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Growth Assessment Sarah Wood EDUC 526: Capstone Experience in Digital Teaching and Learning Azusa Pacific University

SECTION ONE Introduction Setting the context I began the Masters of Education in Digital Learning and Teaching program during Spring I of my single subject credential studies in 2013. I was eager to be able to list that my Masters degree was already in process on my resume that I would send out to many school districts in the months to follow. At the time my husband was finishing up his junior year of doctoral studies in clinical psychology at APU, and I was student teaching and already well into the job application and search process. Needless to say, life was very busy. I really dove into the Masters program during Summer 2013. I wasnt quite sure what to expect. I thought some of the material would be simple and easy, but I expected to hit some roadblocks of information I had never before learned. I assumed that much of the information I learned would mainly be exposure to applications and resources I had yet to discover on my own and suggestions on how to use them in a classroom.

Personal Growth I have never been a morning person. For as long as I can remember, I have cherished sleep more than most people I know. I think my love for sleep tricked people into thinking I was responsible for a few years. In high school, I would be sure to put myself to bed in time to get a full 8 hours of sleep, and that habit continued into college. It was in college, though, that it ended up working against me. I relied so heavily on my 8 hours that, if necessary, I would skip my morning classes in order to Sarah Wood Azusa EDUC 526 Growth Assessment Spring I page 2 March 2014

sleep an adequate amount. I function much better at night. In college, I thrived at night, which inevitably pushed my bedtime later and later thus delaying my mornings. Im much too distracted to work in groups. Though I enjoy the company of others, I am much more productive alone. But misery does love company. I can sometimes get work done if someone else is with me doing his or her own work as well, but a social setting more often ruins my chances of productivity. Procrastination has been my constant companion for many a year. I work much better under a deadline. I need the pressure to complete an assignment. Even now, Im writing this much later than I was told to finish it, and Im only doing it because my husband convinced me to. Im a horrible procrastinator. In a way, this degree symbolizes accomplishment and competency for me. My father has his Masters degree, and Ive always wanted to be as accomplished and intelligent as him, though my dad is one of the smartest people Ive ever met; I dont think Ill ever come close to his level of intelligence, but completing my Masters degree makes me proud to be in the same class, if you will, as my dear old dad. And then theres my husband, whos on the cusp of receiving his Doctorate in clinical psychology. Id like to think well have a good educational example to set for our future children.

Professional Growth I have to admit that there are times as Im teaching that I wonder, What did I get myself into? But the truth is, at the end of the day, I love teaching for so many Sarah Wood Azusa EDUC 526 Growth Assessment Spring I page 3 March 2014

reasons. I love being responsible for my students education. I enjoy planning lessons that will actually interest them and help them learn. I love experiencing moments of understanding and real learning. Additionally, I like being in charge and working at my own pace. I know I have superiors to whom I answer, evaluations to undergo, and schedules to which I must adhere, but for the most part, when Im in the classroom, Im in charge, and that is way more liberating than the desk job I had before I became a teacher. Teaching is completely different than what I expected and somehow exactly what I anticipated at the same time. I knew that it would require that I dedicate a massive amount of my time and energy to ensure its effectiveness, and though I knew this well, it was still a surprise when the overwhelming enormity of it all began. I knew I would be tired and worn out, but I guess I hoped I would get used to it a little more quickly than I have. I know everyone says the first year, even the first years are the worst, so Im holding to the hope and the promise that it gets better. Seeing, teaching and managing up to 38 students five times a days is definitely exhausting, but it is also very rewarding.

Technical Growth Since I began teaching, I have incorporated a number of the strategies I learned during my credential program. I have, however, struggled to incorporate technology due to the lack of resources at my school. With an undependable Internet connection, limited technology, and the fact that I dont have a classroom this year, I have been very limited in what technology I can implement in my classes. Even my Sarah Wood Azusa EDUC 526 Growth Assessment Spring I page 4 March 2014

students have limited access to the Internet. While our school does have a computer lab, the problem is that it only has one computer lab for roughly 4,000 students, and many of those students do not have access at home. I use SchoolLoop on a daily basis, and I also utilize Remind101 to keep my students up to date on classroom happenings and due dates. I also use PikMe, which allows me to use virtual equity cards in place of the physical equity cards that I always misplaced. It also allows me to see the students name and face at the same time, which helps my brain move a lot faster when calling on students during class. I would love to incorporate more technology in my class, providing that my students and I both have more access. Having my own classroom will also make the use of technology much easier. I currently have to travel during each passing period, which means I have to set up anew for each class. This is also means I often lose my wireless connectivity during my travels.

Life Long Learning Plan To continue as a life long learner, I plan to stay connected online with various blogs and educational group. I currently follow El Mundo Birch and Creative Language Class blogs on a daily basis. I also follow a number of teachers on Twitter as well as Education Week. My blogs help me to keep fresh and creative with my world language lessons. Following some of my colleagues and fellow teachers on Twitter helps me to stay up to date with evolving technologies that can be applied in the classroom.

Sarah Wood Azusa

EDUC 526 Growth Assessment Spring I

page 5 March 2014

The more I learn about education, the more I realize I need to know. I want to learn more about integrating technology as well as reaching the multiple intelligences. I want to learn more about assessment and implementation.

SECTION TWO History of Coursework and Course Evaluation Course Title &

Instructor Name
Foundations in Educational


Key Skills Acquired LiveBinder, advisement, Wordle Comments/Suggestions

Doyle was a great instructor. He was always available and happy to answer any questions.

EDUC 511

Technology & Learning INSTRUCTOR: Doyle Potter

Spring I 2013

word processing,
Instructional Applications

This class was a good foundation. I knew much of the information we learned in this course, mostly related to word processing, so those parts of the class were slow for me. Kristi was a great professor. My only

Google drive, webquest, exposure Summer 2013 to iPad apps

EDUC 512

Productivity Software INSTRUCTOR: Kristi Hernandez

Sarah Wood Azusa

EDUC 526 Growth Assessment Spring I

page 6 March 2014

suggestion would be to speed up instruction. It often felt like junior high class instruction. unit plan, Gardners
Learning in the 21st Century

Great class! Dr. Courduff is one of the best professors I have ever encountered. She made learning interesting and challenging and was always energetic and positive.

multiple Fall II intelligences, Blooms taxonomy

EDUC 522
INSTRUCTOR: Jennifer Courduff


iMovie, rule of
Digital Video in the Classroom

Wow! Bill knows so much about everything! He was amazingly positive and energetic. This class was the most challenging for in content, and Bill was very patient in teaching so much new information.

thirds, positioning, lighting, sound Fall I

EDUC 514



PLC, Twitter, Google Summer 2013 apps for education, case study, hash

This class was very helpful to expose me to online availability of education

EDUC 515

Educational Technologies

Sarah Wood Azusa

EDUC 526 Growth Assessment Spring I

page 7 March 2014

INSTRUCTOR: Jason Seliskar Capstone Experience/


apps. Jason was a great, personable teacher.

portfolio, growth assessment, Spring I 2014 curricula vita, Wesleyan quadrilateral

This class has helped me grow and evaluate the work Ive done throughout the program. Dr. Gilbreath is fantastic!

EDUC 526

Digital Teaching and Learning

INSTRUCTOR: Joanne Gilbreath

Evaluation of the Impact of the Digital Teaching and Learning Program This program has made a huge impact in my life, molding me into a professional educator who is capable of ushering her students into the digital age.

Sarah Wood Azusa

EDUC 526 Growth Assessment Spring I

page 8 March 2014