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9th Grade English Merit Mrs. Garst 240-566-9933 Mrsgarst.

com Follow me on Twitter! @mrs_garst Course Description The emphasis is on the development of critical reading skills and on composition, including the use of descriptive, narrative, and argumentative techniques. Students study appropriate organizational patterns and methods of support. Grammar and usage skills are studied through the writing process. In addition, students examine how professional authors use literary devices. Units This course will be divided into four units, each with the goal of answering an essential question. These units will each include novels and other class readings, writings assignments, as well as projects (both group and individual). The four units will be divided as follows with tentative readings and focus: Freedom (Already completed in the fall) What is freedom? What makes a person free? What is worth fighting for? The Hunger Games “Harrison Bergeron” Dignity (Half completed in the fall) What is dignity? How do people maintain dignity in the face of obstacles? Night “The Sniper” “Ambush” Character analysis What makes the ordinary extraordinary? What is a hero? How has the idea of a hero changed over time? Are there heroes today? The Odyssey Choice novel Assorted readings from Greek Mythology Narrative structure analysis

Progress What is progress? Why do people fight for change? What change is worth fighting for? Monster Research and literary analysis

Weekly Assignments: In addition to reading, students will be expected to complete assignments on a weekly basis both in class and at home. These assignments will reinforce the skills learned in class, and will generally be tested at the end of the week. Weekly assignments include:

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A daily journal with class notes and warm ups (to be kept in class) Weekly word study and practice including quizzes Weekly Grammar practice Grades will be broken down as follows: Homework 10% Summative 60% (Tests, quizzes, projects, final writing products) Formative 30% (Class work) Grades: A 100-90% B 89-80 C 79-70 D 69-60 F 59 & below Your final grade for English 9 is composed of the following: Term 1 Grade 40% Term 2 Grade 40% CRES 20%

There are two components to the FCPS Secondary English & Language Arts CRES: 1. Performance Based Assessments (50%) 2. Showcase Portfolio (50%) Additionally, students will take an Evidence Based Performance Assessment, although this will not be counted towards their final CRES grade. Class Website: We will be using the website Edmodo extensively in class and at home. If parents would like access to our Edmodo site, Mrs. Garst can send individual codes upon request. Additionally, you can visit for assignment information, weekly words and grammar, as well as valuable resources. I encourage you to get acquainted with these sites as soon as possible so that any issues can be resolved quickly. Absence Policy: When absent, it will be your responsibility to collect all make-up work. This work will be due one week from the date you return to class. Most work can be found on my website or Edmodo the same day. Please check this before asking for make-up work! Students have two days after the absence to schedule a time before/after school to make up quizzes or tests. This is the student’s responsibility. If a student is illegally absent, assignments, quizzes, etc will be given a zero. If work is due on the day a student is absent, he/she must turn it in on the day he/she returns to class. Students missing class for school activities including but not limited to field trips and club meetings are responsible to submit homework and other assignments due prior to missing class. Grading Policy: Assignments are due on the due date. Work will only be accepted after the due date for full credit in extreme circumstances - generally with a note and a discussion with Mrs. Garst. Assignments turned in on Edmodo will be due by midnight on the due date. Not 12:01. All missing or late work will be accepted for 50% credit up to the last day of the term. After the term ends, students will no longer be able to turn in any missing assignments. In Pinnacle, missing assignments will be marked with a “Z”. This is calculated as a 0, and will affect your grade like a zero. Blank assignments in Pinnacle indicate that grades have not been input into Pinnacle, but will be added shortly. These may show up as red ! on your home page, don’t be alarmed by them! This just means that Mrs. Garst hasn’t finished entering grades for that assignment. If you have a specific question regarding your grade, please ask before or after class or school, not in the middle of class.
LHS Honor Code: All students at Linganore High School are encouraged to achieve at the highest level of their abilities with academic honesty and personal integrity. The Academic Honor Code has been created to establish a common understanding among staff, students and

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parents/guardians as to what constitutes cheating. LHS labels each of the following as academic misconduct:

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Cheating, whether on exams or assignments, includes but is not limited to: copying the work of others, asking or allowing another to do your work, providing your work for another to use. Plagiarism, also known as academic theft, refers to the use of another’s ideas or words without proper attribution or credit. Collusion is when any student knowingly or intentionally helps another student perform any acts of the above cheating or plagiarism. Both students will be subject to discipline for academic dishonesty. There is no distinction between those who cheat, plagiarize, or steal and those who help or who willingly allow it to occur. Academic honesty is a cornerstone of the high academic integrity established and expected at Linganore High School. Violations of this code will result in the total loss of credit for the assignment and the recording of a failing grade. It may also entail loss of credit for the course and additional disciplinary action. Violations of the LHS Honor Code can also affect extracurricular activities, including but not limited to participation on sports teams, membership in clubs or honor societies, scholarships, and letters of recommendation.

Student Contract (Please have signed by student and a parent/guardian) In English 9 this semester, I agree to follow all of the rules stated in the syllabus. I will: Arrive to class on time and be seated and working when the bell rings Come to class prepared with all of my materials Be respectful of everyone in the room at all times Put away all distractions: food, drinks, electronic devices, etc. Participate in class in an appropriate manner Avoid talking out of turn or disrupting the class in any way Use appropriate language at all times Turn in all work on time Follow the school’s honor code as listed on the syllabus I agree to having read the updated syllabus. I understand the expectations of the class and the changes for this semester.

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