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Dear Parents, Please read the attached Key Learning Area program outline and organizational routines for 2014. I will be available for 10 minute individual interviews if you have any questions regarding the parent information outline or particular concerns relating to your child on Wednesday 13th February between 2:00 2:55 and 3:10 4:50 pm and Thursday 14th February between 3:20 4:50. Of course, interviews can be arranged preferably after school at any time throughout the term. Please ring Mrs. Hall at the office to arrange a suitable interview time if required. Phone: 47391288 PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS INSTEAD OF A GROUP INFORMATION SESSION ***********************************************************************************************

It is anticipated that the Reading Program involving parents will commence on Monday 17th February.
PARENT HELPER READING With parental assistance an individual support reading/spelling program will be held in the mornings for a group of children on the following days. Monday 9:10 10.10 Tuesday 9:10 10.10 Wednesday 9:10 10.10 Thursday 9:10 10.10

Even a half hour of your time would be invaluable. I would be happy to assist individual children in a support reading program. Please circle your preferred day. Name: ___________________________________ Signature _________________________________

Whole class reading groups will be held on the following days. Please circle the day you would like to assist.
Monday 9:20 10:10 Tuesday 9:20 10:10` Wednesday 9:20 10:10 Thursday 9:20 10:10

I would be happy to assist in whole class reading groups. Please circle your preferred day Name:_____________________________________ Signature _____________________________________

Thank you in anticipation, Mrs. B. Rawson 4/2/14


Dear Parents, This is an outline of the Key Learning Areas that 2R will be covering this year. Some details regarding topics covered and organisation has also been included. The class of 2R has 26 students. There are 12 boys and 14 girls. ENGLISH The literacy program will aim to integrate where possible reading, writing, talking and listening and COGS (HSIE, Science, Visual Arts, Drama and PDHPE) Reading With parental assistance an individual support reading program will be held in the mornings at 9:10 for a group of children in 2R over a four day period (Monday Thursday). Mrs Murray, our Learning Support Teacher will monitor the program and will train parents, if necessary on how to use the support program. The students have been organised into reading groups according to their reading ability for guided and independent reading activities. Class reading groups will be held at 9.20 in the morning over a four day period (Monday Thursday). If parents are able to assist it would be greatly appreciated. Students have been issued with home reading folders and are allowed to borrow 2 books at a time from the classroom home reader library and are encouraged to read every night. Please note children have a plastic bag to protect home readers and need to have it to borrow readers. Modelled reading of a variety of text types will be used to develop students reading, comprehension and writing skills. Writing Reading material will used to model different text types to assist students with the development of their writing skills. Language and grammar for writing will be taught in context using text type models. Students will be given opportunities to jointly construct text types before independently constructing texts. Emphasis is also placed on the students developing their ability to follow a plan for a particular text type and to self correct their own writing against a set criteria relating to punctuation, spelling, grammar and omissions. Childrens published work will be stored in an A4 display folder. Their draft writing will be stored in a separate envelope folder. Children will be developing Foundation style handwriting with an emphasis on correct letter formation and consistent slope. Stage 1 will be using an exercise book for handwriting this year. 2R students will be concentrating on two text types each term with a special emphasis on one of them for assessment purposes. Term1: Recounts and Descriptions Term 2: Information Reports and Explanations Term 3 Persuasive Writing and Discussions Term 4: Narratives and Response/Review

SPELLING Children have been organised into spelling groups according to their spelling ability. Every week students will complete a range of spelling activities specific to their spelling list. The activities are designed to assist students towards using knowledge of letter sound correspondence, common letter patterns (word families of letters and sounds), visual knowledge, morphemic knowledge (patterns in words) and etymological knowledge (word origins). Each group will be given their spelling list on a Monday for homework and a spelling test will be held each Friday. MATHS Mrs Rawson will be teaching the Number, Graphs, Patterns and Algebra section of the maths curriculum. Mrs Downward will be teaching Space, Geometry and Measurement on a Monday (one hour) This year we will be using the GO Maths program framework which reflects current research in the teaching and learning of mathematics, while simultaneously addressing the NSW Mathematic K-6 Syllabus. GO Maths reflects the content, intent and methodology of the NSW maths syllabus. COGS: Connected Outcomes Group Stage one (Years 1 & 2) will be completing units of work from COGs. The units of work link a group of connected outcomes from the Key Learning Areas of English, HSIE (Human Society and Its Environment), Science and Technology, Creative Arts (Visual Arts, Drama, Music) and aspects of PDHPE (Personal Development, Health and Physical Ed.) The following COGs units will be covered by 2R this year. Term 1: Our Families: Explores the many groups that have different roles in our lives, including family groups, special interest groups and community groups. We can better understand others by understanding what is similar and unique about our families and groups to which we belong. Term 2: Powering On: Explores the relationship between force and movement in physical activity, the arts and science. Term 3: Local Places Explores our relationship with the natural, built and heritage environments in our local area, considering how we interact with and modify our local environment. Term 4: Understanding Ourselves: Develops an understanding of how cultural diversity influences our beliefs, values and connection to place and peoples. This can be expressed through objects, songs, dance and stories. COMPUTERS Computers will be used for literacy, maths, research, Power Point presentations and the publishing of students writing. Students will have access to classroom computers throughout the week during literacy and maths groups. Every Friday 2R will have access to the computer lab for one hour. Students have been given access (user name and password) to the online Study Ladder program for use both at home and at school. It is anticipated that the students will be involved again this year in the Mathletics online program. Parents will be soon advised of further details regarding the Mathletics program. PDHPE In Terms 1, 2 and 3, 2R will take part in a fitness program Term 1: Friendly Classrooms: Anti Bullying Term 1: Sport: Games and Games Skills with stage 1 Term 2: Square Dancing

Some students from 1st and 2nd grade will be involved in the Fanci Footworkers dance program which includes performance in the Nepean Dance Festival with Natasha Hogan. This will commence in Term 2. Parents will be given further details later in term 1. Term 3: Gymnastics Term 4: Learn to Swim Program at Glenbrook Pool MUSIC Mrs. Downward will teach 2R music for a half an hour on Wednesday (1:55 2:25) Library Children have a half hour library lesson each Wednesday (2:25 2:55) with Mrs Hall. Please remind your child to return books on time and have a library or plastic bag for borrowing. Student Absentee Notes Please ensure that if your child is absent that a note of explanation is promptly given to the class teacher. It is a requirement of the Department of School Education that the school receives a written explanation of reasons for a student being absent within 7 days of the students return to school. Excursions Term 2: Elizabeth Farm TBA Term 3: Brewongle TBA Closer to the time a note will be sent home outlining excursion details. Homework: Students will be given spelling and literacy/maths homework sheets each week on Mondays. There will usually be no homework given on shorten or broken weeks (public holidays, Grandparents Day etc). Homework will be due each Friday and should be placed in 2Rs homework tray. There is no need to purchase a homework book. Homework will commence in Week 3 Term 1 I look forward to a busy and enjoyable time with 2R. Please feel free to contact me with any problems or queries that you may have concerning your child.

Kind Regards,

Mrs. Bronwyn Rawson