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Summary What is your grade?

7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 56 52 57 50 55 53 17% 16% 18% 15% 17% 16%

What is your gender? Male 159 49% Female 164 51% Have you ever participated in bullying? No, I have never participated in bullying. 221 68% Yes, I have participated in bullying. 64 20% Other 38 12% If you answered yes to the last question, than have you participated in bullying: Daily 4 3% Weekly 8 7% Monthly 30 25% Other 77 65% What role did you play in bullying? I have never been involved in bullying instigator Participant Observer/ Bystander Have you ever been the target of a bully? No, I have never been the target of a bully 146 45% Yes, I have been the target of a bully 177 55% 152 47% 7 34 2% 11%

130 40%

If yes you have been the target of a bully, were you most recently targeted: Within the last week 37 20% Within the last month 38 20% Within the last year 113 60% What kind of bullying was it? (Check all that apply) I have never experienced bullying 114 15% Name Calling 141 18% Excluded or left out by others continuously 92 12% Teased 102 13% Gossip/ Rumors 119 15% Threatened 25 3% Text messages, emails, Instagram, facebook or any other electronic form 55 7% Physical aggression (hitting, slapping, pushing, etc...) 29 4% Picked on for my looks 61 8% Bullied because of my race or religion 23 3% Other 16 2% Where did the bullying happen? (check all that apply) I have never been bullied. 116 19% On the way to school (bus, walking in) 31 5% In the hallway 108 18% In the lunch area 90 15% In a classroom 78 13% In the restroom 10 2% In the locker room 46 8% On the internet 52 9% On the phone 37 6% Other 35 6%

Did you tell anyone about the bullying? (check all that apply) I have never had an experience with bullying 115 25% Yes, my friend 88 19% Yes, a teacher 24 5% Yes, an adult I trust 28 6% Yes, my parent 89 19% Yes, my sister/brother 33 7% No, I did not tell anyone 31 7% No, there is no one to tell. 3 1% No, telling is not cool. 15 3% No, even If I did no one would do anything. 14 3% Other 29 6% If you told someone, what happened when you told him/her (check all that apply)

I felt better 88 37% The person helped me know what to do. 72 30% The person did something to help stop the bullying. 38 16% Other 41 17% If that person helped to stop the bullying, what did they do? -They told me it was a jealousy thing. They said that they feel threatened by me. -Told the person to stop. -I confrunted the person myself -They told me some responses to the name calling that was going on. -They stood up for the person that was being bullied. -They told me to stay away from the person. -They were there to support me and and make sure that that person didn't do it again --Gave me advice on how to handle it... - told the adult No one knew I was knew I was getting bullied, -They talked to the bully. - they helped me tell the principle and then they talked to me on ways that i can stand up to myself and tell them to stop. They stood up for me. - They helped me get through it by telling me it was all okay they just talked to me about it and I told them what was going on, they didn't really do anything other than us talking. -They talked to the people involved one-on-one and confronted them. -Said something to the person Mr. Dryer talked to be(the) bullying student. - they told a teacher to not pair me up with that kid so i wouldnt be left out. They just stopped. -they made everyone else stop bullying.

- It was mindless junior high drama that caused name-calling and bad things to be said in front of me/the person bullied or over the internet. -My mom talked to me about it, and helped me understand she doesnt even have the guts to say it to my face, and just take a deep breathe and keep calm. -I would walk up and tell them to stop. -They told them to quit picking on me and it isn't very nice to pick on someone that is smaller than you. -told them to knock it off -Talked to me.. thats it -They talked to the person who was bullying -mes(my) parents and they took care of it. They talked to me and told me that it didn't matter what that person was saying. -They didn't really do anything besides give me someone to talk to. -They stood up to the bully and told them to stop and leave me alone. They told them to stop otherwise they will have to deal with someone else in my family and see what it's like to be bullied them self. -Would face the bully themselves or tell a teacher nearby. -They talked to the people who were involved and figured out what was wrong and helped to resolve the situation. I was able to talk to them about it and it made me feel better -The teacher turned the student in for inappropriate tweets against other staff at the school. The student got in trouble for the tweets about the staff and got their laptop taken away. There is less tweets being tweeted about me from their account now and they are more careful. I still stay away and don't associate myself with them. -They talked to the bully and the bully stopped. -They told them to stop -They told them off. They said how would you like to be bullied by someone bigger than you. How you feel if the person you keep bulling kills themselves cuz they cant take it anymore. Think before you type, or say the things you do. One day we'll all be dead. But know one wants to die a bully. And no one wants to die because of being bullied. -They tried to help by telling me to try to avoid the people and hang out with other people. -Told the person to be nice to me. -Helped me work around it and ignore it -They helped me through it and talked to the person and told them it was not cool, so they stopped. -Had counselor talk to them. They stopped. - In a way they stopped it, there are still things said about me, but I have learned to ignore it because I figured out why the person bullies me, and if thats the way they would like to act then I know it will come back to bite them, I don't have to do anything, life sorts out itself -Made me talk to the girls that were bullying me in the guidance office. They believed that was the best solution, but in reality it just made it worse. Over time it went away. -They would get a teacher. -Probably just ask them to stop and probably call the kids parents to explain something. That is if I told anyone.

-they didn't, they made it worse - tell someone -They gave me advice. -Well it happened at Madrid, so she couldn't do anything. -They made me feel better about myself, and also took it to the school because I didn't want to go by myself. Therefor they helped me get out of the situation. -Tell them to stop you shouldn't be doing that, what do you think when you are doing this to other people. Why are you doing this. How would you feel if some one did this to you. -They told me to ignore the comments because they only do it because they know it bothers me. -They would tell a teacher and be there for you. - told me to ignore the person and they stopped. -They stood up.... for me -Told me to forget it and it would stop if you do not pay attention the m they will stop. all they are looking for is attention -Tell you to just not ignore to him or her. -tell you stuff to make you feel better -Told me how I could fix it -They told the person to stop. - talked to the principle Brought a different perspective. -They told the principle. -They told that person to stop -My parents told me to ignore those who try to degrade me because their lives are centered on vanity if they're making fun of me for what I wear. -Told a teacher, told the bully to stop, etc. -Told them bullies to stop. -i did not do something, but it stoped. -stop talking to me. -They told me it would get better, and to ignore it the best I could. they talked to the person then it happened at the end of the year last year and I got punched they were suspended. -They Called the school and got the problems sorted out. -They told someone else -They made me feel better, about it first, and then they made a call to that persons parents and they made it stop. -They said to ignore them. -They made me feel better about myself :) -They had a talk with that person. -Gave them a talk, and if they were in my position what would they feel like. -Said it was because of jealousy, told me to forget them. -They told me to not react to the bullying. -My parents told me to forget about what they are saying. -One of my friends told me that they are all jealous of em and just want to see me break down. -they both made me feel better. -stood up for me and basically told the person who was bullying off.

-Made them stop what they were doing. -comforted me, told me how to address the problem, talk to the people doing the bullying and get it settled, made me feel better about myself, but someone told me possible reasons why these people were leaving me out and that didn't really make me feel any better because it was all basically bad things about myself -Talked to the people doing it, and told them to stop. - Talked me through it and I learned that bullies target people that appear shy or weak mentally or physically. -They just listened and understood me and tried to think of ways to help. Talked about it. "ignore what they say or think about you" say stop. -They went to the office to talk to the counselor about it and we got it worked out. - they told a teacher -They make the situation worse not for shear i just tell and go -They talked to me and made me feel better about myself. -I haven't been bullied, but if someone's been mean or offended me, it's nice to have someone just act like a friend and offer comfort. If you told someone what was the result? The person did something and the bullying stopped 73 45% The person did something but the bullying did not stop. 26 16% The person did something, but the bullying got worse. 8 5% Other 55 34% Is there anything you feel would help stop bullying at South Hamilton? -Less rumors going around, and less drama. -Watch twitter and the things being said on it. -more teachers/ More supervision over kids would help/ More people watching over the students. -More assemblies or lectures about bullying and bullying prevention - Also let a kid punch a bully. It's called self-defense. -If people mind their own business. Also maybe if the teachers tried to care about the students a little more. -If everyone just got along with each other and didn't judge. And the school needs to keep better watch at their students, cause they are doing a horrible job in letting the upperclassman boss everyone around. -for any bullying reported then its a detention (for the first offense). if reported again then its a out of school suspension. third offense then the bully gets expelled - People actually paying attention to what people say. It's not just what they do it's what they say. You watch us but you never listen. - So many people automatically look at the bully in a terrible way when really we should figure out why they can't stop there meliscious ways. - just have kids get closer to their friends. Comments

-Physical bullying is a different story, but a lot of the emotional stuff just comes with the age. Everyone is immature, and it's just important to stand up for those who aren't emotionally strong enough to handle it themselves. -Maybe, if the upper class man weren't such snobs and didn't think they were better than everyone. No, if people want to bully and hurt others, they will do it no matter what. Kids need to learn to take things lightly instead of thinking its bullying. There isnt much other than rumors and seclusion from groups I really don't know. No matter what bullying will always continue. i mean they could get in trouble for it if there waz more people out there that cared less bulling would happen. I think as far as schools go SH is pretty good i mean the school i went to before I came here was very bad my friend was bullied very badly but the teachers didn't really do anything -I do not witness any bullying, so I believe we are fine. -i dont know not really, we are pretty good -Nothing can stop humans from competing to be better than others. -Nothing ever has and nothing ever will. -I have learned that a large portion of the targets have low self a steam, bad home life, or suffered some kind of traumatic event that has made them not social or subconsciously exclude them selves from people because they are nerves and or always paranoid to were they are afraid that if they get close to people then they will get shut down or not treated fairly. -This is obviously not going to work all the time because life is full of people that are there to just make you feel bad. -Most bullies that nit pick at you do so because they need something in life to make them selves feel bigger or stronger than you because they don't have anything else in there life to do so for them. So in these cases the bully is also in some kind of traumatic state that he/she needs help with also. -Bullying happens everywhere. -Some people say it was a joke, others don't. -I don't seen bullying happen often at this school, occasionally theres a rumor; but nothing serious. -Switch the friend groups up for a day. -Wear a school uniform for a day. i.e.) khakis and a red t-shirt. Then there is no one is any fancier or more expensive than the other person. -Don't just address the bullies, address the ones getting bullied too. (aside from just telling them to 'get help' or 'tell an adult'.) It is sometimes a two-way situation and needs to be dealt with on both sides. -no because I don't see any bullying. -Confront the problem. Don't just talk to us as a group. -Find the bullies. -Going out side to play sports. -Keeping everyone separated and having no interaction at all. -People need to realize that sometimes what they say or just looks they give people really do hurt even if they say they are joking around.

- listen to students and let them come to you, - Having more class get togethers to bond with your graduating class -sit down and talk to everyone and put stricter consequences - People not talking bad about people, or hearing something bad and not reacting toward it without knowing the whole truth. - putting supervision in the locker area. -other than people learning to be nice to others and not judging people for silly little things like what they are wearing, how they look, what they sound like. if people would just learn to get along. -have the teachers be more understandable and relatable - I think that the people have to make a decision for themselves and make that change. -Nothing will stop the bullying at South Hamilton because none of the students at South Hamilton have the ability to stop hating each other. Kids always feel the need to be better than someone else and they will stop at nothing to push someone else down to make them feel/look better. -I think social media has made bullying really bad because kids do not know how to handle themselves on it and use it appropriately whether it is taught or not. -The best decision was to block twitter. Twitter is the main source of bullying now a days. -I think people not being in "cliques" would help a lot. Often I see students who are being bullied by large groups of "cliques". -I think now I need to go to Mr. Hatch and say 'It's time I think you need to talk to them'. -I feel like if everybody just got along and accepted people for who they are. -that they should not be able be in the same room or class together. -i think that bullying is now being used as an excuse and the older generation has taken it to far I honestly dont think there is really anything we could do. If we just have more and more rules and security i think people are just going to keep getting worse. People are going to be people. Some are jerks and some arent but we cant change them. -Stand up for one another. -I think speakers for the entire school are huge. If you get the entire student body together and have someone come talk, it can definitely change things (at least for a little while). Also, I think independent small groups of students mixed in grades once every week or two would also be beneficial (led by upper class men/teachers). -I really like the bullying reporting slips and I would like more supervision. - I think that there isn't much to prevent bullying, and that there is really no way to ever stop it completly. Bullying will always be around in some way, shape, or form. -When teachers here someone call another person something they say something because a lot of times its a harmless word but means something. -More serious consequences - hall monitors -don't make certain people more important then any other person. - Stop girls from being stupid? -No Not that I can think of. But i have told before and the school did nothing about the problem what so ever. -I think that we need to stand up to bullies. -I don't believe so unless, By telling the teachers.

- I feel like if people weren't so judgemental there would be a lot less bullying. People find themselves in situations where they are being judged and thats when people start rumors. -Ask someone if they're being bullied and help them out and make them tell someone. -Not that im sure of, there isn't really a way, even confronting the persons parents didn't work, sometimes it seems it just cant be stopped -Teachers to be more aware. -Block social media at school. -Teachers to get "snoopy" on social media if there is a problem on there. -Parents need to be informed that their child is being bullied or is the bully. The child that is the bully should have some kind of punishment. -If you see bullying/heard rumors, then you should be required to tell someone. Help stop bullying so no one would have to be hurt. -I dont think bullying is too terrible here compared to other schools. - I've never witnessed actual bullying, just playing around. If real bullying was happening my friends and I would stop it, we have before. -Problem in today's society is people get so butthurt over simple things and they call it bullying. In the 60s for example this was the norm and it was just playing around. -No, I have never witnessed actual hard-nosed bullying. I am not aware of much bullying at SH. -Again most of it is friends making puns at each other... but if there was, a actual real talk with someone high in power at the school, (principle, Guidance Councilor) and actual expulsion if it is bad enough... but I have never seen that in our halls... - more events together such as a youth conference to connect people and hear watch others story If someone is bulling have a teacher stop them immediately and give the bullier consequences right away. -There really isn't anything you can do to stop a bully because for a guy at least if someone tells or reports it they are excluded from that group because what some people consider bullying is just picking on each other like what normal friends do. -Helping people who are being bullied understand not to listen to what the bully is saying and understand what to do to make themselves feel better and not let the words or actions of the bully have an impact, thus stopping the bully because they do it to have an impact. -I think that more bullying would stop if people stopped spreading gossip and rumors around about others. -No. I think bullying will forever live in our school. Which it's sad but true. I feel like you can't tell a joke because that would be consided being a bully. There's no way not to be one anymore. -To include people that you don't care for like when you are eating a lunch or anywhere else. -tell the bad effects of bullying, possibly from someone who could connect to people the age of students -By everyone being friends and helping each other out. -I think we just would have to get people to just accept other people, but I don't know how or if there is a way to make everyone accept one another. -I think we should try and have a HEX class on bullying.

-no not necessarily because sometimes people could be messing around and having a little fun with each other. -There are too many cliques at South Hamilton and if you are not a part of a certain clique they make you feel like you are not as important as them. -Nothing really stops bullying. Bullying mainly starts at home. It starts with childhood. How they are raised, if they are picked on themselves, their grades. Everything starts at home. -There is no actual way to stop bullying. -More cameras. - I honestly don't know i feel as if we should maybe talk about it more or maybe like once a month have a movie or something about a kid actually being bullied because i feel as if then the people who did bully would sort of feel bad about it and maybe change their ways. -. Have more consequences. -No, sadly; because you can't stop bullying from happening. -I think that South Hamilton is doing fine with bulling, we see it happen (which is rare) and then we make it stop. -People need to realize that rationalizations such as "they are only children", "they are just jealous of you", etc. do not stop bullying from being bullying. -I'm not sure of anything besides the ways we are told to handle it. -By telling a figure of authority. - I think bullying might be prevented if the kids who were bullied trusted in people enough to say something. If they tell a teacher, a parent, or even a friend something could be done to stop that kid from being picked on. -Have "little buddy" program where an older kid pairs with a junior high kid and they become friends and maybe gain confidence and solve problems together. -get rid of facebook and twitter -A seminar or lesson that could teach bystandars how they can help in a bullying situation. How people can see the signs of someone being bullied. -I don't really feel that there is much bullying at this school, but if so then maybe have more class activities and support kids who might have been bullied. -Actually no because of the cameras I feel safer that someone might be watching. -If the office would do something about it more often. People need to realize that sometimes when they think they are lightheartedly "messing around with someone" or "just joking" it does not always feel that way for the person being messed with -Hall monitors get the message through better -If people didn't complain to teachers about being bullied and fought back. Bullies understand one thing: Action. Whether it being a hard punch on the shoulder or using clever comebacks. -Awareness to let students know its still a thing.. - Everyone being nice to people even if they are younger or less mature. I feel for others is to just respect each other and if you have nothing nice to say keep it to yourself. People know people here but they dont really know them so they shouldnt judge so if you did something where we all kind of opened up or got to know each other better i think that will help with people to stop judging Honestly, - Bullying isn't a huge problem at South Hamilton.

-People need to grow up, get over the petty drama, and stop any instances of bullying they might encounter. - Tell people to stop judging. Tell a group of 7th grade girls they will stop it, I think that there are certain groups that need to be seperated for the best result - I think it was the right thing to do to block twitter, but I also think people have gone way too far. Girls are the worst. And some mean girls have gotten away with a lot all four years I have been in high school. -I do not think bullying is a major problem at South Hamilton - Stricter policies, an assembly every few months or based on how bad the bullying is, contacting the parents of the bully and the victim, getting help for the bully and the victim, post rules and consequences around posters around the school, also post posters that has every type of bullying (cyber, verbal, physical, teasing, name calling excludeing ect. start having anti bully progams. -The administration needs to do more about it. Not just say they do stuff about it then do nothing. -I don't really know if bullying can be stopped. Bullying is the nature of teenagers and the rest of the human race. Rules are put up in other places in the world, but that does not stop bad things from happening, so I don't really know if putting up rules here at school would have much of an effect. -I feel like there isn't much bullying in SH. - In a small school there usually isn't too many cases of it. And if there is, it will probably be stopped as soon as it starts. -To stay away from the person that is bullying you, and tell someone first your friend also you parent or teacher so they can help you figure this out. -Yes Honestly I am not sure. -Everyone seems to still not care, even after a kid may kill themselves after being bullied. Thats how heartless alot of people here seem to act. -Have the teacher stop play favorites in the clas, because you can not go to a teacher that favorite that student that is being a bully -Better punishments. -Having a meeting in the auditorium about bullying. -not talk to that person -People just standing up to bullies. -I think the bullying would get stopped if the bystanders would take it to the office or tell the bully to stop to get it resolved. - People need to grow up and stop being super sensitive -When the staff is told about bullying they should actually do something about it instead of a very simple adress to the problem -Stop the pecking order. Stop it right now. Seniors should have some special privileges, but it's gotten out of hand. - Bullying is an issue everywhere, no matter how many rules you make up bullying will always a problem. People are mean, I think what we really need to work on is accepting ourselves and not caring about the bullies. -I think helping the less fortunate would help people need to get to know everyone and not just pick on them because how they look what they do or who their family or friends are or where they live. no, its not that bad.

- Having no class names (freshman, sophomores, juniors, seniors) and instead have it either by grades (9, 10, 11, 12) or even better come up with our own system of names or something. - I think teens are going to judge all the time no matter what. Even though it is wrong we have all thought something about someone that was not nice, whether we said it out loud or not. -Stop clicks and social groups - If people were less judgmental and not as full of themselves

If you have ever been involved in or witnessed bullying, what did you do?

I have never been involved in a bullying incident. My friends and I spread rumors about other students. Teased another student Called them names Excluded them from activities Wouldn't let them sit with us at lunch over a long period of time. (days or weeks) Posted something on the internet (any social media) Watched another student get bullied. Repeated a rumor I had heard emailed someone negative messages several times. Made fun of the way someone dressed several times. Intentionally embarrassed someone. I did nothing Physically threatened them Other

124 24% 11 2% 34 7% 26 5% 29 6% 13 2% 8 65 50 3 12 16 81 4 46 2% 12% 10% 1% 2% 3% 16% 1% 9%

If you have ever experienced bullying, been a victim or target, what did you do in the situation?

I have never been a victim or bystander. I acted like it didn't bother me. Laughed it off I stood up for myself I panicked and ran off I got embarrassed

96 30% 67 21% 31 10% 36 11% 1 0% 7 2%

I tried to avoid the bully 14 4% I did not come to school 4 1% I just dealt with it by myself 19 6% I made new friends, and let the others be 12 4% I did nothing 12 4% Other 24 7%

Have you ever missed school because of bullying? Yes 34 11% No 289 89% Do you know the school's policy regarding bullying? Yes 143 44% Sort of 133 41% No 30 9% I didn't know South Hamilton had a policy 17 5% Do you think South Hamilton is doing everything it can to address bullying? Yes 100 31% In some ways 144 45% No 66 20% Other 13 4% How would you rate your situations with bullying over time (the last year or two), it has gotten better or worse? (1 is way better, 5 is a lot worse. )

1 141 44% 2 80 25% 3 81 25% 4 13 4% 5 8 2% Do you have any suggestions for South Hamilton that you think could help?

Trying to maintain gossiping and rumors spreading in class. Nope all is perfect I think you should actually watch the security cameras and see if there is bullying going on A speaker that had been bullied before. Let them come in and explain to us that is isn't funny to some people, and that the people they pick on don't always have the easiest life. Try to get students to help themselves instead of running off to a teacher. However, if trying to handle it themselves doesn't help them, then they should be told to tell a teacher. No Have the teachers learn a little more about their students. Some of the ones that they think are harmless are the ones that do the most damage. leave each other alone. to stop favoriting certain kids because they do well in school and get good grades because half of them are the actual people who bully kids or harass them but no one ever says anything or let it go. Catch the bullies. No. I think that if a person gets caught for bullying, there should be a fairly bad punishment because otherwise it will keep happening. ... Know whats happening in the school Don't just keep giving kids warnings because it most likely won't stop. Maybe have somebody who the students can talk to, like a motherly figure. Put teachers on watch in the locker area. I think the school does the best it can to take care of these situations and I think the video cameras in the school have helped. Have teachers listen to people talking to eachother and tell them if someone is being rude. Listen to the complaints about tweets/inappropriate things being said on social media and do something about it. If A kid punches a bully in his/her face don't get them both in trouble. On the street if someone physically threatened you, you would have to right to fight back with whatever means necessary, I think that should be applied here to. The teachers need to actually listen. They bat us off like we have no reason to talk to them. We go to them for help. Yes we get annoying but when someone try's to tell you how they feel they act like it's nothing. They say tell the princpal. They seem like they dont care. It's not any of my business but the guidence counserler needs to do something. I was in there a lot in 7th grade. I cried. He did absolutely nothing! Just told them to stop! That doesnt work and people need to realize that. To make a bully stop bullying them you have to show them how much it hurts. How much your hurting or another is hurting. You cant expect them to stop. -No not at all people freak out about the littlest things and its quite annoying people dont realizze the difference between bullying and messin around -Make the faculty start lifting weights to take out my mortal enemies Just encourage the kids to be more supportive and positive with each other. -They should call all of the students parents and ask their parents if their child hasn't been acting her/his self normally. -Deal with them because they will always be there

-Staff needs to recognize and take inituive and need to back off the students that have problems no calling them out in class and putting them on the chopping board. some people cant take the stress of school work and reticule. Strict punishments for those people who get caught bullying and enforce the rule of making sure teachers take phones when they are seen outside of the lunch period. In general just the simple little things that the school says they do need to be enforced more often. These things will help with not only the lack of respect but also bullying. I think that if people get bullied they should tell the teachers and or principle that and the bully so the bully could get suspended If someone comes to you with a problem don't tell them that you will just talk to them and give them a warning because that just makes everything worse. Hear both sides of the story and then ask people that were nearby what had happend. Then if it was actually true then suspend them and then maybe they would realize that what they are doing isn't right. -have kind of like insider in each grade to kind of like report every week to teachers or the principle and tell them about any bullying that might have gone on. I think at orientation they should say something to the parents. Not spreading rumors, true or not. Blocking twitter definitely helped. Pay attention too how kids act. If they walk down the hallway sad and act like something bugging them ask them. Make them feel like some cares. Talk to them in private not the hallway they wont talk around other people Have a presentation on how it effects people, and and give a fake example. We did something like this at my other school. They used a student. He didnt come to school that day, everyone wondered where he was. he never missed school. Well, they said that he had killed himself because of bullying, and everyone was crying. It really made us think about how much of an effect we have on people, and when the kid that "killed himself" walked in the room, we just sat there. We really saw how much of an impact we had, and everyone was nicer to everyone from then one. That might help. no. -Maybe get more cameras. more bully free talks. -Stop the "popular" cliques. We have a policy but it isn't being indorsed. If you have to talk about bullying this much, and nothing is happening then you know something is wrong. Having bonding days to be with just your graduating class -I think we are doing all that we can to stop bullying. -Do something about it instead of sending people to the guidence office I really have no clue, because to be honest i feel as if girls/boys are going to do whatever they want to do to make others feel bad and thats just what they do. They are going to make others feel horrible about them. -Definitely talks with students. Real ones, not stupid little conversations. Sit down with a group of students and seriously talk about the issue. Teachers to be more aware. -Block social media at school. -Teachers to get "snoopy" on social media if there is a problem on there. Parents need to be informed that their child is being bullied or is the bully. The child that is the bully

should have some kind of punishment. Talk to the kids how bullying can hurt you. Could crack down more. -Then need to find out right away who did the bulling and put an end to it. - A HEX involving bullying. - Like I said above, I think the ones being bullied need to be addressed as well. It's not that they are 'asking for it', but certain actions done by them bring on even more bullying and make it hard for others to want to help. It's a matter of perspective. Someone might see someone bullying an 'innocent person', but that 'innocent person' might be doing something in secret or on the side to provoke the bully. Bullying needs to be attacked from both sides. -I think if there would be more severe punishments for what is happening, the bullying would stop faster. -Set more cameras around the school. -Maybe not let students block other students on the South Hamilton Gmail Accounts. -As long as teachers and students take the issue seriously and don't make jokes, I think that current measures (and additional measures) will be successful. - Stop people from starting or spreading rumors. - Keep doing what we're doing. It is obviously helping. - Enforce bullying rules. - I think everything is good! - Adressing bullying more. -Having some of the cliques at school being broken up. - Helping people love themselves. Hurt people, hurt people. -Start caring about your students more. Stop giving upperclassman the right to do what ever they want to anyone. You need to actually want your students to like school. Most people skip because this school doesn't care about anything...and most teachers sit back and just watch students get bullied and don't do or say a thing about it. -No they have done great -Do something and don't be afraid of the parents of the bully. They need to know that it hurts people's feelings and that their actions should not be tolerated. -Talk to some of the girls in the 8th grade that think they're everything and ask them what they talk about. - not allow PDA - I don't know Maybe if you are a staff member you shouldn't be very open to gossiping about students life with other student members. - You could just talk to the student about how they feel. -A box inside each class room so you could right down if you thought someone was bullied/ bullied you. -To be honest, you can't stop bullying from happening because their are still people in the world that live their life to be mean and think that they are better than everyone else. -Not to believe that every student is a good student. -Have the teachers stop favoring upperclassmen (seniors in general). - Teach the students more about how much bullying can effect someone. I have a family member who was bullied and ended up committing suicide. Maybe asking students how they are doing if you notice they are feeling down or something like that. If someone tells you about bullying going on right away get it stopped.

-Find better punishments for bullies. -people need to get to know everyone and not just pick on them because how they look what they do or who their family or friends are or where they live. -Making sure that people are treating each other with respect. -Actually do something about it. Don't just say, 'Well, someone has said that you were bullying them. I think you shouldn't because it hurt their feelings.' -Have more peer related activities. -Have a speaker come and talk to the kids about the side affects of bullying and what can happen if it continues -Address the students who get bullied more help for those who get bullied more awareness on the issue. -Pay attention. Stop judging students. be more encouraging and positive -More prevention assemblies and lectures. Have teacher watch for it in class because it might happen there. - I think that we can try to address bullying more, but no matter what we do, i honestly dont think it will ever stop. it may just get worse. Is there anything else you would like to share or any ideas you have to address bullying? There is a group of girls in my class that talk about each other and whatever one is listening to that girl talk she goes and tells that girl that is being talked about. They turn on each other all the time and they judge everyone by what they wear, who they hang out with, what they look like, how they play sports, and etc. I'm honestly tired of the girls in the 8th grade class. I see them be mean to people all the time. They are very judgmental. - I think the main cause of bullying in our school is a lack of respect for others. Whether it be adults or students. A small group of senior girls have tried setting examples and nothing seems to be helping. - Have a big assembly about being bullied. -Talk to upperclassman and tell them they need to start treating others nicely or they can go somewhere else. Its not nice and it really shouldn't happen to anyone. - People need to grow up the bullies and the targets do there is no reason to bully someone but at the same time it can be ignored so grow up people Make sure people know the consequences. When I was a freshman, there was actual bullying. But we played it off and didn't act like little babies about it. There's a difference between growing up and being a kid and being a "bully". Acting like everyone is a victim is terrible, people picked on me for my looks and other things throughout school but I didn't let it bother me. I used it as fuel to be a better person. I'm tired of hearing all of this 'feeling sorry for yourself' junk that is continually happening now-a-days. Rant over. -Teenagers will be teenagers. To a degree, it's just something you have to learn how to cope with because people aren't always going to be nice once you get out into the world. In worse cases, involving violence and borderline emotional torture, it is important to get it stopped. -. I know how other schools are with bullying, and I've heard some of the stories. I know for a fact that South Hamilton pales in comparison to other schools. Compared to them, we are basically angels.

-Some of the bullying is by teachers by making students feel inferior or like they are terrible people. Hold teachers more responsible when they don't do anything about it when they see bullying going on - Clicks and exclusion are the major points of bullying. -If people feel they are being bullied, I don't think the 'bullies' know (for example, harmless teases and jokes) -An internet survey was a good idea, but easily manipulable. -. but one thing i want to say is that bullying can commit suiside and i had a friend that did that. it hurt like crazy to know that i didn't really do anything to help. i felt so bad i didn't come to school the next day. the girl that did that was one of my very good friends. the way that she got bullied is that the girls thought that they were popular and so they thought that they were better than her. so they told lies and rumors about her, they would email her nasty things saying that she was disgusting and that she should have never been born, that she didnt belong at the school. she was a very good student and friend she was so trust worthy and i could trust her with everything. the bullies also took her down to a creek and slapped her and told her to go die in a fricking hole. (but the other words) well she did. she cut herself and crawled up in a hole and died.. she did nothing wrong she was trying to stop it herself. but when the bullies did here that she commited suiside they felt so bad and turned their self in for what they did. the girls went to a home for girls so they could learn about what they did was way wrong and that they basicly killed a harmless girl... i just wanted to tell you guys that just in case this happens here. because sometimes you can tell who the bully is. by them always looking at their target. the girls at my old school did something so wrong. and i felt so bad that i couldnt do anything after because i felt so hurt that she acctually did that. she did post a video on youtube of her cutting herself. she left a note on her laptop saying where they can find her. and who bullied her and made her do that to herself. but by the time they found her she was sadly gone. -I used to talk about people behind their backs sometimes and I have tried not to do that anymore because there is a lot of guilt. I am trying to keep rumors I hear to myself more instead of telling my best friends. - please have a meeting -Just because I have a different religion or am not Christian does not mean I'm wrong, All religions are just beliefs, and cannot be proven. - They could come up with bigger consequences the first time rather than the first few times. -Like I said, nothing can be done unless that bully wakes up one day and decides to change. And there isn't really anything that can help bullying except that one persons thoughts. - I think the bus drivers should watch more for some of the kids being threatened I am happy I'm leaving this school. Do something about the bullying. Actually listen, don't just watch. Even now they are making fun of me. This very second. -Try to cut down on drama -. I actually just got in trouble and this was my first time in the principles office. I think I have changed after that happened. -i feel a lot of people lied on this survey.

-unless you get the bully to stop it while only get worse. Normaly it not a bunch of bad people who bully normaly it one bad person that bullies and the others are two afriad to not follow. -I do not have any ideas about how to address bullying at this time people need to lean to laugh at things and not take everything so serious nope but i thought that this was a great idea! i would like to see it again! -Circle of Friends -Pep assembly based on the amount of bullying in the school, contact parents when bullying gets starts to get serious and tell them to watch for signs of depression I think students need to understand that it is a good thing to stand up for other people even if they are not your friend that you need to stand up for them. -I think bullying is most evident in middle school. -I think tutor systems where upperclassmen talk to 7th and 8th graders about life in general and school would be absolutely incredible. I definitely would have liked to have someone like that back then! - Immediately tell an adult. -i think things should remain the same because the changes that are being made are not better for the future If kids are being bullied there should be an alternative way to solve the problem besides going to see the guidance counselor because many kids see that as steryotyped and can bully the kid even more for simply going to the guidance counselor. many kids don't know how the guidance counselor can help them -The teachers are unnecessarily getting mad and sometimes extremely shortening the boundaries of what we can do. - make the middle schoolers know that they don't own the school. -Watch movies about bullying in seminar or something to do with bullying to get it across. Only because i feel as if we never really talk about bullying in school anymore so people think they can just get away with the things that they do. Also South Hamilton doesn't really get the bullying policy around for people to understand what could really happen to you. -Tell the bully to stop and it's not nice to tease them. How would you feel if you were bullied. So many people are immature on social media and cyber bullying is a huge issue. Yes, bullying needs to stop completely, it can be prevented were just being lazy and not doing anything about it. If your bullying someone it could come back and bite you in the rear, because after a couple weeks, months, days, you'll feel bad and the victim won't forgive you because of all the stuff you did to him/her. - I have seen it happen, but it was mostly just catty girl stuff. High school brings out the worst in some girls, but everything gets better. -I removed several (about 5) comments that kids made to be funny, I did not see that they added to our data, I left a few in for examples. - Also about 40-50 comments on I dont know or IDK or I have noting. I removed those to save space. But I believe that shows kids are satisfied or do not see a problem. I have also had numerous parents come in and compliment SH on the way they handle bullying. The school they came from was so bad. !