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Researched Argument

In this paper, you will be asked to choose a hero/villain who appears in many mediums (i.e. Superman). You should research the character and examine the ways in which the character has been portrayed differently over time or through different mediums (i.e. how is Batman from the comic books different from Batman on television and film?). You will be asked to look at these differences and argue the reason that these heroes/villains have retained and changed specific traits depending on the medium and/or time frame in which they appeared. You may use research from earlier assignments. Because you will be required to trace a character throughout mediums or time, you will need to examine multiple texts. Therefore, you will be required to use and appropriately cite at least five reliable sources in the paper (you may use more if necessary). Please remember that the paper: Must Must Must Must Must Must Must be a minimum of 2000 words be in Times New Roman 12 point font be in MLA format include at least five reliable sources include a works cited page be typed follow the rubric guidelines in order to receive the best grade possible

Peer Review Draft Due: Wednesday, April 16th Final Draft Due: Monday, April 21st