“SAVE That Line!

and adhere to aseptic technique when handling intravenous (IV) bags. dressing and an IV catheter to protect your patients from infections.  Remember that the vein begins outside of  the body when a catheter is inserted into a vein. tubing. .Scrupulous Hand Hygiene  The best defense is handwashing. access ports.

Aseptic Technique  “Be Prepared” and carry extra alcohol swabs. .  Remember to use a sterile cap on the end of IV tubing when not in use.

and allow the alcohol to dry in order to kill bacteria prior to access.Vigorous Friction to Hubs  Always cleanse the needlefree connectors with an alcohol wipe for 10 seconds. .

Ensure Patency  Flush all lumens with adequate amounts of saline or heparinized saline as per institutional policy. .

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