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EDUC 490 Culture of Poverty

EDUC 490 Culture of Poverty

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Published by: Darcy Royland on Apr 02, 2014
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EDUC 490 Culture of Poverty 1st class Welcome to class Introduction of self and others in the room Introduction

of class Sylla us and format I!. What is"does culture of #overty mean$ %rou# discussion and sharin& 'school connections et(een culture) economy and social *ustice 'societal issues that affect children and their education !. +ethods of learnin&$ What does this mean$ %rou# discussions and sharin& !. ,o( do you &o a out solvin& a #ro lem$ %rou# discussions and sharin& !I. -irst (hole &rou# #ro lem. Wee/ of the 0oun& Child) (hat can (e do to advocate or teach the EWU community a out the im#ortance of ECE$ Small &rou# (or/ to come u# (ith a #lan and then summari1e ho( you (ill #resent this information to the class ne2t (ee/. I. II. III.

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