46-063 Emepela Pl. #U101 Kaneohe, HI 96744 · (808) 679-7454 · K !" #o$$!el% · #o-$o&n%e '(e)!"la*!+e ,!


March 31, 2014 Paul Gibfried Owner Hawaiian Rent-All 1946 S. Beretania St. Honolulu, HI 96826 8!8" 949-#961 Alo$a %r. Gibfried& 'n %ar($ 28, )e)ber* of t$e (o))unit+ *,otted a *i-n out*ide +our *tore *a+in-& .Hawaiian Rent-All& /'012 3'RR4 HP/ S2I55 '6 2' R702 H'7S 8R'% 9S.: A ,i(ture of +our *i-n a,,earin- below" wa* (ir(ulated to lo(al )edia, in(ludin- Hawaii 0ew* 0ow1* 8a(eboo; ,a-e, and be(a)e a <iral *en*ation on *o(ial networ;in- web*ite*. A* of %ar($ #1, t$e *i-n wa* *till u,. A* an anti-$u)an-traffi(;in- ad<o(a(+ -rou, and one of t$e (o-drafter* of HB 1926, w$i($ ,re<ent* ,oli(e fro) en-a-in- in *e=ual ,enetration durin- t$e (our*e of ,ro*titution in<e*ti-ation*, we *tron-l+ en(oura-e +ou to refrain fro) )a;in- an+ furt$er >o;e* about t$i* )atter. Se=-traffi(;in- i* a *eriou* ,roble) in t$e i*land*. A((ordin- to a *tud+ (ondu(ted b+ I%9Allian(e and Pa(ifi( Allian(e to Sto, Sla<er+, Hawaii i* $o)e to an e*ti)ated 12? .$i-$ ri*;: *e=-traffi(;in- e*tabli*$)ent*. %oreo<er, w$en ,oli(e en-a-e in *e=ual (ondu(t wit$ <i(ti)*, t$e+ are re-trau)ati@ed, a* *u($ (ondu(t reinfor(e* t$e belief t$e law enfor(e)ent will e=,loit and abu*e t$e), rat$er t$an render a**i*tan(e. 8inall+, referrin- to an+ wo)an or -rou, of wo)en a* .$oe*,: i.e. .w$ore*,: i* w$oll+ una((e,table. 3o)en toda+ )a;e A.BB on t$e )ale dollar and are ra),antl+ ob>e(tified b+ t$e entertain)ent indu*tr+, beaut+ )a-a@ine*, and t$eir )ale (ollea-ue*. Referrin- to wo)en in a de$u)ani@in- )annerCand in ,ubli(, no le**Conl+ furt$er entren($e* t$e notion t$at -ender ineDualit+ i* bot$ natural and ,er)i**ible. 3ould +ou want +our )ot$er to be referred to in t$i* )annerE 4our dau-$terE 2o re(tif+ t$i* ,roble), we *tron-l+ en(oura-e +ou to i))ediatel+ re)o<e and i**ue a ,ubli( a,olo-+ for +our di*,la+, and o,en a dialo-ue wit$ lo(al anti-$u)an-traffi(;in- -rou,* about t$e e=tent of t$e *e=-traffi(;in- ,roble) in Hawaii, a* well a* $ow +our bu*ine** )a+ be able to $el, (o)bat t$i* $orrible (ri)e. Sin(erel+, 6ri* Foffield Legislative Director I%9Allian(e
Kris Coffield (808) 679-7454 imuaalliance@gmail.com

IMUAlliance is a nonpartisan political action group devoted to protecting democratic ideals, eradicating socioeconomic inequality, advancing educational opportunity, and animating social critique.

Kris Coffield

(808) 679-7454 imuaalliance@gmail.com

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