Dvorak Math Science Technology Academy Local School Council

3615 West 16th Street, Chicago, IL 60623 773-534-1690

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For Immediate Release: Today, April 1 2014 Contact: Angela Gordon LSC President 773-430-0629 (cell) 773-534-1690 (school) Valerie F. Leonard 773-571-3886 (cell)

Dvorak LSC Rejects AUSL Hostile Takeover, Wraps Hands Around the School
Who: What: Dvorak Math Science Technology Academy Local School Council, elected officials, parents and students and community stakeholders. The Dvorak Math Science Technology School Local School Council will be holding a press conference while parents and community stakeholders wrap their hands around the school. The Local School Council has rejected CPS CEO Barbara Byrd Bennett's recommendation for an AUSL turnaround, and is working on an alternative plan for school improvement. Parents, members of the student body, elected officials and local community stakeholders have been invited. Wednesday, April 2, 2014 Press Conference: 5:00 pm; CPS Community Meeting: 6:00 pm-8:00 pm Dvorak Math Science Technology Academy 3615 West 16th Street Chicago, Illinois 60623 The Local School Council believes that, if given a chance, and the proper resources, the school can turn itself around, without being taken over by AUSL. Community residents have questioned whether the proposed turnaround is part of a larger plan to consolidate AUSL's influence in the North Lawndale community and to corner the real estate market around Douglas Park, Douglas Boulevard and the 16th Street Corridor. A number of AUSL board members are venture capitalists, and invest in real estate and other projects. After CPS closed 50 schools in 2013, AUSL-Herzl assumed the majority of the Henson attendance boundaries. They also control all the schools in and around Douglas Park, including Johnson, Chalmers and Collins High School. Residents also question the independence of the decisions being made, given the fact that CPS Board President Vitale is the former AUSL board chairman, and Tim Cawley, Chief Administrative Officer at CPS, is a former AUSL executive.

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