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Professional School Counselor Portfolio (PSCP) Brief Reflection Form

Standard _4 Group Work Competencies Addressed: _1,2 Date Created: _2013-14 school year Student Name: _Doug Hatch Reviewers Initials: _____________

1. Describe the context in which these artifacts were collected and identify the standard and competency(s) the artifact represents.

Artifact 1 was created in part during a summer meeting and in part before I arrived at South Hamilton. I was part of the fine-tuning of the crisis plan. It addresses Standard 4, competencies 1 and 2. I put artifact 2 together during the 2013-14 school year in order to deal with the passing of a student. This artifact deals with standard 4, competencies 1 and 2.

2. What do they demonstrate to you about your learning and mastery of the competencies which fall under this standard? The first artifact, South Hamilton Crisis Plan, demonstrated that I have a plan in place to utilize small groups of students to meet their needs in a crisis situation. It also calls for and puts into place a plan for group counseling in various situations. Artifact

two, grief support, is a collection of link sand downloads to help students and staff deals with grief. This is documentation of group counseling and evaluation. Again this artifact also sows that I have applied my knowledge and coursework in implementing an appropriate group process for middle school and high school students to deal with grief.

3. What do these items of evidence tell you about your overall progress toward your personal goals and your growth as a professional school counselor? Overall these artifacts show that I have worked hard in my coursework and used that knowledge and skills to help my school and community become a better place by building a better crisis plan and providing a system of grief support. The grief support was developed after we lost a student at South Hamilton this year to help the staff and students find methods for coping with loss. I worked with a crisis team to develop these resources, which cover a wide range of ages and problems.

4. What are your plans for additional growth or improvement in this area? For additional growth on this standard I plan to continue to look for more articles and links to help students and staff deal with grief. Grief is something I have noticed we are dealing with a lot in counseling. As I find more articles and web sites I will build my list of links and downloads to make them even stronger. I will also try and attend seminars and sessions at various conferences on dealing with grief. The final thing I will do to grow in this area is reading professional journals.