Oysters on the Half Shell 3 ea Traditional mignonette, lemon Tuna Tatare 13 Preserved lemons, chives, toasted ciabatta Fluke 12 baby arugula, radish

Marinated Olives 6 Calamata, gaeta, castelvetrano olives, chilies, citrus zest Seasonal Chopped Salad 9 Leafy greens and seasonal vegetables, pistachio, balsamic-soy vinaigrette Foccacia 14 Tallegio, oven dried tomatoes, baby arugula Mac & Cheese 12 Irish cheddar, Asiago Pressed Steak Sandwichon Ciabatta 14 Wild mushrooms, glazed onions, Vermont cheddar Chicken Pot Pie 16 Slow roasted chicken, seasonal vegetables, pastry top The Gilroy Wellington 19 Beef tenderloin, foie gras, mushroom, puff pastry Local Fluke “in parchment” 17 Wild mushrooms, salsify, truffle oil

Cheese & Salumi
Choose from our seasonal selection of cured meats and cheese Three-18 Five-27 Seven-35

Coffee Parfait Passion fruit curd, almond cake Bread Pudding “Rum” Crème Anglaise White Chocolate Cream Guava jello, vanilla cake

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