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Sensuality of a Rainy Day

Sensuality of a Rainy Day

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Some rainy day thoughts on nature and love.
Some rainy day thoughts on nature and love.

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Published by: Hannah Natalya Kirchiro on Apr 01, 2014
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Sensuality of a Rainy Day

Today I drove out of town towards the coast, I needed to feel small feel the open expanse of mountains the fog billowing like down blankets over the trees. I stood by the side of the road and felt the rain whip my face like tiny icy hands a soothing sting. I looked out over the rolling green of the mountains embraced in the cloudy sky, they embraced as lovers, the clouds pulsing, quivering sensually against the earth. I could imagine them, as though they were being reunited after a long separation. The earth breathing in the moistness, exhaling fresh life into the leaves on the trees and each blade of grass. she whispers sweet love poems into his valleys and to his highest peaks, and his trees reach for her the flowers bloom for her. As I looked out across this beautiful romance I asked myself how there could ever be such a love story as this. How could anything be more pure, more tender than the earth making love to the sky?

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