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Professional School Counselor Portfolio (PSCP) Brief Reflection Form

Standard _2 Social and Cultural Foundations Competencies Addressed: 1 Date Created: 2013-14 school year Student Name: _Doug Hatch_Reviewers Initials: _____________ Reflection Papers must be typed and 2-3 pages in length following the four domain headings below: 1. Describe the context in which these artifacts were collected and identify the standard and competency(s) the artifact represents. The first artifact homeless Liaison was collected during the 2013-14 school year. The second artifact shows mean girls is from a seminar I attended. The third artifact is the results of a bully survey I gave this year. 2. What do they demonstrate to you about your learning and mastery of the competencies that fall under this standard? The first artifact shows that I am helping people and increasing my awareness of and sensitivity to social and economic circumstances of my students. It also relates to competencies two and three as I increase and show my sensitivity to different situations that may require additional counseling. The next artifact shows that I am continuing to further my counseling skills by trying to understand more about different genders and how they work. I attended a mean girl conference for two years in a row. I received special training and curriculum that I can use for all 3 competencies. The bully survey that I wrote and conducted as well as presented to students, staff, administration and the school board shows that I am increasing my awareness about all the different levels at our school, and I am gathering data to approach the problem and solutions to make our school an even better place. 3. What do these items of evidence tell you about your overall progress toward your personal goals and your growth as a professional school counselor? I picked this standard as a weakness, but I feel that I show I am continually working on this area through seminars and workshops, as well as gathering data to help the school, and myself to better understand each other's differences. Any area I do not feel strong in, such as girl bullying, I search for a workshop on that and attend. Being the homeless liaison, allows me to work with families and students and keep s me informed to take appropriate action in response to their needs.

4. What are your plans for additional growth or improvement in this area?

I plan on meeting with students and staff and coming up with a plan to make our entire community more aware of cultural, age, physical, racial/ethnic differences. My survey has opened the door to this opportunity and given me some great data to work with. I also plan on attending ISCA and attending different break out session dealing with cultural differences. Finally I also plan on reading professional journals and keeping up to date with the latest information in this area.