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There Are No Enemies - Paper Tigers

There Are No Enemies - Paper Tigers

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Published by Joe

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Published by: Joe on Oct 25, 2009
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There are no enemies; but ourselves. This has been an elaborate illusion created to enslave us and make a minority few wealthy beyond all reason. We are like cattle that blindly follow where we are led; never asking questions, even as we stand at the threshold to the slaughterhouse with the astringent aroma of our own blood stinging our nostrils; and still we will not see. We unwittingly hold out greedy hands to accept a deception; imminent death. America, we must open our eyes, and more importantly our minds. We must speak out, for without a voice we can begin to do nothing. Change does not come of itself, but must be birthed in by good and conscience people. When will we tire of enslavement long enough to stand and demand the freedom that we are led to believe we posses? What will it take for us to stare the nightmare in the face, and then act to remove the power that fear so expertly holds over us? Fear is our nation’s number one commodity; rolled off a government assembly line and sold at the highest price; all to the soundtrack of multi-media news and marketing; a materialistic symphony of grand proportions. The price is our sanity, our freedom, our lives; and the future of our precious and beloved children. What is the cost; how high is too high? The most amazing part of the fear equation is how greedily and unquestionably we accept it. As if it were our life’s blood and we would die without it. Let me tell you America, we are most certainly dying, but it is due to our readiness to accept our current situation. We must speak out; we must act. We must be one voice calling from the darkness that has enveloped this once great nation of people. We must place our lamp back on the hill so all might see its light. For too long we have kept that light hidden, even from ourselves. It is time to put our faith back in God, the Sovereign Creator and King of the Universe. He did not create us to be enslaved by fear, but to live life, and that abundantly. It is time America, it is past time. Speak and be heard; act and be seen. Joe Minor 2/28/2009

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