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Ahmad Shah Masood Killed

Ahmad Shah Masood Killed

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Published by: DawnDotCom on Apr 02, 2014
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Russian agency claims Masood is dead

DUSHANBE, Sept 10: Afghan opposition sources on Monday scotched a rumour that top commander Ahmad Shah Masood had died after an assassination attempt by Arab suicide bombers allegedly linked to Osama bin Laden. "He is recovering from his injuries," a source at the Afghan government-in-exile's embassy in Dushanbe said. The official added that Masood, seen as the last bulwark against the Taliban, was in Afghanistan but would not give details. Russia's If AR-TASS news agency reported earlier, citing unidentified sources in Dushanbe, that the opposition commander had "died before reaching hospital". Tajikistan is used as a supply base by Masood, whose forces are based a short helicopter ride across the border in northeri Afghanistan. A Masood spokesman also ear lier said the 49-year-old ethnii Tajik was "thank God, in goo( health", despite serious wound to his foot, affirming that he hai spoken to him through a wire less on Monday morning. -,,' Spokesman Waisuddin Safil said by satellite phone fron northern Afghanistan that th< two Arabs were killed alonj with Masood's interpreter am personal assistant Assem Suhail. Masood commands a loosi coalition of forces who are fight ing the Taliban, which contro most of Afghanistan. A spokesman for the Northen Alliance on Monday allegei that the Taliban and Osarm bin Laden were behind thi attempted assassination of com mander Ahmad Shah Masood —AFP

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