Introduction to the case

Studying the plc of

What is plc?

Product life cycle

PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE STAGE OF 5 STAR: Cadbury is in its Maturity Stage as its revenue growth was up 12% and in India it grew up by 23%. New add-ons are being added to keep the excitement on and to stay in the market in pace with their competitors. Cadbury has kept a good look on their competitors and does spends a good amount on advertisements by endorsing Brand Ambassadors for Cadbury (Amitabh Bacchan) and also coming with brand extension with new products. 5 Star has come out of its growth stage and entered

Plc of five star

Every product has a life cycle and every company focuses on extending it. Cadbury five star is present in the market from various decade so strategies are being made order extend the plc, so that customers can make more use of products. Re-packaging, innovating new flavors

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