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Compare/Contrast Essay

Choose one of the essay topics below. Please put the number of the question you choose at the beginning of the essay. 1. Compare and contrast the ways in which the portrayal of a hero or villain has changed or stayed the same over time. 2. Choose either two of your favorite heroes or two of your favorite villains (from any text/s) and compare and contrast their differences and similarities. 3. Choose a hero and a villain that appear in a particular text. Compare and contrast the differences and similarities between the two and examine why they are appropriately matched as foils. *Please Note: Remember to compare them from one specific text. For example, if you want to discuss Batman and the Joker, you will need to discuss how the characters are portrayed in a specific movie (i.e. The Dark Knight), comic book, or video game. Remember that when writing a compare/contrast essay: To use a hero/hero, villain/villain, or hero/villain combination that have enough in common (but also big differences) to be usefully compared and contrasted It should help readers understand the subjects It should present several important, parallel points of comparison and contrast While you will formulate an argument about what is comparable and contrasting between the characters, you will be required to do background research about the characters in order to do this. Because you will need to examine texts in order to compare and contrast, please include a works cited page and three sources (you may use sources used previously, but one source must be new). Please also include in- text citations. Please remember that the paper: Must Must Must Must Must Must Must Must be a minimum of 1000 words be in Times New Roman 12 point font be in MLA format include three sources (one must be new) include a works cited page include in-text citations be typed follow the rubric guidelines in order to receive the best grade possible

Peer Review Draft Due: Wednesday, April 2nd Final Draft Due: Monday, April 7th