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Northeast Wisconsin

April 2014

Eat the RIGHT CARBS to LOSE weight Can COFFEE make your workout seem EASIER? Important skincare steps for MEN Does your PET have ALLERGIES? ... and much more!

is serious business
Todd Rockweit betters his community and the earth through Backyard Organics




Since childhood I have struggled with weight loss. Health issues were always a problem – and so was getting out of a chair, walking, even crossing my legs. Bariatric surgery has made it possible for me to experience and enjoy physical activity, without any issues. To register for an informational seminar – or to learn more about Sharon’s transformation to better health or the Bariatric program at Ministry Medical Group – visit us at

LOST 75 lbs.

BARIATRICS | 824 Illinois Avenue | Stevens Point | 877.295.5868 |

Living a

Learning Series

Natural Options - Healthy Lives

Stay Sane, Slim and Sexy!
Join hormone expert Randi Mann, NP, at this educational and entertaining seminar.
Women only! Join us for a fun, informative look at how hormone changes affect us as we age. This seminar is designed to help women make informed choices about bioidentical hormone therapy, PMS, perimenopause, menopause and sexual health treatments to feel happy, energetic and sensual — no matter how old you are!

How to live a gluten-free lifestyle — Avoid gluten and the inflammation it can trigger
Tuesday, April 15 • 5:30 p.m. • Presented by Randi Mann, NP
More than 55 diseases have been linked to gluten. For some people there is nothing wrong with eating gluten, however, for many it’s a real problem contributing to real disease. Inflammation is the root cause of almost all chronic diseases. Both celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, create inflammation that can affect all systems of your body. As daunting as it may seem, as you begin to eat more wholesome foods and feel healthier, or even amazing, without your gluten related symptoms, you’ll find the glutenfree life to be rewarding and doable. Come learn how!

Friday, April 4 • 8:30-11 a.m. Thursday, April 10 • 5:30-8 p.m. Wednesday, April 23 • 5:30-8 p.m. $25 each or $20 each with a friend.
Randi Mann, WHNP-BC, NCMP Women’s Health and Hormone Expert

$15 each or $10 each with a friend.

Wise Woman Wellness is the area’s first innovative hormone and wellness center, specializing in holistic, integrated care and use of customized, low-dose bioidentical hormones.

1480 Swan Road, De Pere | (920) 339-5252
New patients welcome. No referral needed.




Building a purposeful life from the ground up

TODD ROCKWEIT, owner of Backyard Organics
Photography by Taylor Greenwood.

Thoughts for a rainy day Pet allergies



Gluten: What’s all the fuss about?

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Expert answers to your health and wellness questions


Beyond the diagnosis: Managing and treating auditory processing disorders

Choosing a loan for your home sweet home

Gluten-free Crêpe Expectations Turmeric

Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014



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To provide relevant information on personal wellness by connecting healthy living experts with the communities they serve. April 2014 | Nature’s Pathways®


Thoughts for a rainy day APRIL 2014

“When it rains, it pours.” Sometimes that old saying seems almost factual. If you recently suffered a loss, were disappointed or failed at a personal or professional endeavor, you might have found yourself wondering, why is it that the bad things in life happen all at once? The more superstitious of us share a belief that deaths, natural disasters — heck, even unflattering haircuts — come in threes. Statisticians and others say these are random occurrences, there is no set schedule to bad luck. Our minds are simply trying to make sense of negative events and causing us to see patterns where none exist. Whatever the case may be, there’s no changing the fact that bad things do happen, and when we’ve already been dealt one blow, additional stressors and disappointments can weigh us down even more. But though we might not be able to predict when these things will occur, we do have control. We can prepare and persevere.
PRACTICE POSITIVITY. Negativity breeds negativity. In contrast, when you

have a positive outlook on life, you’re better able to recognize all the miracles that surround you every day. Don’t lose your sense of wonder at the world, share it with others.

BUILD RESILIENCE. The rainy periods in life are necessary; we wouldn’t

appreciate the sunny days without them. This month, our authors give you tools to persevere during the tough times — and truly enjoy the good times. In “Energy flows where attention goes: Visualizing the energy body,” Stephen Kastner gently reminds us that we are participants in life, not masters with all of the answers. Planning to eat better this season? In “Maximize your health this spring,” Sarah Atkinson explains how certain foods can bring your body and spring into harmony with each other. And Judy Rogers provides exercises and mindfulness practices to prevent fear from taking over in “Mindfulness practices for anxiety.”
KNOW THAT THIS TOO SHALL PASS. While it might not seem like it at first,

if you are struggling through a rough patch right now, the sun is waiting for you just over the next hill. After all, April showers bring May flowers. Yours in health, Your Nature’s Pathways team

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Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014

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Gluten: What’s all the fuss about?
Part 2
By Randi Mann, NP


any people today have discovered exposure to gluten makes them sick. Gluten, a protein found in many grains (wheat, semolina, barley, rye, spelt and kamut), can cause havoc for some people. Consuming gluten can be life-threatening to anyone with Celiac disease. It can also be quite damaging to anyone with non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) an often undiagnosed condition estimated to occur in 20 out of every 100 people. For those affected, gluten causes inflammation, leaky gut, malabsorption of vitamins and minerals, autoimmune reactions and chronic health conditions. Inflammation is the root cause of many of our chronic illnesses. The prevalence of both celiac disease and NCGS has increased significantly over the past 50 years. One theory as to why is that today’s wheat has been changed or “hybridized.” This means that scientists have chosen particular strains of the plant due to their desirable characteristics and bred them to reinforce those characteristics. The wheat grown today is shorter, grows faster and is more bug, heat and drought resistant than wheat of the past. Some believe that today’s wheat also contains much more gluten than previously. It has not, however,
Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014

been genetically modified as some people may erroneously believe, as its genes have not been altered through gene splicing. In addition, the amount and frequency of gluten consumption has increased dramatically due to its common presence in so many foods in our diet. Are you curious to find out if gluten is affecting you negatively? To discover if gluten is causing you health issues, eliminate eating it for a month and then reintroduce it into your diet. You will need to completely remove gluten 100 percent (not even one bite!) for at least four weeks and monitor your symptoms — before gluten removal and again after reintroduction. A very helpful tracking form called the Medical Symptoms Questionnaire can be found by performing a quick search on the Internet and can help you track changes in your symptoms.

• Pasta • Cereal • Cake and pie • Waffles • Soy sauce • Cream soups • Sauces thickened with wheat • Muffins • Couscous • Ancient grains such as spelt, kamut and triticale • Oats (due to possible cross contamination) • All makeup, body and skin care products listing wheat on the label

Other less obvious sources may include:

Avoid all of the following:

Simple food sources of gluten include anything with any form of wheat, barley and rye: • Bread • Crackers • Pancakes • Cookies • Pretzels

• Artificial color • Baking powder • Caramel color/flavoring • Citric acid (if fermented from wheat) • Coloring • Corn chips • Dextrins • Diglycerides • Emulsifier • Fat replacers • Flavorings • Food starch • Glucose syrup

“ When in doubt, go without! You will not miss any important nutrients by avoiding gluten.”
• Glycerides • Maltodextrin • Play doh and paints • Modified food starch • Natural flavors • Stabilizers • Starch • Wheat starch • Medications, supplements and herbal formulas • Stamps and envelopes • Luncheon meats, crab and vegan substitutes • Alcohol • Mashed potatoes (if wheat is used as a thickener) • Candy When in doubt, go without! You will not miss any important nutrients by avoiding gluten. After reading all the foods that contain gluten, you may ask “What can I eat?” There are many real, wholesome foods that are naturally gluten-free such as: • All vegetables • All fruits • All nuts • Nut butters • Seeds • Gluten-free grains such as rice, quinoa, corn, millet, amaranth, tapioca and teff • Legumes • Fish • Poultry • Lean meats • Eggs • Refined oils It may be tempting to substitute other processed foods that are gluten-free for the foods you are avoiding. Be aware that there are many unhealthy gluten-free foods that contain large amounts of sugar and other high glycemic ingredients. Just because it is gluten-free does not mean it’s healthy. This is a brief introduction to following a gluten-free diet and lifestyle. If you discover that you feel better when you avoid gluten, you may wish to make this a

permanent choice. Please check with your provider regarding a confirmed diagnosis that may include an intestinal biopsy and blood tests. There are several new lab tests available today from companies such as Cell Science Systems called the Gut Health Profile and Cyrex Laboratory (Array 2, 3 and possibly 5) to help get a confirmed diagnosis related to your gluten-related disorder. It is important that no matter what diet you follow, you eat healthy, well-balanced meals and snacks and avoid the foods that cause sensitivity or immune system reactions. Finding this out may mean the difference between feeling great every day and developing lifelong health complications. For additional information, please refer to “Gluten: So what’s all the fuss about? Information from the world’s first gluten summit could change your life!” published in the February 2014 issue of Nature’s Pathways.
Randi Mann, WHNP-BC, NCMP, is the owner of Wise Woman Wellness, LLC, an innovative wellness center in De Pere. Mann is a board certified women’s health nurse practitioner and NAMS-certified menopause practitioner. She combines the best of conventional, functional and integrative medicine to help women live healthier, more joy-filled lives. Join us at the upcoming “Gluten — What’s all the fuss about? Part 2” seminar on March 18 at 5:30 p.m. Call 920-339-5252 to register. Visit for details.

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Van’s Refrigeration & Services
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Hands to Heart , LLC

We sell and install WaterFurnace® brand heat pumps. We serve all makes of geothermal heating and cooling pumps.
The brands we service include: Trane®, ClimateMaster®, GeoComfort®, WaterFurnace®, Hydro-Temp® and Florida Heat Pump® (FHP) plus many others.
Serving eastern Wisconsin

On-Site Emergency Training

920.209.9911 •


W1081 Pearl St., Oneida, WI • (920) 869-2196 •

Spring wardrobe detox
By Kristy Walsh and Jodi-Kay Edwards


pring is in the air! As the snow melts and the flowers start to bloom, it’s hard not to notice the beauty in nature. Spring has the most beautiful colors of the four seasons. With the soft pastels and little pops of yellow and purple, it’s almost as if nature is getting her own transformational cleanse. The feeling of rebirth, a fresh start and



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appleton appleton 690 westhill b lvd appleton
Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014

f u r n i t u r e and h o m e d e c o r f u r n i t u r e and h o m e d e c o r

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920.955.3726 920.955.3726 920.955.3726

most importantly growth, are dominant themes in spring. Spring cleaning should also apply to your closet! This brings you one step closer to what is called “closet heaven,” where every single item of clothing in your closet reflects your personal style and makes you look and feel great. As the seasons change and we can finally shake off those winter blues, a wardrobe detox is a great way to rejuvenate our wardrobe collection by going through clothes that have been packed away from last year and adding new items to complement the existing clothes and be up to date with the season. Just like our body feels clean and refreshed after a great detox diet, wardrobe audit will give you a renewed sense of style, confidence and beauty. Getting rid of pieces that are no longer reflecting your personality and lifestyle and are not boosting your confidence will clear out needed space to add new pieces that reflect your current personal style and make your confidence explode. We are constantly changing and growing as our lifestyles change. It is important to remember that our wardrobe should change along with us. There is no reason why you should be waiting to lose weight before you buy that new wardrobe. There is no reason to be wearing the same uninspiring clothes that make you feel plain. A few tastefully picked out wardrobe pieces, like a chic spring blazer, fashionable footwear or some nice scarves or statement jewelry will brighten your image and make you feel better about yourself immediately. It’s the little things that make a big difference. You don’t have to spend a fortune to update and glamorize your wardrobe. A wardrobe detox forces you to declutter your closet and get rid of “toxins” which are out of season, too big or too small, haven’t been worn for years or clothes that just don’t match. Less is more — you can finally see what you have, keep your clothes in better

condition and be able to mix and match more efficiently. Don’t let these toxins hold you back from feeling confident and looking fabulous. Introducing a new bag into your wardrobe, switching up your jewelry and adding some color will give you a fresh look for the season. Your image is your brand, which is why regular refinement is a must. By detoxing and letting go of the old, you will make way for the new wardrobe that will energize and motivate you to make changes in your life and feel better about yourself. It will give you the motivation to lose those extra pounds and stay healthy, and to be a better mother, wife, lover and friend. It will give you the courage to take that step forward and follow your dreams. You will be able to re-enter your life confident and stress-free. When you look good, you feel good. Our image makes a huge difference in what people think about us. Looking good isn’t about the latest trend, owning a Louis Vuitton bag or having the most stylish haircut. It’s about how you feel about yourself. This spring, step up your look with little things so you appear polished, confident and ready for the next challenge. Let your personality radiate through your appearance as you incorporate your personal style into your overall look.
Kristy Walsh and Jodi-Kay Edwards are the owners of Glass Slipper Styling Studio, 230 Main St. in Menasha. They believe that confidence explodes when you feel and look good. They work closely with wardrobe and fashion stylists, hair and color specialists, make-up artists and wellness specialists to empower you to have the courage to take that next step forward. Thirty percent discount for first-time clients. Visit and Facebook for more information on studio events, parties, hours and daily specials.

e Where th lasts n o ti a transform t h ig … past midn
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Glass Slipper Styling Studio also hosts events and trunk shows

230 Main Street Downtown Menasha

(920) 725-2918
Tue-Sat: 10-5, Sun: 10-2, Mondays: closed Find us on Facebook and twitter @glassslipperss

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April 2014 | Nature’s Pathways®


Mindfulness practices for anxiety
By Judy Rogers, LCSW

“Fear is the cause of every problem. It’s the root of all prejudices and the negative emotions of anger, jealousy and possessiveness.” — Michael Singer, “The Untethered Soul”


ften, fear is the core emotion that creates symptoms of anxiety. The function of fear is survival. It is meant to be there. Fear is a basic instinct in all creatures because it warns of dangers. Once the real danger is over, humans have a difficult time letting go of it. Our brain is not able to distinguish between worried talk and ruminating about negative memories and a real threat. When we are in a constant state of anxiety, our primitive brain assumes there is a threat and it throws us into a fight-or-flight mode. When we are in this mode, we lose our executive functions — concentration, focus, impulse control, memory of details, language skills, digesting food and feelings of well-being. Without these functions, it is easy to understand why we experience symptoms of anxiety. There are several mindfulness practices that can help us stay in our executive functions and diminish anxiety.

Mindfulness practices

The first step when your body is becoming anxious is to stop and pay attention to your breath. When you slow down your breath, it changes your biochemistry, keeping your mind out of the primitive fight-or-flight mode. After that, you can think about which of the following tools will work best for you. Attend and befriend: Attending can be thought of as mindfulness of the body. You learn to stay with what is uncomfortable. That is the opposite of our conditioning. The willingness to contact the physical sensations of anxiety and cozy up to them gives us

Healthier Life A Happier & begins today!
We offer a “Mindful” approach to INTEGRATIVE COUNSELING

Special Yoga Workshop
Monday, May 19, 9 am—4 pm

Annual Day Long Workshop With Renowned Yoga Teacher, Michael Stone!

Individual, couples and group counseling for:
Depression • Anxiety/panic attack • Bereavement/grief issues Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) • Stress management

Mindfulness Center for Wellbeing
Judy Rogers, M.S., L.C.S.W. 18 Jewelers Park, Suite 210, Neenah • 920-722-7245
The Center is enrolled with most health insurance companies and therapy is covered by most policies.

Morning 9 am—Noon: Michael will open up familiar yoga postures and explore mind, body, and strength in new ways. Afternoon 1:30 pm—4 pm: We all struggle with forms of physical or emotional pain. Michael will offer practical meditations and teachings on transforming our troubles.

9 2 0 - 4 4 5 - 7 2 21


Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014

“ When we overcome irrational fears and we learn to calm our body and mind, we are able to increase motivation and feelings of self-worth and live more empowered lives.”
more control and less reactivity. Name what is going on in your body: squeezing, pounding, heat, cold. Identify where you feel the anxiety and investigate it. Befriending is like saying the word “yes.” When you become aware of the body sensations of clutching, pounding and tightness, agree to let it be there. When you listen to the mental fear chatter, you can say, “Thank you very much. It is okay and you can think what you want but I don’t have to believe you.” Intentionally become gentler and just let it be. “It’s okay. You can be here.” A loving kindness meditation: “May I feel safe, may I be filled with loving kindness, may I accept myself just the way I am, may I be peaceful, may I be happy.” Repeat slowly until calm.

Use mindful breath exercises to release the stories and pictures of memories creating anxiety, such as “Breathing in peace. Breathing out fear.” Repeat this until you feel peaceful and calm. Heart and belly exercise: Place your right hand on your heart and left hand on your belly. Touch and warmth are very calming to the body as they release oxytocin for feelings of wellbeing. Neuroscientists tell us that there is a different effect with which hand you use where. A 20-second hug also creates oxytocin. Mindfulness practices can help us diminish anxiety. When we overcome irrational fears and we learn to calm our body and mind, we are able to increase motivation and feelings of self-worth and live more empowered lives. We are able to step up in confidence to give presentations without fear holding us back. We make decisions from our inner being rather than from fearful thinking and we live life the way we are meant to live without fear holding us back from relationships, creativity and fun.
Judy Rogers has more than 20 years of counseling experience. She worked for 10 years at Gundersen Lutheran, La Crosse, as an outpatient psychotherapist and EAP provider. She worked for Hospice of Citrus County, Florida, where she helped patients and families cope with end of life issues. Judy is the founder of the Mindfulness for Wellbeing Center. A lot of people think about trying mindfulness meditation, but it can be difficult to know where to begin. At the Mindfulness for Wellbeing Center, we will show you how to start using practices in your everyday life to reduce stress, improve your relationships and bring more meaning and joy to your life. “Like” our Facebook page, where we post information about groups and workshops that teach mindfulness practices. You can also go to our Web page,


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Located in the old Steger Nutrition Building
297 W. Northland Ave., Appleton • 920-364-9283 April 2014 | Nature’s Pathways®



Pet allergies
By Karen M. Strickfaden, DVM


id you know that pets are susceptible to allergies just like humans are? Allergy problems in pets are very common and can be frustrating to treat. Food allergies are on the rise in dogs and cats. Seasonal pollen allergies affect many pets and can cause itchy skin and respiratory problems. Environmental sensitivities may be caused by chemicals in a pet’s environment, and it can be very difficult to identify and eliminate the allergens.


Pets usually show signs of allergies through skin issues, respiratory problems or digestive upset. A pet may show only one or all of the symptoms listed, but most patients have a particular “target organ” in which allergic reactions tend to be concentrated. The target organs are primarily skin, respiratory tract and intestines. Skin: Unlike humans, the most common allergy symptom in pets is itching of the


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skin. Common areas affected include the face, paws, under the legs and/or the belly. The itching may be localized in one of these areas, or it may be generalized, affecting the entire body. In addition to the itching, a pet may also experience redness of the skin, crusty skin and hair loss. Lungs: Respiratory problems are often seen as coughing, sneezing and/or wheezing. A pet may also have clear eye drainage or nasal discharge. Respiratory symptoms of allergies in pets are very similar to hay fever in humans. Intestines: The most common digestive symptoms of allergies include vomiting and diarrhea. The symptoms may be subtle or may be very dramatic in nature. Anal gland problems, excessive gas and belching can also be present in allergy sufferers. Secondary symptoms of allergies may affect the body’s immune system. They can weaken a pet’s immune system and make the pet more susceptible to chronic problems such as ear infections, urinary tract infections or skin infections. Testing: There are several diagnostic testing methods to confirm whether or not a pet has an allergic condition. With an intra-dermal test, substances are injected into the skin to see if they cause positive reactions. A blood allergy test measures antibodies to allergens. This method is easier on the patient than skin testing and is useful for testing pollen. A bio-energetic


Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014
12/16/13 12:54 PM

43891_OASIS_01_Natures_Pathway_Ad_v3.indd 1

test is a holistic testing method to determine allergens and chemical sensitivities.


There are many ways to treat allergies in pets. Medication: Topical shampoos or sprays are designed to reduce allergic symptoms. These products contain oatmeal or specially designed solutions to block allergic reactions. Antihistamines (Benadryl, etc.) may help control mild symptoms in pets. Steroids or other medications can block the allergic reaction. This form of treatment may provide relief for the pet, but long-term usage may result in side effects or other complications. Hypo-sensitization: With this treatment, the patient is given “allergy shots.” After the sources of the allergens are determined through blood testing, very small amounts of the allergens are injected into the body to desensitize the patient to those allergens. The purpose of this treatment is to reprogram the body’s immune system so that over time, it becomes less reactive to the allergens.

Bioresonance therapy (or Bicom): This noninvasive therapy uses electromagnetic frequencies to boost the immune system and clear allergens from the body through a computer called the “Bicom.” Bioresonance can be useful in testing and treating any potential sensitivity, including foods, pollens, chemicals, metals or vaccines. This therapy was developed in Germany more than 30 years ago and is used in more than 65 countries around the world on both humans and animals. For more information on how bioresonance therapy works, go to the following website:

Start now

The top allergy-causing ingredients in pet food are wheat, corn, soy and dairy. Eliminate these ingredients from your pet’s food and treats. Avoid harsh chemicals in your pet’s environment. Watch for constant licking or chewing, as that may indicate your pet’s skin is itchy. Recurring infections, particularly ear infections, may be a sign that your pet is suffering from allergies. Allergies can be as miserable for our pets as they are for us. With a little help from your veterinarian, you can identify the allergens and create a treatment plan to give your pet maximum relief.
Dr. Karen Strickfaden is co-owner of Countrycare Animal Complex in Green Bay. She earned her doctorate in veterinary medicine in 1993 and has been utilizing holistic modalities for more than 18 years. Dr. Strickfaden is certified in veterinary acupuncture and veterinary spinal manipulation (animal chiropractic). She also has extensive training in bioresonance therapy, craniosacral therapy, herbology and flower essences. For more information, call 920-863-3220 or visit

The “Bicom” computer.

m o fr g in r e ff u s t e p r u o y Is
Bicom Therapy can help!

Contact us today to learn how your pet’s allergies can be improved with Bioresonance (Bicom) Therapy.

Before B

icom Th


After Bicom Therapy We integrate the best of traditional veterinary medicine/surgery with holistic medicine to provide your pet the best of both worlds.

We offer ...
Acupuncture • Veterinary Spinal Manipulation (Animal Chiropractic) Bicom Therapy • Nutritional Counseling • And More!

Karen M. Strickfaden, DVM Richard A. Barr, DVM Aili V. Heintz, DVM

4235 Elm View Road, Green Bay (920) 863-3220
April 2014 | Nature’s Pathways®


Energy flows where attention goes
Visualizing the energy body
By Stephen Kastner


ave you ever paused to consider masters of the universe. If we are listenyour personal bioenergetic relaing, we might realize that we are merely tionship with life? Ever since we participating in an unfolding. Our first incarnate, being born into a physilimited senses only serve to reinforce cal body out of pure spirit, our lifetime the illusion that “…we are living in a rolls forth as a quest to comprehend and material world.” It is only when we start transcend the limitations of the material to investigate the bioelectric realm that world. our doors of perception start to swing “The fact that we live at the bottom of a open. deep gravity well, on the surface of a gas Western scientists have rapidly covered planet going around a nuclear evolved from a conviction that there is fireball 90 million miles away and think no such thing as an energy field around this to be normal is obviously some indithe human body, to an absolute undercation of how skewed our perspective standing that it exists and that it is tends to be,” says Douglas Adams, author measurable. The Chinese have studied of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” the body electric and chi energy for Perhaps, as we age and wrinkles first The original pictographic image of qi thousands of years. The original picto(pronounced “chee”). start to appear, our thoughts begin to graphic image of qi (pronounced ponder questions of a more profound “chee”), is shown as steam rising from nature. Is there a fourth dimension? How do my beliefs shape my a bowl of rice, symbolizing a nonmaterial state of energy. It has reality? What happens to whatever it is that I have come to believe several interrelated meanings: air, breath, energy or vital essence. I am after I die? Chi is the waveform or biodynamic frequency that resonates from We start looking for answers, someone to provide a drink from every one of the millions upon millions of cells within your body, the cup of wisdom, a spoonful of some knowledge that has stood echoed by all of the life force that surrounds you. the test of time — Buddha, Madonna, Rumi, Whitman, Jesus or This is not the secret wisdom of the ages. Every day in China, Emily Dickinson. Each of us charts a path, running without a map. multitudes of people begin their day with various forms of chi Then, we start noticing unexplainable details. kung energy meditation. Here in the West, we divide medicine “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous,” said the from philosophy and we separate those disciplines from martial wise Albert Einstein. arts. There, it is all seen as one continuum. It is all about the study Synchronicity serves as a gentle reminder that we are not the of energy flowing through the meridians of the bioenergetic
Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014

body. You become ill when the flow of chi is blocked. Traditional Chinese medicine uses the stimulation of specific pressure points with acupuncture and massage to restore chi flow and maintain health and well-being. Maintaining the free flow of chi through one’s meridians and chakras is accomplished by letting go. In the West, we are strivers, always working toward a goal. It is challenging to reverse that drive, to drop out, taking a break from the ever-present, judgmental mind. Yoga works to open chi flow or prana by distracting the monkey mind. The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit yuj, which means “to join” or “to yoke.” It is the linking of breath and motion in a typically silent meditation that causes one to let go of endless and repetitive thought forms when practicing yoga. Kinetic forms of meditation can be found in all sorts of cardio sport, from swimming and running to cycling, rowing and skiing. It ceases to be about competition and exertion and becomes all about finding the flow. I began seeking to learn more about cardio chi flow after hearing about an indigenous tribe of runners in Mexico. The Tarhumara people run barefoot well into their 80s and live in the northwestern Copper Canyon region. “They are extraordinary endurance runners, having lived for generations amid a transportation network of narrow footpaths through the canyons,” writes Cynthia Gorney in “A People Apart.” “Rarámuri means ‘foot-runner’ or ‘he who walks well,’ and they’ve been known to irritate American ultramarathoners by beating them while wearing huarache sandals and stopping now and then

for a smoke.” I started running in China in 2006, pulling my life back together following the end of an 18-year marriage. I was further connecting the dots over my six months in Yunnan province with a daily practice of tai chi with a master teacher. There are no Sundays in China. By intentionally placing movement and breath in a flowing synchronization, one learns to relax and play the electricity flowing within. The answers are here all around us. If only we could tune into a different channel, there are alternate frequencies broadcasting. They exist within, between the ears and beneath our skin. We are a universe, a galaxy. As the entities known as Abraham-Hicks explain, “Every cell in your body has a direct relationship with Creative Life Force and each cell is independently responding. When you feel joy, all the circuits are open and the Life Force or God Force can be fully received. When you feel guilt, blame or anger, the circuits are hindered and the Life Force cannot flow as effectively. Physical experience is about monitoring those circuits and keeping them as open as possible. The cells know what to do; they are summoning the Energy.”
Massage therapists at Manitowoc’s Balance on Buffalo are continuously exploring and investigating the chi flow, releasing tension and fostering health and wellness. Modalities include massage therapy, reiki and sound therapy, as well as regular yoga classes and monthly kirtan. They also offer numerous classes and workshops including a special Peter Hess Sound Massage Training course in late May. Visit to learn more.

Peter Hess Sound Massage Intensive May 19 ~ 25, 2014
Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Same training offered in Germany for over 30 years. First Intensive offered in the USA!

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Expert answers to your health and wellness questions
How coffee can make working out seem easier, weightlifting philosophies and how much you should sweat
By Karmen Nenahlo

Question: I’ve been having a tough time with my energy levels for my 6 a.m. workouts. I was thinking coffee might help with this, but it seems like it’s always getting mixed reviews. Is there any cause for concern in drinking coffee before a workout? Answer: First things first: If you’re experiencing low energy levels and you’re not necessarily focused on fat loss, try having a small breakfast, or even a bar or a shake, before you go work out. This will definitely provide the much-needed energy you’re looking for. However, if you’re trying to drop body fat and you’d like to avoid calories that early in the morning, coffee is an excellent alternative. The caffeine in coffee is considered a central nervous system stimulant and will provide a boost of energy, though the effect varies greatly among individuals. Caffeine is actually considered an ergogenic aid, meaning it enhances physical performance. In the right amounts, caffeine has been shown to reduce the perception of effort during a workout, which means your workout will seem easier than it actually is. Not bad for a little cup of joe, huh? Keep in mind, coffee does increase heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure, and it can make you a bit jittery if you’re a newbie. Luckily, these effects are relatively mild, especially for healthy folks. In fact, much of the research these days is focused on the potential health benefits of coffee, rather than any health risks. Question: I was in the gym the other day and I overheard a guy talking about his “no pain, no gain” weightlifting philosophy. Do I need to adopt this attitude for my own workouts to see results? Answer: No, not necessarily. It is true that weight training sessions can be intense, resulting in micro-tears and subsequent muscle soreness for a day or two afterward. This is completely normal, and as the body heals itself, muscle fibers gradually become larger and stronger. This is the essence of strength
Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014

training. However, if he was implying that a workout is only effective if pain is involved, he is wrong. Mild discomfort is common at the end of a hard set, as fatigue starts to set in, but actual pain is never a good sign during a workout. If you’re experiencing this, it usually means you’re severely overworking a muscle or you’ve suffered an injury. Question: Do I really need to sweat profusely to get in a good workout, or is this another fitness myth? Answer: Myth all the way! Sweating and the overall quality of your workout do not go hand in hand. Workout quality depends on the type of activity, the intensity and the duration. Sweating is simply a way for your overheated body to cool itself; that’s it. Some people sweat from the very beginning of physical activity and others end up doing 30 minutes before the first bead of sweat hits the floor. Your environment, specifically the temperature and humidity, certainly play a role, but the amount you sweat is very individualized. When you’re physically active, your core body temperature rises and the body looks for an easy way to dissipate heat. So, the next time you’re sweating and someone mentions that you look hot, just tell them, “Really, I was just starting to get cool!”
Karmen Nenahlo is with Anytime Fitness, the world’s largest 24/7 co-ed fitness franchise. For more information, visit

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E ! FRE t a Consult ions
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She. Hair Boutique
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New C lients O


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19 www.anytime

Maximize your health this spring
By Sarah Atkinson C.A.


pring has finally arrived! From the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) perspective of understanding the seasons, we are transitioning from the most yin time of year (winter) to the most yang time of year (spring). Nature rebounds into life. Dormant bulbs, tree sap and animals wake up to start the growth cycle once again. All of nature is affected by the yang cycle of spring. What effect does spring have on us? Often, the springtime burdens us with the intense joy and anticipation that the season gladly offers. Spring is the peak time of liver and gallbladder function according to the TCM cycle. The emotion most closely tied to the liver is the explosive emotion of anger. You may find yourself becoming easily angered over trivial matters. Anger is the most yang of the emotions. To compare, the emotion of fear is related to the winter months and has a constrictive quality. Other emotions to watch out for this season are impatience, frustration, resentment, edginess, arrogance and aggression. The liver is the organ that is most susceptible to congestion and this throws our bodies into disharmony. This pattern could be the root cause of these emotional symptoms. Eating foods that help the liver will help resolve these problems. Spring is the time to start eating less, limit processed foods and

increase the intake of lightly steamed vegetables and whole grains. The liver loves apple cider vinegar’s beneficial effects, and this can be mixed in water with a little honey before each meal. Honey mixed with apple cider vinegar has a particularly beneficial effect on the liver. Mix one teaspoon of each in a cup of water to detoxify and activate the liver. One tablespoon before each meal will help detoxify the liver. If you experience heartburn with vinegar, use fresh lemon, lime or grapefruit instead of vinegar. Other foods that help detoxify the liver are rye, romaine lettuce, asparagus, amaranth and quinoa. In traditional Chinese medicine, each organ is associated with a color. The color that is associated with the liver is green. Therefore, the liver also benefits from eating green foods such as green

Amy Skiver, LPC
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th a “Fitness Training wi ” PERSONAL approach


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Riverside Psychiatric Group, S.C. • 1325 Angel’s Path, De Pere
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Personal Training • Group or One-on-One • Strength/Toning TRX Classes • Sports Conditioning • Obstacle Course Training TNT SWAMP RUN • Rehabilitation • Weight Loss Nutrition & Supplement Guidance
W8734 School Rd., Hortonville

920.740.2408 •

“ Spring is the time to start eating less, limit processed foods and increase the intake of lightly steamed vegetables and whole grains.”
leafy vegetables like kale, parsley and collard greens. Chlorophyll is another green superfood that can help increase the liver’s function. Chlorophyll is available in most natural food stores and is another great way to give the liver a boost. Eating these foods will help bring your body into harmony with the season. Take short breaks throughout your day and go outside to enjoy the new life sprouting up from the earth. Take time to celebrate your inner growth by getting regular acupuncture treatments to ensure your liver and gallbladder function smoothly through springtime! Remember you are a part of nature and it’s time to celebrate the new life around you!
Sarah Atkinson is a certified acupuncturist with a master’s degree in Oriental medicine and the president of WISCA. She owns and operates Healthy Living Acupuncture & Wellness in Plymouth. She provides holistic health care within a traditional Chinese medical framework. For more information, visit www.healthylivingacu. com or call 920-893-8796.

th! l a e lh Balance your qi to achieve optima
At Healthy Living Acupuncture, we pair traditional Oriental methods with a modern medical approach using personalized herbal formulations, nutritional supplementation and lifestyle coaching techniques.

April 18th is

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The Natural Boutique specializes in natural ways to reduce unwanted stress from essential oil aromatherapy, teas, flower essence therapy and spa products to ease your daily tension. Stop by and learn more from the area’s only Natural Boutique.

• Electroacupuncture • Facial Acupuncture & Skin Treatment • TCM Acupuncture • TCM/Western Herbal Formulation • TCM Nutrition Supplementation • Moxibustion Treatments • Cupping Treatments • Gua Sha • Infertility Treatments

The National Institutes of Health and World Health Organization recognize acupuncture as effective in treating:
Addiction • Emotional Problems • Arthritis • Asthma Carpal Tunnel • Digestive Complaints Pain In Tendons, Joints & Muscles • Sinusitis Trigeminal Neuralgia UTI • Infertility • Menopause • Sleep Disturbances
1162 Westowne Drive, Neenah • (920) 725-1380
M, Tu, W, F 10-5:30; Th 10-7; Sat. 10-5

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Beyond the diagnosis: Managing and treating auditory processing disorders
By Dr. Jody Jedlicka


arly in my career, I was responsible for managing the hearing needs of children in a large urban school district. This included diagnostic testing for children with suspected hearing issues. Despite the differences in ethnicity, age and socioeconomic status, the one thing that every student with auditory issues shared was that learning was difficult for them.

“In fact, 80 percent of reading challenges are due to weak auditory processing.”
Now, consider the classroom setting. Even under the best of circumstances, the APD child is sharing his space with 19 other children who make noise. Add a fish tank or a couple of hamsters, and a teacher who wanders the room (which is actually a great practice for everyone else in the class) while she is talking so the distance between the student and the teacher and the visual cues available vary, and you’ve got a really challenging listening situation. While the listening environment can be managed by educating the teacher and making the classroom more acoustically friendly, the academic demands on the auditory system are great, particularly with learning to read. In fact, 80 percent of reading challenges are due to weak auditory processing. Unless the underlying cause of a student’s reading challenge (their APD) is addressed and altered, reading will always be a challenge. This is the reason most parents seek out an APD evaluation. Identification of an APD is often validating for families looking for answers. The real excitement, though, is in what comes next.

Central auditory processing disorders: the hidden hearing loss

Auditory processing refers to how your brain analyzes, interprets and makes sense of what you hear. Individuals with auditory processing disorder (APD) actually have normal hearing but struggle with: • Hearing accurately, particularly in challenging listening conditions • Interpreting tone of voice or the feeling and meaning of speech that is conveyed by stress and/or intonation • Integrating what is heard with information that is taken in via other senses (e.g., vision) Although these are the most common challenges kids with APD have, these are rarely the reasons parents seek out an APD evaluation for their child. Parents are masters at adapting the home environment and their own behaviors to help their children function optimally.
Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014

The diagnosing audiologist will make recommendations to the child’s teacher regarding classroom accommodations, but followup should never stop here. Auditory processing is a skill that can be trained through practice. With proper auditory training, auditory skills can be significantly improved. In doing so, the resulting behaviors and accompanying academic challenges, such as difficulty learning to read or paying attention in background noise, can also meaningfully improve.

What to look for in an auditory training program

Looking for the right treatment program is worth the effort. The components of a good auditory training program include the following: • The program should be targeted, focusing on the specific auditory weaknesses of the child as defined by his test results. • Skills should be trained, not taught. Auditory processing is a skill, not an academic subject, developed with repetitive practice. This strengthens the auditory system’s ability to recognize the sounds in words accurately and in the right order. • It should be done one-on-one. Only with one-on-one intervention can the child’s individual weaknesses be targeted. • It requires immediate feedback. Correct responses should be reinforced and incorrect ones adjusted immediately if children are to internalize the correct sounds and patterns they are trying to recognize. • Training should be intense and should resemble an auditory, mental workout. Intensity creates change faster. • It should be sequenced. Once sounds are recognized in isolation, the child should practice them in two-sound combinations, then in more challenging combinations. • Finally, the program should be comprehensive. Children with APD often have weaknesses in other cognitive skills,

such as memory, processing speed, logic and reasoning, or visual processing. Strengthening these areas helps support the acquisition of new auditory skills and improve overall academic success. A diagnosis of auditory processing disorder is not a life sentence of classroom modifications and preferential seating. Although these are valuable for children with this diagnosis, with appropriate auditory training, children with APD can significantly improve both their auditory skills and the resulting negative academic impact.
Jody Jedlicka, AuD is a doctor of audiology specializing in treatment of auditory processing disorders. She is also the director of the LearningRx cognitive training center in Appleton. LearningRx trains the underlying learning and reading skills necessary for easy and efficient learning. Find out more at

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Healthy skin care habits for men
By Caitlin Brotz


veryone has skin care rituals. Being a woman in the skin care industry, I know that women are more than willing to try a variety of products in search of that product that will help them look their best. I also know that most men are nothing like women when it comes to skin care. Sure, they want to look their best, but they don’t want frills and they don’t want complex steps. No problemo. Skin care

doesn’t have to be complicated — in fact, it’s best kept simple.


Long gone are the days of harsh cleansers. We no longer strive to strip our skin; instead, it’s a universal goal to gently remove built-up oil and dirt from the day. Make sure that you use a moisturizing facial wash. Your skin is made up of delicate fatty acids and lipids. These protect your skin, so you don’t want to be stripping these away. Use a gentle cleanser and your skin will thank you.


Shaving is harsh on your skin. The razor running across your skin can be irritating. Make sure to use a shaving cream that softens the hair so that your razor isn’t tugging at your hair but rather smoothly gliding as it cuts. Oils can be used to help lubricate the skin so that it’s a gentle process. Don’t shave? Beards need moisture too. Beard oils are a hot new trend that leave your beard soft and looking well-groomed.

look hydrated too. By properly moisturizing your skin, your skin cells will plump up with moisture. Plump skin cells reduce the appearance of fine lines. Well-moisturized skin makes you look youthful and healthy. Moisturizers that contain nut oils are especially beneficial because they contain the fatty acids and lipids that your skin craves. So take the plunge and apply that moisture! As you can see, men are onto something. Skin care is fairly simple. The key lies in using products that work with your skin to improve the overall quality of the condition of your skin.
Caitlin Brotz is owner of Olivü 426, located at 511 N. 8th St. in downtown Sheboygan or online at Devoted to improving the well-being of customers and the world around us every day, Olivü 426 believes in creating allnatural personal care products that are truly healing, nonharmful and affordable for everyday use. For more information about Olivü 426 or to learn more about the benefits of all-natural personal care, contact Caitlin at or 920-783-0809.

Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014

This might be the step that men used to skip. That trend is changing. Men want to

Body confusion
By Heather LaFond


ur bodies are intelligent. They have an instinctive quality to adapt to our environment. This trait has evolved in order to ensure our survival as a species. However, adaptation is not so helpful when it comes to weight loss. One of the most common obstacles experienced while attempting to make a healthy lifestyle change is hitting a plateau. In order to continue to experience changes in our body composition and physique, we must continue to challenge ourselves. Oftentimes, individuals with a standard workout routine will hit a plateau within four to six weeks. How do we prevent our progress from stalling? What are some quick and easy ways to switch it up? Resistance: Pay attention to how you feel at the end of each exercise. You should feel a little bit tired. If you do not feel tired, increase the weight to increase intensity. Repetitions: Sometimes increasing the weight of a particular exercise will not allow you to execute it with proper form. In this case, always choose form over weight. To safely increase intensity, switch up the number of repetitions. Higher rep ranges focus on muscle endurance, whereas smaller rep ranges tend to focus on building strength. Sets: Increasing the sets of a particular exercise allows you to increase intensity without changing the focus of your exercise (strength versus endurance). Speed: Everyone’s muscles are composed of fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers. Slow twitch muscle tissue is used for endurance activities, whereas fast twitch muscle tissue is used for more shortterm activities. Plyometrics have been growing in popularity. This method of training enhances athletic performance by targeting fast twitch muscle fibers that are responsible for producing both explosive movements and speed. (Plyometrics should be done under the supervision of a fitness professional trained in these techniques as improper execution of these exercises may lead to injury.) Duration: Sometimes it is beneficial to run your workouts with a timer. This allows you to focus on the exercise itself, executing it properly and not worry about counting repetitions. Using a timer also gives you another means to change up your routine. You have the ability to make work periods longer as the workout gets easier or even cut down on rest time between sets as your fitness level increases. A form of this type of training is referred to as interval training.

Direction: There are several exercises to target each specific muscle group. When looking to develop a well-rounded physique, it is important to attack muscles from all directions. For example, when training shoulders, you not only want to incorporate an overhead press, but movements to target the anterior, lateral and rear deltoids individually. This not only helps aesthetically, but is the key to avoiding a muscular imbalance. Plateaus are a sign that our body is healthy and our metabolism is working. They can be frustrating, but they do not have to be permanent. Knowing how to coast over those speed bumps when they’re experienced will help set you up for success! Get those goals! Be sure to consult your doctor before beginning an exercise regime.
Heather LaFond is the sole owner and operator of Prana Groove & Defiant Fitness. She is an ACSM-Certified Personal Trainer with a strong track record for helping clients successfully achieve their health and wellness goals. Heather has a B.S. in human biology with an emphasis in exercise science and more than five years of experience in personal and group fitness training. Her passion for health and fitness is driven by her motivation to help others achieve what they once thought impossible. For more information, contact Prana Groove & Defiant Fitness, 1402 Clark St., Suite 201, Manitowoc, at 855-462-5487 or at iamdefiantfitness@gmail. com. You can also visit and

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Lyme disease
What you need to know
By Barbara Fett, RN, BSN, CCAP


oday, many Americans suffer from Lyme disease, which is caused by a spiral-shaped bacteria (spirochete) called Borrelia burgdorferi. The Lyme spirochete can affect any organ of the body, including the brain, nervous system, heart, muscles and joints. Often called “the great imitator,” its symptoms mimic many other diseases; those infected by this bacteria are often misdiagnosed with multiple sclerosis, lupus, ALS

May is Lyme Disease Awareness month. Come and learn about this debilitating illness and how Pam and Michele both suffered from Lyme disease for 20+ years and how Young Living Therapeutic Oils helped them return to a life of wellness.

Saturday, May 3 8:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Event Location: City Limits Bar & Banquet 3627 County Rd CR, Manitowoc, WI
Included: Pam and Michele's story, “What is Lyme Disease?”, Young Living Essential Oils, Raindrop Technique, how to protect yourself, biofeedbac k by Zyto Compass, vendor tables, and lunch is included.
Pay $20 if pre-registered by April 17. ($25 after) Pamela Carpenter Barbara Fett, RN, BSN, CCAP Plymouth, WI Stockbridge, WI 920-893-8189 920-588-0464

(amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and Parkinson’s. This infectious disease is caused by the bite of an infected deer tick; however, fewer than 50 percent of patients with Lyme disease recall a tick bite, and even fewer experience the classic bull’s-eye rash. The disease is prevalent across the United States and throughout the world. Ticks know no borders and respect no boundaries. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Lyme disease is the fastest growing vector-borne infectious disease in the United States. At least 40 percent of Lyme patients end up with long-term, chronic health problems. The average patient sees five doctors over nearly two years before being diagnosed. One tick may carry more than one disease, so some patients infected with Lyme also have one or more co-infections from the bite of a single tick. Some of these co-infections are ehrlichiosis, babesiosis, bartonella, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and mycoplasma. Proper diagnosis can be difficult as well as controversial. It can be helpful to seek out the care from a “Lyme-literate” doctor. Treatment can be complex, and help has been found in many areas of medicine: traditional as well as alternative. Some modalities that have been sought for healing properties are antibiotics, homeopathics, naturopathy, Rife machines, therapeutic essential oils, as well as nutritional and lifestyle modifications, and emotional and spiritual healing. There are many resources available to one seeking answers; those with chronic Lyme disease often have a longer, more difficult struggle, as they have been ill and not properly diagnosed for many years. One must also become educated as to what measures an individual can take to protect oneself. Some of these are: walk in the middle of paths; wear light-colored clothing, which makes it easier to see ticks; wear long sleeves, pants, hats and shoes; avoid tall grass; check yourself for ticks; remove ticks carefully and save them. Remove ticks with a tweezers by pulling straight out from as close to the skin as possible.


Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014

“ ... fewer than 50 percent of patients with Lyme disease recall a tick bite, and even fewer experience the classic bull’s-eye rash.”
Even though DEET has often been used as a tick deterrent, it is not only toxic to the creatures that bug us, but can also be toxic to us. We don’t need poisons to kill pests. We can repel them and even kill them, with substances that are harmless to us. Therapeutic-grade essential oils have been shown to do just this. For instance, lemongrass essential oil has been helpful against fleas, mosquitoes and ticks. Purification (a Young Living Essential Oils blend), which contains citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, melaleuca, lavandin and myrtle, is very effective as a repellent for many insects and ticks, and is safe to use on your pets as well. You can put oils such as Purification around their necks and backs, but be careful to keep it out of their eyes, or you can mix drops of the oils into a spritzer bottle with water to make a spray. When you go into the woods and fields, put a little lavender or lemongrass essential oil around your ankles, wrists and waistband and you won’t have to worry about chiggers or ticks.

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month, which brings national attention to the springtime emergence on vegetation and wood of nymph ticks, the second life stage of ticks. As small as a period at the end of this sentence, they can be very hard to spot! That is why everyone needs to pay attention to this spreading health danger to our pets and us!
Disclaimer: The foregoing information is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace or supersede patient care by a healthcare provider. If an individual suspects the presence of a tick-borne illness, that individual should consult a healthcare provider who is familiar with the diagnosis and treatment of tickborne diseases. Barbara Fett, RN, BSN, CCAP is a health-care practitioner with many years of experience in hospital settings, primarily in medicalsurgical and emergency medicine. In the past 10 years, she has become well versed in integrative and alternative medicine practices, both personally and professionally, having worked at an integrative medical wellness clinic for six years. As a Certified Clinical Aromatherapy Practitioner, she has been involved in two grants utilizing aromatherapy in the nursing home setting here in Wisconsin. Barbara is an independent distributor of Young Living Essential Oils, #1011018. For more information, you may contact Barbara at 920-588-0464, or fettnet@ Please see her ad and entry in the Community Calendar of this issue for an upcoming Lyme event on May 3! References: International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society. Lyme Disease Association Inc. Lyme Disease Foundation Inc. Lyme Awareness.

e clu


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Natural ways to boost energy and performance for your next workout
By Cassie Kottke


e have all seen the ads on television with the message, “Take this supplement or powder and see huge performance gains during your next workout!” Although this sounds great, many of us do not know where to start when going into a huge nutrition store with shelves of products. And let’s not even mention the price tag of the products on the shelves! If we all take a step back, we’ll see there are many all-natural steps that we can take to boost our energy levels going into our next workout session. Try adding a preworkout snack: To avoid digestive distress, plan your preworkout snack about one hour prior to your session.

“Even a small drop in hydration can reduce your performance on your next run or lifting session, so be sure to sip water all day long.”
,Try to keep the calories of this snack below 200 and make sure that you have a nice mix of protein, carbohydrates and fat. Look for snacks lower in sugar as this will give you a more even energy source going into your workout. Some easy suggestions are lowsugar fruits such as berries and a serving of nuts, high-protein Greek yogurt or cottage cheese with a serving of fruit or a lowsugar, all-natural protein bar. Ensure you are hydrated: Even a small drop in hydration can reduce your performance on your next run or lifting session, so be sure to sip water all day long. Keep a bottle of water at your desk or in your car and make sure to drink it prior to your workout and refill it for the ride home. Sleep: We have all heard how important sleep is for overall health, but it is incredibly important for the active adult. If you

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Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014

know you have a hard workout session planned, try for just 30 extra minutes of sleep the night before. This will make all the difference in the later miles or extra reps in the weight room. Pep up with a little caffeine: Even the smallest amount of caffeine prior to a workout can help boost performance. If you are not normally a caffeine drinker, start with just a cup of green or black tea. If you already drink caffeine, planning to consume caffeine about 30 minutes prior to your workout will ensure that it kicks in at the right time. Just be sure to follow your caffeinated drink with an equal amount of water so that you are adequately hydrated. Listen to music: Studies have shown that people that exercise to music have lower levels of perceived exertion, meaning they do not feel like they are working out as hard as those that do not listen to music. If your playlist is old, freshen it up and the time will fly by during your next cardio session! In the end, boosting energy does not need to take a trip to a fancy store or break your bank account. You already possess all of the tools you need to have a great workout every time you go to the gym! Happy training!
Cassie Kottke, BA, ACSM, is a personal trainer, endurance coach and certified ChiRunning instructor at Stride MultiSport, located at 3939 West College Ave. in Appleton. Stride MultiSport offers endurance sports coaching, ChiRunning instruction, group classes, nutrition counseling and private personal training in your home or at the studio. New clients receive 50 percent off their first private session. For more information, call 920-428-4255, email or visit

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45 massage

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Choosing a loan for your home sweet home
By Alan M. Zierler


pring is always a popular time for house hunting, and of course, for home loan (mortgage) shopping. Although there are a variety of home financing options available, there are two basic types of primary or first mortgages. The type of mortgage loan that best fits your needs can depend on many factors and hopefully after reading the following descriptions, you’ll have an idea of where to begin.

Fixed-rate mortgage

These loans generally feature repayment schedules of 15, 20 or 30 years, though some financial institutions even offer 40-year loans. When you take out the loan, the interest rate is fixed and a payment schedule (including principle and interest) is set up. Because your payments remain the same throughout the life of the loan, a fixed-rate mortgage is a good option if you plan to remain in your home for a long period of time.

“Doing some ‘pre-work,’ like checking your credit report, is a good way to prepare for the mortgage application process. You are entitled to a free copy of your report every year at”
to refinance or move within a few years, however, an ARM may be a good mortgage choice for you. It’s always a good idea to comparison shop when looking for a mortgage. Start with the annual percentage rates, or APRs, and types and amounts of fees that are charged. Typically, you’ll need a 20 percent down payment, though some credit unions and banks require less. It’s not unusual for financials to require private mortgage insurance, or PMI, if you have a down payment of less than 20 percent, as it helps protect the lender in case the homebuyer fails to pay. Keep in mind that if PMI is needed, it will increase your overall loan costs. Doing some “pre-work,” like checking your credit report, is a

Adjustable-rate mortgage, ARM

Unlike a fixed rate loan, the interest rates on ARMs change periodically, going up or down, usually in relation to an index. Typically, they are fixed at a low rate for a certain number of years (three, five or seven years are common), then the interest rate is subject to change, generally with preset maximums per year. An important consideration if thinking about an ARM is that when the interest rate rises, so does your monthly payment. If planning
Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014

good way to prepare for the mortgage application process. You are entitled to a free copy of your report every year at Review the report for accuracy and correct any misinformation if needed. Next, start gathering paperwork, such as your credit union or bank address, phone number, account numbers and statements. You’ll also need proof of employment and other debt information and account numbers. Speak with your lender or visit their website for a detailed mortgage checklist. Generally speaking, your monthly housing expenses should not exceed 28 percent of your gross monthly income. And even though you may qualify for a bigger home loan, it doesn’t mean you need to borrow the maximum amount available. Especially since a mortgage is a longer-term financial commitment, you’ll want to carefully consider your lifestyle and other possible future financial goals when determining how much house you can afford. While going through the mortgage application process may be a bit overwhelming and confusing at times, talking to a trusted representative from a credit union or bank is a good way to research your home loan options and start moving toward the home of your dreams.
Alan M. Zierler is the president and CEO of Capital Credit Union, where he has been a board member for 24 years. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from Silver Lake College, and serves on the board of directors for Corporate Central Credit Union and the Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley, among others. Zierler and his wife, Judy, have been married for 35 years, and they have three children and nine grandchildren. Headquartered in Kimberly, Capital Credit Union has $475 million in assets and serves more than 34,000 members.

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Chakra cleansing and balancing
By Rev. Jen Rietveld


hakra is a Sanskrit term which literally means “wheel.” In modern use, chakras refer to specific points of energy along the human body that are associated with unique traits and characteristics regarding health and well-being. These energy centers are perceived as spinning vortices, spiraling both inward and outward deep within the human body, and reside in both the physical and ethereal (heavenly world) dimensions of consciousness at the same time. Because chakras extend beyond the physical body, they are often regarded as “gateways of consciousness.” When these gateways or vortices are open and spinning in a healthy manner, our bodies have a more direct and healthy connection to the life-giving energy that flows through all things, often referred to as spirit, prana, or chi. If a chakra gets blocked or stops spinning properly, an imbalance in one’s health and well-being can occur. This usually manifests within the areas specific to that chakra, yet can radiate out to affect other chakras as well.

After visiting a practitioner who is trained in cleansing and balancing your energy centers, you can then continue to help keep your chakras healthy by focusing attention on each chakra. Then, through meditation and visualization, one can consciously open the center and get it spinning in a healthy and beneficial manner. There are seven major chakras in the human body, along with thousands of minor chakras in varying degrees. When the main

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Rev. Jen Rietveld
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Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014

seven chakras are healthy, all the other minor chakras will often spin in direct proportion to them. Starting at the root of the spine and proceeding upward toward the apex of the head, each of these energy centers governs a specific area of health and well-being. By no means is this a full list of what the chakra systems entail; however, it is a sample of what they represent. • Root chakra, governing the element of earth, relates to survival and grounding. It is associated with the adrenals, the large intestine and the bones. Its color is red. • Sacral chakra, governing the element of water, relates to desire and sexuality. It is associated with the ovaries and prostate, the kidneys and bladder. Its color is orange. • Solar chakra, governing the element of fire, relates to will and power. It is associated with the pancreas, stomach and small intestine. Its color is yellow. • Heart chakra, governing the element of air, relates to love and balance. It is associated with the thymus heart and lungs. Its colors are green and pink. • Throat chakra, governing the vibration of sound, relates to creativity and expression. It is associated with the thyroid, throat and mouth. Its color is blue. • Brow chakra, governing the vibration of light, relates to intuition and imagination. It is associated with the pineal gland and the eyes. Its color is indigo. • Crown chakra, governing the vibration of thought, relates to knowledge and understanding. It is associated with the pituitary gland and brain. Its color is violet.

“If a chakra gets blocked or stops spinning properly, an imbalance in one’s health and well-being can occur.”
During a cleansing and balancing session, the seven major chakras centers will be focused on. You will visualize and focus on each one individually, clearing the clutter that has accumulated there and caused an imbalance in your body, mind and spirit. Stones, visualization, essential oils, sound and energy will be used in order to fully cleanse and fully balance you on all levels. Your ability to heal will depend on your willingness to let go of the things that no longer serve you but are being stored in your energy consciousness. If you are feeling stuck and want to take the next step to shift your life in a more beneficial and positive direction, cleanse and balance your chakras!
Rev. Jen Rietveld is an ordained minister and owner of Divine Energy Light Workers. She offers her alternative style of healing in the form of spiritual counseling, energy/light work, essential oils, meditations and more! She is located inside OM Studio at 611 North Lyndale Drive, Suite C in Appleton. For more information or to schedule an appointment with Rev. Rietveld, please visit or call 920-268-6345.

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Skin Care
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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.

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Riding It Out for Big Rick
By Kathi Bloy


ig Rick Boelter is one of those people everybody loves. His close friend, Mike Schober, said, “Rick has been very active in AA and NA, Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. He has a lot of friends. He has always opened his home for people. “He’d put on a pig roast every year and foot the bill,” Schober said. “Everybody from NA and AA would come out there. We’d have a couple hundred people at his place and he’d get Mike Murphy’s band out there to play. He’s helped a lot of people in recovery.” Now it’s time for his friends to help Big Rick. On the night of July 16, 2013, he and his motorcycle collided with a deer near his Dale home and his life changed forever. Today, Rick works on recovery from a traumatic brain injury and a severely injured right leg that had to be amputated above the knee. Schober and many of Rick’s friends have been doing all they can to help Boelter and his wife, Terri. “He’s going to need care for the rest of his life,” Schober said. “They will need a lot of modifications to the house when he is able to come home. He has friends who are carpenters and have other building skills and we’ll all donate our time.” These friends care so much for Boelter because many of them can probably say, along with Schober, “He helped to save my life. If

it weren’t for him, I probably wouldn’t be here right now, because I’m a recovering addict myself.” Schober and others held brat fries last year and will do that again when it warms up. Right now, with help from Community Benefit Tree (CBT), they are planning a Celebration of Support to raise money for Rick and Terri’s ongoing expenses. “Rick is Potawatomi,” Schober said, “and he does get some money from the casino. But Terri is paying $400 more a month for his care than his income covers. She’s had to cash in her 401k and it’s been a real burden on her. The benefit and other help is my way of giving back for the help that I got when I got into recovery,” he said. That benefit, “Riding it Out for Big Rick,” will be held at the Dale Town Hall on Saturday, April 5 from 3 to 8 p.m. Schober said, “I’m cooking a pig and we’ve got a folk singer coming in at dinner time. From eight o’clock until 11, the band ‘Mike Murphy and the Mob’ is playing.” “I possibly could have done the benefit without CBT,” Schober said. “I did one in 1996 for another friend and raised about $30,000, including a match from a corporate sponsor. But things are a lot different now than they were back then. It would have taken us too long to get a raffle license for the motorcycle, so we’re using CBT’s license.”

8th n A nual

Tickets: $10 adult, $5 ages 6-12, 5 & under free • Includes show & buffet lunch Cancer Fighters’
Advanced tickets available at Riverside Ballroom, Beacon House (920) 676-1146 or online at Tickets also available at the door!
WOGB’s Dan Markus & WFRV's Erin Davisson
Celebrity Emcees:

Proceeds donated to
Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014

Sun., April 6, 12:30-4pm Riverside Ballroom
1560 Main St., Green Bay

Pet Fashion Show & Silent Auction

•Cancer survivor stories •Pet healing stories •Door prizes & raffles •Live auction

Thank you to all our sponsors and donors who support this event!
Green Bay Packers

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Do you suffer from ...
In keeping with the motorcycle theme, Schober said, “We’re raffling off a 2014 Harley Davidson Streetglide at the Celebration of Support. CBT is helping us organize the raffle and the dinner. The way they’ve helped us with organization has been great. We will be using a lot of their things for the benefit dinner. They have given us cans to put out and a number of different tools to use. Heidi [Frederickson, CEO of CBT] does great work, and I’m thinking of donating some of my time when this is all over.” One thing Schober doesn’t lack is volunteers. Because Boelter has so many friends, he said, “I’ve got people calling me all the time asking what they can do.” Readers who are unable to attend the Celebration of Support may donate to Big Rick’s family by going to the CBT website at Go to “Current Celebration of Support Events” and scroll down to find “Riding It Out for Big Rick.”
Community Benefit Tree, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, celebrates people’s lives and supports them during medical crises. They help families, friends and co-workers plan Celebration of Support events for their loved ones and provide education, support, resources and financial assistance for families struggling with medical crises. CBT has assisted with more than 450 Celebration of Support events in the last eight years. For more information, visit communitybenefittree. org or contact CBT staff at 920-422-1919. Kathi Bloy is a freelance writer from Appleton.

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ectronics el E E R F recycling!
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Men need more good fortune
By Jeff Ryan

“ Wisdom is having things right in your life and knowing why. If you do not have things right in your life you will be overwhelmed: you may be heroic, but you will not be wise. If you have things right in your life but do not know why, you are just lucky, and you will not move in the little ways that encourage good fortune.” —excerpt from William Stafford’s “The Little Ways That Encourage Good Fortune”


he good fortune that Stafford alludes to in the quote above is to have more serendipity in one’s life. Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to be on the journey with old and young men who have traveled down a path that leads them out of despair, fear, hurt and inadequacy. Too many men in our society are not given the opportunity to find true happiness, courage, trust and faith because we have been given an idea of masculinity that traps

us from asking for help or has defined us solely as providers. As our soldiers return from another round of wars, we risk having another generation of children being raised by wounded and vacant fathers whose bodies, minds and souls are trapped from the violence of war. In our beautiful state of Wisconsin, we have a sizeable portion of men drinking away their lives because they were unable to find the wisdom that Stafford suggests to cope with their internal struggles. Women often have specific services that embrace their unique needs, while most often men have not had a pathway created to meet their unique needs. Women’s specific services include: child care, gender-separate environments and trauma-informed care. In traditional cultures, there are mechanisms for men to transition through rites of passage or help them recover after times of war. For example, in many Native American communities, a wiping of tears ceremony would be held to help warriors transition back into the community while healing the recognized wounds experienced in wartime. Pathways have begun opening for men that provide the

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Conserve resources

Prevent pollution

Create jobs

“ Too many men in our society are not given the opportunity to find true happiness, courage, trust and faith because we have been given an idea of masculinity that traps us from asking for help or has defined us solely as providers.”
specialized approaches unique to their needs. Men wanting to improve their direction in life, have better relationships, overcome specific difficult life events or increase perceptions of self are some of the foundations for involvement. Through biofeedback, cuttingedge therapies and individual and group environments, men are provided the space and individualized attention they require to laugh, grow and discover the wisdom that opens their life to greater internal peace, courage and fortune.
Jeff Ryan, LPC, CSAC is a licensed substance abuse and mental health counselor. Throughout his career he has worked with males of all ages, which has allowed him to grow in his understanding of how to help. A passion of his is the outdoors and all activities that can bring him there. If interested in specialized services for men, you can reach Jeff Ryan at Get Connected Counseling at 920-750-6129 or

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Get Connected
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At Get Connected Counseling, LLC, we help people who are dissatisfied with their lives find their way to where they want to be. We offer a different experience in therapy than clients have had before, with a focus on transformational healing of mind, body and spirit. We use cutting-edge approaches to re-engage, rewire, reconnect and inspire our clients to live within their authentic selves.
We take most insurance plans.

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Setting the record straight on supplements
By Kim Neher, MS


o many people today are confused about supplements. Even many doctors, nutritionists and other health experts are uncertain. Why? There’s so much conflicting information in the media. One day, we’re told that fish oil is good for us; the next day, we hear it’s useless. We’re told that folate is healthy; the next day, it’s deadly. We hear that we should take a multivitamin and a week later, we shouldn’t. It’s enough to make you want to throw every supplement bottle out the window, but don’t do it! Supplements are vital to good health and proper function. Each of us is a physiological and biochemical organism that requires nutrients in order to function properly. Vitamins and minerals are the essential elements that facilitate every chemical reaction in your body. For example, magnesium and zinc each control more than 200 enzymes. Folate is critical for making neurotransmitters, for regulating your DNA, for determining which genes get turned on and off and plays a role in preventing cancer, heart disease and dementia. In blood test levels of both gut dysfunction and nutrient levels, there’s no surprise
Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014

to find widespread nutritional deficiencies as well as gut absorption issues. This fundamental lack of nutrition can create a multitude of symptoms that can often be easily relieved with the right nutrients. One of the major problems we find is omega-3 fat deficiency — an issue which affects about 98 percent of the population. Omega-3 fats are critical for supporting brain function and mood, improving your metabolism, preventing diabetes, reducing inflammation and more. Because so many of us live and work inside, more than 80 percent of the population has insufficient levels of vitamin D. Because our diet is very low in plant foods and greens, most of us also have low folate levels. Many others are magnesium deficient. Why? This is primarily because our diet lacks beans and greens. We also engage in habits that deplete the magnesium in our bodies, like the overconsumption of coffee and alcohol and living with chronic stress. Low magnesium can lead to muscle cramps, headaches, constipation, palpitations, anxiety and insomnia. All of these individual deficiencies can create common symptoms that are easily relieved if you just get the right nutrients.

“Omega-3 fats are critical for supporting brain function, mood, improving your metabolism, preventing diabetes, reducing inflammation and more.”

If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions (and these are just a few common symptoms) you may have a nutritional deficiency that should be investigated: • Is your skin or hair dry? • Do you have muscle cramps? • Do you get colds a lot? • Are you depressed? • Are you constipated?

essential raw materials the body needs to function properly.

Do specific supplement brands matter?

What supplements should you be taking?

The average person should take the following: • A good multivitamin that includes vitamins A, C, D and E, as well as all the B vitamins, vitamin K, minerals, and other key nutrients • An omega-3 fat supplement • An additional vitamin D supplement • A quality probiotic for gut health Some individuals may have additional nutritional needs based on their health conditions, sex and age, but this regimen will provide most people with all of the

Absolutely! You wouldn’t put bad fuel in your car, and you don’t want to put bad stuff in your body either. Do not just take anything and assume it will do the trick. It’s important to use high quality supplements that are triple party certified. There is essentially no real regulation of purity, potency and quality in the manufacture of supplements — especially those found in drugstores and department stores. This makes it hard to know whom to trust. Bottom line: supplements will never offset a bad diet. They are an “insurance policy” to an already healthy lifestyle. Everyone has unique requirements based on their health history, and I encourage you to work with a clinical nutritionist who has the knowledge and time to find the right supplement needs for you.

Kimberly Neher, MS, is the clinical nutritionist and owner of Nutritional Healing, LLC. Her passion lies in supporting people’s health through evidence-based medicine (risks versus benefits of medications) and healing therapies through nutrition. Kimberly has her masters of science in human nutrition degree, and experience working with clients regarding weight and fatigue issues, sports nutrition, food sensitivities and allergies, and general health concerns such as high blood pressure, high glucose levels, high cholesterol/ triglycerides, migraines, thyroid conditions and gut dysfunction. To learn more, call 920-358-5764 or email

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Ask the audiologist
By Dr. Stephanie Long

When should I get my hearing tested?

Because hearing loss does not hurt and occurs very slowly over time, I recommend a baseline hearing test by age 50. If you have had significant noise exposure, this recommendation goes down to age 40. The first people to notice that someone has hearing loss are always friends, family or co-workers. This makes sense because if you cannot hear something, there is no way to know you did not hear it unless someone tells you. In addition, at any time, if a sudden change is noticed in your hearing, you should have your hearing tested immediately. Some sudden changes can only be treated through medication that a physician can prescribe. For sudden hearing loss due to infection, quick treatment is imperative.

history of hearing loss, have your hearing tested. This will give you the information you need to understand your amplification choices.

Can I use my cell phone while I’m wearing hearing aids?

Don’t you have to be older to have hearing loss?

All of the major hearing device manufacturers have developed technology to make hearing aids compatible with cell phones. Some have a direct connection between certain kinds of cell phones and hearing aids, while others require a wireless Bluetooth adaptor to connect the two. Another common difficulty that uses similar technology is television watching. There are many assistive devices for the TV. Some work with hearing aids but others can work independently.

Hearing loss can and does happen at any age, and patients of all ages can be tested. In fact, in Wisconsin, it is mandated that babies are screened as newborns. Testing is painless and easy. If you are concerned about your ability to hear or have a strong family

What is ear wax?

No one really knows why we have ear wax, but there are some theories. For example, wax is thought to be part of the ear’s natural cleaning process. Wax is normal and is also called cerumen. Wax

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“ The truth is that often when using cotton swabs, some wax is removed but more wax can be pushed deeper into the ear canal.”
is made in the outer portion of the ear canal by special cells. Each day, wax is slowly made and slowly dries up and falls out of the canal without being noticed. This process removes dust or small particles that may have entered the canal. The color and consistency of the wax can vary from person to person, being dark or light, runny or dry and flaky. When there is not enough earwax produced, people’s ear canals feel dry and itchy.

Can I use cotton swabs?

A cotton swab should not be used to remove ear wax unless it is visible on the outer edge of the ear canal. The truth is that often when using cotton swabs, some wax is removed but more wax can be pushed deeper into the ear canal. In addition, drying out the ear canal stimulates the ear to make more wax. The ear drum itself is only three cell layers thick. I have personally met patients who have damaged their ear drums with cotton swabs. Not only does it hurt, it may also require surgery to repair the ear drum and any damage done to the three tiny bones behind the eardrum.

How much is too much wax?

Some people are prone to blockage of ear wax which can dramatically decrease hearing, cause tinnitus (ringing in the ears), itchy ears or a plugged feeling. For those who wear hearing aids, this is more likely to happen as the aid blocks the normal process of wax falling out from occurring. If you are prone to ear wax, it is important to have your physician or audiologist check your ears at each visit to keep the ears from being blocked. Your hearing health provider can tell you if there is a normal amount of wax or if the wax should be removed. Remember, the normal ear canal does have some wax!

How should ear wax be removed?

Many people are successful in removing their ear wax at home on their own as long as they are certain there is not perforation in the eardrum. Using over-the-counter drops such as Debrox or a small dab of mineral oil or olive oil to soften the wax can be helpful. If the wax is stubborn and needs to be removed by a physician or audiologist, this can be done with a curate and suction or with a warm water flush.
Stephanie Long, Au. D., Doctor of Audiology is the owner of About Better Care Audiology at W3124 Van Roy Road in Appleton. She has helped people with hearing and hearing loss issues for more than 20 years. About Better Care Audiology specializes in providing personalized hearing solutions and building long-lasting relationships. For more information or to ask more questions, visit or call 920-915-9077. April 2014 | Nature’s Pathways®


How’s that spirituality working for you?
By Rev. April Kain-Breese


r. Phil’s pointed question, “How’s that working for you?” is a reality check. Those who watch Dr. Phil know that when he asks this question, somebody on stage is about to get a cosmic head slap! That can be a moment of bemusement for us voyeurs watching on TV, but if Dr. Phil were to walk into our lives and ask that question, we’d feel that slap, and it might not be very entertaining for us. If Dr. Phil asked you about your spirituality today, you might say “I’m spiritual, but not religious.” But if asked to describe what that means, you might have some difficulty. You most likely would know what your spirituality is not — it is not rigid, dogmatic, male-dominated, judgmental, exclusionary or hidebound. Can you hear Dr. Phil saying, “OK, you’ve said what your spirituality is not, but I’d like to know just what it is. Can you define it?” In my experience, a spirituality that works will provide three essential values. • It will “feel right” to us in a deep and consistent way. Somehow,

when we hear a teaching that resonates within us, we know we are on to something. “Yes, this is what I’ve always believed!” Even if it’s different from what we were told as children. • It will inspire us. What inspires you? Beautiful sunrises, music, the birth of a child, courage in the face of illness or death? Creativity, new beginnings, reaching higher and farther, these are endeavors that inspire, whether you identify them as divine or not. • It will be applicable to daily living. Is your spirituality working for you in your life today? There needs to be some principle at work — some framework, some way of seeing a life that makes sense and provides support. What about God, a higher power, spirit or the universe? Does “spirituality” automatically imply a belief in a transcendent power? For many it does, but for some it might not. If you have a set of ideals that feel right in a deep and consistent way that inspire you

A community for spiritual growth
If you like Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle, you’ll love Unity!

Join us for Sunday services, youth ministry, study groups and more. • 920.739.4823 • 1800 S. Lawe St., Suite 400, Appleton
Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014

and that are applicable to daily living, then maybe that’s enough. It’s really up to you! For some of us, the question of a higher power, God or “whatever” is very uncomfortable. With the sophistication of 21st century science, where can such a power exist? Why don’t we see it? Is there still a need for God or are we just fine without? Our conception of God changes over the centuries as our scientific knowledge grows. The image of God portrayed as an old man with a long flowing beard sitting on a throne in the clouds is probably not relevant to most of us today. That is the image of God that humans could envision long ago. Today, we imagine something different. This impulse toward growth and change is divine. It’s in our DNA, fundamental to our existence. We must imagine. We must grow. We must change. So, if your past understanding of God no longer works for you today, embrace a renewed understanding. Make it your own, and put it to work in your life. You might just want to ask yourself, “How’s my spirituality working for me?” If you aren’t sure, or you’re sure it isn’t working for you, consider stepping into the question. Do some investigating, and clarify what it is that has spiritual meaning for you. It can be an important part of a life well-lived. Namaste.
Rev. April Kain-Breese is with Unity of Appleton, a community for spiritual growth, which focuses on spiritual well-being through affirmative prayer, positive thinking and daily application of five basic principles. Sunday services and youth ministry occur at 10 a.m. Newcomers are welcome. Try us out! For more information, including Sunday talks, newsletters and upcoming events, visit or call 920-739-4823.

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April 2014 | Nature’s Pathways®


Putting your winter coat away for the season — alpaca style
By Sally Schmidt


y springtime, the winter of 2013-2014 will hold its place in the record books. This winter season is poised to surpass the previous record holder for the most days of below-zero temperatures (48 days). I’m quite sure nearly all Wisconsinites would agree that it certainly has been a very long, cold winter — but what would you think if you were an alpaca? Alpacas have fur coats designed to keep them warm even in extreme winter conditions. As a matter of fact, they are able to grow even longer coats when the weather is more severe. Raising alpaca is all about the fleece! Longer fleeces equal greater profits for the farm, as farms are paid by the pound. So cold weather makes for a happy alpaca farmer! Alpaca hair is hollow, so the hair is full of air. For those of you who may not know, air is a form of insulation. Insulation protects us from extreme temperatures. Without insulation in the walls of our homes, we would be very uncomfortable in the winter months, as well as the summer months when the temperatures are extremely high. The insulated fur coat of the alpaca allows it to live quite comfortably outdoors, even during an extremely cold winter, as long as it is protected from the wind. When spring arrives, we wash our winter coats and store them away as we prepare for the summer months of sunshine and shorts. For an alpaca, the process is a bit different. Shearers remove an alpaca’s fleece coat in late May so that the animal will be comfortable for springtime. In addition to mats to lay the alpacas on and electric shears to clip fleece, ropes are needed to hold alpacas securely in place
Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014

so neither humans nor animals are harmed. Two shearing team members receive the alpaca and proceed to secure it on a padded floor mat. Next they trim toe nails, check teeth and give an annual vaccination. The lead shearer then begins clipping the alpaca’s fleece with the assistance of his right-hand man, who holds the alpaca’s head. As the lead shears, his assistant rotates the animal so that the lead shearer can continue to clip as the animal rolls gently from side to side. Another person gathers the fleece as it comes off of the alpaca. Other volunteers record the names and weights of each fleece. The fleece is later sorted, graded and sent off to be processed into alpaca clothing or household goods such as yarn,

rovings, rugs and blankets. The neck and head are sheared next, followed by the lower legs. This entire process is completed in less than 10 minutes! Once the alpacas are sheared, their halters are put back on and they are walked out to the pasture to reunite with their friends. Because of their extreme makeovers, they seem as confused as we might be as to who is who. They will smell each other (like you may have seen dogs do) to reacquaint themselves. Their next stop is their favorite dirt hole in the pasture so that they can roll around, get dirty and be happy. They are free until the following spring when the shearers reappear at the ranch. I guess after hearing all that, we should all be happy that our coats just have to be washed and stored, but we might think twice, knowing how cozy warm the alpacas are with their fur coats even at 25 below zero. That’s why alpaca sweaters, gloves, mittens and long johns should also be in our closets with our coats!
Sally and her husband Tom Schmidt began Sabamba Alpaca Ranch and Bed & Breakfast in 2006 in De Pere. They have 35 award-winning alpacas and an alpaca clothing boutique at their ranch. If you would like to experience shearing alpacas in person, send the Schmidts your e-mail at They will let you know the date and time of an open-house day at the farm as soon as they receive that info from their shearers. Visit for more information. References: “Several weather records could topple this winter.” FOX 11. Phil DeCastro. several-weather-records-could-topple-this-winter. Living Sun Live Stock.

Raising Alpacas
Affordable Enjoyable

Learn more about this emerging textile & agricultural business

Beginner’s Workshop
for Aspiring Alpaca Owners
May 24, 2014 9AM - 3PM

Foxglove Farms
W7255 Wege Road, Hortonville 920.757.9868 • Lu & Kirk Visocky, owners
Purveyor of fine and unusual annuals and heirloom vegetables

Space is limited — call today!
Seminar fees: $75/individual; $99/couple

Organic, heirloom vegetable & herb seedlings 50 varieties of tomatoes in every color including red, pink, purple, white, orange, yellow, bi-color, black and even green Heirloom peppers and other vegetables Exotic annuals and HUGE Proven Winners® hanging annual baskets


We grow using organic seed, soil and fertilizer utilizing recyclable pots.
Visit our website for hours and directions. Family owned and operated.

2338 Hickory Rd. De Pere, WI 54115

Alpaca Ranch and Bed & Breakfast



MAY 3 Natural and Organic Expo, Sunnyview Expo Center, Oshkosh

MAY 10 Growing Green at Mosquito Hill, New London

MAY 17 Festival of Spring, Paine Art Center, Oshkosh

MAY 30- JUNE 1 Green Bay Botanical Garden Fair, Green Bay

Directions: From HWY 41, take exit #157 (County S/Freedom Rd.) Go east on Freedom Rd./ Lawrence Dr. Right on Hickory.
April 2014 | Nature’s Pathways®


All a dog wants is to go for a walk
By Darlene M. Jeske


ogs have a natural instinct to want to walk and roam. That instinct originated from living in the wild as pack members, usually on the hunt for food. Now that dogs take the role of domestic companions and four-legged family members, that natural instinct only gets satiated if you pull out the leash, throw on the right treads and head out for a stroll or hike. When dogs are denied that instinct, they act out and often have pent-up energy — and we all know what that translates into: jumping, barking, digging, destructive chewing and the list goes on. Taking your dog for walks is the perfect way to drain that excessive energy, resulting in a calmer, more submissive and wellbehaved dog. While walking your dog, you should form a stronger bond with him, which helps him to establish you as the pack leader, the head honcho. Besides wrangling in those undesirable behaviors and putting you more in control, walking your dog provides additional benefits: • Engages your dog’s mind, helping to stimulate him intellectually

“Taking your dog for walks is the perfect way to drain that excessive energy, resulting in a calmer, more submissive and well-behaved dog.”
• Creates opportunities to socialize your dog with other dogs and humans • Serves as a training tool by letting you teach or reinforce basic commands (bring treats!) • Provides healthful benefits to your dog’s joints and muscles, especially as your dog ages • Keeps your dog happier and healthier overall Dog walking benefits you as a dog owner as well by giving you exercise, getting you outdoors and creating opportunities for socializing. More than that, you benefit from having a dog that behaves better and is calmer, allowing you to enjoy a loving and rewarding relationship. Whether it’s an extremely long hike or a 20-minute brisk walk around the neighborhood, you and your dog will benefit from daily dog walking. After all, all a dog wants is to go for a walk.
Polar Bears Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services offers vacation care, walks or daily visits to break up the day while providing professional, trustworthy and individualized pet care, including pets with behavioral, medical and age-related issues. Owner Darlene M. Jeske is bonded, insured and a member of Pet Sitters International. For more information or to schedule a free in-home consultation, call 920-850-5510, email or visit the Polar Bears Facebook page.

Polar Bears Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Services
Specializing in puppies, seniors and canines with special needs

Darlene M. Jeske
15+ Years Experience • Daily In-home Care • Full Vacation Care
Professional, quality, trustworthy care ... guaranteed! 920-202-3664 • Cell: 920-850-5510 •
Member of Pet Sitters International • Bonded & Insured
Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014

LearningRx is a totally different kind of program. We don’t tutor or simply mask the symptoms of a learning problem ... we correct it. Using a scientifically proven approach, we strengthen your child’s underlying cognitive skills (those basic skills that need to be in place in order for learning to come easily, such as memory, attention, auditory and visual processing, logic and reasoning, and processing speed). We actually train your child’s brain to learn more easily, and then we practice that new skill until it’s second nature.

Call us. (We can help.)


Skills Assessment & Consultation
Who benefits from Cognitive Skills Training? • Kids who struggle with learning, reading and/or homework. • Kids with learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADD or ADHD. • Kids who work slowly. • Kids who work harder than their peers to achieve good grades. • Bright students who don’t seem to be working to their potential. With this coupon. Offer good through May 15, 2014. New clients only.

50 OFF


Have You Experienced India’s Finest?
Family Owned Since 1999

Appleton’s Award-Winning Indian Restaurant

Our authentic, all-homemade, delicious Indian cuisine includes a wide variety of chicken, seafood, beef, lamb, vegan, vegetarian and tandoori dishes.

LUNCH: Mon. – Sat. 11 am-2 pm DINNER: Mon. – Thurs. 4:30-9 pm, Fri. & Sat. 4:30-9:30 pm, Closed Sunday • 920-733-3003
253 W. Northland Ave., Appleton •

with purchase of the 1st entrée at regular price.
DINE-IN & DINNER ONLY. With this coupon. Limit one coupon per customer. Not good with any other offers. Expires 4/30/14.


April 2014 | Nature’s Pathways®


Building a purposeful life from the


Todd Rockweit betters his community and the earth through Backyard Organics

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous. —Aristotle
As they shine between the leaves of a nearby maple tree, the sun’s rays gently warm your skin. The smell of flowering lilacs drifts upon a light breeze. Soft, plush grass cradles your bare feet as you close your eyes and listen to the birds singing from the nearby shrubs and trees. It’s a perfect, serene, picturesque backyard. But what makes it all the more beautiful is it was made that way by a man who takes doing right by the environment, his community, his clients and his family to heart. Todd Rockweit provides organic and sustainable land and lawn care to Northeast Wisconsin through his business, Backyard Organics. The Oshkosh-based Backyard Organics is much more than a typical landscaping company. It serves residential customers, as well as businesses, gardens, orchards, farms and even small vineyards — and it does so by recognizing the flaws in conventional and often harmful chemical-based methods, and instead uses an educated and individualized approach to each client’s needs. Rockweit is easily able to relate to his customers’ needs — perhaps because he himself was one just a few years ago. He and his wife, Tara, both nature lovers to begin with, knew

they wanted not only an attractive and inviting yard, but a safe environment. Their main motivation for this came in a tiny, adorable package: their new daughter, Emmaxia. The Rockweits looked into the services Backyard Organics offered and Todd found himself gravitating to the company’s sustainable, continuous-improvement process. Thanks to this organic and thoughtful approach to their own lawn care, the Rockweits now have peace of mind knowing that their daughter, dogs and even chickens can explore their backyard without encountering harmful chemicals.

“To me, what’s most important is groundwater understanding,” he explains. “Water is a limited resource, and we really need to do whatever we can to preserve it.” Rockweit hopes that by connecting with community organizations, he will be able to help people build their understanding of how land-care decisions can impact the watershed, as well as the environment as a whole. This will lead individuals and businesses to consider alternatives to synthetic land-care chemicals, Rockweit hopes.

A man is a bundle of relations, a knot of roots, whose flower and fruitage is the world. —Ralph Waldo Emerson
Five years ago, Rockweit had just sold his custom software distribution company. At age 43, he wasn’t in a position to retire, yet he was comfortable enough to choose what he wanted to do next in life. He and his wife sat down with a whiteboard in their living room and outlined a roadmap for the future. Not surprisingly, family played a major role in the Rockweits’ decision to purchase and operate Backyard Organics. “Until you actually have one, you don’t know. It’s unreal how much they can change your life,” Rockweit says of having children. “We knew that if we didn’t take best approach to raising our child that we could, that wouldn’t be right. We wanted a better balance personally and professionally.” Backyard Organics certainly seemed to fit the bill. Tara, a local high school teacher, has more free time to spend with Emmaxia in the summer months than during the school year. The opposite, seasonal nature of lawn care would allow Todd to complement Tara’s schedule. “It’s a good fit,” Todd says. “It helps us to always be with our daughter whenever we can.”

Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher. —William Wordsworth
Since taking on Backyard Organics, Rockweit has done more than his fair share of research. Thanks in part to his prior career in engineering, he takes a “left-brained” approach to lawn and land care. The business owner finds himself naturally craving to understand “how things work,” to identify root causes of problems and to search out the best solutions — strengths he uses to his customers’ advantage. “In this industry, a passion for understanding how soils work is very unique. Landscapers in general don’t spend a great deal of time understanding soil. Instead, they use products to make grass ‘look’ greener,” Rockweit explains. Rockweit, on the other hand, has been truly immersed in soil science for the past five years. A regular attendee at organic farm and landcare classes and conferences, he takes time each off-season to further educate himself. Rockweit has primarily attended educational opportunities on the east coast, where the Northeast Organic Farming Association, or NOFA, regulates organic land care. While the east and west coasts have organizations like NOFA that set standards and guidelines related to organic land care, the Midwest does not. Rockweit explains that because of this lack of oversight, a Midwest company could say they are using organic products and approaches, but there is no way to verify this. Backyard Organics is different. As a NOFA-accredited land care professional, Rockweit has the credentials and knowledge to back up his words. And Backyard Organics, with its purely organic approach to land care, is unique not only in Wisconsin, but the entire Midwest. Backyard Organics customers know what they’re getting: Todd Rockweit — a man who believes in doing the best thing for his family, his customers, his community and his planet.

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. —Henry David Thoreau
Another item at the top of Rockweit’s whiteboard list for the future was his goal to enjoy a more meaningful existence. He recognized that Backyard Organics would allow him to feed his soul. As owner and operator of the company, Todd says that doing the right thing is part of who he is. “The driving force behind this business or really anything that I do is to be more purposeful,” he explains. “Every time I make a decision, I ask, ‘Is it the right thing to do? Is it the best product I can utilize? Is it the best service I can provide?’ This can be difficult if the majority of your professional life was more profit-driven. It can be difficult, but it is absolutely the driving force behind this business.” Rockweit’s focus on living a purposeful life has led him and Backyard Organics to deep community involvement. Through participation in local committees and organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity, Rockweit is able to help individuals and groups better understand the environment.

Backyard Organics is actively involved in the following programs and committees:
• • • • • Sustainable Neenah Sustainable Fox Valley Gardens of the Fox Cities Master Gardeners of the Fox Valley Community Gardens of the Fox Valley and Oshkosh • Habitat for Humanity • Fox Valley Adopt a Garden • Neenah Historical Society
Family picture by JK Photography

Each Backyard Organics customer benefits the environment. By contacting Todd Rockweit, clients can rest assured knowing that they are making the world a better and more purposeful place. Contact Backyard Organics at 920-730-3253 or email To learn more, visit backyardorganics. net or stop by the shop at 5171 Green Valley Road, Oshkosh.

It’s all about Mom!

M Mo ot i is sS th he Su er un r’ nd ’s sD da Da ay y, ay ,M y Ma ay y1 11 2

Massages, Massages, facials facials and and aa relaxing relaxing Mother’s Mother’s Day. Day. Buy Buy Mom Mom aa gift gift card card today today atat your your local local Massage Massage Envy Envy Spa. Spa.

99 39 39 $$ 99 49 49 $$

Introductory 1-hour Introductory 1-hour * * massage session massage session

® ® Introductory 1-hour Murad Introductory 1-hour Murad * * Healthy Skin facial session Healthy Skin facial session

*See clinic for details. Each clinic is a member of the Massage Envy network of *See *independently See clinic clinic for for details. d etails.and Each Eac h clinic clinic is is a a member membe©2013 r of of the theMassage Massage Massage Envy EnvFranchising, y network network of oLLC. f owned operated franchises. Envy independently owned owned and and operated operated franchises. franchises. ©2013 ©2013 Massage Massage Envy Envy Franchising, Franchising, LLC. LLC. independently

3201 3201 E E Calumet Calumet St. St next to Buffalo Appleton, WI Wild Wings (920) 731-5300 (920) 731-5300

1241 Lombardi Access Rd. next to Margaritas (920) 405-9200


Convenient Convenient Hours Hours · · Franchises Franchises Available Available Convenient Hours · Franchises Available Open 7 Days: M-F 8am-10pm, Open 7 Days: M-F Sat 8am-6pm, Sun8am-10pm, 10am-6pm Sat 8am-6pm, Sun 10am-6pm

730 LAKE PARK ROAD, MENASHA 920-882-8900 •
❀ Friendly and knowledgeable staff ❀ The cleanest facility in the Valley ❀ 80 group exercise classes each week all included with your membership! ❀ Zumba • Cycle • Yoga • TRX • Les Mills Aqua classes and more – all included! ❀ Member/non-member personal training ❀ Executive style locker rooms ❀ Complimentary towels and amenities ❀ Radiant floor heating in the pool area ❀ 4 lane lap pool and 10 person whirlpool ❀ Cardiovascular training center with personal TVs ❀ Extensive variety of strength training equipment ❀ Men’s and women’s soothing steam rooms ❀ Tanning and massage ❀ Swim lessons • Outdoor tennis ❀ Relaxing cafe area to enjoy a FREE cup of coffee ❀ Complimentary WiFi in our cafe ❀ Secure playcare for your children to play


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730 LAKE PARK ROAD, MENASHA • 920-882-8900
Must be 18 or over and a local resident. With this Nature’s Pathways coupon. One coupon per person. Not valid with any other offers. Expires April 30, 2014.

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The fulcrum
Your key to healthy drumming
By Marco White


ow do some drummers manage to play for years, decades sometimes, and never suffer a drummingrelated injury? The answer: the fulcrum, along with proper breathing, posture and relaxing while playing. If a drummer grips the stick with a “death grip,” this way of playing almost assures injury, poor-sounding drumming and poor-sounding drums too. How one grips the stick is vital. So, how does one go about creating the fulcrum? With matched or German grip (palms down), just lay a stick down on a table, take your hand and roll it, palms down, into the stick, then gently wrap your fingers around the stick. There should be

a lot of “wiggle room” at the back of the stick, and getting a good rebound should be effortless. By holding loosely, this allows the sticks to do the work, and you can play for long periods without discomfort. I cannot stress enough how important developing a solid fulcrum is, so keep this in mind, along with my five “laws” to good drumming: 1. Relax 2. Focus 3. Ergonomics 4. Listen 5. Have fun!

“By holding loosely, this allows the sticks to do the work, and you can play for long periods without discomfort.”
Getting your fulcrum together will keep you drumming long and strong for years to come.
Marco White’s info can be found at He is an endorsed artist/educator with Rich Sticks,, and is a certified teacher with the Professional Drum Teachers Guild, If you would like to see the fulcrum in action, Marco offers a helpful video showing the four main grips drummers use today: Groove on!


Prepared Meals to any Lifestyle ~ Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Cooking Classes, Tasting Events ~ Other Special Events Coming Soon!

Happy Drumming
Marco’ Music Facilitator
USA/Europe International (920)216.4291

Gerilyn Kunesh

Personal Chef ServSafe® Manager Certified

April 2014 | Nature’s Pathways®


Arvigo therapy for supporting pregnancy
By Anja Farin


rvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage (ATMAT) is a system of therapeutic touch that has its roots in the traditional people of Belize and Central America. A practitioner seeks to promote proper alignment of the uterus in the body, thereby increasing blood, nervous and lymph flow through the pelvic region. Practitioners must be licensed health care providers before they can attend professional care training, and they may then go on to advanced pregnancy training to learn the particulars of supporting women from preconception through the postpartum period.

Who can benefit from ATMAT sessions?

Women who are: • Seeking to become pregnant • Pregnant and in their second trimester or beyond • Postpartum and healing from their birth experience • Seeking relief from the discomforts of pregnancy • Looking for a gentle way to encourage labor to begin, or to assist with proper positioning of the baby • Interested in learning self-care techniques that they can do at home to help improve their health

“Many midwife practitioners find that their clients who received regular ATMAT sessions throughout their pregnancies have shorter labors, with fewer babies in non-optimal positions.”
for work on specific places on her back. The practitioner assesses the woman’s sacrum and reduces tension in that area, and works on the upper area of the back to reduce the tension of carrying an enlarged uterus.

What is a session like?

A session is much like a typical bodywork session. The client begins the session lying on her back, supported by pillows and bolsters appropriate for her stage of pregnancy. The practitioner begins by placing her hands on the woman’s abdomen and centering herself with a few deep breaths. The strokes that are used during the therapy are long and slow, but not very deep. The goal of the session is encouraging position of the uterus centrally in the body. Once the abdominal work is done, the client turns on her side
Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014

What can a woman expect after a session?

Because most people have not had work in their abdomen, it’s normal to feel a little tender after a session, due to the release of muscle tension, built-up lymph and the beginning of improved blood flow. It is normal to also feel a little emotional after a treatment because many of us store memories and emotions in our tissues. Temporary changes in bladder and bowel movements may

also be noted, and should not be alarming. If a woman is not pregnant, it is normal for her next period to be a little different than it has been in the past — cycles shorter or longer, the blood darker, more or less cramping and easing of PMS symptoms are all normal responses to the treatment. Practitioners teach the client self-care techniques to do every day at home to continue with the progress made during the sessions. There are additional protocols if a woman is trying to achieve pregnancy, is not cycling or is in her postpartum time. It is important to share as much information about your reproductive health with your practitioner as you can so that she can assist you with choosing herbs and other supportive modalities to improve your health. Professional ATMAT sessions are an important part of a healthy pregnancy. Many midwife practitioners find that their clients who received regular ATMAT sessions throughout their pregnancies have shorter labors, with fewer babies in non-optimal positions. Women are additionally empowered through the self-care information they are taught in their sessions. ATMAT providers are also knowledgeable in herbs and other natural modalities to help support women during this transformative time.
Anja Farin is a certified professional midwife, licensed midwife, ATMAT practitioner and co-owner of Appleton Community Midwives, LLC, offering complete prenatal, birth and postpartum care. Office and birth center located at 308 E. Northland Ave. in Appleton. For more information, visit or call 920-882-6200. Appleton Community Midwives now proudly offers ATMAT to address common problems of pregnancy and beyond.

Our Care is Different

Midwives specializing in VBAC, breech, twins and water birth!
Now offering Arvigo Therapy and nitrous oxide natural pain management.

Wisconsin Licensed & Certified Professional Midwives

Birth Center ~ Home Birth
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MEET THE MIDWIVES & TOUR OUR CENTER! 920.882.6200 April 2014 | Nature’s Pathways®


What is wellness?
By Dulcie Bosi-Schmidt


ellness: Now that’s a deep subject! Wellness is an abstract, obscure, individual and personal concept that may just be different for every person. For that reason, it is not an easy word to define. Webster’s will tell you that wellness is “the condition of good physical and mental health, especially when maintained by proper diet, exercise, and habits.” Which leads us to an even broader term: “fitness,” meaning “in good condition.” While all of this is well and good, we still don’t know what “good condition” is. Well, it’s the opposite of bad, of course! All joking aside, there are some constants we know to be true when it comes to wellness and fitness (good condition), whether it be physical, mental, spiritual, financial or another form of fitness. One: It feels good.

“Living life well relates to all aspects of fitness: body, mind and spirit. Working together, the body, mind and spirit are capable of achieving any aspiration.”
Two: It’s something we all want to varying degrees. Three: There is no one way for everyone to achieve wellness.  Living life well relates to all aspects of fitness: body, mind and spirit. Working together, the body, mind and spirit are capable of achieving any aspiration. And while wellness may mean something different to everyone, I am certain that my life is at its richest when it includes wellness. When it does, everything else just seems to fall into place. I believe that making the world a better place starts with taking care of yourself. I have confidence in your ability to live the life you dream of. Your pursuit of wellness, whether it be weight loss or gain, stress reduction, financial fitness, having more energy or simply feeling better is waiting for you!
Feeling lost or stuck in your pursuit of bodily, mind or spiritual fitness? Have you tried all the latest health fads without avail and still find yourself searching for balance? Want more energy, confidence, agility or vitality? With the guidance of a certified wellness coach, all your desires and dreams are possible. Foxxie Fitness and Wellness provides multiple coaching platforms for the individual, family, business or acquaintance group. For more information, visit You can also find Foxxie Fitness and Wellness on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

Crystal Pathway
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Mon.-Wed. 10-6, Thu. 10-7, Fri.-Sat. 10-5

Live Life Well!
Find Your Wellness Here
es: Servi• c Wellness Coaching — a personal guide while on your journey to better health and fitness.
• Family FUNdamentals — a family program to approach a healthier lifestyle for all ages.* • Fitness Video Subscription — access a variety of fun workouts anytime or anywhere there is internet. You can even print out a syllabus for times you don’t have internet access! • Fitness Classes — be part of the crowd at a live fitness class. Times and locations vary, check our website for up-to-date information.* • Healthy Eating Every Day and Active Living Every Day — host either of these group programs, which provide step-by-step solutions and support in improving diet and fitness for good.* • Roll the Dice — a fast, fun and FREE way to add a little fitness to your day. Let the virtual dice be your personal trainer!

*Some services have a limited service area, please check our website for locations.
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Gluten-free Crêpe Expectations
By Danielle Lythjohan
Crêpe ingredients 1 package Mudd Creek Waffle/Pancake Mix 2 cups milk 2 eggs 4 tablespoons butter, melted Crêpe directions Sift dry ingredients into a large bowl. Make a well in the center and pour in the milk, eggs and melted butter. Mix until smooth (batter will be thin). Using a ¼ measuring cup, pour the batter into a small fry pan and tilt the pan to ensure the batter coats the bottom. Once the crêpe starts to bubble, carefully flip. Continue this process until all crêpes are made. You will get about 13-15, depending on thickness. Spinach mushroom filling 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 2 cups fresh spinach, chopped 1 cup fresh mushrooms, chopped ½ teaspoon minced garlic 2 teaspoons cream cheese Pinch of salt Feta cheese to taste

spinach cooks down, about three minutes. Add cream cheese and salt and stir until blended. Take a crêpe and place 2-3 teaspoons of the spinach mushroom filling in the center. Roll. Place a teaspoon of filling on the top and sprinkle with feta.
Blueberry Apple Honey filling 1 jar Mudd Creek Blueberry Apple Honey fruit spread 1 cup frozen blueberries Light whip cream Powdered sugar for dusting

Place blueberries and fruit spread in a small sauce pan until it starts to bubble. Reduce heat and simmer for about five minutes. Take a crêpe and place 2 teaspoons of filling in the center. Roll. Drizzle with a little filling and top with light whip cream and/or a dusting of powdered sugar. Enjoy!
Danielle Lythjohan is a blogger and product developer volunteer for Mudd Creek, LLC. Located in Appleton, Wis., Mudd Creek is a dedicated gluten-free company specializing in fruit spreads, baking mixes, butter spices/rubs, granola, and coffee blends, and is owned and operated by Donna and Ken Klausen. For more information or to locate a retailer near you, please visit our website at www. or “like” us on Facebook at

Heat olive oil in the pan. Add mushrooms and garlic and sauté for about five minutes. Add spinach and continue to cook until
Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014

Is your skin craving spring?
By Carrissa Pannuzzo, MA


oes your skin know that spring is coming or is it still chapped, cracked and dry? There are many natural and effective options for giving your skin the extra help it needs until the warmer weather comes. Butters, oils and herbs can be used independently or combined to give relief and healing. You’ve likely heard of shea butter and its benefits, but have you heard of kokum butter? From the Garcinia tree in India, kokum butter is valued for its oleic, palmitic and stearic acid content (essential fatty acids). Its properties are emollient and regenerative, making it wonderful for damaged skin. On its own, kokum butter is hard and brittle, but softens with skin heat. Its consistency and textures, when blended with a bit of oil, make a wonderfully luxurious cream. For dry, winter weather, a kokum butter blend creates a reliable barrier against the elements. Oils are known to be moisturizing, but some are better for dry skin care than others. When choosing an oil for winter skin care, look for a thicker, more viscous one. Great choices include olive oil and grape seed oil. Olive oil has many nutrients and fatty acids, which help skin heal and retain moisture. Grape seed oil moisturizes and aids skin in regulating its own oil production. Contrary to popular belief, while coconut oil has many amazing properties, it is not suited for dry skin and can even exacerbate dryness. Blending an oil with a butter, such as kokum butter and grape seed oil, will result in a wonderful blend that moisturizes and protects. And to take such a blend up a notch, consider adding herbs to make a healing salve. There are many wonderful herbs to choose from for such a blend, including chamomile and calendula. To make an herbal salve, begin by making an herbal oil. To do this, put your herbs into a crockpot and cover them with an inch or two of olive oil.

Heat them no hotter than 150 degrees for an hour or more. Once the oil takes on the color of the herbs, your oil is ready. From here, in a double boiler, heat 1 ounce of beeswax until melted. Then add 8 ounces of your herbal oil. Or, reduce the amount of beeswax by a fourth or by half and add 2 ounces of butter and 4 ounces of herbal oil. Melt the beeswax and butter together. Take off heat and add your oil. Stir well and pour into a jar. And there you have your skin-healing salve! Wishing you happy skin even as you wait for spring!
Carrissa Pannuzzo is the formulator and owner of Mamma Verde — a local natural skin care line and carrier of other natural products. She is a joyful wife, a crunchy mamma, an avid researcher and a clinical therapist at the Center for Family Healing in Menasha. For more information, visit and

Ask personal skin care for your whole family about a tighter, Raw, unrefined, wild harvested and/or organic firmer, Home parties and career opportunities available! more toned you!
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Six stretches to get you ready for golf season
By Dr. Nilesh Patel

Quad stretch


he freshly cut fairways of Wisconsin golf courses have a strong allure this time of year, especially after such a long winter. You might be anxious to knock off the rust of inactivity with a round of 18 as soon as the weather allows. But it’s important you don’t jump into a full round of golf right off the bat. Unless you’ve been practicing your swing during the winter and getting regular exercise, it’s best to ease back into the game. Trying to rip 250-yard drives right away can lead to muscle soreness, pain and even injury. Give your muscles and joints a chance to re-acclimate to the game by trying some simple stretches every day for about a week before golfing. Then, try using them before and after a round of golf. Before stretching, try to loosen up with some light physical activity, like walking around the block. Then, try these:

Standing in front of a chair, place your left foot on the seat of the chair while keeping your left knee even with your right knee. Cross your arms over your chest. Tighten your buttock muscles and imitate your backswing by rotating your torso and shoulders to the right, while moving your left shoulder slightly toward the ground. Hold the stretch at the top of your backswing for five seconds and return to starting position. Repeat three times on each side.

Lower back and hamstring stretch

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Stand with your feet hip-length apart and your chest lifted with your back straight. With a slight bend in your knees and holding a golf club with your hands shoulder distance apart, start slowly bending forward. Slide the club down the front of your legs for balance, stretching as far as you can to get a gentle stretch in your lower back, buttocks and hamstrings. Hold the stretch for 20 seconds, return to starting position and repeat three times.

Hip stretch

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Kneel on your left knee with your right foot in front of you. Place your right hand on your right leg for balance and hold a golf club in your left hand. Gently lean forward while keeping your back straight and abdominal

muscles tightened. Feeling a stretch in your left hip and thigh, hold the forward position for 10 seconds. Return to the starting position and repeat three times on each side.

three times on each side for a gentle stretch of the upper back, shoulders and arms.

Wrist stretch

Core rotation

With your left arm held out in front of you, elbow straight and your palm facing down, pull your fingers back gently with your right hand. Hold for 10 seconds, slowly return to the starting position and alternate sides three times each. You can target muscles on the opposite side of your wrist and forearm by pulling your fingers down from the same starting position.

Stand with your feet hip-length apart and fold your arms across your chest. With your knees bent slightly, bend forward at your waist just a tad and mimic your golf swing in a slow, controlled manner. Repeat a total of 10 times.

Overhead side bend

While standing with your feet hip-length apart and a golf club in your hands, raise your arms straight up above your head. Keeping your shoulders pressed down, slowly bend to one side. Hold in the bent position for five seconds and slowly return to starting position for five seconds. Repeat

Not only will these exercises reduce the pain you might feel from getting back into the swing of things, they should even help your game with added strength and flexibility. Should you experience persistent back or muscle pain, a consultation with a family physician or a pain management specialist is recommended.
Nilesh Patel, M.D., works for Advanced Pain Management in Green Bay. He is board certified in both pain management and anesthesiology. APM has two area locations: 2595 Development Drive, Suite 150, Green Bay and 2700 E. Enterprise Ave., Appleton. Call 888-901-PAIN (7246) for an appointment or visit APMhealth. com. Referrals are welcome, but not necessary. Most insurance accepted.


Marco Araujo, MD

When you start experiencing pain, no one really understands what you’re going through. But the pain experts at Advanced Pain Management, do.To learn more about how APM can help you relieve your pain, visit

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TRX — An amazing training tool!
By Tami J. Stiller


any who are not familiar with TRX training find it a bit intimidating. Fear not! This wonderful equipment is not only a functional training aid but also engages the core utilizing your “kinetic

chain” or interlocking joint structure. The core is more than just six-pack abs. Your core includes overlooked and underemphasized muscles like the glutes, hip flexors, low back erectors and shoulders, all of the muscles that

wrap around your spine to protect it and are responsible for movement in everyday living activities. TRX training utilizes the same unbalanced loading we encounter every day. Whether you’re carrying groceries, picking up your child, throwing a ball or performing athletic movements such as swimming, running and biking, your body is always producing rotation or controlling externally induced rotation. Life doesn’t happen sitting down. In real life, our bodies move to the side, backward, forward and diagonally. Shouldn’t we train the same way? Unlike traditional weight training, which tends to be linear and follow one plane of movement (for instance, only up/down), TRX training encourages multiplanar training (forward/ backward, side to side, up/down), which integrates all your motions and mimics real life movement. This will bring a muscular balance to your body, increasing performance and preventing injuries. Life and sport require that we be able to both control and produce rotational force. TRX forces the user to engage so many more muscles, including the abs, and if properly trained, the wide range of movements that


Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014

“ TRX can be a perfect supplement to your regular routine to increase flexibility, mobility, strength and weight loss.”
tighten, tone and strengthen problem areas are limitless, rewarding and fun. The TRX experience is not only enjoyable and challenging, it also produces great results while being completely modifiable, meaning that you can be at any level of fitness (beginner to advanced and all ages). TRX is also used in many medical, rehabilitation clinics and hospitals to rehabilitate injuries/surgeries by allowing the patient to maintain complete control over the resistance used with each exercise. This provides a safe, yet challenging way to achieve optimum recovery. TRX can be a perfect supplement to your regular routine to increase flexibility, mobility, strength and weight loss. It will also improve balance and coordination, and will challenge you and help you become a better athlete, whatever your sport. In fact, TRX training is becoming the main functional training system for every branch of the military and almost every major professional sport, including Olympic teams, NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. In TRX, you can easily switch from exercise to exercise in less than 15 seconds. This allows you to maximize your training time and enables circuit-style workouts. TRX training builds core strength with every exercise by creating an element of instability that calls on your core to provide balance and coordination. Another wonderful training tool is the TRX Rip Trainer. Rip training utilizes a lever bar and resistance cord to provide a unique mix of rotation, core stability, control, power, strength, mobility, metabolic conditioning, balance and coordination challenges. The instructor can use

specific exercises for clients that participate in sports like golf, tennis, endurance sports, etc. and want to excel in that sport. The Rip Trainer allows users to engage in unlimited movements which, when performed properly, enhance fluidity and range of motion and decrease the risk of injury. Whether used for high speed striking movements or slow speed strength and stability exercises, the Rip Trainer is the perfect training tool for elite level athletes, fitness enthusiasts and even people wanting to exercise for the first time. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try!
Tami Stiller has a B.S. in Psychology, is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Mind Body Specialist, TRX level II certified and is currently working on her ACE Health Coach certification. She is an age group endurance athlete and uses TRX faithfully to stay functionally fit and be successful in her racing. Tami currently works as a TRX and yoga/pilates instructor at Big Impact Fitness located at W2721 Brookhaven Drive in Kimberly. Big Impact Fitness offers TRX training, warrior workouts, spin and yoga/pilates classes as well as personal training in a full cardio and weight gym. Visit

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Jane unwinds with therapeutic massage


hen looking for a massage therapist, I am always torn on who to go to and what to look for. I had been struggling with my neck for weeks and decided to look for someone who was more on the therapeutic end of massage therapy versus going in for an hour to simply relax. While reading Nature’s Pathways magazine, I came across an ad for Courtney Cowie at Ki to Health. I was intrigued by her article and was happy to find out that she was actually a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner who practices many techniques that help with everything from aligning energies to loosening muscles. Just what I needed! When I went to see Courtney, she was very welcoming and friendly. Her smile made me feel comfortable right away and when we went back to her office, her explanations of the different practices she used told me she is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about helping people. I knew I was in the right place. Courtney went through a brief health history with me and we went over the problems I was experiencing. She explained she would be using a variety of Chinese practices during my session. My personal favorite would be the type of massage. Courtney started with moxibustion, which is a cigar-shaped stick made out of the herb mugwort. Mugwort has great warming properties and helps greatly in improving circulation and getting blood moving. She simply held the stick about 1 inch over certain acupressure points until I could feel the heat. Moxa can be used to help turn breached babies and help with osteoarthritis, tendonitis, fibromyalgia and chronic diarrhea. Courtney also offers a couple treatments
Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014

to remove toxins: cupping and gua sha. Cupping is a Chinese technique where a cup is placed on the skin after a vacuum is created with a flame that removes the oxygen inside. Cupping helps loosen muscles and tension by creating blood flow to the skin. It usually lasts between five and 15 minutes. Cupping can help with pain, asthma, flu, cough, fever, skin issues, cellulite, stretch marks and weight loss. Gua sha is performed with a special flat tool that is pushed across the skin quickly and repeatedly to “release the exterior” and create a vacuum in the body that allows the toxins to come to the surface and be released. Gua sha may help show improvement in stiffness and tension in joints, poor circulation, depression, colds and the flu, headaches, fibromyalgia, stomachaches or scars/stretch marks. The technique of massage and acupressure that Courtney used on me was absolutely fantastic. She knew the exact areas along my spine that have been bothering me and paid special attention to my neck. When I went in to see Courtney, I had an awful headache on the left side of my head and when I left that day it was gone! I have referred many people suffering from various issues (other than just sore muscles) to Courtney at Ki to Health since my appointment and when I left, I told her I would be seeing her on a regular basis. As a woman intending to become pregnant in

the near future, I was also excited to learn that I can see Courtney three weeks before my due date to start inducing labor using acupressure! I am delighted I found Courtney. If you are torn about which massage therapist to see to help with whatever you may be suffering from, or if you are simply looking to relax and relieve stress, do not hesitate to give her a call and set up an appointment!

Ki to Health Therapeutic Bodywork, LLC

Quench your thirst
By Dr. Jack Janssen


ave you ever felt really hungry and you had nothing with you to eat, but you did have your trusty water bottle at your side? So you drank deeply and went on with your task. Time went by and you realized that you weren’t hungry anymore. Just the fact that you are reading an article in this magazine shows that you are, indeed, interested in protecting or improving your health. You may drink bottled, distilled, reverse osmosis or filtered waters in an effort to make the best choice for you and your family. But are those choices really the best that you can do? Dr. F. Batmanghelidj is a London trained medical doctor and a prolific writer about the global epidemic of dehydration. He pulls back the veil on this topic in his book, “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water.” Another of his books delves into how so many of our current day “diseases” are not really maladies at all, rather they are symptoms of various stages of dehydration. The title of that book is “You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty.” And, in keeping with this month’s theme of allergies, Dr. B also has penned a book, “ABC of Asthma, Allergies and Lupus,” a must read for those who practice medicine as well as for those who are suffering from chronic illnesses such as asthma, allergies and Lupus. Dr. Batmanghelidj’s unique premise that dehydration is the underlying cause of asthma, allergies and Lupus is supported by sound research and clinical acumen. According to Dr. B, dehydration may be the biggest health problem affecting the western world. Conventional medicine has failed to address this simple concept and the consequences to our health have been devastating. Are you aware that the pH of the water you drink can also significantly change your health? A biological terrain or internal body environment that is more acidic, and which is fueled by low pH (acidic) food and drink, is a perfect breeding ground and incubator for various bacteria, fungi and viruses. Do you know of the benefits of water that are micro-clustered? Water typically tends to be configured with the molecules grouped in bunches of 15-20 or more molecules. Water that has been highly agitated by tumbling fiercely over rocks as it splashes down a mountainside, or is otherwise acted upon mechanically or electrically, tends to be micro-clustered. That is, grouped together in four, five or six molecule clumps, significantly smaller than 15-20

or more. This micro-clustered water is much easier to absorb than the big globs of water, kind of like the difference between a ping pong ball and a basketball! Does the water you drink help to neutralize free radicals in your body? Is your water an antioxidant? Over the next few issues, we will explore how you can be sure the water you drink is not only at a beneficially elevated pH (alkaline) and why that’s a good thing, but also how your water can become an antioxidant which scavenges free radicals in your body better than a lobster scavenges the ocean floor. We’ll also reveal how your water can become “wetter” and easier to absorb through micro-clustering.
Written by Dr. Jack Janssen on behalf of Lisa A. Smarzinski and Alkaline Water Today. Lisa is the owner of Alkaline Water Today in Appleton and Green Bay and is an Enagic® Independent Distributor serving northeast Wisconsin. She has been a personal health and wellness consultant for five years, specializing in the benefits of alkalinity, and she has a sincere and genuine interest in helping people look and feel better. For more information, visit, email or call 920-450-5680. Alkaline Water Today is also on Twitter at betterH2O. Dr. Jack Janssen is the owner of Affordable Chiropractic and co-owner of The Water Store, both in Green Bay. Dr. Jack has been in practice for more than 20 years. During the past eight years, he has focused additional attention to the importance of biological terrain and the internal state of the body, especially the aspects of alkalizing the body through diet and Kangen water.



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What can you do to celebrate Earth Day?
By Jennifer Semrau


very year, millions of people honor Earth Day around the world. According to Earth Day International, nearly 200 countries celebrate Earth Day, with individuals and organizations taking environmental action. So what can you do this April 22 to commemorate Earth Day? Check out these 25 ideas! 1. Bike to school or work. 2. Plant a tree. 3. Recycle an outdated electronic (cell phone, television, etc.). 4. Donate unwanted clothes/shoes to charity. 5. Place mulch around trees and plants to retain water. 6. Take a walk or hike. 7. Pick up litter in a park or roadway ditch. 8. Try riding the bus or other public transportation. 9. Visit the library (borrow items, don’t buy). 10. Clean your garage of unneeded chemicals, pesticides, automotive fluids, etc., and seek out household hazardous waste or Clean Sweep programs. 11. Invest in energy-efficient light bulbs. 12. Use a mulching mower and leave grass on the lawn to decompose. 13. Visit a farmers market or try organic fruit or vegetables. 14. Install a low-flow shower head. 15. Turn off lights when you leave the room; make fun reminder notes to post near doors. 16. Purchase a reusable water bottle. 17. Check the air in your tires for better fuel efficiency. 18. Visit a nature center or state park.
Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014

“Wisconsin native Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day on April 22, 1970.“
19. Start a compost pile or bin. 20. Turn off the water when you brush your teeth. 21. Have a no-electricity day (turn off the television, use 22. Visit a Habitat for Humanity ReStore for used household 23. Brush up on your local recycling guidelines — what really 24. Switch to a programmable thermostat. 25. Participate in an Earth Day event near you!

candles, grill outside, etc.). and construction items.

should go in your recycling cart or bin?

History of Earth Day

Wisconsin native Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day on April 22, 1970. The idea for an “Earth Day” came to Nelson after witnessing the ravages of the massive 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara, Calif. He also noted the anti-war, hippie/flower child mindset and believed that energy could be harnessed towards environmental

concerns, such as air and water pollution. Nelson chose April 22 as he thought it would maximize college campus participation: it did not conflict with fall exams, religious holidays or spring breaks and the weather should be mild enough for outdoor participation. Nelson also envisioned the first Earth Day as a campus “environmental teach-in.” The first Earth Day was a success, with thousands of colleges and universities holding environmentally related protests and rallies and an estimated 20 million Americans from coast to coast demonstrating for a healthy, sustainable planet. Extremely large global events have occurred on significant Earth Day anniversaries in 1990, 2000 and 2010. In 1993, Earth Day Network was established to create an international network to support grassroots Earth Day organizing. Today, Earth Day Network tracks “acts of green” with a goal of 2 billion acts. As of late February 2014, the network was at 1,019,894,890 acts of green, over halfway to its goal. While Earth Day is once a year, think globally and act locally each day of the year to minimize your impact on planet earth.
Jennifer Semrau is the recycling specialist for Winnebago County Solid Waste in Oshkosh, overseeing the county’s recycling, hazardous material, container rental and sales/marketing programs. She is also the former president of the Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin and recipient of the 2013 Christy Dixon Recycler of the Year Award. For more information, visit or call 920-232-1850. References: “Earth Day: The History of a Movement.” Earth Day Network. “Earth Day.” Wikipedia.

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Spring is in the air
It’s time to start thinking about compost
By Sarah Everson


he best time of year to start composting is spring and it is right around the corner. It can take some planning, but it is worth it in the long run. There are numerous beneficial reasons for using compost. The most common is for improving the quality of soil. Simply mixing compost into the top 4 to 8 inches of soil will improve the soil health.

Compost contains many nutrients necessary for plant growth. It stimulates beneficial soil microorganisms and attracts earthworms. Unlike chemical fertilizers whose benefits are a flash in the pan, compost’s

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nutrients are absorbed into the soil and plant roots slowly over time. Compost doesn’t wash out if there happens to be a heavy rain after application. Besides adding nutrients, compost improves water retention in sandy soils and binds to clay, forming larger particles that allow for better drainage. To create compost, start by collecting carbon-rich materials such as leaves, used potting soil and wood chips. Mix with nitrogen-rich materials such as fruit and vegetable waste, spent coffee grounds and fresh grass clippings. Meat and oily or greasy food should never be added to a compost pile. You will need a bin or an area to make the compost pile. The pile can be in a durable container, a fenced off area or just sitting in a heap. Mix three parts of the carbon material to one part of the nitrogen material, making sure to always cover the nitrogen material. Make sure there is about 40 to 55 percent water mixed with the materials. Then sit back and let the natural process of composting happen, as microorganisms transform organic waste into a “black gold” called compost. Another option is to place the compost pile in a chicken wire cage in

“ Besides adding nutrients, compost improves water retention in sandy soils and binds to clay, forming larger particles that allow for better drainage.”
one corner of your garden. Rain water will then carry nutrients to the garden plants. Finished compost appears dark and crumbly, and it has a sweet earthy smell. Remnants of the original material may be present; these can be picked out and mixed into the next patch of compost. Compost can take up to 12 months to produce. The time it takes to finish depends on a number of factors, including how much volume is in the pile, the variety and types of feedstock used and the type of bin used, among other things. Compost can be added to soil any time of the year without having to worry about burning plants or polluting water. For best success when planting, compost should be well mixed with soil and sand in the following ratio: seven parts soil to three parts compost to two parts sand. Whether it is an existing or new garden, apply 2 to 3 inches of compost on top and roto-til it into the garden before planting.

Soil should be amended before building a new garden. Do this by adding 3 to 4 inches of compost to the plot and tilling it into the first 6 inches of the soil. Existing gardens also benefit from a layer of compost each spring or fall. Compost promotes root growth and attracts earthworms to the garden, which help aerate the soil. Once compost is roto-tilled into the garden soil, additional compost can be applied to the top of the garden as a top dressing. Compost as a top dressing can be reapplied every few weeks or once a month throughout the summer.
Sarah Everson is the business manager for Compost Joe’s Premium Soils and Organics, a private composting facility located between Fond du Lac and Oshkosh. Sarah also offers seminars and private classes on composting. For more information, visit or call her at 920-921-6223. References: Wisconsin DNR Department of Natural Resources. Mother Earth News. “Composting 101.” Planet Natural. “Composting for the Homeowner.” University of Illinois Extension. http://web.extension.illinois. edu/homecompost/benifits.html.


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The debate about soy
By Lisa Jermain


(920) 636-3131

’ll admit, right off the bat, that I am not a scientist. I am a mom who is passionate about trying to make healthy choices for my family. As a result, the debate surrounding soy makes my head spin. The research can be very technical, so you might be wondering what to believe, just like I was. My goal is to condense some of the issues and let you decide. The U.S. is the world’s largest producer of soybeans, so it is a big player in this $41 billion industry. As a big business, there is great interest in arguing the benefits of soy. Whole soybeans have good nutrients and fermented soy products like tempeh, miso, and soy sauce have been part of healthy Asian diets for centuries. Soybeans are a plant source of protein that vegetarians have embraced. They are used in everything from oils, processed foods, livestock feed,

supplements for menopausal women, lattes, soy protein shakes and even infant formula. For example, Jenny, a UW-Madison nutrition student, is allergic to soy and describes how difficult it is to avoid. When she goes out to eat or eats anything processed, she has to assume it contains soy and often takes medication to prevent reactions. She claims she would rather be wheat intolerant as there are gluten-free adaptations at most restaurants, but close to none for soy. So why is there a growing population claiming soy isn’t good for us? According to author and physician Dr. Joseph Mercola, 90 percent of the soybeans grown in the U.S. are genetically modified and many are treated with chemical herbicides. While whole soybeans and fermented products are good in moderation, most

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“ Soybeans are a plant source of protein that vegetarians have embraced. They are used in everything from oils, processed foods, livestock feed, supplements for menopausal women, lattes, soy protein shakes and even infant formula.”
of the crop in the U.S. is used to make soybean oil. This oil is high in omega-6 fats. While they sound similar, it is omega-3s, not 6s, that are most beneficial to heart health. What is left of the beans after oil is extracted is known as soybean meal, which is often used as animal feed. The meal can go through a denaturing process to produce protein isolates, used in many shake products and meal or energy bars. The drawback is that denaturing breaks down the protein and limits its ability to be absorbed effectively. Consumer lab testing shows denatured proteins may give your body less benefit than food labels indicate. For instance, if a shake claims to have 15 grams of protein but the body can only use 8 grams, the user may not feel full very long in relation to the calories consumed. For the weight loss industry, this is bad news. The biggest concern, however, is a compound of the soybean called an isoflavone. Isaflavones are biologically active and can mimic estrogen in the body. As a result, some studies show they disrupt normal hormone functions. They have been linked to thyroid suppression, increased risk of breast cancer, and changes in fertility, including early puberty in children fed infant soy formula. Kris Gunnars of Authority Nutrition, states that many studies showing soy leading to lower cholesterol or other benefits are sponsored by authors with “financial ties to the soy industry.” Bloggers, medical students and clean eating advocates are starting to poke holes in the armor. Personally, I believe in moderation. Occasional organic edamame on my salad or a stir fry with tofu isn’t a reason to panic. However, I think there is something to be said about the buzz and I am concerned about the prevalence of soy products in places I didn’t realize. It’s time to read labels more diligently.
Lisa Jermain spent 12 years in financial services before becoming a full-time mom. After battling degenerative disc disease, Lisa reclaimed health through spinal fusion surgery and weight loss. Now Lisa has combined her professional background and passions to become a Crystal Executive with Isagenix. She loves coaching people to better health and wealth and can be reached at 920-470-6791.

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hether it be aches, pains, inflexibility, instability or even lack of direction in life, the human body has an internal system that alerts us when something is amiss. Oftentimes, these alarm bells are really symptoms of deeper issues. New Possibilities Integration, LLC aims to help folks get to the bottom of issues that prevent them from living their fullest lives. The specialty of New Possibilities Integration, LLC is Rolfing Structural Integration (Rolfing SI). Rolfing SI is a holistic bodywork and education system Photo by Saylea Photography Victoria Huss that focuses on relieving restrictions held within the web of fascia or connective tissue that surrounds, supports and protects all the muscles, bones, blood vessels, nerves, organs and tissues of the body. The goal of Rolfing SI is to align and balance the body so that gravity can become a nourishing force. When accidents, trauma, surgeries or even repetitive stress injuries occur, fascia thickens and tightens as a protective mechanism for stability and healing. One restriction in the fascial web can affect the entire body and pull an individual off his or her center of gravity. Since the body now needs to work harder to stay upright, folks may find less energy, flexibility and resiliency for emotional, physical and spiritual stressors. Bodies are like suitcases capable of holding a lifetime of not-so-positive body memories that affect how a person inhabits personal space and orients to the world. This bodily “clutter” and “disorganization” can also really weigh a person down or hold them in past patterns. Victoria Huss, Certified Rolfer and the owner of New Possibilities Integration, LLC assists clients in uncluttering and better organizing their bodies so that they can be more able to experience the joys of the present. She combines soft tissue manipulation (manual therapy), natural movement and awareness-building exercises. She focuses on restoring alignment and posture by working to
Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014

balance the body in terms of right and left, front and back, top and bottom and inside and outside. This exquisite detailing process creates support and space for easier and more efficient movement and expression. Clients are left with a much cleaner slate and greater awareness of their bodies that may serve as a springboard for transformation, active change and new possibilities for the direction of their lives. Victoria is passionate about Rolfing SI because receiving the work herself has led to profound changes in her life. Her healing journey and experience of working within the allopathic health care system for nearly 15 years has dramatically shaped how she approaches her clients. She takes the time to address the whole person and empowers clients to ask more questions and take on a more active role in their healing processes. Everyone can benefit from Rolfing Structural Integration but not everyone is ready to receive the work. If you are seeking transformation in your life or would like to see if Rolfing SI is a good fit for you, Victoria offers free consultations. You may contact Victoria through the Internet at or by phone at 920-427-7653.
Rolfing® and Rolfer™ and the Little Boy Logo are registered service marks of the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration.

New Possibilities Integration, LLC
(located in the historic Zuelke Building) 103 W College Ave, Suite 601 Appleton, WI 54911 920-427-7653 •

Are you exercising more and still not losing weight?
By Rosalie Misco


ou are not alone. Many people attempt to lose weight by exercising more. It doesn’t always work. However, you can make it work for you. You must learn how to alter your diet so your exercise efforts pay off. It isn’t just how many calories you eat but the kinds of food the calories come from that make a difference in weight loss. Macronutrients are protein, fat and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are made up of fiber, an indigestible carbohydrate, and digestible carbohydrates. Your body prefers carbohydrates which have been turned into glucose for energy. Digestible carbohydrates like sugar and white flour turn into glucose in 15-30 minutes. Fat and protein can also be turned into glucose to be used as energy, but it takes much longer. Fiber, also a carbohydrate, does not turn into glucose because it is indigestible. Fiber leaves the body without giving up its calories. When you exercise, your body will use the glucose from sugar and starch, digesting carbohydrates first. Then it will start to burn fat. If you oversupply your body with fast-digesting sugar and starch, your body will not need to burn fat for energy and then you don’t lose weight. By denying your body so much sugar and starch, you can make your body burn fat for energy and your exercise will result in weight loss. Reducing the sugar and starch in your diet will help, but adding indigestible fiber to the carbohydrates you do eat helps too. Fiber like oat bran, wheat bran and high-fiber ground flaxseed added to carbohydrates reduces the digestible content of the food. Resistant starch fiber is a soluble fiber that is very helpful in reducing the effects of starch on the body. Your body makes an enzyme to digest starch. When resistant starch fiber is present, it attaches to that enzyme and doesn’t allow the starch to digest, thus cancelling the calories in the starch. Resistant starch fiber occurs naturally in foods like dried beans and barley. It is available in the

form of a non-GMO Hi-maize cornstarch that is easily added to foods along with other fibers. Hi-maize 260 is available in 1-pound bags along with information about how to easily use it in foods you normally eat (like yogurt). Hi-maize 260 makes you feel very full so you eat less, helps lower blood glucose and reduces cholesterol and triglycerides. Hi-maize 260 makes less starch in the form of glucose available to your body for energy when you exercise. Your body is forced to burn more body fat when you exercise and you will lose weight.
Rosalie Misco (Grandma Rose) is the owner of Natural Expressions 100% Whole Grain Bakery, 825 E. Broadway Drive, Appleton. Shop hours are Monday-Friday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Grandma Rose is at the Appleton summer and winter farmers markets. Visit her website,, email or call 920-954-9727. Grandma Rose teaches classes twice a month on weight loss and blood sugar control using Hi-maize 260. Grandma Rose is a diabetic and knows the subject well. Classes are held at Natural Expressions and you can register at

Natural Expressions
100% Whole Grain Bakery

For Weight Loss and Blood Sugar Control

We sell HI-MAIZE 260 Resistant Starch Fiber!
Find our products:
At our Appleton store, 825 E. Broadway Drive At the Appleton farmers markets Online at

For more information, call 920-954-9727!
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From sneezes to severe congestion
Learn how essential oils can help during the allergy season
By Ann McCotter


or many allergy sufferers, the first signs of spring bring thoughts of sneezing, congestion, itchy eyes and generally not feeling well. More and more, these allergy sufferers are turning to a more natural approach to address these symptoms. Understanding how to keep these allergy symptoms under control could be as easy as understanding the basics of essential oil usage. This article addresses how to use certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils. Not all essential oils are designed for these types of uses. Of course, consult your medical professional before use. In the case of a severe allergic reaction such as anaphylaxis, immediate medical attention is required. This article is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. There are three basic ways to benefit from natural essential oils:

Discover the benefits of
certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils
Learn how to utilize essential oils to eliminate chemicals and toxins, replace over-the-counter and pharmaceutical medicines, improve mood and more!

FREE small group classes offered at 9th St. Wellness Center in Green Bay.
Register at, email or call Ann at 920-737-5932.

Ann McCotter, Wellness Advocate
Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014

Topically — apply the selected oil to your skin. Oils applied topically enter the blood stream within 30 seconds and then disperse to specific organs and systems within the body. Often oils are suggested to be diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or olive oil. Check the bottle for suggested dilutions. Aromatically — get those essential oils into the air you breathe. Spray water mixed with a few drops of essential oil into the air. Use a diffuser (these are designed especially for use with essential oils). Place a few drops of oil on a cloth or tissue and let the vapors enter the air. Inhalation can be the most direct path for delivering the essential oils to the rest of the body. Internally – ingest the oil by placing a drop in your mouth, add a few drops of oil to a glass of water and drink it or swallow the oil inside of a vegetable capsule. Internal use is not recommended for all oils and should only be considered for Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. The FDA has approved some essential oils for internal use and given them the designation of GRAS (Generally recognized as safe for human consumption). Check the label. When it comes to essential oils, there are several that could be used to address a specific health concern. Here are some of the most frequently suggested ways to address allergy symptoms.

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Lemon, lavender and peppermint essential oils

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These three oils work together as a natural antihistamine. There are several options for how to use this trio of oils: • Place one drop of each directly under your tongue. • Place two drops of each in a veggie capsule and ingest the capsule. • In a glass containing two tablespoons of water, add two drops of each. Gargle the mixture for about a minute and then swallow.

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Breathe essential oil blend

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• A blend of the following essential oils: laurel leaf, peppermint, eucalyptus radiate and melaleuca alternifolia (commonly known as tea tree oil) make up the breathe essential oil blend. • Apply topically to the chest and neck to help clear lungs and sinuses. • Diffuse while you sleep to allow for more restful sleep when congested. • Put one drop on your hands, rub your hands together, cup your hands and then take a few deep breaths with your hands up close to your face. Just this simple practice can help you ease discomfort.

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Peppermint essential oil

Apply a drop or two of peppermint oil topically to the throat as a natural cough suppressant. Diffusing peppermint essential oil is also helpful to suppress a cough. For sinus issues, apply eucalyptus, rosemary or breathe oils topically over the sinus cavities (cheek area). For more sensitive skin, dilute the oils with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil. Keep learning and take action to keep yourself and your family healthy this allergy season.
Ann McCotter is a founding member of One doTERRA Community and a doTERRA Wellness Advocate (elite level). She earned a master’s in Positive Organization Development from Case Western Reserve in 2007. With almost twenty years of corporate experience focused on helping others develop within a positive change model, she is excited to be making a difference in the lives of others by sharing the One doTERRA Community opportunity. Ann lives in Green Bay with her family. One doTERRA Community offers free essential oil classes and support within several cities/states. Look for them on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and in the community events section of this Nature’s Pathways magazine. Reach out to Ann at 920-737-5932. References: “DoTerra Family Physical Kit Audio CD.” “Modern Essentials: A Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils.” Aroma Tools. 2013. “Everything about Essential Oils.”

Eat, Drink & Buy Local

Grow yo commun ur ity

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inding an ethnic restaurant when I am sick of American burgers and fries or my usual salads that is not full of grease and MSG can be difficult. That is until I found Sai Ram Indian Cuisine. My husband and I wanted a date night out and we were both craving a food experience that we had not had before. After seeing Sai Ram in Nature’s Pathways and learning they have won many awards, we decided to give it a try. We were delighted as soon as we walked into Sai Ram as we were welcomed by the son of the owner. Between the smells and the environment, we felt like we had taken a trip to India. The alluring scent of curry filled the air and I could taste it just from taking a breath. We were very excited to order, so much so that we ordered way too much food (but we were glad we did)! To get the true experience, we wanted to indulge and try several different dishes (and also be able to take leftovers home). We started our meal off with a drink with fresh squeezed mango juice called a Mango Lassi. The Mango Lassi was like a dessert as it is fresh mango juice blended with yogurt and topped with whipped cream. It was absolutely delicious! We also ordered Aloo Chat and Cutmirch. The Cutmirch is a jalepeno pakora. Cooked jalapenos are breaded and fried with a chickpea and rice flour and served with a delicious array of sauces. These were surprisingly not too spicy and melted in your mouth! My personal favorite was the crunch of the Aloo Chat. This was a perfectly combined mixture of boiled chickpeas, chopped onions, samosa, chaat masala, tamarind and a garnish of cilantro. It was complemented perfectly with the yogurt cucumber sauce to turn down the heat just enough. Although we were getting full at this point, we ordered our entrees. I tried the Vegetable Masala and it was absolute heaven! This is a perfectly spiced blend of vegetables in a cream curry sauce served with white rice. My favorite part of this dish was the homemade cottage cheese squares mixed in with the vegetables. Yum! My husband ordered the Tandori Chicken along with the Chicken Tikka. Our extremely friendly and knowledgeable server, Shavi, the son of owner Krishna, led us in the direction as to what to order. He allowed my husband to order half of the Tandoori
Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014

and half of the Tikka to try both. This delicious moist chicken is marinated overnight in a spice and yogurt mixture served on top of vegetables and white rice. The yogurt flavor is not noticeable, but calms down the spice the perfect amount. After such an excellent meal that we knew we couldn’t replicate at home, we had to try a true Indian dessert called Gulab Jamun, a delicacy made from milk dough fried until golden brown, served in sugary syrup with cardamom. This seemed to be the Indian version of a donut hole, but it melted in your mouth and was a perfect companion to the syrup they are soaked in. I would have ordered just the syrup, it was so good! No matter what your dietary needs are: vegan, vegetarian or if you call yourself a carnivore, you will definitely find something to suit your cravings at Sai Ram. Be sure to go on ladies night on Tuesdays with a group of girlfriends for half price beer, wine and Mango Lassi! Sai Ram can also cater to your party needs with a private seating section or lunch and dinner takeout. I know we are hooked on Sai Ram and I have been raving about it ever since! Thank you, Sai Ram, for a great authentic experience!

Sai Ram Indian Cuisine
253 W Northland Ave, Appleton, WI 54911 920-733-3003 Mon - Thurs: Lunch Hours – 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Dinner Hours - 4:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Fri - Sat: Lunch Hours – 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Dinner Hours - 4:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

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Photos by Debbie Daanen Photography.

Post-partum pole
By Lindsay George


h pole, how I miss you! The words for this article came to me one night around my 16th week of pregnancy, while I lay in bed wide awake after going to the bathroom for the umpteenth time that night. I was coming to a point in my pregnancy where I was more and more aware of my expanding belly and my decreasing strength, and to say I was missing my pole workouts (and what they did for my body) was a drastic understatement. While pole and pregnancy are on complete opposite ends of the physical spectrum, I felt as though, in many very significant and emotional ways, they were

quite close: Whether you’re taking your first pole class or growing a tiny human and feeling it moving around inside you, no one can describe to you the feelings — emotional and physical — that you will experience. Everyone’s experience is different, and even if someone could find the perfect words to describe what she feels, until you experience it for yourself, you’ll never genuinely feel what she felt — and you likely wouldn’t believe her anyway!

Lindsay George performing the Ayesha pole move.

1871 N. Silverspring Dr., Appleton


This is my experience

New classes start April 27th

One of the first things I noticed to be similar between pregnancy and pole was how sensitive I was. The vibrations of my electric toothbrush while brushing my teeth and the taste of my toothpaste made me gag; the temperature and pressure of the water during my showers paired with the smell of my shampoo and conditioner made me despise being clean. I was sensitive to everything. Now, I was warned about some of these triggers, but I never really believed my friends. I started trying to remember my first session of pole and realized that, to a point, I would have to start over again after my baby was born. Many pole moves cause

great “sensation” at first. Sitting on a pole for the first few times hurts. Your instructor will tell you that in no time you won’t feel it at all — and you won’t believe her. (Until, voila, you don’t feel it anymore!) Another feeling I’ve experienced in both pregnancy and pole is pride. At 18 weeks I had my third ultrasound: the anatomy check. I learned that my baby was a healthy size and a healthy weight, its little heart’s four chambers were beating strongly, its kidneys were working efficiently — and “it” appeared to be a girl! I felt like a superhero; my healthy behaviors were affecting the little girl I was growing. At an aerial dance Christmas show in 2012, I choreographed a performance with two new moves I had just started learning a few months prior and I was nervous. A handspring and Ayesha are repel moves that require an extreme amount of strength, and consequently can’t be practiced overmuch during a training session or without adequate rest time between training sessions. That left me with a very structured practice schedule for the two weeks leading up to


Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014

“ Whether you’re taking your first pole class or growing a tiny human and feeling it moving around inside you, no one can describe to you the feelings — emotional and physical — that you will experience.”
the show. When the music started, I faded out the onlookers and just concentrated on what I had practiced: I nailed it! I had never “performed” in front of an audience and I was so incredibly proud of myself. Apprehension is yet another feeling both pregnancy and pole can bring. As I near my due date, I feel prepared, relatively speaking. My husband and I have attended our childbirth-prep class, we’ve seen videos and read about all the different experiences that can happen during labor and delivery, and mentally I know that it’s going to hurt, but this pain is normal and it’s only temporary. I’m confident that my pre-pregnancy health and body awareness will aid me through a safe delivery. Lots of new students are apprehensive about what their pole journeys will bring. The unknown can be scary, but it only takes a little faith in yourself and a first step. Like my pregnancy journey, not every part of your pole journey will be puppies and rainbows, but the majority of it is simply amazing — at least the parts that you’ll ultimately remember. The milestones and end result(s) are 110 percent worth it, but only you can discover that for yourself!
Lindsay George holds a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and is a certified Health Fitness Specialist with the American College of Sports Medicine. Lindsay is an instructor at Aerial Dance Pole Exercise in Appleton. For more information, call 920-750-1441 or go to the website

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Why I believe the Emotional Freedom Technique works
By Phyllis Kasper, PhD


n the surface, if you aren’t familiar with acupuncture, tapping on acupuncture points while talking about your feelings doesn’t make much sense and may feel silly to try. How could it possibly help you feel better and accomplish more? When I first heard about Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and the later development called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) I was curious but skeptical. I was curious because I had learned about using acupuncture for chronic pain during my internship at the Fort Miley Veterans Administration in San Francisco. I was skeptical because of the innovative application to psychology.

The mystery deepened when I took a TFT weekend workshop in 1996. I saw a woman who had been unable to ride an escalator for 23 years, after a traumatic fall, empowered to ride that same escalator. The “cure” took only 15 minutes of therapy on stage, plus her own use of tapping when she experienced anxiety while taking on the challenge. This was impressive, but personal experience is the most convincing. I happen to bruise easily and could feel a bruise coming as the audience tapped to learn the technique. We did a lot of tapping on the back of our hands on a point between the bones at the base of the pinky and ring fingers. Of course, by the end

of the first day, I had a lovely blue bruise. The next morning, I debated tapping on the other hand, but decided one bruise was better than two. All morning I tapped on the existing bruise. It was quite a shock to notice that in the afternoon, the bruise and pain were gone. This isn’t what I expected. I started using EFT because it is easy to teach people to use for themselves. This simple technique helped a woman release 50 years of snake phobia. It took nearly five sessions to coax her to try it because it seemed so silly. Of course, with therapy in a snake-free office, how would we know if it had helped? This is where the challenge came

Break your barriers to success!

Licensed Psychologist, Wisconsin Peak Performance, Psychotherapy, EMDR, Biofeedback, Hypnosis
(920) 693-2250 •
Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014

Phyllis Kasper, Ph.D.

“Other clients experimented with EFT for social anxiety, jealousy, procrastination and grief. Part of the fun of this therapy is personalizing it for the individual.”
in. I suggested buying a rubber snake like the one her grandnephew tormented her with or a trip to the pet store or local nature center. She didn’t like any of my ideas and wanted something more personal and meaningful. She came to her next session carrying two purses and told me I’d be amazed. One of the purses contained the rubber snake she had confiscated from her grandnephew. About a year later, a friend of hers told me she had handled a live snake without fear. When I did group therapy for chronic pain, we spent a part of the session doing EFT for pain, anxiety, frustration, depression and so on. I learned a lot from this group, because they went online and experimented with EFT on their own. Other clients experimented with EFT for social anxiety, jealousy, procrastination and grief. Part of the fun of this therapy is personalizing it for the individual. Several clients practiced tapping enough that they could accomplish results by just doing it mentally. While it might feel silly starting out, I invite you to give it a try. It is very safe and likely to have only pleasant side effects.
Dr. Phyllis Kasper has expertise in anxiety disorders, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, peak achievement, biofeedback, hypnosis, EMDR, cultural diversity and pain management. She can help you use personal empowerment to unleash your best you! Call her at 920-693-2250. Visit for a free download of a hypnosis sample. She is also available at Healthy Connections, 510 E. Wisconsin Ave. in Appleton and can be reached there at 920-257-4601.

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. ”




O H I G , D .D . S . T W J.

underlying facial support which plumps your lips,
N at u cD ra l an d H oli sti
t is

tr y

Dr. William J. Twohig
920.867 .3101

calling them the fountain of youth for denture wearers.

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Exercise benefits the brain


egular exercise can benefit the body in many ways, helping men and women maintain healthier weights and lower their risks for developing potentially deadly diseases. Though many people are quick to associate exercise with its physical benefits, those hours spent on the treadmill also can boost brain power. According to Dr. Barry Gordon, professor of neurology and cognitive science at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions and coauthor of “Intelligent Memory: Improve the Memory That Makes You Smarter,” exercise has a direct impact on the brain. That’s because exercise works directly on brain tissue, improving the connections between nerve cells, creating new synapses, growing new neurons and blood vessels, and improving cell energy efficiency. So while many people may begin an exercise regimen with a goal of trimming their waistlines or toning their bodies, they might be happy to know that those physical benefits are accompanied by several cognitive benefits as well. As the American Psychological Association acknowledges, the connection between exercise and mental health is hard to ignore, and the APA notes that the following are just a few of the mental benefits men and women might reap from regular exercise.

exercise can have a positive impact on mood. In a review of 11 studies that examined the effects of exercise on mental health, Boston University professor of psychology Michael Otto and his colleagues found that exercise could be a powerful tool when treating clinical depression, and even recommended clinicians include exercise as part of their treatment plans for depressed patients.

Antidote to anxiety

Improved mood

Many people feel great after exercising, especially if that exercise comes at the end of a particularly stressful day. However, those extra laps on the track or those hours spent on the treadmill don’t just pay short-term dividends. In a controlled trial overseen by Duke University researcher and clinical psychologist James Blumenthal, sedentary adults with major depressive disorder were assigned into one of four groups: supervised exercise, home-based exercise, antidepressant therapy, or a placebo pill. Those in the exercise and antidepressant groups had higher rates of remission than those in the placebo group, and Blumenthal concluded that exercise was generally comparable to antidepressants for men and women with major depressive disorder. In addition, in following up with patients a year later, Blumenthal found that those who continued to exercise had lower depression scores than those participants who were less active. Blumenthal’s study was not the only one to conclude that
Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014

Some researchers, Otto included, have begun to examine the effects of exercise on treating and possibly preventing anxiety. The body’s nervous system responds quickly when people feel frightened or threatened, often causing the body’s heart rate to increase and sweating and dizziness to occur. Those people who are especially sensitive to anxiety respond to these feelings with fear, and that makes them more likely to develop panic disorders. But Otto and fellow researcher Jasper Smits of the Anxiety Research and Treatment Program at Southern Methodist University studied the effects that regular workouts might have on people prone to anxiety. Since exercise produces many of the same physical reactions, such as sweating and an elevated heart rate, the body produces when responding to fear or threats, Otto and Smits wanted to determine if exercise might help people prone to anxiety become less likely to panic when experiencing fear or threats. In studying 60 participants with heightened sensitivity to anxiety, Otto and Smits found that the subjects who participated in a two-week exercise program exhibited marked improvements in anxiety sensitivity compared to those participants who did not take part in the exercise program. Otto and Smith concluded that this improvement was a result of the exercise group participants learning to associate the symptoms common to both fear and exercise, such as sweating and an elevated heart rate, with something positive (exercise) instead of something negative (anxiety). Regular exercise benefits the human body in numerous ways, not the least of which is its impact on the brain. More information on the link between exercise and improved mental health is available at
Source: MetroCreative Connection


resource to share information on health, wellness & sustainability with a natural perspective.

Na•ture’s Path•ways n. Your

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Q&A with Kenneth Pechman, PhD, MD, Medical Director and Owner of Rejuvenessence mediSpa


s you walk in, you’re immediately enveloped in the serenity of the luau green walls. You’ve come to rediscover yourself. What brought you here is irrelevant. You’re here — and we’re here to help.

treatments and results-driven products to help deliver restoration, revitalization and rejuvenation of your skin.

What type of retail products do you carry?

How is Rejuvenessence mediSpa different from other spas?

Rejuvenessence mediSpa is a hybrid blend of the luxurious elements that you would experience at a spa combined with state of the art technology, medical grade treatments and products. We strive to address every detail for each individual through customizing skin care plans and treatments. We are pleased to tailor treatment plans for the needs of each and every patient. No two facials or treatments are alike! We make every effort to appropriately manage and exceed our patients’ expectations in every way.

Our knowledgeable staff members would be happy to develop a regimen for you based on your specific skin care needs and goals. We carry cosmeceutical grade products from Jan Marini, Revision Skincare and NeoCutis. We also carry Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup, the self-proclaimed skin care makeup.

Are there any treatments that we should be doing now to prepare for the upcoming summer months?

What types of aesthetic treatments are available?

Rejuvenessence mediSpa has an extensive menu of aesthetic and massage services. We extend complimentary consultations to patients to find the best treatment to suit their needs. We have a variety of lasers that will address sun-damaged skin, fine lines and wrinkles, acne and acne scars, uneven pigmentation, skin tightening, age spots, skin texture, rosacea and unwanted hair. We have an assortment of chemical peels as well as a medical-grade microdermabrasion infusion system. For those not ready for laser hair removal, we offer waxing solutions as well as dermaplane treatments. We also dispense several aesthetic prescription products right from our location, including Latisse and Renova. And don’t forget the injectables: Botox and facial fillers help to eliminate the appearance of facial wrinkles and deep folds and enhance a more youthful appearance.

Right now is a great time to eliminate your unwanted facial or body hair before showing off your skin this summer. Our Soprano laser system by Alma Lasers is the latest technology that offers a pain-free, hair-free experience. This technology gradually heats the hair follicles under the skin until they can no longer produce new hair. You can even treat sensitive areas without the discomfort of other systems.

How do I make an appointment with Dr. Pechman or the R-mediSpa staff?

Call the spa at 920-574-3577 to schedule your timely, complimentary consultation today. You’ve waited long enough. It’s time to do something about those age spots, unwanted hair, fine lines or the acne scars from years ago. Whatever that proverbial gray cloud following you around is, let Rejuvenessence mediSpa be the silver lining in that cloud. Rejuvenessence mediSpa: where we look forward to helping you achieve your skin care goals. Rejuvenessence mediSpa: where we restore… revitalize… and rejuvenate your skin.

Who is the medical director?

As a medical director of Rejuvenessence mediSpa, Dr. Kenneth Pechman is a board-certified dermatologist. He and his team have sought to create Rejuvenessence mediSpa, where comfort, beauty and serene surroundings are blended with medical-grade
Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014

Rejuvenessence mediSpa
2201 E Enterprise Ave #104, Appleton, WI 54913 920-574-3577 •

These snacks pack an energetic punch


any adults find themselves feeling drowsy in the hours after they eat lunch. A heavy lunch, a staid office atmosphere or a combination of the two can make professionals feel sleepy as the workday winds down. Though some might opt for a second cup of coffee, the immediate energy boost provided by caffeine quickly wears off, leaving men and women feeling even more tired as a result. Oftentimes, the right mid-afternoon snack can provide the energy boosts adults need to stay productive throughout the workday. The following are a handful of healthy snacks that tend to provide a lot of energy. Greek yogurt: Greek yogurt has become increasingly popular in recent years, as more and more people are opting for this snack that’s rich in calcium, protein, phosphorous and zinc. Traditional yogurt tends to provide a quick energy boost, as it is generally easy to digest, before that boost quickly fades. Greek yogurt is thicker than traditional yogurt, so it does not digest so easily, producing more sustained energy levels as a result. However, Greek yogurt is also loaded with protein, helping men and women feel fuller longer. That can be beneficial for those who want to lose weight, as the feeling of fullness that Greek yogurt provides means those who eat it are less likely to eat more snacks throughout the day. Whole grains: Whole grain snacks are loaded with energizing ingredients, including fiber, iron, magnesium and protein. Whole wheat snacks are also loaded with B vitamins, which help people fight fatigue and stabilize blood sugar levels. In addition, the body takes longer to absorb the complex carbohydrates found in whole wheat snacks, which means the body can maintain stable blood sugar levels for

extended periods of time, and that leads to a long-lasting energy boost. White bread and simple carbohydrates provide an immediate, yet temporary, energy boost when people’s blood sugar levels spike. But once that initial energy boost subsides, men and women will be left feeling fatigued. Edamame: Many people may know edamame from recipes, but few might know edamame can be an energy-boosting snack as well. Edamame are boiled soybeans that are rich in protein, iron, omega-3 fatty acids and fiber. Each of these things helps the body sustain energy levels. In addition, edamame is also packed with a trace mineral known as molybdenum that helps cells function properly while enhancing alertness and improving concentration.

Almonds: Almonds are loaded with ingredients that increase energy levels, including vitamin E, phosphorous, vitamin B2 and magnesium, which serves numerous beneficial functions, including aiding in the production of energy and relieving stress and anxiety. Because they are rich in protein and fiber, almonds take longer for the body to digest, which means energy levels will stay up for longer periods of time than they would for those snacks that are easily digested. Almonds also contain healthy fats that curb appetite, making it less likely that men and women who snack on almonds will overeat and find themselves fighting the fatigue that’s often a byproduct of overeating.
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(Curcuma longa) 


urmeric, a shrub related to ginger, is grown throughout India, other parts of Asia and Africa. Known for its warm, bitter taste and golden color, turmeric is commonly used in fabric dyes and foods such as curry powders, mustards and cheeses. It should not be confused with Javanese turmeric. In traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric has been used to aid digestion and liver function, relieve arthritis pain and regulate menstruation. Historically, turmeric has also been applied directly to the skin for eczema and wound healing. Today, traditional or folk uses of turmeric include heartburn, stomach ulcers, gallstones, inflammation and cancer. Turmeric’s finger-like underground stems (rhizomes) are dried and taken by mouth as a powder or in capsules, teas or liquid extracts. Turmeric can also be made into a paste and used on the skin.

What the science says

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicinefunded investigators have studied the active chemicals in turmeric and their effects — particularly anti-inflammatory effects — in human cells to better understand how turmeric might be used for health purposes. NCCAM is also funding basic research studies on the potential role of turmeric in preventing acute respiratory distress syndrome, liver cancer and post-menopausal osteoporosis.

There is little reliable evidence to support the use of turmeric for any health condition because few clinical trials have been conducted. Preliminary findings from animal and other laboratory studies suggest that a chemical found in turmeric — called curcumin — may have anti-inflammatory, anticancer and antioxidant properties, but these findings have not been confirmed in people.

Side effects and cautions

Turmeric is considered safe for most adults; however, high doses or long-term use of turmeric may cause indigestion, nausea or diarrhea. In animals, high doses of turmeric have caused liver problems. No cases of liver problems have been reported in people. People with gallbladder disease should avoid using turmeric as a dietary supplement, as it may worsen the condition. Tell all your health care providers about any complementary health practices you use. Give them a full picture of what you do to manage your health. This will help ensure coordinated and safe care. For tips about talking with your health care providers about complementary and alternative medicine, see NCCAM’s Time to Talk campaign on the center’s website,
Source: “Herbs at a Glance: Turmeric.” NCCAM. turmeric/ataglance.htm. References: “Turmeric.” Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database. www. “Turmeric (Curcuma longa Linn.) and Curcumin.” Natural Standard Database. “Herbal Medicine: Expanded Commission E Monographs.” Mark Blumenthal et al. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. 2000.


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Tuesday, April 1 • 7-9 p.m.

Reiki Share

Join us for reiki share at Balance on Buffalo, 924 Buffalo St., Manitowoc. Held the first Tuesday of each month. All attunement levels welcome. Free. For more information, call 920-684-8880 or visit Friday, April 4 • 8:30-11 a.m. Thursday, April 10 • 5:30-8 p.m. Wednesday, April 23 • 5:30-8 p.m.

End Hormone Havoc — Stay Sane, Slim and Sexy
Join hormone expert Randi Mann, NP, at this educational and entertaining seminar held at Wise Woman Wellness, 1480 Swan Road, De Pere. Women only! Join us for a fun, informative look at how hormone changes affect us as we age. This seminar is designed to help women make informed choices about bioidentical hormone therapy, PMS, perimenopause, menopause and sexual health treatments to feel happy, energetic and sensual — no matter how old you are! Cost: $25 each or $20 each with a friend. To register, call 920-339-5252. Saturday, April 5 • 3-8 p.m.

ple, there is nothing wrong with eating gluten, however, for many it’s a real problem contributing to real disease. Inflammation is the root cause of almost all chronic diseases. Both celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, create inflammation that can affect all systems of your body. As daunting as it may seem, as you begin to eat more wholesome foods and feel healthier, or even amazing, without your gluten-related symptoms, you’ll find the gluten-free life to be rewarding and doable. Come learn how! Held at Wise Woman Wellness, 1480 Swan Road, De Pere. Cost: $15 each or $10 each with a friend. Space is limited, call 920-339-5252 to register. Friday, April 18 • 7-9 p.m.

College Ave., Appleton, will host classes April 23 (info night), April 30, May 7, May 14 and May 21. Nutritional Healing, 400 N. Richmond St., Suite F, Appleton, will host April 24 (info night), May 1, May 8, May 15 and May 22. Saturday, April 26 • noon-2 p.m. Tuesday, April 29 • 6-8 p.m.

Make Over Your Medicine Cabinet with Essential Oils
Do you want to reduce the over-the-counter and prescription medicines your family is ingesting? Learn how to reduce chemicals and toxins by making over your medicine cabinet with Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. All classes are held at the 9th St. Wellness Center at 1028 9th St., Green Bay. Call 920-737-5932 with questions, email or go to One doTERRA Community on Facebook for more information. Cost: Free. Saturday, April 26 • 12-2 p.m.

Kirtan Chanting

Come chant with us at Balance on Buffalo, 924 Buffalo St., Manitowoc. Kirtan is a simple and joyful practice to calm the mind, open the heart, and experience the stillness and connection, and it’s great fun! No experience needed. Kirtan is held the third Friday of each month. Donations appreciated. For more information, call 920-684-8880 or visit Saturday, April 19 • 6-8 p.m.

All Things Surrogacy (Madison)
A free, community education event for women interested in learning more about what is involved in being a gestational surrogate. Find out answers to questions like: What is the process? Do I meet the family? What is the compensation? Meet women who are currently helping families form via surrogacy. Hosted at Happy Bambino Store, 4116 Monona Drive, Madison. For more information, see www.forwardfertility. com or call 608217-7511. RSVPs are welcomed. Sunday, April 27 • 12-2 p.m.

Riding it Out for Big Rick
Big Rick was involved in a deer motorcycle crash in June of 2012. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, a broken ankle, five broken ribs, two broken vertebrae in his neck, tears in all four ligaments in his left knee and fractures near his right knee. Unfortunately, after many surgeries, his right leg was amputated above his knee. Please help in his recovery. Monies will be used for medical and living expenses. Location: Dale Town Hall. Saturday, April 5 • noon-2 p.m. Saturday, April 12 • noon-2 p.m. Tuesday, April 15 • 6-8 p.m.

Drum Circle

Come drum with us at Balance on Buffalo, 924 Buffalo St., Manitowoc. Held the third Saturday of each month. Led by Kathy Alby. No musical talent is needed for participation. Donations appreciated. For more information, call 920-684-8880 or visit Monday, April 21 • 5:30 p.m.

Free Beginning Mindfulness Workshop
Facilitators: Judy Rogers, L.C.S.W. and Stormie Derber, CLCIT. Place: Mindfulness Center for Wellbeing, Neenah. Seating is limited. Register at the website: Go to the Contact page to register and we will confirm your place. Wednesday nights, April 23 through May 21 • 6-7 p.m. Thursday nights, April 24 through May 22 • 6-7 p.m.

All Things Surrogacy (Eau Claire)
A free, community education event for women interested in learning more about what is involved in being a gestational surrogate. Find out answers to questions like: What is the process? Do I meet the family? What is the compensation? Meet women who are currently helping families form via surrogacy. Hosted at The Local Store, Volume One, 205 N. Dewey Street, Eau Claire. For more information, see www.forwardfertility. com or call 608-217-7511. RSVPs are welcomed. Saturday, May 3 Registration: 8 a.m., walk: 9 a.m.

Introduction to Essential Oils
Learn how to use essential oils. This class is casual and fun, with lots of opportunity to get your questions answered. Learn how to replace items in your medicine cabinet with certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils. Understand the three application methods: aromatically, topically and internally. Learn to confidently take steps to improve your health and wellness routines with essential oils. All classes are held at the Wellness Center at 1028 Ninth St., Green Bay. Call 920737-5932 with questions, email or go to One doTERRA Community on Facebook for more information. Free. Tuesday, April 15 • 5:30 p.m.

Spring detox classes

How to live a gluten-free lifestyle — Avoid gluten and the inflammation it can trigger
Presented by Randi Mann, NP. More than 55 diseases have been linked to gluten. For some peo86
Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014

Have you always (okay — at one time) wanted to detox, but were unsure where to start? Well, this is it! “Spring clean” your body with this 28-day, clinical nutritionist-supervised detox program. This is no “detox in a box.” In fact, there are so many great things this program has to offer, we are inviting you to a free, no obligation, “Dump the Junk” introductory class to explain it all. This class will answer all your questions: Why should I detox? What is involved? What will I get out of it? How much time does it take? What will this cost? Is it safe? Learn how you should be eating every day for best health! Fleet Feet, 3404 W.

Oshkosh March of Dimes March for Babies
When you walk in March for Babies, you give hope to the more than half a million babies born too soon each year. The money you raise supports programs in your community that help moms have healthy, full-term pregnancies. And it funds research to find answers to the problems that threaten our babies. Join us for a beautiful walk and post-walk celebration with food, music and more. Location: Aurora Medical Center, 855 Westhaven Drive, Oshkosh. Contact Tammy DeJardin, tdejardin@marchofdimes. com or 920-278-3129 for more information. The walk starts at

Saturday, May 3 • 8:30 a.m.-2 p.m.

What is Lyme Disease?

Saturday, May 10 Registration: 8 a.m., walk: 9 a.m.

Friday, May 30 through Sunday, June 1

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month. Come and learn about this debilitating illness, how Pam and Michele both suffered from Lyme disease for 20-plus years and how Young Living Therapeutic Oils helped them return to a life of wellness. Event Locaton: City Limits Bar & Banquet, 3627 County Road CR, Manitowoc. Included: Pam and Michele’s story, “What is Lyme Disease?”, Young Living Essential Oils Raindrop Technique, info on how to protect yourself, biofeedback by Zyto Compass, vendor tables and lunch. Cost: $20 if pre-registered by April 17, $25 after. Call Pam at 920-893-8189 or Michele at 920-588-0464 for more information and to register. Saturday, May 3 • 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Lakeshore March of Dimes March for Babies
When you walk in March for Babies, you give hope to the more than half a million babies born too soon each year. The money you raise supports programs in your community that help moms have healthy, full-term pregnancies. And it funds research to find answers to the problems that threaten our babies. Join us for a beautiful walk and post-walk celebration with food, music and more. Location: Aurora Medical Center, 5000 Memorial Drive, Two Rivers. Contact Tammy DeJardin, or 920278-3129 for more information. The walk starts at

Spring ToCiLe’ weekend retreat

Ladies, this is your time to celebrate and invest in your life’s enrichment. Experiences include energy work and movement: yoga, qi gong; lifestyle and financial practice awareness and goal setting; wellness education, practices and services: massage, reiki, use of essential oils, crystal balancing; sky lanterns; and more! Bring your mom, adult daughter, sister or friend. This is sure to be a weekend of inspiration and memories. Location: The beautiful Hazen Inn Bed and Breakfast in Phelps. The inn is “north of the tension zone” in the Nicolet National Forest on serene Long Lake. For more information, call 920-750-1845 or email

Natural & Organic Expo

The Natural & Organic Expo is a celebration of the farmers who grow organic food and the chefs who transform it and is your opportunity to connect with the people behind one of the most productive and distinctive food-producing regions in the Midwest! This one-of-a-kind event gives the attendee the opportunity to connect with other food enthusiasts and sample recipes prepared by some of the state’s finest restaurants while shaping the future by changing the way Wisconsin eats.This expo brings together local and national companies that specialize in natural and organic foods and products. Kick off the farmers market season by meeting and buying direct from local organic farmers and vendors. Snatch up early seedlings, innovative new products, specialty meats, cheeses, sauces, olive oils, jams, nuts, dried fruits, wine, beer, baked goods, fresh greens, and free-range meat and eggs. Turn your locally grown ingredients into masterpiece recipes, dishes, and appetizers. Event held at the Sunnyview Expo Center, 500 E. County Road Y, Oshkosh. For more information, visit

About Better Care Audiology......................................... 40 Advanced Pain Management......................................... 59 Aerial Dance Pole Exercise.............................................. 76 Alkaline Water Today..................................................... 63 Amy Skiver, LPC............................................................. 20 Anytime Fitness.............................................................. 19 Appleton Community Midwives..................................... 53 Appleton Nutrition Center............................................. 13 Backyard Organics......................................................... 65 Balance on Buffalo/Therapeutic Massage Works............. 17 Bay Area Yoga............................................................... 12 Beyond Organic............................................................. 33 Big Impact Fitness.......................................................... 60 Capital Credit Union...................................................... 31 CClark Pilates................................................................. 37 Cedar Harbor................................................................. 69 Community Benefit Tree................................................. 34 Compost Joe’s................................................................ 66 Countrycare Animal Complex........................................ 15 Crystal Pathway............................................................. 54 Custom Health Pharmacy............................................... 29 Destination Limousine.................................................... 77 Divine Energy Lightworkers............................................ 32 doTERRA – Ann McCotter.............................................. 72 Epiphany Law................................................................ 94 EvolveAbility.................................................................. 78 Fava Tea Company......................................................... 11 Fiora.............................................................................. 14 Fit Nutrition................................................................... 51 Foxglove Farms.............................................................. 45 Foxxie Fitness & Wellness............................................... 55 Get Connected Counseling, LLC.................................... 37 Get Your Lean On............................................................ 7 Glass Slipper Styling Studio............................................ 11 Globe University............................................................. 67 Hands to Heart, LLC......................................................... 9 Happy Bellies Bake Shop................................................ 53 Happy Drumming.......................................................... 51 Healthy Living Acupuncture........................................... 21 Healthy Living Events..................................................... 61 Isagenix......................................................................... 69 Lake Park Swim & Fitness............................................... 50 LearningRx..................................................................... 47 Life Uncommon Massage............................................... 29 Mamma Verde............................................................... 57 Mark’s East Side............................................................. 65 Massage Envy Spa.......................................................... 50 Mindfulness Center for Wellbeing.................................. 12 Ministry Medical Group.................................................... 2 Mudd Creek, LLC........................................................... 58 My Retreat Design......................................................... 10 Natural Expressions Bakery............................................. 71 Natural Healing Solutions............................................... 35 Natural Healthy Concepts.............................................. 41 New Horizon Acupuncture............................................. 32 New Possibilities Integration........................................... 19 Niemuth’s Southside Market.......................................... 73 Nutritional Healing......................................................... 39 Olivü 426....................................................................... 24 Outagamie County Dept. of Solid Waste........................ 36 Parnee Frederick............................................................ 68 Peace & Wellness Center................................................ 23 Polar Bears Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Services............... 46 Prana Groove and Defiant Fitness................................... 25 REBOOT/R3NEW Recycling............................................. 35 Rejuvenessence mediSpa................................................ 95 Relish Kitchen Store....................................................... 78 Sabamba Alpaca Ranch.................................................. 45 Sai Ram Indian Cuisine................................................... 47 Scatter Joy..................................................................... 55 She. Hair Boutique......................................................... 19 Shear Chaos Salon & Spa............................................... 43 Shear Tree-O.................................................................. 68 Streu’s Pharmacy............................................................ 23 Stride MultiSport............................................................ 28 TC Dance Club............................................................... 27 The Natural Boutique..................................................... 21 The Olive Cellar.............................................................. 79 TNT Basic Training.......................................................... 20 Twohig Dental......................................................... 79, 96 Unity of Appleton.......................................................... 42 Valley Thermography, LLC.............................................. 31 Valley Transit.................................................................. 43 Van’s Refrigeration & Services........................................... 9 Winnebago County Dept. of Solid Waste....................... 65 Wise Woman Wellness, LLC............................................. 3 Young Living Essential Oils............................................. 26

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Support our local businesses in the healthy living industry!

Healthy Living Acupuncture Sarah Atkinson 55 Stafford St., Plymouth 920-893-8796 Acupuncture is a medical treatment that has evolved from Chinese medicine using noninvasive treatment methods. I move “qi” (pronounced “chee”) to influence the patterns of illness, pain and disease with very thin stainless steel needles. Common influences of qi disharmony are physical and emotional stress, poor diet, accidents and other excessive activities. When these occur, the body becomes unbalanced; but with acupuncture, it bounces back to a state of health! The National Institutes of Health and World Health Organization recognize acupuncture as effective in treating addiction, emotional problems, arthritis, asthma, carpal tunnel, digestive complaints, pain in tendons, joints and muscles, trigeminal neuralgia, UTI, fertility, menopause, sinusitis and sleep disturbances.

tifically based and clinically proven one-on-one personalized training. You and your child are no longer limited to treating symptoms. Contact us to transform learning and reading struggles into success.

education within a socially pleasurable environment in order to help our members fulfill their needs and dreams. Start today with with a free lesson!

Natural Healing Solutions Certified Colon Hydrotherapists 345 E. Wisconsin Ave., Suite #6, Appleton 920-830-3909 Feel healthier, remove toxic waste from your body and relieve symptoms like chronic fatigue, constipation and skin problems. Carl and Carol Ann offer colon hydrotherapy through the Wood Gravitational Method. A colonic is a gentle internal bath to cleanse the colon and rejuvenate the body. Colon hydrotherapy also restores the body’s pH balance, stimulates the immune system and allows free passage of nutrients into the blood.

Twohig Dental William J. Twohig, DDS 417 E. Ann St., Weyauwega 920-867-3101 • Twohig Dental wants you to experience a natural and holistic approach to dentistry. Our practice is a mercury-free, health-centered office. We believe in treating patients as individuals. We are dedicated to advanced education in traditional and nontraditional dentistry. We invite you to schedule a consultation with us. Twohig Dental – Facelift Dentures William J. Twohig, DDS 417 E. Ann St., Weyauwega 920-867-3101 • Twohig Dental is pleased to offer a non-surgical facelift for denture wearers. There are three types of dentures: economy, traditiona, and now, introducing Facelift Dentures. This amazing breakthrough provides underlying facial support which plumps your lips, lessens wrinkles, helps fill your face out, and provides for a better fit and finish. Patients absolutely love them, calling them the fountain of youth for denture wearers.

New Possibilities Integration, LLC Victoria L. Huss, Certified Rolfer™ 103 W. College Ave., Suite 601, Appleton 920-427-7653 • Rolfing® Structural Integration is a transformative bodywork and education system designed to align and balance the body. Many of us have old habits, accidents and patterns “locked” into our posture and musculature — causing chronic pain, inflexibility and decreased mobility. Rolfing® unwinds this chronic strain and offers new possibilities for standing, moving and being.

Therapeutic Pulse Sharon Blake, LMT 345 E. Wisconsin Ave., #8, Appleton 920-740-5101 • Sharon helps your body find balance by integrating craniosacral therapy, lymph drainage therapy, visceral manipulation and therapeutic massage. Craniosacral therapy (CST) helps the nervous system “reboot” to find a new, calmer balance. CST is beneficial for stress, depression, TMJ, headaches and migraines, ADD/ADHD, reflux and colic and more. Hours by appointment.

Massage Envy Spa 3201 E. Calumet St., Appleton 920-731-5300 1241 Lombardi Access Road, Green Bay 920-405-9200 Massage therapist positions available at Massage Envy Spa in Green Bay and Appleton. Massage Envy: more of a culture than a company. Like you, we’re out to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Maybe that’s why Massage Envy has its own unique culture. You’ll find a friendly, giving and supportive environment. We offer: • Orientation and follow-up in-house training • Schedules that fit your life • A great living doing what you love • Various therapeutic massage services • Advancement in a fast-growing company • Well-stocked treatment rooms with state-ofthe-art equipment

LearningRx N474 Eisenhower Drive, Suite C, Appleton 920-882-2006 At LearningRx, we treat learning challenges such as ADD/ADHD, reading struggles and learning disabilities. Brain training goes far beyond traditional tutoring by effectively addressing the cause behind learning and reading struggles. We focus on changing a student’s underlying ability to learn and read. We train and strengthen cognitive skills with scien88
Nature’s Pathways® | April 2014

TC Dance Club 1004 S. Olde Oneida St., Appleton (2nd Floor in the ‘Between the Locks’ Building) 920-731-8851 • Discover all the benefits of dance at TC Dance Club! Lose weight, be social, relieve stress and have fun! We are board certified and equipped with two spacious ballroom dance floors. Our goal is to establish and maintain the highest level of hospitality, service and dance

Qualifications: • Minimum 500 hours of massage therapy education • Must adhere to local and state massage therapy licensing laws and regulations • Must pass a background check We encourage all massage therapists to be members of a national professional association. For more information about a career at Massage Envy, visit, and submit a resume and cover letter to a location near you.

Anytime Fitness For a location near you, visit our website, Anytime Fitness is open 24/7/365 to provide you with the essential elements of a great workout, such as treadmills, ellipticals and bikes — all with flatscreen TVs — and both free weights and circuit weight machines. We also offer 24-hour tanning, personal training, private restrooms and showers. Anywhere Club Access allows you to visit more than 1,000 clubs worldwide. Big Impact Fitness 1696 Silverspring Dr., Appleton W2721 Brookhaven Drive, Kimberly 920-574-5872 • We want nothing more than to see every client achieve their goals. We find it extremely gratifying to watch young athletes, as well as our personal training clients, achieve success. Through dedication, hard work and perseverance, our staff is committed to every individual who trains in any of our programs. Through our thorough understanding of performance training, health and fitness, we design programs that will decrease the risk of injury, provide a wide variety of exercises and suit the needs of each individual client. Lake Park Swim & Fitness, LLC 730 Lake Park Road, Menasha 920-882-8900 • See our ad on page 50. Lake Park Swim & Fitness is the Fox Valley’s newest and most refreshing health club. Locally owned and operated, we have combined the latest in equipment, classes, club amenities and more to give our members an unparalleled experience. Customer service and building a sense of community is our main focus — be a part of the LPSF family and experience the difference! Prana Groove & Defiant Fitness Heather LaFond, ACSM-Certified Personal Trainer 1402 Clark St., Suite 201, Manitowoc 855-GoalGtr (855-462-5487) Heather has a B.S. in human biology with an emphasis in exercise science. She has been working as an ACSMcertified personal trainer for five years. Prior to becoming certified, Heather lost 100 pounds. She turned her passion for health and fitness into a career. In 2012, Defiant Fitness LLC was formed and in September 2013 it merged with Prana Groove to better provide clients

with a well-rounded fitness experience. The personalized fitness programs offered between the two sister studios incorporate all the necessary elements of wellness: cardio, flexibility, lifestyle coaching, nutrition support and strength training. TNT Basic Training Tammy Thyssen, Owner and Personal Trainer W8734 School Road, Hortonville 920-740-2408 TNT Basic Training studio is a nonintimidating, personal, friendly Personal•Sport•Boot•Obstacle and enjoyable environment that encourages all ages to work out and live a healthy lifestyle. Workouts are rewarding, challenging, unique and guided, and progress with your growing needs. TNT Basic Training is a place to meet new and exciting people, find support, achieve results and enrich your lifestyle. Together, we will reach your fitness goals and make everyday activities easier and enjoyable. I will listen to your requests and work to get you the results you desire.

Capital Credit Union 920-731-3195 • toll-free: 866-731-3195 For a location near you, visit Capital Credit Union is a fullservice financial institution offering a wide range of products and services, such as savings accounts, CDs, IRAs, free and dividend-earning checking accounts, free online and mobile banking, free text alerts, and loans for cars, homes, home equity and more. Anyone living or working in Outagamie, Calumet, Winnebago or Brown Counties in Wisconsin is eligible for Capital membership.

Isagenix Lisa Jermain, Crystal Executive 920-470-6791 • Isagenix is one of the fastest growing companies in North America because our products, solutions and culture redefine the health and wellness industry. Science backs our products and statistics back our success, but it’s our people who make us the best. Our no-compromise approach to health and wealth generating opportunities help thousands achieve their dreams — physically and financially.

Cedar Harbor 611 N. Morrison St., Appleton 920-740-4669 Heaven on Earth! Appleton’s newest retail treasure. Off the beaten path, tucked into a residential neighborhood near downtown. Featuring handmade gifts by local artists as well as reclaimed and repurposed home décor. Stop in and discover treasures to keep or gift. Visit us Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 10 a.m.-5 p.m., and Thursday 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Scatter Joy 1879 N. Casaloma Dr., Appleton 920-739-6123 Scatter Joy offers a fun and unique gift selection. From cards, purses, candles and clocks, to rugs, frames, baby gifts, jewelry and more, we have something for everyone, and any occasion. We feature top brand names like Baggallini Hand Bags, Curly Girl Gifts, Lolita, Jelly Bean Rugs and more. If you’re looking for a unique gift for a unique person or event, stop in and see what we have to offer.

Ministry Medical Group Bariatric Services 824 Illinois Ave., Stevens Point 877-295-5868 • Ministry Health Care is an integrated healthcare delivery network serving more than 1.1 million people across Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota. Ministry generates nearly $2.2 billion in annual operating revenue with 15 hospitals, 47 clinics, and more than 12,000 associates including 650 physicians and advanced practice clinicians. Ministry Health Care recently joined Ascension Health as the second healthcare ministry in Wisconsin. Ascension is the largest Catholic and not-for-profit healthcare system in the nation. Ministry is ranked among the top 20 percent of healthcare systems in the country according to Truven Health Analytics.



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Natural Healthy Concepts 310 N. Westhill Blvd., Appleton 920-968-2360 • Natural Healthy Concepts brings you the best dietary health supplements on the market at the lowest prices possible. We also have a great selection of all-natural beauty products to make you look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside. And what makes it even better, we provide free shipping on all domestic U.S. orders, no matter the size!

Peace & Wellness Center Patricia Poole 920-819-3774 • Patricia Poole has been providing hypnosis and energy healing private sessions and classes for 14 years. She offers information on hypnosis, reiki, Reconnective Healing and soon EFT. Educational and life-changing classes are offered regularly. Hypnosis CDs are available to get you started in making positive changes today! Call or email today to set up your appointment.

Get Connected Counseling, LLC 5497 W. Waterford Lane, Suite A, Appleton 920-750-6120 At Get Connected Counseling, LLC, we help people who are dissatisfied with their lives find their way to where they want to be. We offer a Get Connected different experience in therapy than clients have had before, with a focus on transformational healing of mind, body and spirit. We use cutting-edge approaches to re-engage, rewire, reconnect and inspire our clients to live within their authentic selves. We take most insurance plans.
Counseling LLC.

About Better Care Audiology Stephanie Long, Doctor of Audiology 2013 Audiologist of the Year W3124 Van Roy Road, Appleton 920-915-0077 • Making regular visits to a hearing specialist is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your overall health and happiness. Dr. Stephanie Long has helped people with hearing and hearing loss issues for more than 19 years. She enjoys getting to know her patients and building long-lasting relationships with them. She will get to know you and your listening needs to determine a customized solution that works best for you and your lifestyle. Call today to set up a time to meet with her for a complimentary hearing screening and 30-day risk-free trial of the latest digital hearing solutions.

Balance on Buffalo/Therapeutic Massage Works 924 Buffalo St., Manitowoc 920-684-8880 Balance on Buffalo in Manitowoc was birthed into being to create a safe, nurturing space to uncover and discover one’s own innate ability to heal. We offer massage therapy, reiki, yoga, sound therapy, classes and workshops, all meant to spark the gifts that we each carry. We will help guide and nurture an awareness of mind, body, heart and spirit, and the space in between. Divine Energy Light Workers Rev. Jen Rietveld 611 N. Lynndale Dr., Suite C., Appleton 920-268-6345 • Rev. Jen Rietveld offers divinely guided services in the form of: spiritual counseling, energy/light work, cellular release, chakra cleansing and balancing, guided meditations, property blessings, weddings, funerals and more. She is also Access Bars® Consciousness certified, AROMATOUCH TECHNIQUE certified (IPC# 491733) and a Forevergreen distributor. For a full description of her services, please visit her website at To schedule an appointment, please email Rev. Jen at or call/text 920-268-6345. Foxxie Fitness & Wellness, LLC Foxxie Fitness & Wellness, LLC provides a complete tool box for anyone wanting to achieve greater fitness (fit, adj: in good condition). Our choose-yourown-adventure approach allows you to be in charge of your destiny. Whether it is physical, emotional, financial, spiritual or other fitness you desire, get the job done right with all the tools you’ll need.

Wise Woman Wellness, LLC Randi Mann, NP — Owner, Board Certified Woman’s Health Nurse Practitioner and NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioner 1480 Swan Road, De Pere 920-339-5252 • Randi Mann, NP, helps women of all ages live healthy, vital, joy-filled lives through medical and non-medical solutions, education and lifestyle guidance. Seek care from an expert knowledgeable in the latest scientific research, and who offers integration of complementary and conventional approaches. Mann has achieved the prestigious NAMS Menopause Practitioner Certification and has spoken nationally on behalf of the Bioidentical Hormone Initiative. She is skilled at prescribing customized, bioidentical hormones when needed. Attend the introductory seminar “End Hormone Havoc — Stay Sane, Slim and Sexy” to learn the fundamentals of hormone changes, treatment options and great self-care. Call for an appointment or register for a seminar today!
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Van’s Refrigeration & Services W1081 Pearl St., Oneida 920-869-2196 • Van’s Refrigeration & Services offers your family or business the best products and services combined with a level of customer service that will exceed your expectations. With more than 30 years of geothermal experience, quality WaterFurnace® brand geothermal heating and cooling products are just where we begin. The technicians at Van’s Refrigeration & Services are trained and equipped to handle geothermal heating services, refrigeration repair and installation and many other residential and commercial services.

Fiora® Fiora® tissue and towel products give you exactly what you’re looking for — softness, strength and absorbency — with products that are just right for your family and your budget. We’re looking forward, instead of back, and drawing inspiration in everything we do. So, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to see how we make life brighter with our products and the actions we take, along with ways that you can get involved in your community.

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My Retreat Design Brenda Krause, owner 690 Westhill Blvd., Appleton 920-955-3726 • My Retreat Design works closely with clients to create an environment that is a reflection of their requirements and desires — whether it is a single piece, a room, or an entire home or small business. We believe open communication is the key to achieving your desired results and pride ourselves on meeting budget and scheduling requirements. We offer interior design service, custom furniture and textiles, window treatments, area rugs, and home decor and gifts. Our diverse team of interior designers and design consultants are ready to assist you — call for a consultation and make us a part of your design solution.

Life Uncommon Massage Kara Phernetton, LMT, CPMT 2050 Riverside Drive, Green Bay 920-246-1423 Providing holistic healing for the entire family, Life Uncommon specializes in individuals with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual differences. Life Uncommon tailors each massage to fit the needs of every client, and is focused on bringing health and wellness to the Green Bay area. Hours are by appointment only. Call 920-246-1423 for an appointment today!

Nutritional Healing, LLC Kimberly Neher, MS, Clinical Nutritionist 400 N. Richmond St., Appleton 920-358-5764 • Kimberly Neher, MS, is the clinical nutritionist located inside The Chiropractic Advantage. Her passion lies in supporting people’s health through evidencebased medicine (risks versus benefits of medications) and healing therapies through nutrition. Kimberly has experience working with clients regarding weight and fatigue issues, sports nutrition, food sensitivities and allergies, and general health concerns such as high blood pressure, high glucose levels, high cholesterol/triglycerides, thyroid conditions and irritable bowel disorders. With her master’s degree in human nutrition and Metagenics certification in First Line Therapy, Kimberly has undergone an in-depth study of nutrition as a complementary medicine. Transform your life through natural, clinically proven methods of healing via nutrition, and remedy the cause of your illness or weight concerns!

Rejuvenessence mediSpa Kenneth Pechman, M.D., Ph.D. Board Certified Dermatologist 2201 East Enterprise Ave., Suite 104, Appleton 920-574-3577 • The mission of Rejuvenessence mediSpa is to restore, revitalize and rejuvenate the skin’s appearance, health and function. We strive to improve our clients’ skin through our professional services and highquality products and thus, enhance our patients’ self-esteem and self-image. We are proud to offer free consultations on all of our services!

Backyard Organics 920-850-7450 Todd and Tara Rockweit are owners of Backyard Organics, LLC, Wisconsin’s first organic land care business accredited by NOFA, one of two organizations in the country that accredit Organic Land Care Professionals (AOLCPs). Backyard Organics also supplies organic weed herbicides and a variety of natural and organic pest repellents either in bulk and/or ready to spray bottles. To read more about our products and services or if you would like to submit a question, please visit our website, email or call us.

doTERRA Essential Oils Ann McCotter, Wellness Advocate — Elite Level Founding member of One doTerra Community 920-737-5932 • Make a difference by educating others on the benefits of certified pure therapeutic-grade essential oils. doTERRA is in rapid growth mode and offers an excellent compensation package. We are known for providing the education and support to help new IPCs grow with us. That’s part of the reason why we have an industry-leading retention rate. One doTERRA Community supports you by: • Offering personal coaching, education and business tools • Supporting your new business through our extensive marketing network that includes social media, print materials and more! • Facilitating classes for you and with you For more information, check out One doTERRA Community on Facebook, go to www.mydoterra. com/annmccotter or reach out to Ann at 920737-5932. Join us and make a difference!

Appleton Community Midwives & Birth Center 308 E. Northland Ave., Appleton 920-882-6200 Our compassionate care-giving team offers comprehensive traditional midwifery care, including VBAC, water, home and birth center birth. We provide complete maternity care — prenatal visits, birth and postpartum. Our birth center is cozy and welcoming, equipped with specially designed water birth tubs. We do insurance verification and billing, and offer flexible payment plans for cash-paying clients.

LearningRx N474 Eisenhower Drive, Suite C, Appleton 920-882-2006 At LearningRx we treat learning challenges such as ADD/ADHD, reading struggles and learning disabilities. Brain training goes far beyond traditional tutoring by effectively addressing the cause behind learning and reading struggles. We focus on changing a student’s underlying ability to learn and read. We train and strengthen cognitive skills with scientifically based and clinically proven oneon-one personalized training. You and your child are no longer limited to treating symptoms. Contact us to transform learning and reading struggles into success.

The Natural Boutique Sandy White 1162 Westowne Drive, Neenah 920-725-1380 • The success of a business comes from more than just the owner. A truly successful business will have an enthusiastic, knowledgeable staff hand chosen by the owner. Here at The Natural Boutique, Sandy has a staff that loves the business as much as she does, and it shows when you walk into the store. Located 5 minutes from the Fox River Mall; take the Winneconne exit in Neenah and turn left at Culver’s.

Advanced Pain Management (APM) 2595 Development Dr., Suite 150, Green Bay Locations also in Appleton and Oconto Falls 888-901-PAIN (7246) • Advanced Pain Management (APM) is committed to providing patients with innovative pain management services. APM strives to deliver the most advanced, minimally invasive, diagnostic and therapeutic services to enable patients to restore function, relieve pain and renew hope. Whether it’s back or neck pain, work injury, sciatica or a painful condition; APM has a pain management doctor who can help pinpoint the source of pain.
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EvolveAbility Phyllis Kasper, Ph.D. 920-693-2250 Dr. Phyllis Kasper is a licensed psychologist with expertise in pain management and post-traumatic stress disorder using EMDR, biofeedback, meditation and training in self-hypnosis. Pain and other symptoms of irritable bowel can be alleviated using a seven-session hypnosis program. Dr. Kasper also works with anxiety/panic disorders, depression and breaking barriers to achievement. She is available at Healthy Connections, LLC, 510 E. Wisconsin Ave., Appleton; call 920-257-4601.

Countrycare Animal Complex Karen M. Strickfaden, DVM Richard A. Barr, DVM • Aili Heintz, DVM 4235 Elm View Road, Green Bay 920-863-3220 • Countrycare Animal Complex is a fullservice veterinary facility for dogs, cats and horses. By integrating the best of traditional veterinary medicine/surgery with holistic medicine, we are able to offer your pets the best of both worlds. We offer nutritional counseling, acupuncture, veterinary spinal manipulation (animal chiropractic), Bicom therapy and more. We carry a wide range of supplements, flower essences and herbs. Find us on Facebook!

ish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, sports, reflexology and more. Signature services and enhancements include hot stone massage, aromatherapy, deep muscle therapy and sugar foot scrub. We have four different spa facial treatments specially formulated for Massage Envy Spa. Our professional estheticians have the scientifically proven products to give you noticeably healthy skin. She. Hair Boutique 525 S. Memorial Drive, Appleton 920-850-9667 She. Hair Boutique is a modern vintage salon providing our clients with outstanding customer service. We thrive on being knowledgeable of all upto-date trends, products, new styles and the most creative color trends. Offering the best in green and innovative products. Here at She. we offer the best in vegan and organic skin care and hair care. From our family to yours, we look forward to customizing your services and experience to help you look and feel amazing. We look forward to meeting you! Shear Chaos Salon & Spa 103 W. College Ave., Suite 100, Appleton 920-733-4247 Located in the heart of downtown Appleton, Shear Chaos Salon & Spa is among the best in the area, and holds an emphasis on the value of continuing education. Keeping up with the latest trends and sciences, Shear Chaos is an ever-changing, warm, quirky haven for love, health, beauty and just the right amount of craziness to cohabitate.

Custom Health Pharmacy 1011 S. 10th St., Manitowoc 920-482-3145 Custom Health Pharmacy is your source for quality compounded medications. Our state-ofthe-art compounding lab provides the highest quality compounding possible. You have a choice where you get your compounded prescriptions — you don’t need your prescription sent to you from Madison. We also offer: hormone saliva testing, hormone consultations, adrenal fatigue consultations and testing, Take Charge weight loss program and a full line of Now vitamins. We accept Caremark and Express Scripts.

Polar Bears Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Services Darlene M. Jeske 920-202-3664 • Cell: 920-850-5510 At Polar Bears Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Services, exceptional pet care is our mission. We specialize in caring for puppies, seniors and canines with special needs. We provide professional, trustworthy, individualized care in the stress-free environment of your home. Whether you need vacation care or daily inhome visits to break up long days for your pets, you can relax knowing they are in good hands.

Fit Nutrition Personal Chef, Certified Nutrition Coach 914 4th St., De Pere Fit Nutrition is driven to provide healthy, great-tasting meals to our customers for whatever their nutritional goals may be. We also offer cooking classes, tasting events, and wine and food pairings, which can be held in the comfort of your own home or at Fit Nutrition. Our goal is to get people to understand that eating healthy is not boring and tasteless, and to enjoy healthy eating every day.

Sai Ram Indian Cuisine 253 W. Northland Ave., Appleton 920-733-3003 The area’s finest authentic Indian restaurant. Join us today to find out why we won the “Best Indian Food” Golden Fork Award from 2005-2011 and a 2013 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence! We offer a large selection of vegan and vegetarian options. Catering is available and we have a banquet room for parties of up to 40 people.

The Olive Cellar 277 W. Northland Ave., Appleton • 920-574-2361 127 W. Wisconsin Ave., Neenah • 920-486-1781 Discover the difference quality makes with small batch world-class extra virgin olive oils and an exquisite variety of aged balsamic vinegars. Taste before you buy with all products available for you to sample prior to bottling. Also offering pastas and spices, sea salts, truffle oils, chocolate sauces and the world’s best peanut brittle. A unique culinary experience awaits you.

Massage Envy Spa 3201 E. Calumet St., Appleton • 920-731-5300 1241 Lombardi Access Road, Green Bay • 920-405-9200 At Massage Envy Spas, our mission is to provide a pathway to wellness, well-being and worth through professional, convenient and affordable massage therapy and spa services. Whether it is your first massage or massage therapy is part of your wellness plan, we have a therapist to match your needs. We offer many massage modalities including Swed-

N.E. Wisconsin Spiritual Experiences Group For activities near you, visit: Feel there must be more to life than what you’ve learned so far? Ready to give up your preconceived notions of what truth might be? Experience the light and sound of God! Check out Eckankar ( and N.E.

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consin Spiritual Experiences Group (see the website) for tools, resources and spiritual conversations near you.

Alkaline Water Today Lisa Smarzinski 920-450-5680

Valley Thermography 1111 N. Lynndale Drive, Suite 202, Appleton 920-380-1365 • Chris Haase, certified clinical thermographer, uses digital infrared thermal imaging (DITI), a noninvasive clinical imaging procedure for detecting and monitoring a number of diseases and physical injuries by showing the thermal abnormalities present in the body. Conditions and injuries that can be diagnosed and monitored include hormonal dysfunction, inflammation, lymphatic activity, disc disease, dental, vascular disease, sports injuries, allergies, cancer and more. DITI uses no radiation, is painless and FDA registered. Call to schedule your appointment.

is healthy drinking water rich in minerals, purged of impurities, and ionized through electrolysis. Alkaline ionized Kangen Water® is an excellent choice for healthy hydration. Not only does it taste great and refreshing, but it also helps you avoid impurities and save money! Take the 30-day challenge! Try Kangan Water® free for 30 days with no obligation. Contact Lisa today to get started. Financing available.

KANGAN WATER lenge! Kangen Water® Change your water — Change your life!

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Glass Slipper Styling Studio 230 Main St., Menasha 920-475-9413 At GSSS, we believe outer image is directly connected to success and when we look good, we feel good. We help women increase selfconfidence and self-respect to achieve a better career, peace of mind and happiness. Offering costeffective wardrobe styling services — personal style consultations, color analysis, closet audit, outfit coordination, personal shopping, seasonal wardrobe planning as well as skincare, hair, and make-up consulting, fashion advice, complete transformation makeovers and free lifetime client aftercare service. We carry Motives cosmetics, Lumiere De Vie skincare, Vault Denim jeans, select women’s fashion apparel and accessories. Our venue can be rented for private events such as personal styling, make up sessions or trunk shows. Call to schedule a 20-minute free consultation. Find us on Facebook.

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Valley Transit 801 S. Whitman Ave., Appleton 920-832-5800

Valley Transit safe and reliable public
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Valley Transit provides

transportation to the many communities that comprise the Fox Cities. Whether you’re in Appleton, Buchanan, Grand Chute, Kaukauna, Kimberly, Little Chute, city of Menasha, town of Menasha or Neenah, you can use Valley Transit to get where you need to go. Service hours: 5:45 a.m.-10:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, 7:45 a.m.-10:30 p.m. on Saturday.

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are your loved ones


Statistics show that 55-60% of U.S. citizens do not have an estate plan — which means that someone other than you will determine your loved one’s future. An estate plan is about more than your financial worth, it’s about peace of mind and taking care of the people you love. If you already have an estate plan prepared, revisit it. Or let us help create a plan designed with the needs of you and your family in mind.

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• Reduced fine lines & wrinkles • Firmer skin • Brighter skin • Reduced pore size • Reduced unwanted hair • Anti-aging treatments & regimens • Reduced appearance of cellulite • Reduced acne scarring

Kenneth Pechman, MD, PhD, Medical Director
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