Where the products come from?

Николай Михайловский


‘2000 Bespoke software development

‘2006 Open pit mining automation

‘2012 Personalization for ecommerce and beyond

AI/Named Entity Recognition (failed)

Top 3 Russian domain parking (was at 1M/year, finally failed)

Location-based advertising platform (failed)

Social mobile game based on the motion of the player (failed)

Social commerce (failed)

Offline social commerce (failed)

Crossss – fast-growing ecommerce personalization platform

What is a product?

Where the products come from?
• Completely new tech
– Comes out of academia/govt. funded research (examples: autonomous vehicles)

• Making existing tech available for new customer

• Packaging repeated experience with a certain type of customers
– Do a series of consulting projects and productize knowledge (example: SAP)

Product vs. service
Service Product

• Singular customer • Set of features defined by customer • Project management is the key activity

• A customer segment • Set of features defined by product manager • Product marketing is the key activity

Best B2B products generalize service experience to serve more customers – either when the service is in deficit, or to bring the value proposition to the customers for whom the service is too expensive

What product manager is not
Product managers :
• Define the product to be built

Product Marketing
• tell the world about the product

UX Leads
• come up with useful and productive navs

Project Managers
• set controls to guarantee releases

Николай Михайловский
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