Mohandas K.


Chronological Biography
October 2, 1869: 1888: 1892-1915: 1919: 1922-1925: 1930s: March 12, 1930: 1932: 1942: 1945: August 15, 1947: January 30, 1948:
• • • • • • • • • • • • Birth pursuit of law degree in England Legal advisor in South Africa Given the title of Mahatma, or great soul Imprisoned for sedition Return to a simple Indian life Salt March Fast to protest Hindu-Muslim violence in India Last call for independence from GB Empire Deemed the “Father of the Nation” of India Complete independence achieved Murdered during his prayer service by a radical

College of Letters and Services

Gandhi in his childhood

Gandhi in his teens

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi in South Africa in 1895

Gandhi with his wife Kasturba after returning from South Africa

Satyagraha Ashram at Kochrab, Ahmedabad, founded May 25, 1915


dhi in D own i ng Stre et, E ngla nd

t March i on Sal Gandh

Gandhiji lifting the salt

Gandhi was invited to attend the Round Table Conference in London as the sole representative of the Indian National Congress.

Mahatma Gandhi with a facial expression of peace

Gandhi with his supporters in the train

The two women Manu and Abha as his walking sticks

Gandhi-Nehru on a happy mood

Gandhiji and Nehruji on serious discussions for attaining independence to India

Gandhiji addressing the huge gatherings pertaining to Salt Satyagraha

Gandhiji with Jinnah in 1944

A young boy leads Gandhiji for a walk

Bapu reading newspaper

Gandhiji on fast

on s prayer or h i t w a lk f as Bapu’s l 948

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