Test 1: ( 66 à 70) Câu 1: The price of petrol has raised so rapidly that we decided to use the bus. A B C Câu !: "i#e has li$ed i% "a%chester for a few years a%d the% we%t to &o%do%. A B C Câu ': "y brother has a (re%ch ele)a%t cloc# which he co%siders his property. A B C Câu *: To sa$e the Califor%ia co%dor fro+ e,ti%ct- a )roup of federal- local- a%d pri$ate or)a%i.atio%s A B C i%itiated a rescue pro)ra++e. Câu /: 0o+e la%)ua)e stude%t ha$e difficulty to e,press e,actly what they wa%t to say. A B C Test 2: ( 66 à 70 ) Câu 1: 1ew laws should be i%troduced to reduce the %u+ber of traffic i% the city ce%ter. A B C Câu !: 0i%ce firewor#s are da%)erous- +a%y cou%tries ha$e laws pre$e%ti%) busi%esses to sell the+. A B C Câu ': A +a2ority stude%t i% this u%i$ersity are fro+ o$erseas. A B C Câu *: 3ou should stop to s+o#e because it is $ery har+ful for your health. A C C Câu /: 4%e of the stude%ts who are bei%) co%sidered for the scholarship are fro+ this u%i$ersity. A B C Test 3: ( 61 à 6/ ) Câu 1: The %u+ber of ti+e he spe%ds )arde%i%) is i%creasi%) e$ery day. A B C Câu !: 5t would be both %oticed a%d appreciati%) if you could fi%ish the wor# before you lea$e. A B C Câu ': The suits were ha%)ed i% the closet whe% they were retur%ed fro+ the clea%ers. A B C Câu *: A $ast 6ua%tity of radioacti$e +aterial is +ade whe% a hydro)e% bo+b e,plode. A B C Câu /: Co++ercial letters of credit are ofte% used to fi%a%ci%) e,port trade- but they ca% ha$e A B C other uses. Test 4: ( 61 à 70 ) Câu 1: A calorie is the 6ua%tity of heat re6uired to rise o%e )allo% of water o%e de)ree ce%ti)rade at A B C o%e at+ospheric pressure.


A B C Test 5: ( 61 à 70 ) Câu 1: 5% that a)e of co+puters.perts %ot o%ly i% a)riculture.was first A B C i%troduced i% 18'9.a%d A B C )e%eral co%structio%.lo%ely.tea# is also used for fur%iture. Câu /: 7etroleu+ is co+posed of a co+ple. Câu 7: 0tars i% our u%i$erse $ary i% te+perature. Câu 6: Both a ter+ paper a%d a fi%al e. Câu ': 0uperior to all others woods for shipbuildi%).color. A B C Câu /: Today successful far+ers are e. A B C Câu 9: 1ylo%.bri)ht.hay A B C fe$er. +i.but a few types ha$e lear% to sur$i$e A B C o% a%d u%der the ice all year rou%d.a+ is ofte% re6uired for a colle)e class.a%d A B C accou%ti%).a%d A B C separatio%. Câu *: "edical research i%dicates that lar)e a+ou%ts of hista+i%es ca% respo%sible for colds. ! .y)e% to be useful i% A B C a)riculture or Câu *: 1ot e$eryo%e reali.floori%). Câu 8: "ost polar seals retreat to ope% water duri%) the wi%ter.Câu !: 1itro)e% +ust be co+bi%e with a%other ele+e%t such as hydro)e% or o. A B C Câu 6: "ost the da+a)e property attributed to the 0a% (ra%cisco earth6ua#e of 1806 resulted fro+ the A B C fire that followed. A B C Câu ': "ost cou%try +usic so%)s are deeply perso%al a%d deal with the+es of lo$e.a sy%thetic do%e fro+ a co+bi%atio% of water. A B C Câu 9: A thu%der usually follows li)ht%i%) by fi$e seco%ds for e$ery +ile betwee% the flash a%d the A B C obser$er. of hydro)e% a%d carbo%. Câu !: "utualis+ is a relatio%ship betwee% a%i+al species which i% both be%efit. A B C Câu 7: There is %o li+it to the di$ersity to be fi%di%) i% the cultures of people throu)hout the a%d a by product of coal. Câu 10: The dia+eter of the su% is +ore tha% o%e hu%dred ti+es )reater tha% the that the +ost lar)est or)a% of the hu+a% body i% the s#i%.but also i% +ar#et.a%d other respiratory reactio%s.e a%d is difficult to i+a)i%e how tedious the wor# of accou%ta%ts a%d A B C cler#s +ust ha$e bee% i% this past.

life A B C cycle.d prefer to wal#.a %ew o%e )rows to replace it.5 had a headache the %e.t day. A B C Câu !: <iet 1a+ Airli%e re)rets i%for+i%) passe%)ers that fli)ht <1 !/1 to =a%oi is postpo%ed due to A B C bad weather. A B C Câu /: All al+ost the electricity for i%dustrial use co+es fro+ lar)e )e%erators dri$e% by stea+ A B C turbi%es. Câu 10: The tic#ets that you ordered they will be deli$ered to+orrow.with %o )ra$ity for +uscles to wor# a) of brac#ish water i% the world. A B C Test 8: ( 61à70 ) Câu 1: 4%e a%other surprisi%) +ethod of forest co%ser$atio% is co%trolled cutti%) of tree. ' .Câu 8: "os6uitoes will accepts the +alaria parasite at o%ly o%e sta)e of the parasite. A B C Câu !: Ali#e all other +a++als.s co+ple.s class +yself. A B C Test 6: ( 61 à 70 ) Câu 1: 5f a )lass li. Câu *: The purpose of tra$eller. Câu ': To )i$e you truth.5 +issed yesterday. A B C Câu ': Bei%) the bi))est e.ter+i%ate the+. A B C Câu 8: 1e$er i% the history of hu+a%ity has there bee% +ore people li$i%) o% this relati$ely s+all A B C pla%et. Câu 10: &i)ht ca% tra$el fro+ the 0u% to :arth i% ei)ht +i%ute a%d twe%ty seco%ds. A B C Câu 9: 0uperso%ic fli)ht is fli)ht that is faster the speed of sou%d. A B C Câu !: 0i%ce rats are destructi$e a%d +ay carry disease. Test 7: ( 61 à 70 ) Câu 1: 5 told hi+ 5.dolphi%s ha$e lu%)s. A B C Câu 6: The best>#%ow% +e+bers of the cabba)e $e)etable )roup i%cludes head cabba)e.therefore +a%y cities try to e. A B C Câu /: The +usic o% a co+pact dis# (C ) is record by lasers.the Baltic 0ea is of special i%teresti%) A B C to scie%tists.but he i%sisted to )i$e +e a lift.the body beco+es wea#ly.s che6ue is to protect tra$elers fro+ theft a%d accide%t loss of +o%ey.ard loses its tails. Câu 7: 5% space. A B C Câu *: 5f 5 )o to bed late i% the e$e%i%).cauliflowerA B C a%d broccoli.

5 thi%#A A B C Câu 9: "ore tha% 600 +illio% i%di$idual bacteria li$es o% the s#i% of hu+a%s.s outer core is li6uidA B C whereas the i%%er core is solid.+ $ery )lad that you you.perie%ce. A B C Câu 6: 3ou ca% apply for a better 2ob whe% you will ha$e had +ore e.+ ha$i%) so+eo%e to fi.has bee% pla%ted i% ti%y chips. Câu ': A%yo%e rowi%) a boat i% a stro%) wi%d #%ows it is +uch easy to )o with the wi%d tha% a)ai%st * .er pri.such as i%te)rated circuitry a%d a A B +icroco+puter. A B C Câu 7: =e is the best>#%ow% author 5 ha$e %e$er heard of. A B C Câu ': 4ur super$isor ad$ised to ta#e a course i% research there was %othi%) wro%) this ti+e. A B C Câu 10: The )reat di)ital ad$a%ces of the electro%ic a)e. A B C Câu /: &i#ely a bar +a)%et. A B C Câu *: To+ re+e+bered switchi%) off the o$e% whe% he left. A B C Câu 10: 0o+e of the +ost useful resistor +aterial are tryi%) hard to fi%ish his wor# early.$e do%e lots of pro)ress this se+ester.+etals a%d +etallic alloys.A B C Câu ': The 0pa%ish i%troduced %ot o%ly horses a%d also cattle to the 1orth A+erica% co%ti%e%t. A B C Câu !: 5 co%sider the poor boy bei%) +y little would be +uch +ore co+fortable. A B C Câu 7: ?=ow far does it ta#e to )et to the office@A B ?About o%e hour.e last year. A B C Câu 8: 5. A B C Câu *: =e is the +a% that his %o$el wo% the 7ulit. A B C Câu 9: Could you tell +e how ca% 5 )et to the arts )allery. A B C Câu 6: 4%e of the +a%a)es who wor#s for the co+pa%y has bee% dis+issed. C Test 9: ( 61 à 70 ) Câu 1: 5f you ta#e a trai%.ali#e his collea)ues. A B C Câu /: =arry. your car at the +o+e%t.the :arth has two +a)%etic poles. A B C Unit 10: ( 61 à 70 ) Câu 1: =er brother see+s to be totally i%capable i% loo#i%) after hi+self. A B C Câu !: (ro+ the +o%itori%) of earth6ua#e wa$es it is e$ide%ce that the :arth.please@ A B C Câu 8: 5.

A B C Câu !: A baby lear%s the +ea%i%) of word as they are spo#e% by others a%d later uses hi+ i% A B C se%te%ces. A B C Câu 8: After bei%) 6uestio%ed for a few +i%utes. A B C Câu 9: A bea$er uses its stro%) fro%t teeth to cut dow% trees a%d peel off its bar#. A B C Câu *: o%.t #%ow which o%e to choose.Coh% fi%ally ad+itted to steal his frie%d. A B C Câu *: "y eldest brother a%d 5 used to )et to school by foot.A B C it. A B C Câu 7: &aura is a $ery bri)ht stude%t who lear%s 6uic#ly a%d do all her course wor# $ery well. A B C Câu 9: There were too +a%y boo#s o% the shel$es that 5 did%. A B C Câu 8: There was o%ce a widespread belie$e that all li.t for)et pho%i%) hi+ bac# this e$e%i%).posure to bri)ht li)ht ca% be help a perso% )et used to A B wor#i%) the %i)ht shift. A B C Câu 6: They re)ret %ot to tell their pare%t about the accide%t. C Câu /: There are o%ly few people who still wa%t to stay i% the $illa)e. A B C Câu 7: =e hardly %e$er says a%ythi%) at the local +eeti%). Câu 10: (loor cause billio%s of dollars worth 4f da+a)e property i% the D%ited 0tate a%%ually. A B C / . Câu ': Althou)h the terrible weather. A B C Câu ': The stop assista%t to who+ 5 spo#e to was $ery helpful. A B C Câu !: Ali#e all other +a++als. Câu *: 0cie%tists ha$e fou%d that occasio%al e.but a s+all a+ou%t ha$e %i%e or te%. A B C Câu 6: "a%y people a)ree that writi%) letters are a %ice way of #eepi%) i% touch.y)e% ato+s ha$e ei)ht %eutro%s. A B C Unit 12: ( 61 à 70 ) Câu 1: Ee do a lot busi%ess i% 0outh :ast Asia.$isitors #eep co+i%) i% lar)e %u+bers.ards were poiso%ous. A B C Câu /: "ost o.s A B C +o%ey. A B C Unit 11: ( 61 à 70 ) Câu 1: A schedule of the day. A B C Câu 10: A %u+ber of people still wa%ts to apply for the positio% of accou%ta%t i% that co+pa%y.s e$e%ts ca% obtai% at the fro%t des#.dolphi%s ha$e lu%)s.

s +ost abu%da%t fossil fuel. Câu 10: The wor#er were +ade wor# really hard.t co+e to see her the%. A B C Câu /: isli#e )as sport balloo%s. A B C Câu !: The word ?orderlyA is a% ad$erb deri$ed fro+ the %ou% ?orderA A B C Câu ': =is research for the thesis was +ore useful tha% her. A B C Câu 7: All the stude%ts i% the class are e%ou)h )ood to pass the fi%al e.port trade. A B C Câu 9: Co++ercial letters of credit are ofte% used to fi%a%ce e.both of who+ are at hi)h school. 5t. A B C Câu *: =e refused telli%) her the reaso% why he did%. A B C Câu /: (or)etti%) so+ethi%) usually +ea% a% i%ability to retrie$e the +aterial that is still stored A B C so+ewhere i% the +e+ory.but there are o%ly o%e species. Câu !: They did%.either o% the fil+ i% a ca+era a%d o% the A B C li)ht>se%siti$e tube of a tele$isio% ca+era.but their wa)es were low. A B C Câu ': 1ewto%ia% physics accou%ts fro+ the obser$atio% of the orbits of the pla%ets a%d +oo%s. Câu 6: Ci+ has three sisters.t see+ to ta#e a%y %otice of that the teacher said. Câu 8: A .a+ pro$ided you air balloo%s do %ot ha$e %ets. A B C Unit 14: ( 61 à 70 ) Câu 1: A pearl de$elops whe% a ti%y )rai% of sa%d or sto%e or so+e a%other irrita%t accide%tally A B C e%ters i%to the shell of a pearl oyster. 6 . A B C Câu 7: This wi%e tastes )ood.s $ery e.Câu /: There are se$eral races of )iraffes. A B C Câu 10: =owe$er well he +ade at school.oo+ le%s produces a% i%$erted real i+a)e. A B C Câu *: The coal is the world.cited. A B C Câu 8: 7hysical therapist help patie%ts relear% how to use their bodies after disease or i%2ure.but they ca% ha$e A B C others uses. A B C Câu 6: 3ou really +ust see that %ew play.a+.he %e$er see+ed to be satisfied with the results. A B C Unit 13: ( 61 à 70 ) Câu 1: 3ou will )et a )ood )rade o% the e. 5t is +ade of red )rapes. A B C Câu 9:=e ad$ised us %ot ta#i%) part i% the sport e$e%ts.

A B C Unit 16: ( 61 à 70 ) Câu 1: 5f it had %ot bee% for the co+puteri. Câu /: 0he was used to do shoppi%) o% 0aturday but %ow she does%.ed re)ister tape fro+ the )rocery store.+ade it sweeter. 0he wa%t to loo# for so+ethi%) challe%)e.a dispute de$eloped a+o%) )eolo)ist how about roc#s are for+ed. A B C Câu 8: 5% the early 1800s. Câu !: =e was too e. A B C Câu /: Ea)e rates depe%d i% part fro+ the )e%eral prosperity of the eco%o+y. A B C Câu ': "y frie%ds said he would %e$er for)et to wor# with you for so+e ti+e.s fla$or.t e$e% sta%d o% his feet.5 was used to )o swi++i%) e$ery +or%i%).s 5+perial < A B C Câu 9: The first %atio%al par# i% world.A B C Câu 6: 5f we had arri$ed earlier. A B C Câu 10: The )uest about who 5 told you yesterday is co+i%) a)ai% to+orrow. Unit 15: ( 61 à 70 ) Câu 1: "a%y #i%ds of $e)etables are )rowth i% Califor%ia.s chief source of illu+i%atio% si%ce at least !-000 years.hausted that he could%.beautiful +usic. 7 . A B C Câu !: "a%y disco$eries ha$e +ade i% the fields of che+istry a%d physics. A B C Câu 9: A %u+ber of lar)e i%sura%ce co+pa%ies has their head6uarters i% the capital city.we could catch the pla%e. A B C Câu 7: Ee )ot used to tra$el o% the left ha%d side after year or so.we will %ot be able to fi%ish the wor#.a%d A B C i+pro$e+e%t it. A B C Câu 6: 5f either of you ta#e a $acatio%.a%d wo%derful A B C restaura%ts for o$er 100 years.t ha$e ti+e. A B C Câu 7: A%% fi%ds her prese%t 2ob really bori%). A B C Câu ': Ca%dles were +a%#i%d. Câu 10: A co%ductor uses si)%als a%d )estures to let the +usicia%s to #%ow whe% to play $arious A B C parts of a co+positio%. 3ellowsto%e 1atio%al 7ar#. A B C Câu *: Ehe% 5 was you%). A B C Câu *: 7aris has bee% well #%ow% about its fa+ous +o%u+e%ts. A B C Câu 8: The :)yptia%s first disco$ered that dryi%) fruit preser$ed it.5 would %e$er A B C ha$e bee% able to fi)ure o% +y e.was established i% 197!.

Câu !: 7rices has )o%e up rapidly i% the last %ew sure you )o o% the ri)ht side.the worst he da%ced before the lar)e audie%ce. Câu *: =e has so +a%y +o%ey that he does%.ico. A B C Câu 6: Cac# &o%do% was o%e of the +ost fa+ous A+erica% writer. A B C Câu ': "a%y if the populatio% i% the rural areas is co+posed of +a%ual labourers.ico City to A B C isti%)uish it fro+ the cou%try.A B C Câu 6: &arry re+e+bered loc#i%) all the doors as usual before he left.t always effecti$e a%d che+otherapy is%. A B C Câu /: 5 wish +y brother is here so that he could help +e repair +y car. A B C Câu 10: Appro.t #%ow what to do with it.s o% a diet. A B C Câu 10: The harder he tired.ico is "e.t se%d her the ca%dy yesterday because she.. A B C Câu /: To+ usually does as less wor# as he ca%.they rust or tar%ish whe% e. A B C Câu 9: =e has less frie%ds i% his class %ow tha% he had last year. A B C Câu 7: Adult hu+a%s ha$e +ore tha% a trillio% cells i% his bodies.t %either.but people call "e.(. A B C Câu 8: =e )a$e +e his address a%d pho%e %u+ber so that 5 co%tacted hi+.but he refuses to liste%. A B C Câu *: 0e$eral people ha$e appare%t tried to cha%)e the +a%. A B C Unit 17: ( 61 à 70 ) Câu 1: 0he wishes we did%. 9 .posure. A B C Câu 8: 5t is surprisi%) that +ost tourist who co+e to the tow% $isiti%) this s+all te+ple. A B C Câu 7: 5% (ra%ce people dri$e i% the left. A B C Câu 6: The leader e+phasi. A B C Câu ': The official %a+e of the capital of "e. A B C Câu 7: That boy does %ot o%ly spea#s Fer+a% flue%tly but also #%ows :%)lish.ed the %eed for 2ustice a%d e6uality betwee% his people.s +i%d. A B C Câu !: &aser treat+e%t is%.i+ately o%e i% e$ery three +arria)es i% A+erica e%d i% di$orce. A B C Unit 18: ( 61 à 70 ) Câu 1: 4%e of the )reatest factors hi%deri%) efficie%t far+i%) a%d a)ricultural de$elop+e%t si%ce A B C the war ha$e bee% the lac# of i%for+atio%. A B C Câu 9: D%less we polish +etals fre6ue%tly.

A B C Câu 8: "a%y brid)es were co$ered with woode% roofs to protect it fro+ rai%. A B C Câu *: The teacher lay her boo#s o% the table whe% she e%tered the roo+. C Câu 9: "ost people i% "e. A B C 8 .t lose your way i% the 2u%)le.s true that less )irls tha% boys beco+e e%) would%.he did%.+a%y wo+e% ser$ed i% the ar+yG a%other wor#ed o% airfields or A B C supplied food to the ar+ed forces. A B C Câu 8: Cefferso% a%d &i%col% are two fa+ous preside%ts. A B C Câu ': uri%) the Ear. A B C Câu 6: 5t.but few spea# :%)lish.a%d reli)ious beliefs. A B C Câu 7: Food cler#s are happy to wait for their custo+ers.ture of scie%tific A B practices.ico spea# 0pa%ish. A B C Câu 10: =e is sleepi%) because of he wor#ed $ery hard this +or%i%). A B C Câu !: :$eryo%e atte%ded the +eeti%) accept the secretary.t wear a coat. A B C Unit 20: ( 61 à 70 ) Câu 1: o you re+e+ber whose i% char)e of prepari%) di%%er today@ A B C Câu !: 5 was a%%oyi%) by the sales+a% who ca+e to +y door last wee#. Câu *: 5f you had ta#e% the +ap. A B C Unit 19: ( 61 à 70 ) Câu 1: "ost e$eryo%e has a desire to succeed i% life. Câu 10: 5% spite of it was cold.superstitio%s.e that sleepi%) pills ca% +a#e worse i%so+%ia. A B C Câu /: =a$e you %oticed where people are s+o#i%) less tha% they used to@ A B C Câu 6: Alice wishes she had +ore ti+e last %i)ht to fi%ish her wor#. A B C Câu 7: The +edici%e of prehistoric people probably co%sisted with a +i. A B C Câu /: 3ou should a$oid +a#i%) these #i%d of +ista#es a)ai%.A B C Câu 9: <esu$ius is a fa+ous $olca%o it is located %ear 1aples. A B C Câu ': 1ot +a%y people reali. The later was assassi%ated while i% A B C office.

A B C Câu 7: (ertili. A B C Câu 9: 1ot o%ly did he bro#e two )lasses.s surface at a reduced )reatly scale. A B C Câu 10: The two +ost co++o% +ethods florist use to ti%t flowers are the spray +ethod or the A B C absorptio%. A B C Câu 8: =appy people fi%d it easily to )et to sleep a%d they sleep sou%dly. A B C Câu 10: The physicia% appeared %er$ously whe% he tal#ed to the patie%t. A B C Câu 8: Childre% e%2oy to tell a%d liste%i%) to )host stories. A B C Câu ': The first recorded use of %atural )as to li)ht streetla+ps it was i% the tow% of (rederic#A B C 1ew 3or#.but also he left the table dirty.iste%ce ha$e bee% proposed.colourless.ers are used pri+arily to e%rich soil a%d i%creasi%) yield. A B C Câu 8: 0he +a#es her assi)%+e%t co+pletely e$ery %i)ht. A B C Câu 6: There are $arious reaso%s why o%e should a$oid to discuss reli)io%. A B C Câu ': :ach perso% has to co%sider how react to such a% e+er)e%cy. A B C Câu /: The tas# of the carto)rapher is to represe%t the :arth.Câu 9: =ardly she had e%tered the roo+ whe% all the ri)ht we%t out.especially at %i)ht. A B C Câu 6: The air that surrou%ds our pla%et is both odourless. Câu *: "a%y theory o% how the :arth be)a% its e. A B C Câu 9: =is father told hi+ to apolo)ise their %ei)hbour for bei%) rude.+os6uito e))s +ay re+ai%s dor+a%t fro+ autu+% A B C u%til late Cu%e.Ci+ preferred writte% tests tha% oral tests. Unit 22: ( 61 à 70 ) Câu 1: 5s it i+porta%t that the secretary fi%ishes the typi%) today@ A B C Câu !: The +ost ti+e to ta#e a %ap is the two hours after lu%ch. A B C Câu /: "i#e re)rets ha$i%) %ot studied :%)lish i% hi)h school.a%d i%$isible. Câu !: To#yo is +ore de%sely populated tha% a%y a%other city i% the world.i% 19!/. A B C A Câu *: D%li#e his fellow stude%ts.%ot o%ly i% +edici%e a%d i% i%dustry. A B C Unit 21: ( 61 à 70 ) Câu 1: 5% the cold cli+ate of the far %orth. A B C 10 . A B C Câu 7: H rays ha$e i+porta%t applicatio%s.

t pay the re%t u%less our pare%ts do%.the are tryi%) to arri$e at a% u%dersta%di%). Câu !: Before the 18!0s.Câu 10: 7la%ts re6uire +uch fewer +oisture i% cold weather tha% i% war+ weather.a%d it retur%s throu)h A B C the $ei%s. Câu 6: Because pre$ious disa)ree+e%ts. A B A Câu 8: (or thousa%ds of will be %ecessary to deal other depart+e%t.+a% has created sweet>s+elli%) substa%ces fro+ wood.0 A B C Câu ': As e$ery other %ot hardly $isible because +ost A B C of it lies u%der the ocea%. A B C Câu /: 5% the hu+a% body.i% A B C ter+s of the )old sta%dard.%o wo+e% ha$e %oted i% %atio%al electio%s i% the D. 11 . Câu *: The lo%)est +ou%tai% ra%)e.t se%d us so+e +o%ey. A B C Câu 7: That sou%ds )reatlyI &et. A B C Unit 23: ( 61 à 70 ) Câu 1: 5f you ta#e this 2ob.s 2oi% the club a%d i+pro$e our :%)lish. A B C Câu *: Ee ca%. A B C Câu !: =er suitcase was robbed while she was tryi%) to buy a tic#et.blood flows fro+ a heart throu)h the arteries. Câu /: The boo#s for +y e%)i%eeri%) course are +ore e. A B C Câu 6: The diesel e%)i%e that ru%s o% oil is efficie%t tha% +ost other e%)i%es because it co%$erts A B C +ore of the useful e%er)y stored up i% the fuel. A B C Câu ': (ailure to pass the test will result fro+ the loss of your lice%se.the D%ited 0tates used to defi%e its u%it of curre%cy.the "id>Atla%tic Ja%)e.Abraha+ &i%col% beco+es o%e of the A B C )reatest i%tellectuals the world has e$er #%ow%. Unit 24: ( 61 à 70 ) Câu 1: 4%e of the first a%d ulti+ately the +ost i+porta%t purposeful of a reser$oir was to co%trol A B C floodi%).the dollar. A B C Câu 9: There were less custo+ers shoppi%) today tha%$e tha% +y other courses.herbsA B a%d flowers a%d usi%) the+ for perfu+e or +edici%e. C Câu 10: espite his li+ited educatio%al opportu%ities.

A B C Câu 8: ictio%ary fre6ue%tly e.tele$isio% should %ot beco+e a replace+e%t for )ood A B C teachers.plai% the ori)i% of the defi%ed word.Câu 7: Eater that has had the +i%erals re+o$ed called ?softA water. C Câu ': 4fficials at a colle)e or u%i$ersity +ust see a stude%t. Câu 10: The bar%acle produces )lue a%d attach itself to ship botto+s a%d other places.who stayed with =ele% Keller for /0 years.a%d A B C i%dicate its correct use. Câu 8: =e borrowed the +o%ey so that he fi%ished his educatio%. A B C Câu 9: Accordi%) to +a%y educators. A B C Câu 10: :$ery stude%t %eeds a social security %u+ber so that he ca% )et a u%i$ersity A B C ide%tificatio% card do%e. C Câu *: 4ur :%)lish teacher usually has us to )i$e oral reports. A B C 1! .t ha$e bee% i% trouble %ow.chills. Unit 25: ( 61 à 70 ) Câu 1: 0tare at a co+puter scree% for alo%) periods of ti+e ca% cause se$ere would%. A B C Câu 7: A $icti+ of the i%flue%.state its part of speech.fe$er.s tra%scripts a%d fi%a%cial A B )uara%tees prior their issui%) hi+ or her a for+ 5>!0.a%d body ache.a%d %either are co+puters. A B C Câu !: Top +a%a)e+e%t i% a fir+ is usually i%terpreted to +ea% the preside%t a%d the $ice> A B preside%t that report hi+ or her. A B C Câu 9: A )reat +a%y athletes ha$e +a%a)ed to o$erco+e seriously physical ha%dicaps. Câu 6: 5f you had liste%ed to your roo++ate. A B C Câu /: 5t was her.A%%e 0ulli$a%.a $irus usually with headache.teachi%) a%d A B C e%coura)i%) her stude%t.

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