APRIL 1, 2014

NR # 3423D

Statement of Speaker Feliciano R. Belmonte, Jr. on the passing of former Sec. Gen. Roberto P. Nazareno
1 April 2014 It is with a deep sense of loss that I extend my sympathy to the family of former Secretary General Roberto P. Nazareno in behalf of the entire House of Representatives and my own family. ert has dedicated most of his life not !ust in service of this "overnment but specifically of this institution. I believe he is part of its foundation havin" served the le"islature from #$%& to '((&. I )now ert as a simple* humble man who was well+loved by the Secretariat where officials and staff saw him as a very approachable father. ert rose from the ran)s as ,irector of Plenary from #$%& to #$&- under the old atasan" Pambansa. He held this post after the .,S/ Revolution when 0on"ress was re+born and after headin" the 1as) 2orce for the #$&-+&% 0onstitutional 0ommission. /fter bein" appointed ,eputy Secretary General for 3perations in #$$( he was elected Secretary General in #$$- ++ a position he was very well e4uipped to handle. 5ore than his s)ills and abilities as a former head of the Secretariat* I have come to )now ert throu"hout my service as House 5ember as a "ood* compassionate man. 6e at the House will miss his simplicity and wit. 6e have been privile"ed with his dedicated service and with deep respect salute ert and wish him God speed as he be"ins a new !ourney to the home of the /lmi"hty. 78(9

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