambalaya Sourdough bread chops potatoes and carrots 1 Tuesday 7 White Beans and Ham baked potatoes 8 Teriyaki chicken rice broccoli cucumbers Wednesday Thursday Wednesday Saturday 4 Chicken Chimichangas 5

Sunday 6 Grilled chicken potatoes and carrots in foil green salad


Saturday Friday 10 11 Chicken fried Black bean and Chicken salad Manicotti steak avocado tacos green salad mashed potatoes bread sticks green beans corn 9 Wednesday Thursday 16 Gumbo fish fingers veggies & dip 17 Chicken club wrap Friday 18 Crawfish boil Saturday


Sunday 13 hotdogs baked beans green salad Sunday 20

Monday 14 Chili carrot sticks cornbread Monday 21

Tuesday 15 Tamales rice beans avocados Tuesday 22 taco salad


Wednesday 23 Peanutty beef skewers rice cucumber salad Wednesday 30

Thursday 24 BBQ Pork sandwiches coleslaw Thursday

Friday 25 Chicken and broccoli Alfred

Saturday 26 shrimp tacos refried beans

Beef Stew Ham potato casserole asparagus Sunday Monday




27 28 29 grilled tuna salad Sausage, Greek Chicken Hamburgers sandwiches green bean Salad potato salad and red humus baked beans potato flat bread casserole olives