Guests Are Still Stealing Hotel Goods

May 22, 2007 at 11:50 AM | by Juliana

The Today Show's travel dete tive !eter "reenber# re$orted live today %ro& the "rand 'yatt at the (allas)*t+ worth Air$ort about hotel the%t+ And he doesn't &ean, $eo$le stealin# your valuables out o% your hotel roo&+ ,o, he's tal-in# about hotel #uests that &a-e o%% with &ore than .ust the sha&$oo and onditioner $rovided by the hotel+ A$$arently, hotel #uests steal u$ to /100 &illion a year worth o% hotel #oods, a ordin# to the A&eri an 'otel 0 1od#in# Asso iation+ A #eneral &ana#er at a 'oliday 2nn told "reenber# that a ou$le on e re3uested a roo& near the $ar-in# lot be ause they were &ovin# and wanted their 45'aul to be lose to the roo&+ The ne6t day when house-ee$in# went to lean the roo&, every sin#le thin# in the roo& was &issin#+ The ou$le had a$$arently loaded u$ their 45'aul with 'oliday 2nn %urniture and then s$lit+ 7ven worse, a &an was able to &a-e o%% with an entire &arble %ire$la e %ro& the *our Season 8everly 9ilshire 'otel+ :et the &ost $o$ular ite& that #uests li-e to steal is wash loths+ 'oliday 2nn loses about 100,000 o% these a year+ "uests also -e$t stealin# the re&ote ontrols at the "rand 'yatt in (allas but it turns out those re&ote ontrols only wor- in the hotel+ !erha$s this is why hotels started sellin# their wares on their websites+ So i% you really want the re&ote ontrol %ro& the "rand 'yatt, you an now buy it %or /1; even i% it still doesn't wor- outside the hotel+

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