Is Nato covertly planning for a showdown against Russia ?

Nato hates Russia, but it hates Putin above everything else. So, while Nato leaders are loudly baying at Mr Putin, the Nato war machine is uietly preparing to wage war against Russia so that Mr Putin may speedily become history. Nato has never been immune to indulging in brin!manship and so it is very prepared to sacrifice the people of "!raine to guarantee a full or total victory over Russia and Mr Putin. Moscow lies #ust slightly over $%% !m from the "!rainian border and other big Russian cities li!e &orone'h are even closer. &orone'h itself is only about (%% !m away. Nato is li!ely to use the )Syria model* to wage its showdown against Russia. "!rainian army soldiers or paramilitary forces will be instructed to provo!e a fight with the Russian army while Nato intelligence agencies, western )N+,s* and the western media will encourage and urge anti-Putin forces to hatch trouble and unrest. .hese forces will be given money supplied by Nato and its supporters. Meanwhile, the "N and Nato*s global minions will be instructed and directed to whip up a blistering propaganda campaign against Moscow and Mr Putin. Nato rec!ons all these efforts will give victory over Putin and hence allow Nato free rein to carve up Russia.

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