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Everything is connected to everything else; We are Gods Stewards, therefore we must be TREES!

[Taking Responsibility in Environmental and Ecological Sustainability (TREES)]

The concept o our poster !as actually patterned !ith the "artesian #lane$ !hich has % &uadrants !herein the ' coordinates$ (( ) y) are (*$*)$ (+$*)$ (+$+) and (*$ +), -t sho!s di erent action vs, reaction in terms o !hat !e do in our surroundings,

-n &uadrant - (*$*) $ our poster sho!s that !hen !e do positive things like$ take care o the nature$ there is a positive e ect, The community and li estyle o the people are both healthy, -n &uadrant -- (+$*)$ it states that even though the industries ( actory) give us a great economic status$ !hich are positive to humans$ it destroys nature by the !ay it discards its !aste, The garbage and ha.ardous chemicals are thro!n a!ay o the resh bodies o the !ater !herein the nature sacri ices a lot, -n &uadrant --- (+$+) it tells us that !hen people do negative in nature like cutting trees ) not replacing them$ dumping garbage every!here$ and the nature can/t do anything to heal itsel beacause the plastics alone takes a million years be ore it can be decayed, This actually leads to a chaotic environment and unhealthy li estyle in a community, -n &uadrant -0 (*$+)$ it sho!s us that some activities o human even though it seems harm ul to the nature is sometimes help ul, 1or e(ample$ burning certain things or the tree to produce healthy mangoes$ it destroys the layer$ yet on the other hand$ it gives us delicious ruit2

The materials !e used to make this pro3ect possible are usually ound in our home, This includes the old ne!spaper !hich !as used to be the background$ !alis ting+ting as the border or the cartesian plane and the kubo$ !alis tambo or the positive and negative signs$ egg shells and cotton or the clouds$ tan.ans as a decoration and the ribbon !hich stood as the margin$ and the plastic !rappers o 3unk oods or the garbages in &uadrant ---,