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What Twin Flame Means to Me

What Twin Flame Means to Me

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Published by: Sabastian DeCavalier on Oct 25, 2009
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Bonded! The word itself has various meanings depending on the context in which it is used.

What I am gonna talk about is the bond that develop es when “true” vampire twin flames re-unite. In order to give twin flames justice one must first look at that in which it evolves from. Twin flames in my opinion evolve from centuries of past lives spent together in one form or another. Twin flames in every life almost always begin with soul mates, but is not limited strictly to them. With soul mates there's that since of being meant for the other of sharing interests, feeling a familiarity between two souls. When these souls though happen to have the same make up the same desires the same wants and needs then twin flames are born and the more lives that are shared the strong the flame. Twin flames have several traits that affect both persons. As well as those traits attributed to soul mates, twin flames delve even deeper into the very essence of the being. Twin flames often find themselves able to almost read each others minds. They share the same thoughts, concepts and often appear to communicate without words. Twin flames are bonded in the flesh as well for if one gets sick the other often feels remotely ill as well. When those twin flames are of the modern vampire variety there is an internal bonding that results in a mutual sharing of energy. Both vampires also feel a physical closeness towards one another even over a good bit of distance even that which involves hundreds of miles. The bond between twin flames is everything. It is the life line between two identical yet different souls that majestically meld together. When this union of souls happens true magick evolves that strengthens the already present bond. You see it's really hard at times for me to describe what having a twin flame is like for I don't think it can be summed up in only a few words. With myself my twin flame and I dwell on a level that defies explanation. We finish each others thoughts we share our triumphs as well as our tragedies. When she is not near there is an emptiness a wrongness in the air and within my soul when we're together feelings of right and completeness prevail. With her I can grasp a future and a past, and it revolves around her she is my world. You see it's all together expected for a twin flame to mean it when they say they would walk through hell for the other. Twin flames are on a level unto themselves they transcend the physical and make the metaphysical a reality. Their souls are forever entwined through out the lifetimes just as they were destined to be. They are two souls that fit perfect to become one. Their past and their present along with their futures will remain connected even if one does not find the other within a certain life there will be a feeling of not being complete. Well that's just a smidgen of what a twin flame means to me, as I said the words themselves escape me to describe it. What I do know is I am blessed by the gods to have found mine again in this lifetime. For now this life is complete, which is how it should be.

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