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South Hamilton Board Highlights

Monday, February 10, 2014 President Will Johnston called the meeting to order. The agenda and consent agenda were a ro!ed. The consent agenda items included a ro!al o" the minutes, "inancial re orts, bills, "le#ible bene"its, and o en enrollments. Visitors: Catherine Hines and Doug Hatch Presented to the board the information they obtained at a conference led by Kevin Honeycutt. Reports: Mr. $em hill submitted a written re ort on the Pro"essional %e!elo ment &ommittee' administering the cogniti!e abilities test to (rd grade students' wor)ing on e!aluations' and Parent Teacher &on"erences. Mr. %ryer submitted a written re ort on the "acilities lan' Power*u +outh summit' Winter"est acti!ities' $aw) T,' $aw) &a"-' and a ossible coding class. .u erintendent Johnson u dated the board on the water main brea) to the school' a ossible wor) session "or board de!elo ment' heath insurance rates' budget wor)sho ' an idea "or a sa"e room' the "acilities community meeting' and sub* !arsity and middle school admission rate increase. Old Business: The board had a public hearing to determine the counting of instructional hours or school days for the 2014-2015 school year. New Business: .$/0 resented their initial ro osal "or a two*year contract' adding 11,220 to the base in year one "or a ac)age total o" 3.434 and 11,500 to the base in year two, and 2 language changes. The 6oard ado ted the 2014*2013 .chool &alendar. The 6oard ado ted the $amilton &ounty Mitigation Plan. The 6oard decided not to sign a contract with 0ngelo 0rchitecture at this time. They decided to wait until ne#t year to mo!e "orward with the "acilities lan. The 6oard tabled the 1st reading o" the 300 .eries o" the 6oard Policies until ne#t month. The 6oard had the 2nd and "inal reading o" the (00 .eries o" the 6oard Policies. The 6oard had the 2nd and "inal reading o" the 400 .eries o" the 6oard Policies. The 6oard acce ted the resignation o" %eena Miller as Wrestling &heer . onsor. The 6oard went into closed session to discuss ersonnel. Additional Announcements: The meeting ad7ourned at 2800 m.