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Period: ___________

Scramble for Africa- Classwork Project

Review the choices below carefully and choose which project interests you the most.
Eventually, you will complete more than one. Review the rubric below for how you will be


1.) Write an acrostic poem
2.) You are a European
3.) Use the QR code to take
for the word
representative to the
you to the following
colonists. Create a produce
Discovery Education video
you have phrases (more
(poster, iMovie trailer,
called European
than a single word) and that Comic Life, etc) that tries to
Imperialism in Africa and
your poem shows you
sell African colonization as
answer the following
understand the definition
a good idea.
and consequences of
1). List 5 things that you
2). What were you most
surprised to learn?
3). How does this relate to
what we have been learning
in class?
4). How does this relate to
something you learned in
another class?
5). How well did the video
present the information?

4.) Write a letter from an
African on his/her feelings
about the new land
boundaries that have been
created by the Europeans.

7.) Compare the Colonial
Borders Map, 1912-page 16
to the Products Map, page
14. Which European
countries economies will
benefit the most and why?

Creativity and Effort

Accuracy and


5.) Create a Popplet of the
reasons/motivations for
European colonization of

8.) Create 5 meaningful
interview questions you
would ask a native African
about pre & post
colonization life. Make sure
that it has a title.

6.) Write a poem/rap about
the reason/motivations for
European colonization of

9.) Use Keynotes to create a
presentation about the main
points/ideas of the reading,
European Colonization
that a 4th grade student
would understand. Use
subtitles in your

You clearly took pride in your project
because you went above the
minimum expectations. You used the
technology to its fullest potential.
Your project shows you have a clear
understanding of the concept and
consequences of European
colonization of Africa.
You used all available resources. If
you use outside resources or pictures,
you cite them appropriately.

/5 points
/10 points
/5 points

/20 points (in Classwork grade)